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 - The Amateur Tournament at Southampton, held...
The Amateur Tournament at Southampton, held under the auspices of the Southern Counties Union, was concluded on Wednesday last. As will be seen from the score below, Mr. Atkins secured first prize and maintained his position as Amateur Champion and the holder of the. Newnes Cup of the B.C.A. Considering the high class of the players engaged, Mr. Atkins's achievement is a distinct addition to his reputation. Mr. Bellingham was an excellent secondhand but for a break down in the latter part of the Tournament might have ranked even better. Of the other events, the prizes in the Class II, Tournament fell to Messrs. Curtis and Kenny in the order named, while Messrs. R. Chapman, Axtell, and H. C. Chapman secured first, second, and third prizes in Class III. The Ladies' Tournament obtained four entries only. Miss Finn came out first and Miss Hooke second, the other entrants being Miss Eyre and Miss Roper. w a S •a 0 PQ < H. A. Atkins x 1 G. E. H. Bellingham a... x E. Cresswell 0 F. J. H. Elwell 0 ... 0 W. H. Gunston 0 ... 0 F. Hollins ..• 0-... l /z C. J. Lambert ...... 0 W. C. Palmer }£ C. H. Sherrard 0 ... ^ A. L. Stevenson ... 0 ... 0 W. Ward 0 ... 0 w <D In u .Yi . 1 . x . 1 . 1 . . 1 , 1 . . 0 . 1 . 0 . 1 . W . 1 . 1 . 0 . x , . 1 . . 0 . . 0 . • 0 . 0 .. 0 . a o •*-» in .a a O 1 1 . 0 0 x ]A 0 1 0 0 in . a o /2 0 1 x % 1 0 , 0 . 0 . 0 V2 1 o I l u 72 X , 1 0 1 s X2 1 o X 0 1 T3 u « u . u <u W l A o l o l 0 y 2 x 1 . 0 a o V) a > CO . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 0 x- 1 ••d u CI & 1. 1. 0 . 1. 1.. 1.. 0 .. 0 .. 1.. 0 .. ' O H , 8% • 7#.. 2y 2 .. 6' ..'•5 )4 • • 3# .. 5 .. 5 .. 1 .. 4 week ition. pre- The Spread Eagle Chess Club at its annual meeting last resolved to enter for Division A of the forthcoming League Compet Mr. T. A- Fox succeeds to the secretaryship on the resignation of his decessor, Mr. F. L. Anspach. Pending the result of the important Tournament at Berlin, in which Mr. Blackburne is competing, it may not be inappropriate to give a specimen of his play a few years back, when he won the first prize in the Berlin Tournament (1881) with three games ahead of the late Dr.. Zukertort, who took the second prize. At this Tournament Tchigorin also gained his spurs. He was then barely known outside the borders of Russia, and in this Tournament he emerged only half a point behind the second prize winner, and a point ahead of Mason, who was then in his prime. What the position of Blackburne and Tchigorin will be at the end of the present contest is a matter of speculation. The following two games were played in the Vienna Tournament, 1882 : Giuoco PIANO. Blackburne. White. 1. P to K4. 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. PtoB3 5. P to Q3 6. B to K3 7. QKt to Q2 8. Kt to B sq 9. Q to B2 10. Castles 11. PtoQ4 12. B x P 13. Kt to.Kt3 14. B to K2 15. KR to B sq 16. BxKt 17. PtoKR3. 18. B to B4 19. KR toKsq 20. Kt to B sq 21. Kt to K3 22. B x B 23. Kt to Q5 24. Q to R4 Zukertort. Black. PtoK4 Kt to QB3 B to B4 Kt to B3 P to Q3 B toKt3 Kt to K2 P to B3 Kt to Kt3 Castles P x P Q to K2 Kt to K4 KKt to Kt5 P to QB4 PxB Kt to R3 K to R sq P to Kt3 B to K3 P to B3 Q x B Kt to Kt sq QR toQsq Blackburne. White. 25. RfoQ2 26. KtxKt 27. KR to Q sq 28. R x R 29. Qto.B4 30. Kt x R 31. Q to Q5 32. KttdB4 33. PtoQR4 34. P to QKt3 35. K to B2 36. Pto Kt3 37. Q to'B6 38. Q to K6 39. KttoK3 40. Q to B8 41. Q to B6 42. QxQ 43. Kt,toQ5 44. K to Q3 45. K to B4 46. P to B3 47. K to Kt5 48. PtoKKt4 Zukertort. Black. Kt to K2 Q x Kt R x R R to Q sq Rx R P to QR3 B to Q sq K to Kt2 P to Kt3 K to B sq P to KR4 K to Kt2 Q to QB2 K to B sq Q to K2 P to R4 Q to QB2 Bx Q B to Q sq K toB2 P to B4 K to K3 P to Kt4 his queen, and this gave White a forced man game, as he could camnrp ,K helpless queen's side pawns. The ending is |uite a study. P Ure the ' RUY LOPEZ. Blackburne. White. Blackburne. White. P to K4 Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. B to R4 . P to Q4 Kt x P Q x Kt 8. B to Kt3 'J 9. P to QB3 10. Q to Q sq 11. Castles 12. Rto K sq '13. B to B2 t 14. Kt to Q2 1. 2. 5.' 