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 - 4 i - - VI jwmg twenty coittpetitor^ were,...
4 i - - VI jwmg twenty coittpetitor^ were, elected b Hotter in the chair) to tafce part in tire ress : Mrs. Worm I and M +* - Foott (America), Mrs. Stevenson (Canada), Miss Hertzsch and »„• Muliisrfiarfung (Germany), Mrs. Fa'gan (Italy), Mrs. DeIeVi™ e ?F SS Mrs. Bonnefin (Belgium); Mis* Forbes Sharp (Scotland), Mrs. Beri Miss Finn (Ireland), Ladv Thomas, Mrs. Sidney, Miss Rudsje r A '''^V*^' Miss Fox > Miss Eschwege, Miss Watson,^ M i ss Gooding (England). 1155 + _ . + Miss H 1 r - TJ r 1 t a PROBLJEIVI NO. 56^ •J. By H. E. Ki'dson, of Liverpool BLACK. 1 * T^e City afiondon^efeated the Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Uub match at last week. teams boa 15 % Mr. C. D.- Locock, Mr. H. W. I Hon e various L year The prizes, amounting tc> £119, have been awarded as folldws • To T. F. Lawrence (who has-won the championship of the club for the second "J i ^ -------— — — A' Winter Tournament and handicap finals, to N. W Murton cup and £6; .R. M. Rowley-Morris (4th class), second prize, £5; Kemp (third class), third prize, £4; G. A. Hooke (1st class), fourth, prize, £5. J Jones, T. E. Haydon, G. M. Hare, J. W J. Kraft, and C. J F. Allcock, A. it* Wood Wickes, J. W. Poole, S. F. Herbage, J * J The First Class 'Spring tournament and No. 9 Handicap are stil unfinished. \ WHITE. ,nd mate For the following two games we are indebted to the courtesy ot Cav Carlo Salvioli, of Venice. The games were contested with Signor Delia 1- Q to B7, B to B2 S^n/?* tW ° gen H Cmen bt !Jng the best players not only in Venice, but 1- ... -K.x.-R ; second to none ml aly. Signor Salvioli is the-author of the famous .1.. B x Q ; Teona e Pratica del Giuoco Degli Scacchi," and both amateurs edit the 1- • R x R ; NuovaRtvisla DegU Scacchi : 1. PxR- BISHOP'S OPENING. 1. .......... Kt to B4 Cav. Carlo Salvioli. Sig. Delia Rosa. Cav. Carlo Salvioli. Sig. Delia Rosa. . - 4 ...P toQ'5 is no Whltc - Black. White. Black White continues Wit r SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 55. 2, Q6, Any mov Q 2. Kt to Kt5 ch, K moves : 3. R to B4 mates. 2. R 2. Q 2. Q 2; K moves move 3. kt or P mates. 3. Kt to B4 mates. 3. Either Kt mates. 3. Q, R, Kt, or Pro 1. P to K4 2. B to B4 3. Q to K2 4. P to QB3 5. P to B4 6. Kt to B3 7. Px-P Q Q Q Q4 Kt 12. Q x QBP 13. PxB 14. K to Q sc P to K4. Kt to KB3 B to B4- Kt to B3 P to Q3 B to KKt5 Kt x P Kt x B Kt x P P to B3 B x Kt K to B sq Q to R5 ch Kt to B7 ch 15. K to B2 16. PxB 17. P x P 02 19. PtoQ7 20. QtoB5ch 21. KttoK4 22. KttoB6eh 23. Q to Kt sq ch 24. B to R6 ch 25. R to K sq ch' Q Q : Kt Wh R to K sq Kt x R Q x P ch R to Q sq Q to R6 K to Kt sq Q x QP P x Kt K to B sq K to K2 Q to K3 PxR and Wh Q Q B3 The move pretty lively game m White takes knight. If White Q5 an even position after the tenth move, s up a pawn for a counter-attack, con- i been a probable uneventful draw into a and 15;..Kt x P, threatening R toBsq i tried to save the rook with 17. R to K sq, 7...B to B4 ch ; 18. K to B sq, QR to Bsq, &c. He had, therefore, nothing better than the continuation in the text, and this gave Black a winning ending. After 20...R to K sq White hadthe alternative of 21. B to R6, whereupon 21...R to K3 would have won also. The subsequent moves are all forced, Black concluding with the prettj QR4 Q5 if 24. B x P then 24... B to R3 mates, •f t013KI f t5 isrtin Je«or, as Black is compelled to reply 7...Kt x P. For, A 7 :"F X • w?