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 - The Scotch Chess Congress finally resulted in...
The Scotch Chess Congress finally resulted in Mr. J. M'Grouther securing second prize in the Major Tourney, while in the Minor Mr. Leith and Mr. Krasser took first and second. Mr. M'Grouther and Mr. Chambers divided first and second prizes in the Handicap Tournament. Herr Schiffers has won a game in his match with M. Tehigorin, making the score 4 tc 1 in the tatter's favour^ with two draws. The several tournaments of the Metropolitan Chess Club are now concluded. Mr. H. O'Neill is cup-holder for the year, arid the handicap has fallen to Mr. A. de V. Wells. The sectional results of the Gambit Tournament give Mr. R. C; Griffith, Mr. E. W. Hart, and Mr. J. Cochrane as winners of the first, third, and.fourth respectively, while Mr. Bqnwick, Mr. Buxton, and Mr. Parsons have tied in the second, and Mr. Henry and Mr. Papworth in the fifth. The annual contest between the North London and Hastings Chess Clubs took place on the 1st inst. at the rooms of the latter. Both sides put excellent teams in the field, but,North London prevailed by nine to five. pROELEk No. 54. By O. Wurzburg. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF White. • 1. a to'Kt3 ; ; V 2. B, Q, R, or Kt mates. PROBLEM NO. 53. Black. Any move. A pretty little:game at the odds of a rook : REMOVE . WHITE'S QR.— Muzio GAMBIT. A. Steifv. White. • 1. P to K4 2. P to KB4 3. Kt to KB3 4. B4 , , 5. Castles 6. P to Q4 7. Qx,P . . 8. P to K5 9. Kt:to B3 10. Kt'to Kt5 Black. K4 P x P P to KKt4 . P to Kt5 . P x Kt KLto.KR3 (a) Q to B3 Q to B4 - B3 .• - Kto-Qsq Qto-Kt3 A. Steif. White. 12. PtoQ5 B to Q3 K to R.sq B to K3 PtoQ6 B to Kt5 (d) Kt x BP Q x P ch R x B 13. 14. 15. 16. a7. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. '•••x. • Black. Kt to R4 (b) Q to Kt3 ch (c) P to KB3 Q to R3 Kt to Kt sq B to Kt2 Q to B3 (e) B x Q Kt to K2 R x R ch R to B8 ch B x Kt and mates (f) play 6...P to Q4 so as to develop his ll.QBxP ' ^ (a) With two pieces ahead Black should pieces.. . "/ , (b) 12...B to B4 ch would have been preferable, followed by 13 Kt to Q5, -&c. (c) The queen could not leave the weak king's side. 13...Q to Kt2. (d) 17. Kt x BP, Q to B3; 18. Q to R5 would 18...B x P, &c, and if 18. B to K4, then 18...Q to B5, &c. (e) Black has no adequate defence at this stage. (f) An exceedingly elegant finish. * played by cable between Mr. Barnes, of Wellington, and Mr. Mouat, oh .Dunedin, New Zealand : ALLGAIER GAMBIT. K to R sq, He should have retired not answer because of ELLIS'S E L L I S'S ELLIS'S TABLE T A B L E TABLE W A T E R W A T E R S, WAT E R S,. ?. U T H I N. RUTH1 N. R.U. T-'H I K. R. J. Barnes. White; 1. P to K4 2. P to KB4 3. Kt to KB3 4. PtoKR4 5. Kt to Kt5 6. Kt x P 7. PtoQ4 8. BxP 9. Kt to B3 10. B to Q3 11. PxB J. Mouat. Black. P to K4 P x P P to KKt4 PtoKt5 P to KR3 K x Kt P to Q4 Kt to KB3 B to Kt5 (a) B x Kt ch (b) Kt x P R» J. JBarnes. White. 12. Castles 13. B to K5 14. Q to K2 15. R x B , 16. QxPch 17.QtoK6ch 18. Q x Q ch 19. B toK2 ch 20. Q to B5 ch 21. Q x R mate*(d) J. Mouat. Black. K to Kt3 R to B sq B to B4(c> RxR R to Kt4 Q to B3 Kto R4 RtoKt5 Kx P (a) This bishop is required for the defence, Black's king's side pawns being weak.. Preferable, therefore, would be 9...P x P. . (b) 10...P x Pis still feasible. * ' (c) He has nothing' else now, as White threatens 15. RxR, QxR; 16. R to KB sq with an overwhelming attack. The best move, however, is no adequate- defence either ; as a matter of jact Black's game is defenceless, having been spoiled in, the opening. In such a dangerous, game as. the Allgaier a single weakness in the opening is fatal. (d) Mr. Barnes played the game with vigour, showing that, he is quite familiar with the opening. An interesting example of Russian play : FOUR KNIGHTS GAME Choncliewsky.' Choncliewsky. White. 