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·WEDNESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 22. 1948 ANiwERs'TO ~"~~' Questions * By 1MSKI.VS A rtui*:r can set t^ie ttriswrr to s27 cui'rv.lo;] oi :;cl bv n-ritlnv Th» Ama* rlllo G!oi:e-Nc~s [r.Jormntlon Bureau. 3K, Eve st . N E V.'ashl.ic'-cn 2 D O Pirate fnc:r*f thr"« (3i cents lor return Donate. THE AMAfULLO DAILY .\-£WS. A1IAHILLO. "TEXAS PAGE NINE Q. Where '15 the smallest city in the L'riitcd States? J.S. A. The Bureau of the Census sar.'j thr.'- South. Ecrid Tr/.vr. in Lir.colr. Countv, Ark., an p!?.cc. Is ;ho srr.tOIcs.L city in the U.T.tPfl Sln'-c:,. It l:,".s a pop'-i^tior: 0' one. Q. V.'hat Is the Hcj-ra? r.JP.M. A- The rcJ!;;Jon orjqjna'.ed In the cities of Mecca and Medina under Mohiirr.rned. 7'hc persccutio.n irr.tisp.tcci by his prcachinir rind attack on li i ?.:h"n!xm compelled him to (Ion irom MPCC.". to Mc-dina ;n A.D. 22. This journey v.'M cniird thf "Hr-sirn" ifl!';ht.i and :- cor.- sidrTed the bcirir.ninK of the Mo- r.rinirr.eck.r. J-.Va. By GEORGE TUCKER AP News?rat 1 Ji'*n Writer NEW YORK. Dec. 21 ;?) -Twenty years a?o the Danish training ship Kobenhaven .sailed out of Montevedio, Uragnay. for Australia, with 50 hands aboard anil, except for one signal, was never heard from again. The date was Dec. 14. 1928. Seven days later and 40(1 miles east of the River Plate her last message w;is wirelessed, "All's well." KOT a ship with the Xoben- naven's equipment could vanish from the sea without leaving a trace or a clue has provoked speculation that Is undimlr.ished after ",vo decades and msde it or.e o f ' jthe sea's great mysteries. I She was a Jive-masted bark under '52,000 square yards of sail. She had 1 auxiliary engines and a powerful radio. She had a bis crew--55 cadets and 15 officers. She had ample beats. As sailing: ships go, she was relative:;; new. At the time of her disappearance she ?.'as the only five-masted square rigger In commission in the world. The most plausible theory Is that she struck floating ice in the South Atlantic and sank. The loss of the Kobenhaven Inspired a world-wide search that lasted for years, but nothing came of It. As late as 1335 speculation was revived briefly by discovery of seven skeletons in the ruins of a small boat on a lonely beach in southvrest Africa- But this theory collapsed when Danish officials in Johiumesbnrg said the boat was longer than any the Kobea- baven carried. The latest, explanation is that she capsized in a b'g wind ar.d never ; righted herself. ! "She was in ballast and under : heavy press oi sail," says Capt. |Char!es E. Umstead, principal of ithe merchant marine school of the (New York Seamen's Church Insti- itute. "The winds south of the River j Plate are cyclonic." Capt. Unjscaad ! believes "it happened so quickly she i never had time W send an S.O.S." : On Jan. 14, 1929--Exactly or.e month after the Kobenhaven cleared Montevideo--Philip Lindsay, a missionary living on the lone- ily island of Tristan Da. Cunha, i sighted a big sailing ship in dis- ; tress, her stem nearly awash, drift- ling helplessly toward the rocky coast. i A. J. Villicrs, a writer of the j sea who knew the missionary and [ whose earlier career had been ! spent in sailing ships of the South Atlantic, devoted njucti of his time to the mystery' and is certain that the ships was the Ko- benhaven. Villiers believes the ship began to sink and was abandoned in the night by her cadet crew, who hoped to keep near her in lifeboats. Bnt the boats and the ship became separated, he theorizes, and the Kobenhaven was blown across the sea like a ship of the dead and dashed to splinters on the cliffs of Tristan da Cnnha. "Anyone who knows those parts as I do." he said, "will readily understand that the cliffs of Tristan da Cunha might grind a hundred ships and leave nothing but a splinter uf two of matchwood." j |Yank Lothario ils Back Behind Bars in Berlin against the girl, a harboring a fugitive ** Britches Breech The Army agents had kept watch ' T-J-riH CTpd in Tnmn m various places in Berlin where Dria -9 ea m JUIIlp ATLANTA. Dec. 21 VP)--Priority 200 dozen baby Lada had become known when he worked here sfter the work as a air shipment: civilian employe of the Army ex- j diapers. uge^w%; T neifher n o° the' 6 two" who! The 2.400 squares of cloth were BERLIN. Dec. 21 Mt -- Edward' clamied he broke the Soviet block: -' lolm frol » AUanta to Birmingham J. Lada, 2S