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Chess Problem No. 612 - hooker-Keighley, CHESS PROBLEM No. 612 By C. P....
hooker-Keighley, CHESS PROBLEM No. 612 By C. P. King-Farlow (Rottingdean) Black (11) 3Mm mm W, White (7) White mates in two moves. SOLUTION NO. Gil (Wricbt Wood) 1 B-R6 IwaUlns). P-KU: 2 Kt-B5, or 1 , . P-E0: 2 B-Q3. or 1 . . . P-Q5: 1 B-Kt7 or l . . . P-Ba: 2 Q-KtG. or l ... n any: 2 Q-K3. or 1 . . . KtlB2l any: 2 Q x P. or 1 . . . Kt(Ktl) my: 2 Kl-Bij. Fischer's opportunism Part of Bobby Fischer's success Is due to the persistence with which he struggles for the initiative during the entire game. His strategic plans are always well barbed with tactical asides, so that his opponents never have a breathing-space : while in American tournaments he has the aura of Invincibility which comes from four successive championship wins without loss of a game. These themes can be seen in the following game from the 1961 championship, in which Black is first posed with a succession of problems and then, when he receives an unexpected chance to recover, is overwhelmed .by his own good fortune and falls into a simple trap. White: Fischer. Black: Welnsleln. PHRNCIl DEFENCE White 1. P-K4 2. P-Ql 3. ia-QB3 4. p-K-i 5. P-Q113 Black P-K3 U) P-Q-t B-K15 Kt-K2 B X Kl ell White 13 Ilea 19. QH-Ktl P.-B2 20. P X P P X P (9) 21. B-K13 U0)Kt-Kt3 22. R-K15 Q-R3 23. KR-Ktl P-K13 24. C-B1 111) QsP 25. K IK15I- Q-R6 (12) u. 1 X H P-QB4 7. P-QR4 (2)QKt-B3 B Kl-Ud U-K4 Kt2 9 0-Q2 B-Q2 2S. Q-K3 37. Kt-R4 23. B X Kt 251. P X P 30. R x P ch ll-l) 31. R (KtW- Kt5 32. B-Kt3 33. Q X RP K-Kt3 Kt XKt P-K-l 113) PX P K-Rl B-K3, P-K5 (15) Resigns UG) 10. ii-Q3 11 U-K2 Castles (QR) 13) P-B3 141 Kt-H-I .5) 12. B-R3 13- Cflstles Kit) 14. Kft-Kl (CJB-K1 7 15. PKt-l Kt IB-I.-KZ 16. JMCB1 B-Q2 18) 17. B-R3 P-KH3 18. 13-QG QR-Bl 1. Fischer's B-QIM attack mtaiast the Sicilian is so much feared lit master chess circles that few players ure now wUllUir U risk 1 . . . P-QE4 against nun. 2. Fischer prefers this to the more popular 1 d-YLlA 3. Castling KR has the disadvantage that Black's na'Liral counter attack by . . . P-KB3 would then weaken hu king's position. Caatllng QR also has its drawbacks became ol the open QKt file, but Black reasons that the fixed pawn chain and White's doubted QBPs make an attack dlfUcult to carry out. 4. Not 12 . . . QxRP ,becau&e of 13 Castles KR, Q-KU: 14 KR-Ktl, winning at least a piece. 5. The apparently logical plan of 13 . . P-R4 (prevent ma White's F-KKM) and only then . . Kt-B4 Is met by 14 P x P. P x P; 15 Kt-R4. and White maintains hli pressure asalnst the central pawns. G. An lutcrestlDft moment. Attacking players would prefer 14 KR-Ktl here, which indeed is the re commended move In Keren's book on the French. Fischer usually prefers to work for control of a large area of the board before cominulng with a direct attack. Here his Idea Ls to Improve the mobility of the blshopc and tie Black to the defence of tils centre; the QKt file can be occupied by the White rooks later. 7. A loss of time which he has to retract two moves' later. Instead he ihould maintain his knight will. 14 . . . P-KR4, which indicates that White should have nlayed P-KKt4 a move earlier, 8. Frtft-rrins to admit thai his' fourteenth move was inaccurate rather than deprive himself of the useful manoeuvre . . R-KB1-B2. 9. BlarEf cannot concede his K4 to the White pieces by 20 R x P;. 21 Kt-K5. 10. The reffrouplnc of this bifihop ls reminiscent ot the Turton problem theme. White hu the powerful threat of 22 Q-B4. 11. Overlooking that the QRP, whose capture during the previous few moves would have led to the trapping of the Black queen or a winning White break-through at QR7. ls now really threatened. Better here is the immediate 24 Kt-R4. Kt x Kt: 25 B x Kt, and If 25 QxRP; 26 B-Kt3. 12. Parrying the threatened R-Ri and obliging White to change his plan. 13 Wlttiln sight of safety, a fatal blunder. With 28 . . K-Rl Black could consolidate his extra pawn and start playing for a win. 14 For if 30 . PxE; 31 QF ch. K-Bl; 32 Q-Kt7 mate. 15. Another mistake, but there ls no adequate defence against the combined assault of the White 10. Whlte'i back rank combination of 33 . . , R x Q 34 R-Kt8 oh would also operate after 33 R-Kl-34 QsB. ' Russian ' championship Petrosian leads the Russian championship after 13 rounds with nine points. An unknown Ukrainian, Stein, shares second place with Geller. whom he brilliantly defeated, with 81, followed by ruiugaevsav iwu apassKy ana 1 adjourned, Smysiov 7 and 1 adjourned. Averbakh 6i and 1 adjourned, Korchnoi u mm . Hujuurneu. Dronsrein ( a ana 2 adjourned) and Taimanov (5 and 1 adjourned) are too far behind to have a chance of beinK among the four qualifiers for the -world title interzonal tournament. mm 11 lw B wih f& Sl S mm mm as Hi, a ml mil ml mm W 93 9 is mm

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  1. The Guardian,
  2. 02 Feb 1961, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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