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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET MARCH 4, 1898 Quit EVANS GAMBIT. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26. The second number of the recently established excellent monthly chess periodical, Wiener Schachzeitung, publishes the rules governing the forthcoming Vienna International Tournament. Each competitor to play two games, with alternate first move, with each other. One game only to be played per day all through, except on Thursdays and Sundays, the former day being reserved for finishing adjourned games ; time limit thirty moves in the first two hours; and fifteen moves /or every subsequent hour. In case of ties at the end of the Tournament, the prizes are to be divided, except the first prize, which must be determined by a tie match of four games if two players compete, and of two games if there are four players for the tie. The games are the property of the Vienna Chess Club, and only to be published with their consent, &c, &c. A team (fourteen players) of the City of London Chess Club was defeated on Saturday by Cambridge University, at Cambridge, by eleven games to three. " > The Ludgate Circus took an unusually strong team to Rochester on Saturday, and won the match accordingly with the large majority of fourteen games to four. • The winners in the Handicap of the British Chess Club are : Mr. G. E. Wainwright, first; Mr. D. J. Sprague, second; Mr. E. Young, third ; and Mr. P. Braby, fourth. A new even tournament and a handicap have immediately been started, and are in progress now, The death is announced of Mr. George Adamson, former secretary of the City of London Chess Club. Mr. Adamson, a retired military man, was an efficient officer of the clubhand his compulsory withdrawal owing to illness was much regretted by the members of the club, and so will be the news of his death. Mr. Adamson was seventy years of age. The members of the North Kensington Chess Club now meet four days a week, and members of chess clubs closed during the summer months may be admitted as visiting members, without any entrance fee or ballot, on payment (in advance) of the sum of 5s. to the treasurer. Pourparlers are progressing satisfactorily between Messrs. Burn and Janowsky for the forthcoming match at the British Chess Club. Mr. Burn has agreed to seven games up, as proposed by Janowsky, the match to commence on March 22, five games per week ; time limit, thirty moves for the first two hours, and fifteen moves every subsequent hour, &c. The match between the Ladies' and British Chess Clubs has been postponed for a date to be agreed upon mutually. A match of two games, by correspondence, is in progress now between the Vienna and St. Petersburg chess clubs. Play commenced on December 1, 1897, after a speedy settlement of the conditions, both.clubs having been desirous of trying conclusions. The games have reached an interesting phase, and both are instructive from a theoretical point of view., In the Queen's Gambit Declined Tchigorin adopted again his favourite defence of bringing out the Kt to QB3 before advancing the QBP—a defence contrary to iundamental principles, which might occasionally succeed in the hands of the ingenious Russian master, but it is shunned by all others. On the sixth move the Russians had to lose a piece. For the time being they got an equivalent of pawns, but, as will be seen, the Vienna masters have so far succeeded in doubling one pawn, and have a promisin attack upon the others. The following is the game : g" QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. Vienna. ' White. 9. Kt to Q sq 10. Fjto K4 11. RttoK3 12. If x P 13. 14. Vienna. White. 