years old, former pzra-^de for their auctions. ; yesterday to cover an emergency, trooper who" broke through t h a i She is a friend oi Ruth Riecki, i The Lullaby Diaper Service In Russian blockade to see his girl mother of Lada's two-year-old,Birmingham turned over the week and then escaped a US Army daughter, Nancy, Colonel Lancer;end Many youngsters were in a stockade, was captured late today said. The friends of both Ruth, and,'rJilemria--rm runts, by American agents. Miss Ursula Schmidt, the s e c o n d ; , . ,, . , . , . . Lafla scaled the stockade fence ; girl in Lada's tangled love life, were I Luuaoy s Atlanta branch Jumped Saturday night rather than wait watched, constantly since his es-! 1 * bricge the britches breach. trial on a charge of Illegal entry cape. brought against him when he was ! Lada said first he came here SOUND SLEEPER ! DENVER.. Dec. 21 6?)--Lawrence Kobe! is a de luxe model sound j sleeper. He reported to police to-. day that a fully-trimmed, seven- i foot Christmas ;ree was stolen yes-! terday from his livingroom while! he slept a few fee; away an a \ davenport. ' caught in Berlin. Co!. Thomas F. Lancer, provost marshal of Berlin, announced the capture. He said Lada was found in an apartment of a sir! on Berliner Street · in the American community of Zchlendorf. Lada apparently bad been hld- marry Miss Schmidt, 21-year-old : actress. Then he changed his story :and said it was Ruth and the baby jhe wanted. Another time he switch- led to Uursula. On his last switch, .before he broke out of the army | jaily, he was speaking only of Ruth. The air shipments will continue, to 'said the Atlanta manager, as long as necessary. . . . , , Italy has sold 200,000 war Burden away in the apartment ever ; p ] us motor vehicles in the last two slnee his escape, Colonel Lancer said. ; years. There was no a c t i o n taken News-Globe Want Afis Get Results DR. JAMES J. CROSS ANNOUNCES opening of office for practice of GENERAL DENTISTRY 2809 West 6th Q.Vt'ho was the first ivoman to j work for the Federal Govern- j nv-nl? ,!..V.S. | A. Jonnir- Douglnr, is said to have h f ^ n the f:rM, v/onian fmployed by tli" l'f!ar;d GoYo:-:if7:r-::'.. Khr- was .·;n;)r,.i ; trd in Octobrr 13~i2 bv Fran- fi.-. Klias Spinner, Treasurer of the l T .';it«i .S!,-it".-,, to clip ond trim Uml.rd States currrncv. Mnv.-f'Vcr, i l.-i 37M tv.r, v.-om.--n. Ss.-.-Ih V/a!drake ! ?-"'! R,-;rhel Siimrnr-rs. hsti been rn_ I IMSrd as n d j i i f ^ r - , in wpi?h fold i com.":. b:-( jijj.r. thr:r f i n q n r s v.'erf be- i llfved to hf more rumble thr.n those a' men. They received 50 cents a clay. Q. In thp old snlllni: ship day? w,-.s oil i:sccl to calm tin; sea? A. Most sraman.'.liip ma.i'jnls. In f!i;riinc I.lnyrl's "Se.lman's Alrr.n.- niic," «lvp dir"ftio.-!s for the use . ol oil to Mnoo'h thf s u r f u r p of lhe ! sen. In tho n!d .wllinsr Miip dnyi i canvas bat':; for spreading the oil i v-'crr u s u a l l v mrC.t- v.-l:.-n " occasion i minimi. Thr-v wi:ri cone-slmpcrt w i t h n small hole at t l i n pfnl: of t-!'.^ cone to nllry.v thr oil to drip nut i rar-h bar; h-lrl nho!:r 5 CT lions The f1 ' l-M waves from Q. U'hal slates h u v e nuthnrl/cd minuses to veterans? .) C H A. States winch n.-p payini: or in tho N n v c m b r r 2 election niithorizcd a bonus to veterans of World War II are Connrctlc'in. Illinois Mirh- i'::;n. MaMarli.isclfs. New Hamp- .m.rc. New York, Ohio, Phone T^- j a n i l . Vcrninnt. I n d i n n a . SoulT.'Dn- icnl.-!. I,oi;l.'il:(nri. foiva. W.; sh:;itTf,on I he Minncs'itn honu;: must bf rnti- fi-"d by thr. st;i;r: Trf-dslalnre v;hich n i r e t s .some t i n - p a f t e r t h e first, of 'V- yfnr. Tn l i s p rcrnnt elections Mi.ssnurl, Nebraska. Wisconsin and Ornj'on rejected bonus proposals. I ' . l l f i h i l i t y rfatilremcnts vary in the d i f f e r e n t , states. O. Win originated the Hoop- rratnic;? I..T.I). A. The o n p i n n t n r of the complex mc'lmris of :H(.;i,-:ii.-i;ii7 the "llsten- ership" of radio proCTnms l.s C. K. Ilnnpcr, R n a t i v e of K.'Ji^rillr,' Ohio. His t e c h n i q u e for c h r c k l n c rnrllo listening hnblts was inlro- dui-etl in I DM. STAIN- I t K M O V A L ;ri;o.-,; F.-iBKirs rJi: smart, thrilly. and really in- rlepenclent These days. Learn to take c:\rc or your clothinR and hosisrhold f n b r i c s so t h a t thev will look well mid last longer. To remove stains successfully you must I rent She stain while 'it "l.s fresh worl; carefully but quickly, try s i n i i u o methods first, dry rapidly. P I A T M R K M O V A t , FUOM FAB- H.CS. n n o v e n i i n p n t p u b l i c a t i o n t e l l s you h,,w. Order tills h e l p f u l hnoklet, tfvfiiy; i n oral,.';, po.stpnid. - · U.