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CAPITALISTS SON SLAYER OP i r SHOOTING CONFESSED BY ERNEST DEKICKE i - tTi A i 1 1 l Till Son or Capitalist Killed Unknown Man rBrotner Justifies Him as Doing His Duty Police Investigation of the report of the shooting of an Inoffensive citizen at the corner of Lombard and East streeton the - evening of April 20th led ta theajrrest VAitenlkv Af HrnMt Denlcke a son of Colonel Ernest A - Asenicae oiius owih Aiaf ncan iuuik Xenlcke confessed that he fired the shots which killed the unknown man but he attempts to justify his act on the ground that he - saw the man taking a gun away - from a sailor who was actlng - as a sentry In that neighbor hood Denickes brother even goes as fur ns to say that the man had gotten the gun Into his hands and was aiming It at the1 sailor at the time the fatal shots were fired The statements of eyewitnesses among whom are Andrea Sbarboro of the Italian - American Bank P C Roesl of the Swiss - Italian Colony and Horace Horace Hudson of the Chronicle make the affair a serious one for the young man who they say shot rashly and without cause All agree that there was a disgraceful amount of drunkenness drunkenness among the soldiers lx that part of the city and that the sailor who caused the trouble which ended in the shooting was altogether too drunk to know what he was doing or to act with the slightest regard for human life There is no accusation that Denlcke waa Intoxicated or that be had been drinking further than the statement that he had been given a drink on board the revenue cutter Golden date a few moments before the killing Although two officers afterward took the run away from the sailor and 4e - mahded an explanation from Denlcke who was wearing an Army unlfortnj no report was made of the afTalr end It appears that the man was allowed to Jtj In the BtreeifortWhourr until no died phd that the body Yemalned on whejjmentiunttl41iBflV morning whenlt - was thrown Into the bay - Hrt ted wltH scrap iron Horace II Hudaon tells the story of l the shooting In the following words I was a WKnesto the shooting - of a civilian byan offlfcer on tbevafternobn of Friday April 20th In the vicinity of East and Lombard streets I had observed observed much - drunkenness among the soldiers thereabouts These manifestations manifestations of Inebriety became more marked as the day went on and toward 6 oclock I noticed several soldiers soldiers wandering ground without arms and showing unmistakable signs of intoxication Two of these I have specially In mind About that hour Andrea Sbarboro of the Italian - Swiss Colony came to me and asked me If I could ascertain to what commands the drunken soldiers belonged I accompanied him to the foot of East and Lombard streets to make complaint of the Intoxicated soldiers and try to have them arrested Upon arriving there we found two officers to whom we stated the casev One of them said he would accompany us in search of the intoxicated Infantrymen He was Interrupted by a sailor sentinel sentinel with a report during he delivery delivery of which I remarked to Andrea Sbarboro that the man Was drunk and unfit for duty Mr Sbarboro agreed with me A few minutes later the officer started with Mrv Sbarboro and myself in search of the drunken soldiers soldiers off duty We were followed by the sentinel As we matte our way from East A street and were entering Battery p street a man suddenly appeared car - rytng some fowls In his hands I heard the sailor sentinel call to him to drop them arid go up the street to help light the Are The mans expression was - that of daxed surprise and as he hesitated hesitated the sentinel made a movement toward him aa If to enforce his orders by the use of bis musket The man dropped - the fowls asked to be excused and said he would go Then he changed his mind and turned to go In the dl - A rectlon of East and Lombard streets Upon this the officer ordered the sentinel sentinel to prod the man with hta bayonet bayonet The - sentinel proceeded to obey and the next thing I saw was that ha bad been disarmed that the unknown man bad the musket In his hand and was making a step toward the bay The officer drew a revolver and aimed It at the man I heard the report but r the man seemed unhlt A second or two later another shot was fired by the offler The man fell on his face and as he did so the officer fired two more shots both of which I believe took effect Wethen walked away the search for the drunken soldiers being abandoned abandoned at least as far as I was concerned concerned I wasr Indignant but in view of the drunken condition of the sen - 3v tlnel and the homicidal spirit exhibited tejr he officer I dared not return to Ti succor the wounded man air I desired to do What then became of the officer and Andrea Sbarboro I do not know but soon after I met Count Pabbri then acting Consul - Oeneral of Italy and to him expressed myJn - dlgnatlon at the act Which I had seen committed and the retaining on duty tK of sentinels under tile Influence of y Manor Count Fabbrt remarked to me that it wai very heroic to attempt U save buildings fron - burning but It would Tiemorer - haroiCanahtfmanertdfyy to do something for the man who had V - bceri shot by the - officer and was lying jnortally wounded and r In the coursf SfiyulYanctng names Ho said lf he O - e coiild have the man taken to the Ferry he would see that ho was removed to Oakland and carried tT a hospital ltt that city Count Fabbrt said that he spoko linperfect English and asked me to make his request known to the officers who were standing n - ar by watching the fire This was about 8 oclock thite1 hours or ro aftor the shooting I spoke to on of the officers officers telling htm - what had oceurred but received as an a iswer that the man had only got whut he deserved A few minutes later I addressed myself myself In low tones to the ither officer a tail soldierly looking man and was assured by him tnat ip a few minutes he would have the wounde4mffn removed removed and cared for fl th this Coant FabbrI and I had to content ourselves In this connection thoald say Jhat between nightfall and my appeal to tha officers Count Fabbrt and I had gone ttr tho Mounded man who was eedlng and grjonlns and as thf1 Hans passed we asked them to glVa the man some water whlchjUny did but when I suggested thatVA remove htm from his perilous position they declined to give such help evidently being in the samo condition of terror aa ourselves from the travagery of the dninken soldiers Some dayvr later 1 heard fnm Count FabbrI that tho woundml man ha1 been an estimable citizen that he had died from ha wounds and that his body had been thrown into the wr Andrea Sbarboro showed considerable considerable Indignation when he spoke of the booting The man was not a - looter he said The chickens which be had In his hand were front a car which stood on the track of the Belt Railroad Railroad and which had been opened for the purpose of making a distribution of the contents to the people In the vicinity many of whom had had little to eat for the laet two days The sailor - who accosted bim was drunk i very dangerously drunk When hefa hie civill ItlMlaU isMnNlt iOnfl ft1YiI tftJk4 IMntn cu - dd - JyOeiUektothhtJ their Victim grasped L the run rtovsav htmselCand thesanor wasjounsteady that it felUOUt of his hands2 I think Denlcke shouted VStop bV f ore he fired I am convinced that noon would have done such a thing Without - giving soniftV warning But the man was daxed lie seemed to think it was all a Joke and did not know what to do Denlcke fired twice before the man fell Then he fired two more shots into his prostrate body It was two hours before he died and nothing was done for him I was so Indignant that I reported the killing at the meeting of the Hellef Committee the next morning but the Mayor said that it was necessary to have the soldiers soldiers and If one of them had been drunk It was a misfortune P C Rossi spoke of the affair in the same - terms of condemnation While I did not see the shooting he said I heard the four shots and I saw the drunken sailor He was reeling about thet street and shooting at the flaming cornices of the burning buildings We got two officers to disarm him later In the evening When they advanced on htm he pointed his rifle at them and they accomplished their purpose only at their great personal danger The man was a sailor but not a marine The special watchman of the Italian - Swiss colony a man by the name of Duser got a mattress and placed It under the man before he died He la said to have repeatedly murmured Santa Maria Santa Maria but nothing has been learned of his Identity Identity II L Clark a gateman of the AmericanAmerican AmericanAmerican - Hawaiian Company noticed the body In the street the next morning at 630 oclock and noticed at 7 oclock that It had been removed A soldier told him that it had been thrown Into the bay weighted with iron The police made an attempt to re - cover the body on Wednesday but were unsuccessful and it Is understood that the - attempt will not be repeated aa the corpus delicti Is abundantly proved by several witnesses including Captain J 8 PeUlger of the Governor Markham and Edward Metcalfe both of whom saw the dead body before it was taken away George Cameron and F J Jones were also present at the time They were In charge of coin from the Crocker - Woolworth Bank which had been placed on tho Colden Gae penlcko was arrested yesterday noon by Dc - tectlvc Sergeant Archie HamlJl at tho residence of F A Denlcke his brother at 1001 California street Police Police Judge Sbortall flr - d Mi ban nt 5000 and he was promptly released on the bonds of hta fathvr and brother The preliminary hearing Is set for this rr iruingV Tho accused roau refused to make any utatument hut aulhorlrtd his brotTter to - speak for him He said My brother1 W 29 years old and a graduate of Berkeley where be held a Captains commission He therefore Is now a retired Captain in the Nv tlonal Guard He Is a mining and civil engineer and I for the past five or six years till lasr September he was in South Africa for the Do Beers Dynamite Dynamite jWorks During part of the Boer War he was Captain ot s defense com pany and saw military service