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 - tHVRBDAY, MA»CH 11, 1W6 Charles Edwin Mitchell...
tHVRBDAY, MA»CH 11, 1W6 Charles Edwin Mitchell Is Billion Dollar Bank President Head Of Bank Of Which Gordon Sohn s Rentchler Hamilton Is A Vice President Of H a m i l t o n people are interested in Charles Edwin IIitcue.ll. He is president of (lie National City Hank of Kcw York. Gordon Sohn ] Kcutschler of "Hamilton is one of j t h e vico presidents of this great financial institution and an assistant assistant to President Mitchell. From a minor clerical position w i t h this Western, Electrio company, company, Charles Edwin Mitchell has risen to be head of tho vast financial financial organization grouped around I ho National City bank of New ort, a place ii'Lich assures him rank among the leading bankers of the United Stales. He is not yet. f i f t y years old, Jtred of Colonial stock,--ancestors stock,--ancestors on both sides of his family served in h e If evolution,--Charles Edwiu M i t c h e l l wa.s born on October October Uth, 1877, at Chelsea, Mass. His father v.'as George E. Mitchell, a-Jioston merchant, who at one l i n i o served as mayor of Chelsea, and his mother was Anuio Kuowl- t o n Mitchell. He was cheated at p u b l i c school in Chelsea, and at A inherit college, i'rom the latter i n s t i t u t i o n ho graduated in 1899 w i l h an A. 11 degree. I m m e d i a t e l y a f t e r graduation yiuiij; M i l o h c l l connected hirnsi'f w i t h t h e W'-stoni Electric company in Chii'.'igo, I I ! . This \va3 his in- i l i a l advciihin.' in Ihe business world a m i he remained with the Wi'iti'rn Elei-lric for a l i t t l e more t h a n six years, d u r i n g which period j he rfi.-u through I h o offices of gen-1 IT:I| c r e i h i manager ;ind assistant , owu, company to accept the larger opportunity. Iu October of t h e Same- year he was elected o! the Kafioual City company, i wh.|cb. about the same lime p u chased the business of the K. iials/y company. In 1921, he was made president of the Natioual City bank, aud he now 'holds these offices in various ; National City corporations: prcsi-' .dent and director, National City Bank, .National City company, National National City Sal'o Deposit company, Hational City Itealty Corporation: '. and cliairinan of the Board and ; director of the I n t e r n a t i banking corporation. He holds numerous numerous i n d u s t r i a l directorates. i yiuce Mr. M i t c h e l l was ! president of the N a t i o n a ' bank in 1321 market value J!L the National City stock lias risen from $310.00 to more than .$1)00.00. In 1925 t h e Bank has made net f i t s of .flSjflO'.KiS.-lO, and paid dividends of $7,800,000.00. Us deposits deposits totalled $021,573,408.05. The National City Bank, and ,. National C i t y company branches are now scattered in principal j towns of t h e United Slates, DOES YOUR COUGH KEEP YOU A wake There is no need for you to mffer tho discomfort of broken lleepbecaus* of coughing. A dot* of, PERTU3S1N, tokra slowly, , before going to beii v?iU ke*p you · from coughing-- yet it is entirely free from "dope" (such as oar- colics, chloroform, canoabis or other injurious drugs) and Iher*- fore, absolutely harmless. PERTUSSIN ba» a r.mark- ablv qnieung effect upon the delicate delicate nerves and membranes of the throat and bronchial tubei, aod promotes a speedy recovery, Known to physicians for ovn twenty years and sold by al' drag- gists in large and emaD uottlM. OHAKJ.ES E. Io tho president, to be assistant manager. Ju tins Jailer position ia was actively concerned in a, reorganization reorganization of hia company, which included included the consolidation of several of its manufacturing, units, and his work in this connection brought him i n t o contact with Oakleigh Thorno, president of Tb» Trust company of America, Early in MOB at Mr. Thorpe's euggebtion, Mr. Mitchell resigned from tho Western Electric, and joined The Trust company of America as Mr. Thome's assistant, his first appearance appearance upon the- field of finance. During his service with the Western Western Electric he had familiarized himself w i t h banking theories and banking law through post g r a d u a t e courses in accounting and l a w , which he completed in his spare Urns while active in business in the daytime. His early hankjng experiences' were d i f f i c u l t for he was called upon upon immediately to shoulder heavy responsibility during the panic period period of 1907 and the business depression depression which followed. He came through triumphantly, and wishing to broaden his experience resigned fl'om the Trust company of America iu 1911,-to study foreign finance. Upon his return from Europe ho organized his own investment banking banking corporation of C. E. Mitchell and company. Mr. Mitchell's independent independent enterprise was as successful successful 33 his previous ventures had beau and when, in 1016, the National City bjnk decided to step into investment banking as a separate separate fjejd, through t h o National City company, lie was invited to accept a, vice-presidency in the iicw organization. Tie liquidated his PORTUNION Port Union, Mat'. 11. Mrs 1 . Hcu Henry and l i t t l iRaymond e n t e r t a i n e d {Thursday Mrs. George Widmeyer ' and son, Clifford and "Sirs. Daniel and daughter, Sclniitcr family .oik. Slason road. Irciiu Batchcidor spent Saturday riffcrUMOii with Marguerite I'lX'ston. Jonah Gerard, of West Cheater, spent Sunday w i t h Sim-ray and family. I A'oniou Ueudricks sjieut Sunday 1 with his sister, Mrs. Chatte K fung, of Hamilton. , ' . - i ^, i i MI i , i u a v w MT. and .Mrs. Henry Block and Jamily Entertained it sii|pcr, I ' . ! : . . ' · ._ -vi i - \ c . . . r:~ ,'., i U l ^ - 1 I C K l - , . -., , -.. .-. - ; -ui^. i i u K , day evening Mr and Mrs. ( . a I Ulock and ilaiiglitoi-, Jim Msnu. v | Mr. and Mrs. Archie Uwcu M| . I Sunday sutcrnoon w i t h '' e l a t l V l l »."l l I Soveiiuiilc. i Jliss Helen Sbepoerd is reported ill al this writ in. . i.-ij M. au .... n ....,...;,. i U |,, ^ u , n ., u s | Mrs. Slieard, ot t h e J o u r ! was a caller in our b;ir s J u e s d a j[f. 1 aflernoou. The Indies' Aid sociely ! Mr. am| .Sirs. Harry Umuer, ui 1 Hamilton spent the day Monday w i t h Sir. and Sirs. Ben Henry. Progi-iuii for re-opening day of H the the Port Union SI. K. the tile I'ort bnion .\L. h. clmreh | Sunday, March 'Jl, will be printed { i uest Ml 1 , aud Sirs. Geovgo Widmeyer and family spent Sunday iit'lernoun with Mr. and Sirs. Lewis Biitchelilor j and family. | M. E. Church Notes i . Sinidjiy .siOiDol a t Id a. ni. j Preaching Services .11. H. m. | Kpworth League at 7 p. m.

Clipped from Hamilton Evening Journal11 Mar 1926, ThuPage 5

Hamilton Evening Journal (Hamilton, Ohio)11 Mar 1926, ThuPage 5
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