Weinhardt, William W, Harrison Departmental Upheaval

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Weinhardt, William W, Harrison Departmental Upheaval - Opposition Shows Great Strength. ' In the last...
Opposition Shows Great Strength. ' In the last test of etrength. which, it la believed. Is the practical undoing and per - hapa the dismissal of Superintendent llarrlsson, the oppvitlon . showed great strength. The police commissioners not only repudiated the action of Superintended HarrisBon in degrading the desk ergeant, but also hotllled hint that nothing further of the kind would be tolerated without the sanction of the board. It la now claimed that the police euperlntend - nt U practically tied hand and foot by erdera of, 4 he Ward. " Iietectlve Celn - Hrdt, who was dismissed from the force a year ngo, has' been restored to duty despite the protest of the superintendent, and It is said to hnve been Infective Wrlntiarilt who revised the order for the reinstatement of I )eslc . Sergeant Hurchby, In which Welnhardt. was backed by the commissioner". ' Superintendent ITarrlsson s?iys there is no bitterness between himself ard detective Welnhardt, and that he (the euijerln - lendent has honestly administered the affaire of his office, and that he has nothing to fenr. Detective 'Weinhardt as - S' - rt - s that t S suierlntendent la envious of others in the department, and he charges that Colonel ilarrisson is piqued been '.in? Sergeant Mackcsy waa appointed ereci.il agent for' the Monon railway without consultation with the bead of the department and awklnr for assistance. MeanwhMe. others In the department allege that lnirchhy tipped off Information to Welnhardt apiilnst the wishes of the chief, and for this" reason he was do - rated and assigned to patrol duty. An exposure of affairs In the po'lloe and fire departments, as well as In other departments. Is sure to come, end It Is be - ltevd that t will arouse a storm of public Indignation, open charges of corruption and protection of criminals have been repeatedly made, without dental. A reorganization of tho 'entire department will be needed to restore it to Its former self, end regain the 1 prestige whlch has been )ot. Itohberies have occurred recently, - vhllo at one time the olty waa practically immune from plundering by thieves. f' j Trouble In Other Departments. The trouble Is not confined alone to the police department, ns there is alfio dissension jn the fire department, stirred, it Is asserted, to bring, about the removal of the Irf - ad. The enemies of Suierlntend - ent Harrison have Invaded the City Council, and have attempted to secure the appointment of another man. The - low ei.ii of tho city's finances saved Suier - bitetitlmt ll.arrlsson, in it was shown th:t he had paved to the department fev - oi a t ihousniul dollara annually. TIUs Is th" main argument used in keeping him ! ut the I. end of tith tl - 'p trt ments. It is iisf rien. iu'wever, ir.ai ine o:iai nean uts been tincufces - sf ul In other ways. It whs an experiment scarcely ever duplicated In cities of the Uo of Iifayette, ami it Is charged that the saving of money h;is lxea inor than countei hal.inced by the ).:irm It bus worked to Ivoth lenrtmetts. Ceoruo It. Kieg. ex - sherlff, has allied l.lmself with the Democrats (u tho Citv Counrtl to min the chief, and either secure the eppolnt nient of Tre ct,ief htm - s. If ir give ti to one of Vis friends. John It. Hay, sheriff: Ianlo Flanagan, proe - rutor. and oth' - rs, all of Whom are frlend - lr to ill I'.AiTKh. president of the Hnrd of jH' - e commissioners, are assix - lateit Vltli King, and by a concentration of forces they txivl to dethrone chief Har - r cn. His reM(rnntlon will not b sar - - r'..p,g at any time. 'Indeed. mi.'al.l m received as a matter of course, and as a natural sequence of events.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 12 Aug 1904, Fri,
  3. Page 5

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  • Weinhardt, William W, Harrison Departmental Upheaval

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