6^ 7. Steinitz. Black.- P to K4 Kt to QB3 P to QR3 KKt to K2 Fx P KtxKt P to QKt4 P to Q3 P to QB4 B to Kt2 Q to Q2 P to B5 Kt to Kt3 B to K2 15. Kt toB sq 16. Q to R5 17. Kt to Kt3 18. KttoB5 19. P to QR4 20. RP x P 21. B to K3 22. KR to Q sq 23. Q to R3 24. R to Q7 25. Kt to R6 ch 26! Q x Q 27. BxRP Sleinitz. Black. Castles QR to Ksq gtoQsq. P to B3 P to Q4 RP x P PxP Q to QB2 R to K4 QxR PxKt B to Q5 Resigns Resigns A sound and cautious game running on lilies similar to previous games of the same opening played by these masters. The student will notice Jthat both sides manoeuvre for position, White displaying better strategy than his eminent opponent. He got the open queen's file occupied, kept the attack all through in hand, forcing the first weakening more of Black as late as 33... P to Kt3. Black then manoeuvred to force exchanges in order to escape with a draw, and White consented* to this, as he managed to remain with knight against bishop in the ending, and his king nearest io his opponent's queen's side pawns. Black, pursuing his plan of changing,'parted also with Steinitz's exhumed defence (it is at least four centuries old) which he- played at that time (not in Lucena's time, 1497) with more predilection than success. Blackburne fairly demolished the whole fabric, which looked safe enough for the first eighteen moves. Black's first.weakness, however, manifested itself with 18. ..P to B3 preparatory to the advance of 19. ..P to Q4 ; but White broke through on the queen's sidejoutplaying his opponent with the subtle retreat of 23. Q to R3, the danger of which was overlooked by his opponent, and 24. R to Q7 won this pretty game right off. PROBLEM NO . 72. By S. Schuster.- BLACK. . WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO . 71. , 1. P to B3, Any move ; 2. Q or P dis ch mates. '•- 1~— A MILLIONAIRE ON ^THE CHOICE OF A WIFE. Some further details of the will of Mr. W. L. Winans show that he left personal estate in the United Kingdom of the value of £2,403,587 17s. 5d. He bequeathed to his sons, Louis William and Walter, his plate, pictures, furniture, and articles of household use and ornament, and his leasehold,messuages or tenements, land, and hereditaments in Great Britain and in the United States of America. Mr. Winans left all his real estate and the residue of his personal estate to his said two sons, subject to the payment by them of £5,000 a year to Mrs, Winans during her life ; £2,000 a year to his sister-in-law, Mrs. Ellen De la Rue, during her life ; and £10,000 a year during the life of Mrs. Winans to his son Louis William in consequence of the expense which he will have in keeping a home for his mother, including the use of horses and carriages. ^ "My said son Louis William," the will continues, " is left one-half owner and my son Walter is left one-half owner of the above-named property, and of all my residuary estate to the intent that each of them may (subject to the payment of the above-mentioned, legacies, donations, and annuities) use the principal and income of one-half of the above-named property and of all my residuary estate for his own' purposes,; and will and bequeath or otherwise dispose of it as he may choose. I desire that if my son Louis William Winans shall marry that in selecting a wife he will take into serious consideration all the advice I have given to his brother Walter by my letter to him of August 15, 1880, a copy of which I have given to him, and that in case of his mother being alive that he will get her consent to his choice before getting married. I desire that my wife reside with my son Louis William Winans during the whole time up to her death, and I direct that my son Louis William Winans shall provide a comfortable home for her and the use of horses and carriages, and I know that he will invariably treat her in the same loving way that he has always treated her.!' • The testator appointed his two sons executors of his will, under which there are no bequests to charitable or other public uses.

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  2. 17 Sep 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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