When the Ore broke out my brother was riving wltl my parents at - 1000 Mason street When theflr threat - ettd thVhouhrrook the women folk to 2001 California street lie then went to Chief Dlnan arid was sworn In as a special officer llleattachedi himself to the Twenty - second Company and - isr v O I i yliSAsHssBBBBflBnBHBBBBHLssBBBsi w llgallllllBtSHMs LLsSEBsBnHUHaDsaBBBBHkKLLLLKsyXisBS IsVallllllllllallllllmsBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsBBW 4 1IIIIIIHH 111111111111111111 Xi bbbbbbbbB 1 ateLHIIIHB - f JslBLIIfallllHIIB WMEtsXyZmm f 9 sbbbbbbbbbbbbbIbbbbbbbbbbbvhHsbbbVbSbbB i BbbbbbbbbbbS bbbbbbbbbbbbbIsF ataMBBBBBBBBK WW aaPPSvBaaaaaaaaaaaaaalliBel Wtim isiBiTBaBaalamaaaaaaaaaaaiBaaCaaalaaaV mBkimlmmmmmmmmWSMmTami MiaSaaaa i iMallllaaaaL 3aaaa8Kl9K3BBBBBBBBBBn - iBKaaaaaaaa laaaa1KiTlaaaaaaaaaaaaMaBaaaaaaaaaaKB nBBBWvaflaBaBaaaaaaaaaaaaUataaaaaaaaa iPTaKSsBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSk q J J - Worked wjth them till mldnlght of Thursday Friday morning he fought the fire along the water front Atone time when the Union Iron Works and the Chemical Worka were on fire he set to work to save the dninken men who bad gone into the itobbs - wau dox factory The captain df the Govrernor Mark - ham ordered him to run out a hose line to save Lombard - street wharf and told hiinto - impress persons tor thajt purpose My brother picked up a marine marine and ordered him to assist A man weighing about 110 pounds was looting looting live chickens My - brotber told the sentry to drive the man to tle hose and turned backjhlmself to assist at the nOsev jfsN heard J siexclamatlon ro tq the - hosef The sentry f so tar S he - saw did not staotne man w no - w a frantically excited and seemad to be of the Lathvrace As soon M brother turned around about fifteen yards from tho spot the roan was wresting the gun from the hands of the sehtry who was a small man My brother cried Stop Stopfbut the man freed the gun from the sen - trys grasp and held It up to bis shoulder To save the sentry myi brother brother fired at the - man with his automatic pistol three shots He did trot know that he had - hit the man till he dropped and the gun fell from his hands My brother did not fire after the man was down He then restored the gun to the sentry and tried to get an ambulance ambulance He was then called back to bis duties Neither he nor the sentry was intoxicated at the time What disposition was made of the body he does not know He heard afterwards afterwards that the man lived almost aa hour My brother kept on fighting fire till Saturday morning when he re turned to Berkeley exhausted with his nair and eyeorows - siugecu no wraoo In his star a few Jay s afterward and has held himself ready to report ever Since - When he read In this mornings paper that the case y had been taken up he sent me toseeEri Young His attorney Intending to surrender hlm - el Colonel1 Denlcke a Civil War Veteran Veteran and father of Captain Denlcke had little to say except 3Fbl - Is rather a bitter reward for my sons efforts to help save the city MISS BECOMES President of the University dubiolNc Chas Darnton BiMclslrlsstBtotB - jraWyQHKi Max Castelhun f orjinerijri of niiedniflinicn nfrtfiofof tb Church perfonned the Henry Vollmar attended yriIrtnof was best nuunv The quiet affair owing to of the brides father The couple will honeymoon Jn Eu - ope Mrs member of the class of California She U Womens TJnlverslty Torlc - Which she Her father Dr F C prominent In the In San Francisco for brides brother Paul famous football player at the University of - 4 PROPOSED OF EVANGELICAL DE3 MOINES la proposed federation - of gelical cnurepeBjw charitableand humane proved at the ieseytenan sembly hre torIyjr the commute Presbyterian church eratlonVaslunanlmousIy 8TOE3EL8 ALLEGED PAtUBJjiE LONDON ay 2S Toklo May 24th o the says A painful created - here by the court - martial has Stoessel to death for Port Arthur FIGHT BULLETINS See Sterebpticpn JReport ot on Chronicle Building Kearny THE FIRST great gathering in Uic down - town held to - night in front of the Chronicle building Chronicle wilt display fetereopttcon bulletins fight at Xos Angeles This display of bulletins will be made with has made the Chronicle bulletin service famous In order to do this many obstacles hdve baen spared to give the public the exact service to fights - and at the same place - where it has always It has been necessary to install forthis special telegraphic wiei service - into tlip burned expensive apparatus which was destroyed on Apnt i8ih the Chronicle building in the old - location on such be readrfrorn any point where theecpeeri can birr direct from the jririiiibTjfre the mct expert ofe including icvery blqw slij in - the rinMc wiUi abwlutdynlosspfrimtj r s J TKere - iswipJdsWeet - cai - s finc eyery fadlit to Vnich jh recordiintherestdrationofe - 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Clipped from San Francisco Chronicle25 May 1906, FriPage 1

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California)25 May 1906, FriPage 1
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