Selective Service Draft Notice - Jim Bonner Flovin - 1/14/1918

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Selective Service Draft Notice - Jim Bonner Flovin - 1/14/1918 - BOARD HAKES ASSIGNMENTS Classification of...
BOARD HAKES ASSIGNMENTS Classification of Registrants by Board No. 1 Continues [as; No. 478. Ave. City. No. 519. Isaac Lee Farmer, R. F. D. No. 1, Arthur Dale Burleson. Camp Bowie, |Corsicana; No. 479. .Texas, No. 262. Roy Marion. 312 E. 1st., ave., City; 1 Refugio Gaupo, R. F. D. No. 6 . No. 483. , Corsicana.*No. 550._________ Cleveland Harris, (Col. Powell, Texas; No. 486. Jim Bonner Flovin. Chatfield, Texas ¡No. 488. M. D. Gann. R. F. I). No. 1, Powell; No. 489. 666 Cives Quick Relief for COLDS and LAGRIPPE |cÂïty?r«0milronR' 912 E' Priec 25c and 50c per Bottle Aleck Royal (col), Kerens, Texas; GERMAN KULTUR Local Board No. 1 for Navarro Coun ty countinued the work of classifying. I No. 492. registrants today. Lucieon Jessie. R. * ■ D. No. 7, Cor- As the classifications are made they sicana; No. 494. will appear in the Daily Sun. Joseph Oliver Sheppard. R. F. n. ' A • - of the Germans in Appeals may be taken from classi- No. 1. Malakoff, Texas. No 495. Aim» OT ine UermanS in fication by a Local Board within five Wayne Slinton Tackett, Shreveport, days from the date of this notice, by La.. No. 498. any person who filed a claim with the ^ Willie Niles Millican. 701 S, 16th. st Local Board. Appeals may be taken City; No. 501 from classificatiou by a District Board John Simmons, (col), Kerens, Texas, within five days from the date of this No. 50 notice only in certain cases specified J- C. Tillman, R. F. I). No. 1, in the Selective Service Regulations. Roane. Texas; No. 509 The numbers that appear after the I Ira Boltz, 1446 W. 5th., Ctiy; No. names in this list are the order num- 511. bers of registrants. Men with low or- Newton Cassie Holleman, Route 1, der numbers will bo called for service Kerens, Texas; No. 513 before the men with high order num- Ausley Monroe Grooms, Route 1, bers. Barry; No. 514. The following classifications were J- Roscoe Bills, R. F. D. No. 1, given out this afternoon: Angus; No. 515. Lawrence Robinson, It. F. D. No. 1 4^2 I Angus; No. 516. Thomas Roseo Norwood, Route 6 , Class 1. James Richard Penny. City; No. Less H. Lucas, R. F. I). No. Kerens,; No. 415. Roland Scott (col); 508 S. 12th st.. City; No. 419. Thomas Haywood Everett, R. F. 1). No. 2, Streetmnn: No. 424a. Willie B. Caldwell (col), 309 W. 12th Avenue. City; No. 438 Jarett. Biuitt, (col), 808 W. 10th ave rue, City. No. 440 . William .> Kelly. 620 S. 14th,. St. City: No. 441. Will Lynch, (col)) Muskogee, Okla., No. 443 Jerry Rivers, (col) Kerens, Texas; No. 446. Jefferson Johnson, (col), Kerens. Texas; No. 447. John R. Harwell. City; No. 448. Thomas Massey (col) Kerens, Tf-xas No. 450. William C. Scarborough, City; No. 55. Alva Raymon Cook, R. F. D. No. Corsicana; No. 456. ,v Joe Maps, (col) Kerens, Texas; No L. . T, , 457 Ed Albert Peacock, Tommie Powell, (col) poweli, Texas, 'W'' C“.' Ine U.