-.e This Coupon The A n i j i n l l o Clobc-Neii-s h i l n r n i . M i o n R u r e a u :ir, K VI - St., N F \Vii;.hmiton 2. D.C. f fne.'dse 10 cents in coin (carefully wrapped m paper i f n r a ropy of Cu- hotjkii-t STAIN ni'-.-\!O\'AL St. or R hte.'. City ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Mail to \Vashin|?ton,"b!c.')"" Kansas Robbers Had Good Taste TOPEKA. l)?c. 21 !l).Ri-- The two safivrackers who pulletl the biR- *rr5i. biirKlnry job in the Kansas c a p i t a l in 3'; years not only were -··killed professionals b u t t h e v also had excellent taste in women's C l O I l K ^ S . O f f i r i n l s of t h e r l n t h i i : ? .store i Palace) where S5.S27.21 was tnken from « twic,- bi.-tsiori s n f p disclosed today that three choice, oxpensive tivr^ses wer^ stfilen nlso. EsOOS~ AMC HATCHET? IMTO HCK5... TUCKS HH? =SS5 OJCE EVECV2O MIKJUTES !n Time for "HER" Christmas L ELECTRIC WASHER This amossitg new General Electric Washer is so completely automatic that you'l! hardly believe your washing ecus be done so easily--and so thoroughly. Once you bad the washer, add scop flakes or powder, set the confrofs, and start it, you don't need to return until the machine has automatically stopped. Then look! The clothes have been washed snow-white, gent!y but thoroughly, the Activator way. The clothes have been rinsed in filtered, circulating water that removes all dirt, lint; and soap film. And the clothes have been damp-dried . thoroughly that many pieces are dry enough to iron! so THAT'S ALL-AUTOMATIC WASHING! Be sure to step in and ask to see a dcmansfration of this All-Automatic Washer. Then you'll know what we mean by "at/fomaftc washing at in finest." Activator Action! G-E lias iTie nccnrntely deigned Aclivator that is kind lo dotiicf, but pels out the dirt. It does n iliorouph woshinij job on lhe dirliest-, licavicsi work-clothes . . . but * penile one on the finest of delicate fnnrif*. Automatic Soap Dispenser! iS'othinp like it! Is'o soup mains am .«poil o G-E wash because this automatic soap d{-pcn.*cr eompIeirJy tli- solves soup flakes or powder bc.fnre it enters tlie ·wo'bhnsket. Afk to PP« it. Filtered, Circulating Waterl The G-E A11-Auto ma lie waslier iilter* nil soak water, ivaeh water, and rinse water. Lint, dirt, and soap film are skimmed away ... pivet yon [i clean, white vnsh- .i ..Aj Scalcd-in Driving Mechon- ism! .A FIVE-YEAR Pro- lection PInn on the scalcd- in d r i v i n g media nism- Tlial's bow sure we are Oial lhe heart of the vrafhcr will give lonp, f a i t h f u l prrvic*. Wouldn't you lilts to call it quits on lugging big washes . . . hanging up clothes . . . taking them down . . , and having them soiled by srnolte, soot, dust? Wouldn't you like to dry your clothes indoors--any day yoj please --. and never touch a clothespin again? That's why you ought to see this General Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer. It's a washday partner you'll love from the very first day. Come in, or telephone for a demonstration. 15 MONTHS TERMS ON GUNH BROS. BUDGET TERMS Will Bring "Her" Leisure and Happiness REGULAR 8-CUP S-E COFFEE MAKER An ideal Christmas Gift $£95 Only O S-E STEAM IRON is really two irons in one. Steam fabrics damp--irons them dry. vVil! press the heaviest woolens or iron the lightest of synthetic fabrics S Double "Dial-the-Fobric" control S-E "DIAL-THE-FABRIC IRON" one-third faster ironing compar- S ^ "I 95 ed with most irons. Fully automatic » I S-E Automatic TOASTER will serve every slice just the way you want. You simply put the bread in and set a knob. Pops up, or keeps it warm, light, medium or dark, exactly as you ordered it It's a G-E ROASTER, will roast a 20-lb. turkey. Will roast, bake, panbroil, fry, broil and steam all kinds of food. Automatic temperature control from ISO to 500 degrees G-E CLOCKS, always the ideal Christmas gift ... in ivory finish, th»y range in price from-- SC'5 Sl«T95 to I / Plus Tax SAVE GUHH BROS. (2 for 1) THRIFT STAMPS ..NO MGRZ OF THIS! It's always "warm and srar.y" wi»h a Gensrn! Electric Cloffios Dryel PHONE 4301 :t ·ecinc oar A /- Q, /V ^fio^iiance +Jr6 cJLite our e/ ,, Silver

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