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Mumma's honored for service - . , Dauphin Borough, Middle Paxton Township...
. , Dauphin Borough, Middle Paxton Township Join to Honor War Heroes With Dedication of Plaque, Dinner and Celebration on Fourth of July Dauphin and Middle Paxton Fourth of July with a Veterans Homecoming celebration in honor of the 315 soldiers, sailors marines and women who wore the Nation's uniform in World War II. Invitations were sent out last night, by the joint borough and township committee of which Burgess Gilbert Garman is chairman. Principal event will be dedi cation of a bronze plaque in memory of the ten men who sac rificed their lives in World Wars I and II. Other events in elude a home coming victory parade, turkey dinner for the veterans, baseball games, Juiy o. There will also be a baseball came, chicken corn soup supper, carnival and fireworks on July 4 with the street carnival to be continued on the following day Ten Lost Lives The memorial plaque, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bent L. Weaver, will contain the following names World War I Edwin C. Welles and Arthur R. Wright, both formerly of Speeceville. World War U Edward F. Egenrieder, Fishing Creek Val - ' ley; Joseph E. Facer, Dauphin; John P. Foltz, Dauphin, R. D.; Robert W. Hocker, Speeceville; John E. Fechart, Clark's Valley; Paul O. Romich, Fishing Creek Valley; Charles D. Sheesley, Dauphin, and Warren G. Stone, Jr., Stony Creek Valley. Names and war records of the following veterans have been compiled for publication in a special homecoming booklet, edited by D. M. Cresswell, Dauphin, who will appreciate any ldditions or corrections: Mason E. Alleman, Frank Ams - den, William B. Anderson, Garnet P. Ankerbrand, Edward L. Arms, Francis E. Arms, John T. ArmSj William R. Arnold, I. R. Atticks. Victor P. Bailey, E. Pearl Baldwin, Guy H. Baldwin, Walter E. Beam, Paul W. Becker, Charles W. Beckman, Sara M. Belcher, township will observe the Joseph E. Bell, Harry A. Bender, Kenite O. Bender, Randall R. Bic - kel, James R. Bogner, Charles T. Bowman. Ervin T. Bover. Charles L. Bostdorf, Elmer F. Bostdorf, Donald it. JracKDiu, riarry Braim, Blaine E. Brenizer, James H. Brat - ton. Woodrow P. Brown. Georee W. Buffington, John W. Buffing - ton, Henry M. Burns, Howard Busfield. Hugh R. Campbell. Calvin R. Campbell, Ralph A. Campbell, Ruby P. Carson, Charles M. Cassel, Gildino R. Clausi, Thomas M. Clausi, Calvin C. Coppenhaver, James B. Crowl. Willis F. Daniels. Norman S. Davis, Roy W. Davis, Cecil A. Delimiter. Kenneth J. Dickinson. E. Eugene Dimm, William LeRoy Drake. John W." Egenrieder, Thomas J. Egenrieder, John H. Eisenhauer, George W. Etzweiler, Karl K. Evans, Louise K. Eynon. Mary H. Fauber, William M. Fauber, Clyde R. Feaser, Paul K. Fetterhoff. C - Dal P. Fetter - hoff, Harry C. Fisher, William J. Fisher. William W. Fisher. Jr., Joseph E. Fite, Richard W. Flei - sher, Edgar W. Forney, Jr., Robert C. Forney, Charles E. Fry, Jr., George E. Frye, Robert Fry, Frank v Fiihrman. Martin N. Fuhrman, Robert A. Fuhrman, Theodore R. Fuhrman, William H. Fuhrman. Calvin A. Garber, Jacob E. Gar - hpr decree Gardner Arthur B. Garman, Eugene M. Garman,, Jr George S. Garman, Kaymona ij. Garman, RoDert ueary, narvey c. Geieer. Earl W. George, Ed win D. George, Robert M. Ger - hart, William F. Gilday, Mary E. Gengerick, Herbert R. Greder, James E. Greider, Paul E. Gram - ley, Charles J. Griffith, John R. Groft, James L. Gross, Mason G. urunden, Dale L. Gruver. John R. Haederer. Frank K. Haller, William D. Hallman, James v. Hammaker, Raymond G. Hamaker, William R. Hanson, An' drew K. Harding, John D. Hebel, Dorothy Heckert. William F, Heckert, Donald E. Heinbaugh, Thomas Hepner. James S. Her man, John C. Herman, III, Helen M. Hickey, Darnel H. Hickock. James A. Hinds, Harry A. Hocker, Earl W. Horting, Russell L. Hort - ing, T. William Hummell. John B. Jeffers, III, Elmer R. Jenkins, Bennett C. Jones, Janet l. J ones. Earl Franklin Keefer. Marlin E. Keller, Virginia M. Kennedy, Harry G. Keifer, Sr., Clifton G. Kalhnger, Herman F. Kinter. Guy E. Kinser, John M. Kinser, Clar ence r. Kiase, Charles E. Knapp, Henry I. Knapp, Ralph W. Knapp, William J. Kunert. John T. Koch - er, Paul J. Kocher. Enrman G. Lambert, Williams A. Lambert, John O. Lambrecht, Chester V. Landis, Emily P. Lan - dis, Ivah K. Layerle, Leonard S. Leitzell, Charles P. Lewis, Jr., Samuel E. Line, Jr.. David