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OF FAVORITES FOR FILM FANS C E OF FAMOUS Christmas Cheer at Theatres " RoKS'ie Denny is still livins in a : room and wearing- an eye : as the result of a serious ( n j u r y suffered on the set with lights, i Stasre and screen exist to represent and interpret real life, hence the holi- in the gayety and found this week in Ralph Lewis and Warner Baxter j «ApTFl? show how to sell oneself to the world. rt Rolin comedy topics of the day give j a serious t u r n to the prosrain. | | Little explanation, is needed of "Gold j i Diggers." t h e Christina. 5 :. Wednesday j and Thursday feature, for the bill- j w;fe W h o Craves Youth as M i d d l * SEDATE REEF FOR MARRIAGE BREAKING 0 Joseph Schildkraut has been a ter- | (]ay ^.^ jg echoed i rible disappointment to the Xorma · ^^ choor t o be fo organization. He didn't , n e a r b y playhouses. " ' musical performers, - I comedians and clownish Telii* too hard U andC he ! PTM1». all emphasize the Christmas more advantage**. Lloyd Hamll - n V t o l^ck a cert-un fire and Reason's effect on managers' choices ton in The Optimist." also scree! much of his work I of uv!ent w i t h which to reff "'° a YulC " i snapshots, are tossed i n t o the progran " ^ " i t i d e audience. for good measure Tuesday. On Wed tion." which will be at the Linden the house manager has dem- to specifications for "Dust Desire" and it is practically cer- I a i n , t h a t he won't play Romeo. Aside ; c i m Ps j 1mve - , vheu she arrived . u ^ _ _ ILMIMW _., ,,_. ; o r is pl . aying in t h e stas e ver- ( onstYated his excellent u n d e r s t a n d i n g ! a i t . n of ~ Mel . ton of t h e Movies - in | ot - h i s audionce , s psvcholo ^ v bv choos . boards near your home have told you all that is necessary to whet your interest. The screen play is supericr to Avery Hope-wood's statro comedy, in that better scenic effects are possible and the story is enacted more in detail. However, on the stage the wonderful costumes of the women showed Ago Approaches Center for Film Story D u t y or t h e desire for youth are the horns of M y r t l e Stedman's dilemma showing "Temporary Marriage," the K. A. K. theatre Thursday and Knday. Of all the dramas f i l m e d recently with the object of shov.-incr the danger rocks in i married life, this is the most forceful its method of laying bare the woman faced w h a t she con- Chicago. The visit and the ring j { ns . a sure-fire hit represented by promptly revived the rumors. j gi-.arka Rother cartoons. The crowd -ays interested in watching an draw pictures, especially when ..... represent familiar national ··actress, were married in Santa Monica ; charact:ci . s in a f e w stro ii e s of the I chalk. | Mixing with the folks on the other I side of the footlights. Marie Hilton. ... , . . . ,. Irvin Yvillat, motion picture director. and Billie Dove, pretty screen | ,, e other day. enneth Harlan '.long the younger m-mle ! a °t° rs m t -" lf ' p i t - t u r n and with their · 'ine work ITT the past as a recom- · mendation t h e public can look for big things from them in "Temporary FILM REFLECTS AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE! 30 "!" 16 " 6 -" vcs llp to the ex p ectations It has been proved that married with a. couple which are approaching the dangerous age of forty over is liable to become exceedingly irksome. "Unless husband and of her calling. Tripping nimbly along slack wires, need to be urged to see May. Her popularity, t h r o u g h splendid acting in wholesome, clever plays, has never waned. She is v o u t h , with its best . . . , , , r * fr. ·,- n a ~ '· T-h" picture v i v u l l v · depicts the dra- foot forward. · . , , . " , , . ^ i t , main: u p h e a v a l in the liome of the Hugh Manners, a couple who have not gone down t h r o u g h the years a very h a p p y s t u t o owing to wife's antagonism toward her h u s band whom she charges with being a YULETiDE SPIRIT AT EMPRESS THEATER The Christmas cheer and Yuletido spirit prevails at the Englewood theater this week, with the showing of big holiday bills. The program Herminia furnishes an element of sus- j offered today and twice pense and danger to the Charles Futcher is seen in a character act which seemed to be much ap- j (Wednesday) is made up w