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'Walt and see ' Whatever personalities I Indulged in, I understand the colonel la very much offended I will acknowledge 1 am prejudiced, owing to the treatment which Colombia has received at the hands of our government." Dr. Hlce added that had ha been allowed, he would have asked Col. Roosevelt a number of questions on various points Colonel Goes Sightseeing. The colonel paid an extensive round of visits today to public institutions, including Westminster Abtoey and the Natural History Museum At luncheon at Lieut Col. Lee's a. number of explorers and big same hunters had been invited to meet him. including Frederick Courtenay Selous, Sir Harry Johnston, the famous Central African administrator, and Sir Francis Younghusband the Asian and African explorer Before lecturing to the fellows of tne Royal Geographical Society Col Roosevelt was the guest at dinner of the Geographical Club An enterprising reporter who had he- come weary of drawing a constant succession of blanks In reply to questions put to Col Hooseielt at his daily reception to newspaper men this afternoon invited the colonel to write him an article on the strenuous life and how he achieved success Col Roosevelt pretended delight at the suggestion and asked the reporter if he would not also like a few epigrams on "Cosmos 1 and "Socialism ' Colonel's River Accepted. New York, June 1« --A critical review of Col Roosevelt s exploration of the River of Doubt, prepared by the American Geographical Society, of New York, will appear in the society s bulletin for July. It is announced tonight. All credit is given therein to the Roosevelt-Rondon expedi lion's "valuable contribution to our knowledge of a little-known section of the earth s surface ' The headwaters of the River of Doubt were discovered says the boclety in 1909 by Col Rondon, just north of south lati tude 13 and between 59 and 60 -\\est long! tude between the headwaters of the Gs Parana, whlph is a tributary of th« Mt- deira and the Guruena, a tributary of the Tapajoz The measured volume of 169000 cubic feet at the new river s junction with the Aripuana, is greater the society says, than that of the Hoang-Ho or the Indus, and more than three times that of the Rhine Its estimated length of 870 to 930 miles Is longer than the Rhine Astronomical observations made by Lieut Lyra at about every half degree of latl tude facilitate the preparation of a. fairly good map 'All conjectures as to the hydrography of the region between the Madeira and the Tapajoz based on existing maps prove misleading, ' says the societj Existing maps are based on the vaguest data It says The Roosevelt-Rondon expedition however has made a majoi step toward solving the problem, the society declares VERDICT FOR COLONEL Press Glut Court Says There Is a River of Doubt. AND ITS WATERS RTO UPHTLI Opinion Rendered by "Secretary of State Bryan" After "Doc Wiley" Has Analyzed a Sample--Called River of Doubt Because It's Like U. S. Foreign Policy, "T. R." Explains. The ' River of Doubt' real) exists Furthermore its waters run up hill This crucial point which cleared up all doubt In the- matter was Drought out last night when 'Doctor Wile} analjzed a sample of the water of the famous stream, brought back by the colonel. It all happened at a court of inquiry presided over by ' Secretary Bryan ' on a stage In the assembly hall of the National Press Club. "Col Roosevelt appeared before the court represented by Giff PincbQt,' and supported bv the expert testimony of ' Doctor Coojt The title of the piece put on by the en tertalnment committee of the club was ' The River of Doubt, or the Colonel s Vindication ' The authors were James Hay, j r , ana Prank P Morse Secretary Bryan's Decision The final decision of the court delivered by 'Secretary Bryan ' was "The court is Inclined to admit that even if the colonel did not discover the River of Doubt, he went where the Brazilian go\ eminent knew it was, and took a trip along" Us course Furthermore, the court admits that certain Englishmen were mistaken In charging that Col Roosevelt mistook a heavj dewfall for a river "Col Roosevelt" explained that the stream was called "River of D o u b t ' because it was foreign, adding that this placed It in keeping with the foreign policy of the present administration Howls of delight from the audience which crowded the large hall greeted tha many quips on present political conditions that were wrapped up In the lines ot the actors, and everybody had a good time "Uncle Joe' Cannon--the real I n- cle Joe--demonstrated the fallacy of the rumor that he is growing old by watching the whole performance while standing on a chair Actors in the Play The characters in the play with the newspaper writers who interpreted them were Col Theodore Roosevelt, the hero, C EL Stewart, Secretarj of State Bryan presiding over the court of Inquiry An gus Early, Gift Pinchot the colonel s counsel, Howard Acton, IjOrd Killlt who denies that rivers run uphill George T. Odell, Sir Blastem, In the pay of the mapmakers Claude H Bennett Dr Harvey W Wiley an expert on river water, Graf ton S Wileo-s, Dr Cook, an expert on discoveries, Raymond B Morgan, Admiral Peary, an expert on discoveries, Stanley Reynolds Mason a newspaper reporter, Jack Daly, Signer Tyhistleitup a Tyrolean yodler, Edwin Callow and two natives from the "Rner of Doubt ' O E Johns and Joe Annln There were popular songs before and after the play by George O Connor, accompanied by Matt Home Morrison Addresses King's Daughters. "The Unreason of Unbelief" was the subject of an address delivered last night by RepresentatH e Martin A Morrison, of Store Opens . at 15A. We And Black 75c Black especially Special Black $100 a Black Special Black finish, Main White "White excellent serviceable shore 31 inches Special White quality skirts reular Special Main -Wash Other 0. O. MALT I et us j o u r as free BYEON 512 IJtb

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