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 - 42 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET JUNE 18, 1897" v The...
42 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET JUNE 18, 1897" v The English allies starling with the Vienna Opening, lapsed into the Fo„ Knights Game, and the driest pf the dryforms of it. The late hour-1 PROBLEM No. 59. By Captain. A. S. Beaumont. BLACK. - WHITE. White to play and. urate -in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBIJEM No*- 58. 1. Q to K6, any moV'e;^. R.(JK3) or Kt mates. A handsome and valuable work of art has been offered to the Daily Telegraph Shilling Branch of the Prince of WalesV HospitalsJvund by Messrs. S. Weingottand Son, 83, Fleet-street. The trophy is a replica of the statue of her Majesty which stands on the Thames Embankment, at Blackfriars Bridge. The statuette is carved from a flawless block of meerschaum, the Queen leaning oh a pedestal, upon which a bowl has been fixed, and two flexible tubes attached to the ebony pedestal of the statuette transform it into a narghile for the use of two persons. Sir Edward Lawson suggested that the trophy, value £60, should be offered for competition amongst the Metropolitan Chess Clubs, at a nominal eptrance fee, the proceeds to be devoted to the Prince of^Wales's Hospital Fund. The proposal will be discussed by one of the leading clubs, or a committee of representatives of ^Metropolitan clubs. The donors willing to add a second prize, and probably a third, if the scheme can be carried out. The final match in the Beaumont Cup Competition (Surrey Minor Trophy), between Richmond and Croydo^ was played at the rooms of the City of London Chess Club, Richmond wimrmg the match after a keen struggle by four games to two. T.he cup will therefore be held during the ensuing season by the Richmond Chess Club. ' Tchigorin won his match with Schiffers, at St. Petersburg, by seven games to one, and six draws. ' The following is the Consultation Game played by cable between the House of Commons and the House of Representatives, Washington, on the occasion of the recent cable match. The English players were Messrs. Plunkett, Shaw, and Strauss; the American, Messrs. Bodine, Pearson, and Plowman : England. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to QB3 3. Kt to B3 4. B to Kt5 5. Kt to Q5 6. P x Kt .7. Kt x Kt 8. Castles 9. Q to R5 10. PtoQ3 11. B to R4 12. B to Kt3 13. B to Kt5 14. Q x Q 1^. KR toQsq 16. QR toB sq 17. K toB sq 18. B to K3 VIENNA America. Black. P to K4 Kt to KB3 Kt to B3 BtoKt5 Kt x Kt Kt to Q5 PxKt Castles PtoQ3 P to QR3 P to QKt4 P to KB4 Q to K sq KxQ B to Q2 R to K7 QR to K sq R to K8 ch OPENING. England. America. White. Black. 19; R x R B x R 20. B x P B to Q7 21. R to Q sq B to B5 22. P to Kt3 B to K4 23. BxB RxB 24. R to K sq R x R ch 25. K x R P to Kt4 26. K to K2 K to Kt2 27. P to QB3 B to K sq 28. B to B2 B to B2 29. PtoQB4 K to B3 30. K to K3 PxP 31. P x P P to B3 32. PxP B x P 33. B to Q3 P to B5 ch 34. K to Q4 BxB 35. KxB uuui—lor & consultation game-r^ the; beginning might be treason of this resolution.: If the American allies had, not, committed .a mistake^! the seventeenth move the result would have been a state 'draw, and the .whole game was ridtworth the time and the cable expenses. On the eightee^ move Black wTnawn With careful plaV a draw might have; been obtained neverthe- es buttlTeypla^dT^^ especially 31.-iP to B3, so that linte^e. jThe. game has been left tLbi adjudicated upon at Washington ; bat there is no doubt whatever as to the verdict, viz., a lost game for {Black, The following is .thedecid^ Messrs. Jacobs and .Trenchard at the-City of London Chess Club. Mr. Ta?obs won the match by five games to three, and three drawn : . FRENCH DEFENCE. H. W. Trenchard. Herbert Jacobs. H. W. Trenchard. W. Trenchard. White. 