i t h six f e have full communion with each i preciated. Robert Samberg in straight other--unless "they are willing to j comedy was also good. The Manny and share alike--to face the ! Coler comedy skit, was worth see- pitfalls which come at forty, when | ing and hearing, would go forth in search of I Chick and Tiny Harvey and their j y h , to turn their backs upon young j comedy company have a good place on a n ( j ^mit that the years j the bill. Both are stage folks with their toll--disaster and i much valuable experience behind j h"appiness will corne upon j them. '· Another group of entertainers l i ffive a fl ance f a fl ac t in which a week, commencing Thursday after- | abourhiaTrrest'nnd"triai"for" murder? ^his is what is reflected in "Tern- | gypsy clanee is a worthy feature, i noon, will be a fun festival show, really entertaining acts including Col. House and his Cowboy Band, Dolly Kay, a talented singer; Joe Tuwle, the man with a f u n n y line of droll comedy talk; Morgan Wooley and company in a farce that causes rounds of laughter; Morton Bros, paper tearers and harmonica soloists; j and the Seebacks, champion bag allow hei-st-H to grow old naturally, i but is determined to retain her youth | at all cniits, even though it breaks up hcr home. Then the unexpected happens. She j becomes compromised by a gay philanderer w h o w o u l d her for blackmailing purposes. She enters the trap w h i c h is about to be sprung, when a revolver shot rings out and the gay bounder is murdered. Was Did Mrs. jealous Manners, terror- stricken. punchers. The lull for the last half of this j fire the shot? What of her daugti- I ter's fiance who. t h r o u g h his silence, is suspected .of the crime? What Marriage," at the E. A. R. i Four young women add charm as well Thursday. j as graco to the offering". Coden and The husband is regarded by his ; Lucken get over well with their black- as a "slow poke"--a man with- j face stuff. a vestige of romance in his j Tuesday is hard on. the flapper at make-up. The wife - would keep up j the Lynn. There she is shown in all youth. She takes beauty treat- j her glorious and inglorious freedom ment--she dances,, she craves affec- j and frivolity, in the person of Coition, the sweet flattery of youth, j leenMoore, who told her physician and divorce is scheduled. Then i friend ( t h e y are not always synony- something tragic happens which i rnous) that she would drain every with melody and art, an extraordinary act, as one of the features. Ethel Parker and Talbot Kenny, direct from Xew York city, are to present their new offering, "Bits of Personality." O'Xeil and Plunkett, mirth makers and singers, have, some fun packages to open; Moore and Sljy, another f u n n y team: Barrett and Cunneen in joyful sayings; and the two Janesleys are to appear. These vital points are brought forth in a surging tide of dramatic events, -One tense situation follows another in this compelling drama. The spectator is held in a tight embrace of ssupense until the · last. foot of film. The Longer the Higher "Agnes is looking as young as ever." "Yes, but she says it costs her more every year."--Boston Transcript. her pretty scheme. What is drop of love from the cup of "Life. I Booked to open with a matinee j ( ^ V a n i s m n g Ancestor ^ it? Is she brought back to her j she Hoes, until she casts about for a j Sunday afternoon are Waiman's Deb- j 'How far no taey trace their an- reflect that her j husband and home and hears one.) utantes, a clever organization of c-n - i ' t a t i o n in l i f e is to accept the in- | -nod prospect or victim declare that | tertainers; Powers and Wallace, in i "The grandfather, a city evitable and leave the ways of youth \ ..he is "too easy to hug." How t h e ! glad tidings; Francos and Humes, j tor ' wtls lraocfl as far as ^ina; there y o u n g men and w o m e n ? What | leopard changes her spots is an i n t e r - j in a laughing h i t ; Achilles, in a j all traces wcre^ost/--London Opinion. it? What you will see is. vivid, stark which pulsates with deep dra- matic chords, which esting story, well told by "Flaming j novelty act; and other features. Sea's Youth." Long Enough carrying the .spectator of suspense, which thrusts its | benefit and proved herself a goodfel- i are now on sale for the m i d n i g h t | Jack--"I say: How long-- did it with deep dra- Collec-n is always sure of a good : fun. show New Years eve, when a ] vou ^ o i er , rn to drive"" surges 'forward, Chicago following. She appeared at a i big Show w i l l start at 11 o'clock in j "' i e t t y "Only four" cars." London in a de-ep em- i recent downtown paper's Christmas ' the evening. I OniniVn characters in a vital drama which i ],,w by doing her bit to make the d a y | TOnE 1 !? S E P A R A T E " ITWITC -- [ a happy one for others: Also, she i * "AiuE, dE,rAlVA i ju U H S I O HAMPTON, STAR i h TM TM" re th;m .