A. Logan. Robert T. Logan. Clarence k. liong, Clyde f. Long. Donald Long, Hary R. Long, James I. Long, Robert P. Long, Jr., Wil liam E. Loone. Aaron S. Lowe. Geraldine W. Ludwig. Leonard E. Lukens, Robert G. Lyter, Wayne, a. L,yter. William A. Lyter. John D. Malehorn. Frank A. Maienom,. Jr.. Harold L. Male' horn, Kenneth H. Malehorn, Richard D. Malehorn, Raymond L. Manning, Maud M. Markunas, John L. Marasco, Willis C. Mar - latt. Frank M. Masters. Jr.. John f. jnegonneii James A. Meson nell William H. Megonnell, Mel - vin J. Mehaffie. John A. Mehaf - fie. Sr., John W. Meyers, Jr., ausan M. Meyers, Kenneth . McClain Elmer W. McConnell, Lesley McCreath, Jr., Samuel L. McElwee, John W. McKelveyJ Betty M. Miller, Albert P. Min - sker, Charles R. Minsker, Henry M. Miller, Walter G. . Mowers, Robert Lewis Mumma, Robert Lloyd Mumma, William J. Mum ma, Jr., Ralph R. Mumma. Earl L. Nye, Ernest R. Nye, nusseu i;. xviye. Wayne W. Orris, Abraham W. urwm, Donald L. Oviatt, Wil liam Oviatt. Walter E. Pae, Merle D. Paul, wiiiiam A. Pearson. Leon S, Pechart, James H. Peck. Harry F. Peck, Frederick C. Peffer, Carl R. rterce, Jonn J. Pekank, Andrew M. Polak Douglass A Powley, koss M. Price. Samuel F. Price, Wilbur C Quick, Frederick W. Raring, ueorge L. Raring, Robert H. Raring, Charles R. Reed, Josiah F Reed, Jr., William H. Reed, Wil liam M. Reed, Fred W. Reidlinger, Robert A. Reidlinger, Rudolph M. Robb, Charles B. Robinson, Kicnard J. Roden, Carl Rohacek. Harry Rohacek, Daniel Rogers. Jack'tr. Rudy, Jonas K. Rudy, Kaymond H. Kowe, John W. Russell. Samuel E. Saxon, John M. Seaks, Robert G. Seaks, Richard P. Sellers. Robert E. Sellers, C. Edwin Shade, George L. Shan - nessy, William R. Shannessy. Pal mer W. Sheaffer, George R. Shear er, Jr., George Sheetz, Robert P. Sheetz, Clarence F. Shields, Earl A. Shive, Russell J. Shoop, Sherwood L. Shultz, Lloyd M. Shutt, Blanche M. Singer, Harold H. Singer, Harvey A. Singer, James E. Singer, William H. Singer Ed ward W. Smith, Sherman E. Smith, Thomas F. Smith, Ellis F. Snow, EUwood S. Snyder, Charles A. Spangler, Carl B. Speece. Robert L. Spidle, Melvin L. Spotts, Albert H. Stackpole, Edward J. Stack - pole, James E. Stahl, Lewis R. Stence, Harry E. Stickel, Ralph E. Stone, Albert L. Stone, Arthur P. Stone, Earl E. Stoneroad, John M. Straw, Jr., Edward L. MricKer, Robert E. Strieker, Walter A. Strieker, Ruth E. Stroh,. Oscar E. live in the dormitory recently purchased by the conference and will be under the supervision of tne ev. and Mrs. Russell Shav. The Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Funk are also attending the assembly Entertain Club Members Mrs. Irvin O. Beard was host ess to the members of her card club at her home on Second street. The following were pres ent: Mrs. Edward Coble of Steelton; Mrs. Vernon Abbitt of Middletown; Mrs. Frank M. Dur - borow, Sr., Mrs. Arch Porter, Mrs. Sue Sides, Mrs. Martha Wilson, Mrs. John Durborow and Mrs. Beard. Attending Kansas Meeting ' Mrs. J. Lester Leidig. Second street, is attending the General JUdership of the Churches of God this week at Fort Scott, Kans. She is a member of the local First Church of God. Girl Scoots Receive Awards Girl Scout Troop No. 70 held their Court of Awards last week in the social room of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. when Miss Florence Sauder was given the First Class Scout Badge by Mrs. Charles A. Coble, former leader ef the troop. At present the troop is under the leadership of Mrs. waiter E. Hamilton, assisted by Miss Betty Sides and Miss Margaret Snoddy. Other Scouts re ceiving badges were: Clothing, Elaine Chubb, Jane Grauel, Pa Stroh, Harry S. Swank, Dean D. Swartz, Christof Sulzer, John H. Sulzer. George L. Taylor, Jr.. Alan H. Townsend, Jr., Charles S. Troup, Jr., Jaines N. Trout, Neall H. Trout, Jr., Edward S. Turns, James E. Turns. Samuel L. Turns. Carl B. Urich. Richard O. Wade, Frank J. Wal - lis, Jr., George C. Warner, Clinton L. Weaver, George C. Welch, Jr., Bion c. welker, Forest R. Wiest, Glenn K. Wiest, Robert P. Wiest, Jack H. Wilson, Guy M. Williams, Howard C. Williams, Howard F. Wiseman, Audrey M. Wosilek, Charles L. Wynn, Jr. Marlin R. Zeiders, Alton E. Zeiders, Jr., Robert D. Zettlemoy - er, Henry G. Zielinski, Harold A. Zimmer, John . Zimmerman, Richard A. Zimmer.

Clipped from
  1. Harrisburg Telegraph,
  2. 21 Jun 1947, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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