1. P to K4 2. P toQ4 3. Kt to QB3 4.KtxP 5. B to Q3 6. KtxKt 7. B to K4 8. Q to Q3 9. Q x B 10. Kt to B3 11. QxQ 12. BtoB4 13. BxB 14. K to Q2 15. KRto Ksq 16. PtoKR3 17. P to B4 18. Pto B5 19. P to R3 20. K to Q3 21. QR to Kt sq 22. PtoQKt4 Black. P to K3 Q4 PxP Kt to KB3 B to Q2 Q x Kt . Bto B3 BxB Kt to B3 Q to Kt3 RP x Q B to Q3 P x B R to R4 K to B sq R to B sq P to Q4 P toR4 P to R5 R to K sq P to B3 PxP e.p. White. 23. R\xP PxP KttoR2 Kto Q2 R to QB sq KttoKt4 29. Kto'K sq 30. K to Q2 Rtofct6 PtoB6 Rx P R x P Rto Q6 K to K3 R to B8 ch R (Q6) to Q8 K to Q2 K to Q sq R to Kt8 ch Kt to K5 ch Ktx P Resigns 24. 25. 26. 27. 28 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Herbert Jacobs- Black. PtoK4 PxP P'toK5ck PtoQ5 , R to K2 R to Q4 PtoQ6 KttoQ5 KttoB7 PxP KtxP R to QKt4 R to Kt7 ch Pto Kt4 KtoKt2 Kt to B7 ch Kt to R8 dis ch Kt'toKt6 K to B2 K to K3 P x Kt The variation selected by Mr. Jacobs (3...P x P) leads to a draw if Black is bent upon such an issue. All complications and the establishment of White's centre are avoided, and as in this instance Black can force exchange ofvpieces and so bring it to an easy erid' game. If White could'have advanced 10. P to Q5 hie would have had the advantage, but this manoeuvre is not feasible because of 10... Bto Kt5ch ; 11. Kto K2(if 11. K to Bsq, then 11... Castles QR and wins), Q to Q5; 12. QxQ, Kt x Q ch ; 13. K to Q3, B to B4 with the better game. Another line of play would have been later on 12. B to Q2 instead ot 12. B to B4, as the latter move compelled another exchange. Atterwards the game drilted into a drawn ending with many interesting phases, Mr. Jacobs ingeniously getting the two centre pawns advanced, hemming in White's king completely. Mr. Trenchard made a finalbid fora draw by doubling rooks on the eighth row, followed by 42. Kt to K5 ch. The knight could not be taken, because of perpetual check ; but Black brought the king into safe quarters, and won. If instead of 42. Kt to K5 ch, White had played 42. R (B8) to B8 ch, then 42....K to Q3 • 43. R to Kt6 ch, K to Q2 ; 44. Kt to B6 ch, K to B3, which wins also, as in one_ variation Black sacrifices the rook to escape perpetual check. The ending is an interesting study. + PREPARING FOR THE NAVAL REVIEW. The Admiralty having decided that the battleships should leave Chatham in advance of the cruisers and smaller vessels for the naval review at Spithead, the Empress of India, Captain Charles Campbell,, with a complement oi 712 officers and men, and the Repulse, Captain Ernest N. Rolfe, similarly manned, steamed out of..North and South Locks respectively early the other morning, and passed down the Medway to Sheerness to complete their preparations. + "+" POOR LORD MAYOR! c , T .^ e horsemanship and endurance of the Lord Mayor and bhentts will undergo a severe ordeal during the Procession. They not only ride from Temple Bar across London Bridge, but as-soon as the Surrey side is reached the. Lord Mayor and Sheriffs and the Deputation will form alongside the Royal route, and wait for the Procession to pass, the Lord Mayor previously taking leave of her Majesty. He will have to wait until the whole Procession has gone by, and it will take an hour and" a-half for it to pass any given point. For an hour and a half, therefore, the Lord Mayor, seated on his horse, wearing his official robes, holding the Sword of State, and attended by the Sheriffs and Deputation, will have to sit like a Life Guardsman at the Horse Guards until the Procession has defiled before him, and then he will have to return to the Mansion House, which will be no doubt less difficult than,might be supposed, as of course every arrangement will be made to facilitate his passage. SPA, BELGIUM [12 hours from London] Summer Season. An ideal health and Pleasure Resort Casino. Racing. Theatre. Pigeon-shooting. Concerts. BatdiUe dcs Fkurs, Magnificent Hotels with moderate tariffs. Finest Iron Baths in Europe. -Certain cure for afn S' nd5 weakness. Resident English Physician. For details, % apply to JULE& CREHAY, Secretary, Casino, Spa.

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 18 Jun 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 44

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