-ivi* feel I li No. 458. George Younger, (col), Kerens. Tex as; No. 472. Will Smith, (col.) Montfort. Texas No. 474, Whittle Russell, (col), R. F. I). No. 4. Corsicana; No. 475 John Henry Howard, Route 1 , Cor sicana; No. 476 Warner Green (col). Kerens, Texas; No. 437 Amado S. Aldape, E. 3rd., City; No. 480. G. C. Costley, Y. M. C. A., City: No. 484. Lee Daniel (col). It. F. D. No Kerens, No. 485. Francis Erwin McCowan, R. F. D. No. 1, Kerens, Texas; No. 48 Robert Simmons (col), Kerens, Texas; No. 491. Enos Malcom Glass. Route 1, Kerens Texas; No. 499 Corsicana; No. 517. Frank Walker, (col), Kerens; No. 520. *“*| Claude Elison. (col), 216 W. 12th. ,\ve.. No. 526. W. A. Clariboume, Hmhouse, Texas; No. 527. German Stanley Bass, 616 S. 14th., st.. City; No. 52S. Elmore Harvey Norton Kerens. Tex; No. 530. Roy 1). Lynam, Bishop, Texas; No. 532. Earl Hudson, (col) R P. 1 ). No. 5, Corsicana; No. 533. Jimie Marvin Stevenson, It. F, D. No. 1. Kerens, Texas; No. 535. Walter Blair, (col). It. 1’. D. No. 6 . Corsicana; No. 538. Charlie Norman (coli Chatfield; No. 39. Andrew Clinton H. Johnston. 410 W. 2nd. ave.. City; No. 54" William Black, Route 3, Corsicana; Their Own Words COMPILED BY WALLACE NOLE- STEIN AND ELMER E. STOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA “Our fathers have left us much to do. The German people is so situated in Europe that it needs only to run and take over whatever it requires. The German people finds itself today in a plight similar to that of Prussia at the accession of Frederick the Great, whc raised his country to the status of a European power. Today it la for Gei* many to rise from a European to a world power. * * * “Public policy prompted by the emotions is stupidity. Humanitarian dreams are imbecility. Diplomatic charity begins at home. Statesmanship is business. Right and wrong are notions indispensable in private life. The German people are always right because they number 87,000,000 souls. Our fathers have left us much to do.”—Tannenberg, Gross-Deutschland. Tanneberg is probably a pseudonym. This work has been called "fantastic” by one Pan-German. It was more extreme than many of the Pan-German works only because it embodied all the various schemes of aggression. THERMIT. Will keep your car from freezing Auto Supply Company, West Fifth Avenue. 1206 W. 13th Joe Davis (col). Route 1, Corsicana; No. 564. Jess Arthur Megarity, 1603 W. tli., ave., City.. No. 563. Lon Bell (col). Rout* i. Kerens, No. 9 . Marshall McCaslin. Eureka. No. 558 Noah Warren, (col). Corsicana, R. I). No. 1, No. 556. Thomas Inglehart, (col). S. 10th., St., City; No, 555. Bettle Gonzales, Winkler, Texas; No. 553. Roger Q. Mills Tankersley, 648 N. 13th St., City; No. 552. Eugene Elliott. 711 W. 2nd., ave,, City; No. 548. Robert F. Garlington Eureka, Tex as; No. 549. Refugio Guapo, It. F D No. 6 , Corsicana. No. 550. Class V. Daniel H. Klber, Camp Travis, Tex Lame back may come from overwork cold settled in the muscles of the back, or from disease. In the two former cases the right remedy 1s BALLAD’S SNOW LINIMENT. It should be rubbed in thoroughly over the afflicted part, the relief will he prompt and satisfactory. Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by E. A. Johnson. Ernest T. Hines. Camp Hicks, Tex- John Henry Henson, Kerens. Texas; |CR* -'so- n.?. No. 500. Ernest T. Elmer Robinson, N. 10th., City; No.Ias* *34. 