1. P to K4. 2. Kt to KB3 3. Kt to B3 4. B to Kt5 5. Castles 6. PtoQ3 7. Kt to K2 8. P to KR3. 9. KttoKt3 10. Kt to R4 Behrens. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 KttoB3 B to Kt5 Castles P to Q3 Kt to K2 P to KR3 B to K3 P to B3 White. 11. B to R4 12.KtoR2 P 13. Q to B3 (b) 14. QxKtch 15. Kt (R4) to B5 16. P x Kt 17. PtoQB4 18. KttoRS 19. Q x KP BehrenSi Black. Q to Q2 P to KKt4 (a> KtoKt2 K to R2 Kt x Kt B to Q4 B to R4 R to KK't sq (c> Resigns (d) (a) Threatening the sacrifice of the B by 12...B x P. (b) He maybe excused for overlooking the brilliant rejoinder. But if 13...Px Kt. 14. Q x Kt, P x Kt ch ;-15. Px P with a winning attack. (c) Threatening to win the Q, but White finds an ingenious escape. (d) Obviously if 19...P x Q, 20. Kt to B6 ch. Played in Mr. Blackburne's recent blindfold performance at the Imperial Hotel, Bristol: CENTRE COUNTER GAMBIT. f. H. Blackburne. White. ' 1. PtoK4 2. P x P 3. Kt to QB3 4. Kt to B3 5. B to Kt5 6. P to KR3 7. Castles 8. P toQ4 9. B to K3 N. Fedden. Black. P t6 Q4 QxP Q to QR4 Kt to QB3 B to Kt5 . B to Q2 P to K3 Castles. B to Kt5 J. H. Blackburne. White. 10. 'Q-to Q3 ' 11. P to;R3 12. PxB 13. P to QR4 14. KR to Kt sq 15. B to Q2 16. Pto B4 17. B x Kt 18. KttoK5 N. Fedden.. Black. Kt to B3 B x Kt P to QR3 (a)> KR toBsq Kt to Q4 KKt to K2 Q to Kt3 QxB Resigns (b) (a) Kt to K4 was better than the text-move, White's fine reply. ' (b) Because if 18...Q to Q3, 19. B. to Kt4, P to B4 21. B x Kt and then a rook, making White a rook,ahead. • : —-i— •• but he was doubtless oblivious of 20. B x P, Q to B2:. SWEARING IN SCOTCH FASHION. Mr. A. W. Shepheafd-Walwyn, J.P., has written the following letter on the subject of swearing in the Scotch fashion, and it was read at the fifth annual meeting of the Church Sanitary Association, which was held, under the presidency of the Bishop of Coventry, on the 11th inst, at 1, Hamilton-terrace, London : " The usual form of kissing, the book which now obtains in our police and other courts is essentially undesirable and to be discouraged, whether taken from a sanitary point of view or from that of solemnity and impressiveness. The recently- published dictum of eminent scientists, confirmed by the analysis of the Testament lately used in the City Court at Ripon (which is estimated to have been kissed by 40,000 persons), has placed it beyond all doubt that the practice is one which is fraught with very serious danger to the public health ; and on that ground alone it becomes the duty of all who realise this fact to use their influence in favour of the abolition of the practice and the substitution of one which is at once more cleanly,, sanitary, and impressive. . . The subject taken generally is one which merits the serious attention both of the public health authorities and of the public themselves. . . . It only needs the co-operation of the magistracy with that of the members of the legal profession and the police authorities, to bring the Scotch mode of swearing into general use." • -t- Dr. Jameson, who has been spending a few days in London, returned to Paris on Saturday. The Doctor has many friends in the French, capital, and will probably remain there for some time to cornel

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 14 May 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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