Samuel Shook Wounded

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Samuel Shook Wounded - Letter from the lt*tli lllliicls Itc^Imvut....
Letter from the lt*tli lllliicls Itc^Imvut. home in ! flying trip | CAMP STAR AT^ASTA. GA., Ju!y 30th,*ISG4. EPIIOKS SENTINEL:--As I havo again to t b e i few idle moments, I will dcvoto them MII^ \j · »~" ^»-vv",w ····. ~"-+'j i'--.r *"a '" wntiugyou afcwli.-ics tolot the w ': ntercs!t of the Great Y,, of the old know, through your of our whereabouts and doings for the past few days. I soo it stated in some the northern papers, llmt Sherman is in the Atlanta. Such is not the case. On 17th instant we crossed the Chatahooehie and years, on geu- » " -^,-,»,,«-, ^ j soou as lt -wasuarkwe jk our5C i vcs in building works, dis- Oil- x n tant from theirs some three hundred or and by morning we had good works, _ ! by a flank movement without opposition: on the iSth we again moved forward found but little opposition until tlie evening of the 19th, when we fcund the enemy in strong position in their works the ti'v. Our lines we:e at once formed under perfect showers of shell and grape from the enemy's guas, but tvc suffered but little. As soou as it was dark we we rented during the dav. On the ,,,, n1 1 1 1 1 1 a n d h m.g of the 21st we were ordered to d | t h e i r works an( ] a{ Uje conjnj.,.,^ ton - ar i | -° one j aT!(1 at t i !0lai over our woll - s ^ W(J and \Ye got within thirty yauls of them, . the support failing to come up, we ! , m?cl!cd to lialtj having the advantage | of a rise of ground, we were able r o f t h e O i l C i e u k ; m a ; [ 1 ^^ ^ wwc fo[ . Eomo t ; mc but O . l j o t w ; thout coniit ] cr!l bl s 1 OS3 . AVo were rocky j now ortieu! a to fall back to our works, e o v - j , diich , TC d!tl in good ordtir onr }oss bc . forty-seven. gen- ; ° 0ll t | lu n ; g} , t O f t l,e 20th the robs left jdioiv work'-! in our front, and " lind m 0 inm-' of the 2Ut wo moved forward my v i ' u u y C"*iu *" »ia mu uucu sw*J to get j n d oecul) ; c d them, but were not allowed ;,, t h e I to hold them without a desperate of at til tho Johiiies camo to claim tliuirditches as they bad left [},,,,,, w e }ind the accommodations We had been thero bat a slioit time, claim, and at it i filled by len t l, { w e n t , sometimes thc Johnius had m ,i sorac times v,e had them. The fight l lasted abont sis hours, and only ended e enem,, and Ieft'us struck of the I the .-irmy of the Tcuncs'ce was ordered take r. position on the extreme right, a adm . it; . g ttrca thonsc was killed. \Ve remained here until the morning of the 55th, wells, with an j ^ "*' n(l ; _,"* ""^f ^.^J^^"^.^ mrmone tEesequaTities more t the slau-h-1 of personal property y, j , ',,,-,,, .,,,,,,. } , an ° it. distance of some twelve miles from we now we: e. We arrived on the place appointed for us on the morning of the 28th, aud did not get our lines fairly established before the Johnies again cam? a fair open Held but we flaugh- vjc!l prn- , r i i " - , ' · = was a w t m , ami we agnn lost u t an Irame.-iscj as fast to the I will here gii o you a list of I §13 a yielding :y regiment, of ofEcers, and of my j company: KILLED.--C.tpt. Linscy, Co II. Lieut. Maxwell, Co. D. '\VOL-.\BKD.--Capt, Farrcll, Co. C. Capt Weeirs Co. I. Lt, Stoval Co- E. Lt. Ingersnl! Co. G Kn.Li:n --Corporal J. Smith. Co. F. !A OUXDF.D.--Corp. F. F. Benson, m foot, badly. Coip J. T. Butler, in breast, mortally. Private Preston Willey, a m a - | , i c a d j ~ Yl h t _ Samuc , shook| in ^ matter how account ; ~l,^ w T^u;«,,.« ;,, ,,,,,,% i,.,i - vou ever hear GOO and I sliht. inson, in neck, bid. In this campaign, our regiment has lost one hundred and twenty-five men, and I foar theie is much hard fighting Wel i to be done_befoic Atlanta is our?, but, f cx- it | our .nends need na.\^f no uncasina«s, as we aic bound to take ' c a d y l t o l h c i - i n a f r c s a l t for ths.t is w h a t we came hereafter. them badlv in all of w e a l t h i s r- i , - i 1 - 1 /.,- their Josses falling not mucl I short of twenty thousand, while I do great many prisoners i think ouis is six thousand. We have j j tolii-icm cr your-, T.i;;rf. A. L. WI:I,I,MAX.

Clipped from
  1. Centralia Sentinel,
  2. 11 Aug 1864, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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