502. Lewis Emerson Patton, Denton, Tex- Edgar Franklin Ratcliff, (col), 802. a8> No. 445 E 12th. Ave., City; No, 503. Willie Calhoun, (col) Corsicana; No Sam Houston siay, 308 W. 7th.. Cor- • sicana; No. 504 William Elmon Cox. Angus, No. Wilson Calhoun. Jr., (col), City; No. 4S1, „ OR . James C. Jack. 1421 Collin, City, Henry Peoples, (col). Montfort, Tex-U 0 433 . „ L as; No. 508 . I John Archie Conner, 1104 \\ . 41h„ Henry Jones (col) Powell, Texas; No IDEAL 10c and 25c Down Stairs Francis X Bushman and I Miss Hillv Rhodes in a Carlvle Blackwell, Murriell Latest Pathe News. 10c Billy West in two reels Walter Whitman in a 10c and 25c Down Stairs > 10 . Honrv Sikes, 1022 W. 1.3th ave.. City No. 512 Andreas Garcia, Chatfield, Texas; No. 518 Truss Joiner (col). Chatfield, Texas, No. 521 Fred Douglas. 1202 E. 10th., City; No. 522. Guy W. Wilson. City; No. 523 Adlono P.urton (col). Kerens, T**x as; No. 524 Allen Fannin Martin. Sour Lake Texas; No. 529 James Billy Stanley (col). Kerens. Texas; No. 531 Louis Posey, (col). It. F. 1). No. 4 Kerens, Texas; No, 536. Rufus Orlal Burke. R. F I). No. 1. Powell, Texas; No, 541 FI bio Powell, (col), Kerens, Texas; No. 542. Raymond R, Simpson. City; No 543 Henry Allen Dickson, 517 W. 1st ave , Citv; No. 551. George King (col), Kerens, Texas; No. 560 Sam Williams (col), Kerens, Texas; No. 562. Class II. Willio Brooks, (col), Chatfield, Texas; No. 420 Dick Baker (col), Kerens, Texas; No. 414. Class IV. Jim Bedford, Kerens, Texas; No 416. James E Devant, Jr., 1517 W. 5th, Ave, City; No. 417 Will Armstrong, (col), It. F. D. No 4. Kerens, No. 418. John T. Allen. It. F. D. No. 1, Angus, Texas; No. 421 John L. Humphreys, 313 W Market, st Anadorka, Okla., No. 422 Alfred Dowd. 1550 W. Collin, City; No. 425 Itoy Evans, (col) Eureka, Texas; No. 427. William M, Massey, It. K. D. No. 2, Mt Pleasant, Texas; No. 43C Thomas Kwen Cherry, Kerens, Tex as; No. 4.35. Lee Carroll (col) Kerens, Texas; No. 436. John Frank Maxwell, Chatfield, Tex rb ; N o . 442. Lewis Coleman Brewer, Chatfield, No. 414. Lewis Runnel Ragsdale, (col), Kerens. Texas; No. 449. Elmer Simpson, Kerens. Texas; No. 451. Hiram W, Sawyer, Dawson, Texas; No. 453. John W, Phillips, It. F. D. No. 4, Kerens, Texas, No. 454. Luther Westbrook, Kerens, Texas; No, 459. William Guy Tramel, Kerens, Texas, No. 460, Charlie Williams, (col), Kerens Texas, No. 462. Martin Ezra Simmons, Montfort, Texas, No. 465. i David Dixon Wylie, Montfort, Tex lar; No. 466. Chas. H Wood, Navarro, Texas; j No 46 n | WiS'ie Jackson Bryant, Wuxuhachie,, T* xas; No. 467. Willie Tuckel Rabón (col), Tehuaca na. Texas. No. 469, Charles James Collins, S, 15th,st,, City No. 470. Joe Clifton Slaughter, Kerens, Texas; No, 473. Charles Foster Mabry, Kerens, Tex- THE ’TIME when even the war by investing “BABY Such a saving and children that Uncle offering is the safest children can make. Twenty-five Cents Will « and when once started the pride in filling their thrift can then exchange them for After they secure the War begin on another thrift has been filled, and exchanged so on until many dollars not be felt. Not Only Can the Children Patriotic Effort to Raise Money to Folks Can The savings all draw interest compounded quarterly and are just as money or any other government This is Thrift Savings Buying the Thrift Stamps. Will Help NAVARRO COUNTY

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  • Selective Service Draft Notice - Jim Bonner Flovin - 1/14/1918

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