Mammoth Manhattan Cavern

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Mammoth Manhattan Cavern - A Sevel Exhibitions A naansnetbi Catwe oai...
A Sevel Exhibitions A naansnetbi Catwe oai MaBettam Island. Great excitement has prevailed during the last few days among the hysterical old maids, fidgety old bachelors, hypochondriac and nervous people gen erally who reside in the neighborhood of Broadway and Thirtieth -street, -street, in consequence of the reported discovery of a subterranean cavern an that vicinity. tnto which a luckless Fenian had fallen while exca vating for the foundation of a new building. The select few who were permitted by the owner of the premises to enter the newly found csve came forth from their explorations with the most marvelous tales of tbs wonderful sights they had seen, each one aiding to the stock of rumors afloat, snd Increasing the curiosity or the trepidation of the dweller round about. All sorts of grave aur raises snd conjectures were put forth and discuses 1 at tea-tab tea-tab tea-tab Lee snd dinnerparties dinnerparties aa to tbe age, ortsiin, snd past uaee of the mysterious cavern. Some contended that it wse part and paroel of that ancient civilisation or tbe aorta American Continent shout which ws hear ae much. and a proof of the existence of a great and magnifioent magnifioent city on Manhattan Island long anterior to CoLuarsua, and. may be, to Hoan. Others tuatn- tuatn- tsinsd thst the cave must have been of Indian origin. and that tt waa used as a hiding-plaoe hiding-plaoe hiding-plaoe by the red savages to protect themselves ftrom tne Incursions a h"e'ile trtbee. nuu outers nesa tne opinion rnas it - wss aa excavation made by robbera and pirate snd CapL Kids of the olden tune, and they had no doubt large heape of treasure would be found as tha explorations of the cavern progressed It waa held by many that tbe cave waa dug out by our jolly Ita ton ancestors, as s plane of nocturnal resort for drinking and carousing, where they might escape escape tbs vigilant eyes 6t Uttlx ysmpersncsyoring fraus. And finally there were a few who insisted that ths cavern was nothing more than a freak of nature. like the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, or the Sybil's Csve at Boboken. But all these sale eorjjeotures end surmises were dissipated yesterday by a ansa la the neighborhood wbo . wss seen - te, ernei from the cavern : about daylight. and wbo announced to tbe . . bystanders that his nai waa Bajrvann ; that he had been at work tor a year or more coosiruoting this wonderful sub-' sub-' sub-' terranesn cave, tnat it waa syee swsjuet ox tae mmous Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, and that Is would be open to the Inspection of the pabue on aa. after Saturday evening nest. Our reporter paid a preliminary preliminary visit to the cave last night, and can testify that tt is one of the . most unique aad inter esting exhibitions ever offered to the Hew York public. Tn cavern occupies the entire ares underneath the Museum , earner of Broadway and Thirtieth-!., Thirtieth-!., Thirtieth-!., aai apparently several blocks beside. The riaitor enters it from the interior of the Mu seum with . guide, who holds in his hand a torch to light th pilgrim oa his travels, at nra tae eeeci ia easy, like Vxaetij'e road to neu. ant waea one comes to retrace hie ateps etVtr tbreadnif the dark paassgee, traversing tha apaeioos chambers, crossing the tuysterioas bridges sad fording the swift run ning streams, be finds it a more Sifheuu task, and Is lata to call on tbe torcb-oeertng torcb-oeertng torcb-oeertng guide' lead the war. Among the wonders of the oav are Ihe Cathedral Chamber, the Snowball Chamber, the Altar, the Pulpit, tbe Infernal Passage, the bridge of Hlgha. the Biver Lethe, and many other notable places, together with atalactitea, stalagmite, nruiecting calls, piilare and columns innumerable. The cavern ia to be s permanent adjunct to the attract ions ot the Museum, ana will weu repey visit.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 18 Dec 1867, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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