1. P to Q4 2. PtoQB4 3. Kt to QB3 4. P to Q5 5. QtoR4ch 6. PtoQKt4 7. Qx Kt 8. PxQ v In the second game Vienna accepted Tchigorin's Evans Gambit, being prepared with Alapin's Defence, which Tchigorin pretends to have demolished with the attack commencing with 8. P to QR4. Black got out of difficulties in this game also, and commenced even a spirited counterattack with 18...Kt x P, the issue of which, it may be assumed, has been considered with great care. The games being sub jtidicc^ it is not customary to comment upon them any further. St. Petersburg. Black. P to Q4 Kt to QB3 P x P Kt to R4 P to B3 P to QKt4 Qx Q P to Kt5 to Kt2 xKt 15. KttoK2 16. Kt to B4 St. Petersburg. Black. PxP P to K3 Kt to B3 PxP B to K3 • PxB R to B sq R to B4 St. Petersburg, White.- 1.'P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. PtoQKt4 5. P to B3 6. Castles 7. P to Q4 8. PtoQR4 9. B to QKt5 10. B x Kt ch Vienna. Black. PtoK4 ; Kt to QB3 B to B4 BxP B to R4 Pto Q3 B to Kt3 Kt to B3 P to QR3 PxB •'St. Petersburg. White. 11. Pto R5 12. Q to R4 13. PxP 14. P to K5 15. B to R3 16. Q to B4 17. KtoRsq 18. Q to B sq 19. K x Kt 20. K to Kt3 The Vienna Playing Committee is composed of H. Fleissig, A. Kaufmann, G. Marco, and C. Schlechter ; the Committee being M. Blumenfeld, A. Lewin, P. Saburoff, J Tchigorin. • . 1 ' Vienna. Black. BtoR2 PxP Bt 0 Q2 Kt to Q4 Castles Kt to B5 B to K3 KtxT B to 04 P to KB4 Fahndrich, B. St. Petersburg • Sybin, and M The following smart little game was played in the match between th» Ladies' and Athenaeum Chess Clubs, and won by Miss Hooke: Mr. Elliott. White. 1. P to K4 2. PxP 3'. Kt to KB3 4. B to B4 5. P to B3 6. P to Q4 7. Castles 8. B to K2 9.' B x B 10. P to B4 11. P to Q5 CENTRE COUNTER GAMBIT Miss A. E. Hooke. ' Mr. Elliott. Black. P to Q4 Kt to KB3 Kt x P Kt to QB3 B to Kt5 Q to Q3 Castles B x Kt P to K4 Kt to B5 Q to B3 White. 12. Q to R4 13. BtoKt4"ch 14. B to K3 15. Kt to B3 16. BtoQsq 17. B x Kt (B5) 18. P to QKt4 19. P to Kt3 20. PxB 21. BPxP ' Resigns « A. E. Hooke. Black. Kt to 05 K to Kt sii B to H4 P to KR4 Q lo-KKt3 P x B P to B6 P to R5- P x I' R x P 3. Kt to QB3 is preferable to the text-move ; 4. B to K2 or P to Q4 is better than 4. B to B4; 8. B to K2, unnecessarily moving a developed piece, might be dispensed with in favour of 8. B to K3, followed by QKt to Q2 ; and instead of 12. Q to R4, he should have played 12. Kt to Q2, Kt to Q5 ; 13. Kt to K4, &c. The last chance of mending matters he missed with 15. Kt to B3. He should have played 15. Kt to Q2, Pto KR4 ; 16. B to B3, Q to Kt3; 17. B x Kt (B5), &c. Afterwards his game became untenable, Miss Hooke finishing it brilliantly. PROBLEM NO. 96. By E. V. Tanner. BLACK. • WHITE. White to play and mate in four moves. . SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 95. 1. Q to Kt4, Any move ; 2. Q, R, or Kt mates. HOW SOME LC.C. CANDIDATES "EARN" THEIR LIVING. ww dgin ^ fl * om the pumber of members of the upper classes who rttenHfn°^ nated ^ ^ e L - CC - if wouI ^ almost appear as if amn^f , of that bod y is to be the fashionable society amusement of the future. No fewer than 9 peers of the realm cZl ,m mm b 6 * • Peers ' sons » 10 knights and baronets, 3 Privy councillors, 8 active and retired officers of her Majesty 's Regular ^rJ^* lh ^ Fo ,V c 5 s ' 1 diplomat, 1 ^ principal agent of the Con- fw 6 P f fc £ 5° "gentlemen," 10 memberlof Parliament, /justices of, the Pea,ce, and 2 clerks in Holy Orders, while the medical profession is represented by 16 doctors and 4 chemists and druggists, and the Law by 46 barristers, 11 solicitors, and 1 Q.C ; aIso 1 member of the Stock Exchange and 1 director of limited companies.

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