- a V f/ h ' KxB ; 9. Q to B4 ch, with a pronounced advantage to White 9 ..Kt x P is weak too. 9...B to Kt3 is the correct But Black played for a trap which did not come off. The intention move. It A JUBILEE is reported from Hyd PRESENT STOLEN^ that the historical Imperial Wh game ni'V^Sf^^ 1 ^ K2 > Kt toKt6 ch ; !3. K to Q3, Q x Q ch ; 14. K x Q, Kt x R, &c. But White might have captured the btshop nevertheless as follows : 10. P x B, B x Kt; 11. Castles, P to Q4; 12. Q to ivto cn rto B3 ; 13. QxP, B to R4 ; 15. Q x QBP ch, with the superior ine game is extremely complicated and difficult for both sides, it abounds^ m pretty .variations, giving full scope to the imaginative players who conducted it. On the sixteenth move White has to qive up the exchaLe, relying on the passed pawns, Black having his rooks in an inactive position! Over-anxmus to gain the QP, Black overlooked Signor Salviotfs pretty sacnfice of the knight, which wins by force. Black should have played am R3 ' and Whlt e would have had great difficulty m winning the Diamond," sold by Mr. Alexander Jacob, the dealer in jewels, to the Nizam of Hyderabad, has been stolen, from the Government treasury of his Highness, and replaced by a paste imitation. The affair has caused a great sensation. w the Nizam thediamondtothe Queen next month. The diamond which became the ^ — original of the Mr. Jacob, Mr. Isaacs Mr. Marion Crawford's novel, was charged, in the Hi Nizam of Hyderabad with having criminally misappropriated the sum of twenty-three lakhs which had been deposited at a bank at Calcutta as earnest- money the purchase of diamond The izam .1 first instance, agreed tp buy the stone Sig. Delia Rosa. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to QB3 3. P to B4 4. BP x P 5. PxKt 6. PxKtP 7. PtoKi3 8. Q to K2 9. B x P 10. BxQ .11. Castles 12. B to KB4 13. K to Kt sq VIENNA OPENING. Cav. Carlo Salvioli. Sig. Delia Rosa brilliance sum lakh gem of the remarkable size and or nearly three Black. P to K4 Kt to KB3 P to Q4 P to Q5 P x Kt Q to R5 ch Q x KP ch P x P ch White 14. BxP 15. B to B3 16. BxP 17. B x R 18. Kt to K2 19. K to B sq 20. BtoKt7 21. KttoB4 Q x Q ch BxP B to K3 Kt to B3 Castles 22. 23. Kt to Q5 Kt to Kt4 I 24. B to R6 Resigns ^ Cav. Carlo Salvioli Black. Kt to Q5 Kt x P Kt to K6 Kt x R B to B4 ch Kt x P R to K sq R to K2 R to K7 P to QR4 R to B7 rupees, hundred thousand pounds, and the sum of twenty-three lakhs was wh me Mr. Jacob, as a broker in the transaction. Eventually, the British Resident, wh of carry out the t bargain, and, on Mr. J making difficult r to the commenced a crim which termi nated in the acquittal of the defendant. Subsequently the stone appears to have been handed over to the Nizarri. HUMBER CYCLES.—A complete and usefiil littte booklet is HUMBER GYCL& AND HOW TO USE THEM. This is intended as a means of instruction to all who ride, or are about to ride,- HUMBER CYCLES, but there is much information in the book which win be useful to all cyclists. A shilling work for nothing. Post free from HUMBER and Limited, 32, Holborn-viaduct, E.C.

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 28 May 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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