^ n ^ clc :! e - r - ela A iv !,. 1 :i1 IN NE.W E, A. R. ORGAN O p i n i o n . j ine hcre so Chira?0 secms to claim AT LINDEN, MARRIES i h c r - Xo picttlre beins com ^ lete ' ! n out a triangle these days. Colleen has Three separate musical units, the church organ, the orchestra, and the Of it in a Slender a l l u r i n g Thursday, f o u n d that a f a m o u s p e r - _ : · . - _ wag H u n t st romberg's comedy, sonality is a. drawback to a secret ; .. H r e a k i n g J n l o Society," with B u l l romance. M o n t a n a . l e j names have often i n k e d together. crime about in a rather curious i ,-\ r;ma . F e a t u r i n g a dog star, the pic- n e m a k i n g public of their j t u r e was well worth seeing and clean For t h e y were married in I f,,,- the kiddies. With .such accomplished ar-tors as It came as a surprise to the film j Opening the week's program at the world, the a n n o u n c e m e n t of Hope j T ,vnn. Wesley Barry, our freckled Hampton's m a r r i a g e to Jules E. B r u fl .' icnd- ],roilght to life 'if he Printer's latour. Mr. r.nilat'-ur has long been : T),. v il." For those who like fights and interested in Miss Hampton's career, ] f r i n s . "The Ghost City" was provided ofjcn Monday. "The Call of the Wild" had place of prominence as a serious a l t i m o r e last. August. and l a n n e d to keep the ceremony so.- | Hobart. Bosworth. K n y G r i f f i t h . Bes- l f u l in- ,. S ome time. B u t c o i n c i - i s i e Bove and Claire Windsor, the i denco has a long arm. and it chanced : T h u r s d a y and Friday picture at the t ' ^ j a certain m a r r i a g e license clerk | J,ynn could not go f n r wrong unless i t . e d | j ^ B a l t i m o r e w e n t to sec the p i c t u r e j had a poor plot, w h i c h "The I n t e r n a l ! Cold -Diggers." And j Three" decidedly h n a not. It was di- ! aw d i f e g t r - i n - c h i r - f , was ; reeled by Marshall Neilan. - · f] u p o n the screen, he easily Be a snapdragon instead of a mod- i n s t r u m e n t s , all will be reproduced ari by the organ in the Chicago, McVicker and Tivoll showhouso.s. Special concerts on the F,. A. R. u n i t organ are being arranged. The in- i d e n t i f i e d hcr us one Mary K. H.imp- t o n . ug;d -'·', whose marriage license he had mado out. c-st violet is the moral nf "Blow Your Own Horn." a picture Sunday and Monday at the Linden, in which ] E.A.R.THEATRE 69th AND WENTWORTH AVE. Wednesday. December 26th Geo. Walsh, Carmrl Myers, Ber.sie Love In "SLAVES OF DESIRE" Rolin Comedy "Thursday Friday, Dec. 27th ~2~8th Ken Harlan and Mildred Davis in "TEMPORARY MARRIAGE" Saturday, December 29th Katherine MacDonald in "CHASTITY" Comedy. "The Soilcrs^. Also "Ruth of the Rang^ Sunday Monday, Dec. 3Oth X} st HOPE HAMPTON in \ "THE GOLD DIGGERS" v . Comedy. "Lodge Nigl't" COMING "Hi* Children's Children" Linden Theatre 63rd AT HALSTED - Wednesday Thursday, Dec. 26 27 · Double Attraction "THE GOLD DIGGERS" With Hope Himpton and a Star Cast Addrd, IJoyd Hamilton, "The Optimist" Fridav Saturday. Dec. 28th 29th MAY McAVOY in "HER REPUTATION" Comedy, "Obey the Law" Sunclav, Decembsr 30th VIOLA DANA in "THE SOCIAL CODE" ' Latest Round of "Fighting Blood * COMING SOON Dempsey-Firpo Fight Pictures LYNN THEATRE 1042-4 WEST GSrd STREET Between Aberdeen and Carpenter Wednesday, December 26th Colleen Moore in "FLAMING YOUTH" Thursday Friday, Dec. 27th A 2Sth "THE ETERNAL THREE" Saturday, December 29th WM.-S. HART in "ON THE NKCHT STAGE" Sunday, December 30th WESLEY BARRY in "THE PRINTER'S DEVIL" Monday, December 31 st Catherine MacDonald in "CHASTITY" New Year's Day LEAH BAIRD in "THE'' DESTROYING ANGEL"

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