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 - FEBRUARY 11. WtH BUDGET ' 25',, , it Was eiveh...
FEBRUARY 11. WtH BUDGET ' 25',, , it Was eiveh in favour of the .Liberals, showing the T\/Ir Anderson, it was giveu ui x« find totals : British, 8 ; Liberals * Th.» following is the score : The tallowing NATIONAL LIBERAL CLUB. BRITISH CHESS CLUB. H* wT Twnchaxd 1 L G . E. Wainwnght . 0 H. W^. . ; 2. J» Martuncr .»»• L , An4ers0 n' , 1 3. J. T. Heppell. " ,p hill i ps , 0 5. H. W. Carson % A. Green .... 0 6. H. F. Lowe 7. E. Young 8. A. Hunter......... 9. A. M. Fox 10. C. M. Simon 11. H. A. H. Carson. Total. 1 1 1 l A l l 8 Al R. Schindler....'. 0 H. Quelch .. 0 F. Hanford % J. L,. Busse 0 M. -Leverton^TTrrvivvi^........... 0 Total.......... 3 not have moved -17... P to Kt3 which ^eV^loped- his Queen's forces, whilst after 20...B to R3 White'had to lose his strong KP. Further, White's 26. P to Kt3 was weak ; he got. into trouble in consequence, and could only hope to draw . the -gaihe afterwards, and even this chance h6 let slip by not playing 32.. P to R4, as this pawn, could have been supported by the Rook and eventually by the King ; but he had a last chance of drawing by advancing at once 50. P to R4 instead of losing an important move with 50. R to Kt sq, under the impression-that he had time to sacrifice the Rook for the KtP, and approach the other pawn with the King. The following is the game played upon Board No. 1 between E. Wainwright (White) and H. W. Trenchard : : QUEEN'S GAMBIT .DECLINED. G. The British, winning the toss, had the move on the six odd- numbered boards, and the even numbers of the Liberals had first move upon the other five boards. If the Liberal team had not been minus two of their skilled amateurs, Messrs. Gwinner and Block, they might have anticipated a better result, for the team as it would then have been constituted might have been considered a fair average one; for Mr. Trenchard's name is a household word wherever a lance is to be broken. Mr. Ward is one of the leading amateurs of the City of London. Mr. Sylvain Mayer is full of ingenuity, and so is Mr. Schindler (perhaps a little too much so) ; whilst Messrs. Hanford and Busse have the cachet of members of the British Chess Club. However, the two strong absentees from the team mentioned gives the Liberals the excuse of the " might have been. " Mr. Trenchard defended with his favourite 4... P to B3, of which we do not approve. White had the better development although we do not endorse his 8. Q to Kt3, so that Black, fearing after 14. Kt to K5 this Knight to be supported by P to B4, sacrificed the Exchange. The sacrifice, however, was more bold'than sound, for Mr. Wainwright should have won the game had he not abandoned the occupied QB file with 17. QR to Q sq. Instead of this- he should have played 17. KR to Q sq ; so that Black could White. 1. P to Q4 2. P to QB4 3. Kt to QB3 4. Kt to B3 5. B to B4 6. B x B 7. PtoK3 8. Q to Kt3 9. P x P 10. BtpQ3 > 11." Castles 12. QR to Bsq 13. B x Kt 14. Kt to K5 15. P x R 16. KttbK2 17. QR to Q sq 18'. P to B3 19. Q to B3 20. Kt x Q 21. R to B2 22. P to K4 23. P x P 24. KtxKt 25. R to Q8 ch 26. PtoKKtS 27. R to B4 Black. P to Q4 P to K3 Kt to KB3 PtoB3 B to Q3 Q x B QKt to Q2 Castles KP x P R to K sq Kt to B sq Kt to Kt3 RP x B -RjcKt QxP Kt to K5 P to Kt3 Kt to : B4 Q x Q B to R5 R to K sq PxP KtxP R x Kt K to R2 B to B5 RxR White. 28. P x R 29. R to R8 30. RxP 31. PxP 32. R to R3 33. RtoKt3ch 34. K to B2 35. K to K3 36. RtoKtsq 37. R to B sq ch 38. R to B4 39. R to Kt4 40. R to Q4 41. R to Q2 42. K to B2 43. R to Q sq 44. R to QB sq 45. R to Q sq ch 46. Rto KKt sq 47. RxP 48. P x P 49. R to Kt sq 50. R to Kt sq 51. RxP 52. P to R4 53. P to R5 Resigns Black. B x P Pto KKt4 B to Q4 • K to Kt3 K x P K to B3 P to KKt4 K to B4 P to Kt5 K to K4 P to KB4 P to Kt4 PtoB4 P to B5 ch P to B5 P to Kt5 K to Q5 K to B4 P to Kt6 P to QB6 P to Kt7 K to B5 KxP K x R K to B6 K to Q5

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 11 Feb 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 27

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