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John & Russell - «* Friday, October 25, 1940 JEFFERSON CITY...
«* Friday, October 25, 1940 JEFFERSON CITY POST-TRIBUNE J Q y? Outweighed for Clash With Columbia Here Tonight ^ m' m % M aa^ ^m .^ « . * _ ^---- · · . -- 1 . - 1 - . - . . - -- '·" · ' - · ' - -- -- -'--- ' - _ _ _'_i_'__ i · i ' · ! · - -- . . . ..- ' j ^^B^^ Capital Citians Have Not Won From Boone Cbunti- ans Since 1927; 15 Lettermen on Invading «Squad The Starting Lineups Jeff. City Wt.Columbia \Vt. ifcenton 145 Toler 177 Agin 155 Rogers 170 Miller 150 Cole 150 Howard 150 Cohes 155 Allen 160 R. Hudnell 160 Dallmeyer 170 Miller 190 Love 145 Thomasson 170 Welvidge 135 Pettit 150 Baysinger 145 Robison 175 Griffith 135 Nicholson 135 Spillman 170 J. Hudnell 150 Average \vcight of teams: Columbia, 162, Jefferson City 151. -, Average weight of lines: Co- Tumbia, 152, Jefferson City 146. Average weight of backfields: Columbia 152, "Jefferson City 146. - . . ,. Officials: Referee--Clarence \Vhiteman (Warrensburg)MJm- f ire--Clay Barihorn . (Warrens- urg). Head linesman--Thelbert Newton (Kirksville). Kickoff: 8 p. m. BY CARL ROTH ·Several Jefferson City Jays today successfully -waded the scholastic swamp that threatened to drag them from the football squad, thus considerably bolstering long- cherished Capital City dreams of the first gridiron victory over Co- \9nbiz since 1927. _ The two bitter rivals will have it out at the new stadium tonight before probably the largest throng ever to witness a pigskin clash , here. Columbia will enjoy ·aj eleven pound weight advantage. The Kewpie's from Columbia's · Hickman high school crushed the . Jays 2l-7 at the Boone county capital last year and went on to . ring up the Central Missouri con- ^·ence championship. And the'Kewpies seem well on their way to another flag this sea- 'Eon, for their squad of fifteen lettermen has ground through five contests, winning them · all and holding each opponent scoreless. * Two Jay Regulars Out Two Jay regulars--right guard Don Sapp and quarterback Herman Cherry--will, miss tonight's battle royal. -Sapp injured his shoulder early in the season and Cherry's trick knees can't seem to hWd up under fire. Coach John Adams ran the Jefferson Citians through a light pass defense workout yesterday afternoon in an effort to choke Columbia's vaunted aerial falitz- k'ji'Jg methods. Local observers believe the Jays Stand a fair chance of unhorsing the Kewpies tonight if the local gridders don't succumb to the bad case of jitters that usually accompanies a game with Columbia, .^oach Flee Hager's Junior College Bears will take on Central College in a medley relay between the halves of tonight's grid tilt. Central nosed out the Bears .at Fayette last Friday night, but the Jefferson Citians-- Aivin Mauer E»5o Brugoni, John Farr and Vernon Gill--look forward to turning the tables^ Barker Picks Nebraska Despite Christmari; Michigan Favored BY HERB BARKER NEW YORK, Oct. 25--(AP)-Scrambling down the football guessing lane where stumbles are frequent and painful but not fatal: Michigan-Penn: It ought to be Harmon vs. Reagan but possibly a guy named Doakes .will steal · the play. Both teams unbeaten, untied; Michigan seems to have waded through much the tougher opposition, and gets the nod on that basis, Cornell-Ohio State: Ohio State, beaten in two close ones, has to win this one to salvage something out of the season. Nor have the Buckeyes forgotten how the Cor- nells poured it on i n . t h e second half of last year's battles. The incentive, therefore, is there but that isn't' enough. Not, at any rate, in this corner's opinion, and the ballot is cast for Cornell. Notre Dame Choice. Illinois-Notre Dame:: How are you going to pick against the Irish? Notre Dame. Stanford-Southern California: Stanford, unbeaten and untied, is the season's sensation. Southern California, unbeaten but tied twice, has dropped off, but this is strictly a you-pick-'em affair. Resorting to the coin . . Stanford Texas Aggies-Baylor: Injuries have hurt the Bears, but even if they hadn't, this vote still would go to Texas A. and M. North Carolina-Tulane: Their 14-14 draw a year ago was one of ihe season's' big thrills. This one ought to be close now that Tulane has found itself. On a stab in the dark. . . Tulane. Nebraska-Missouri: The 'probable payoff in the Big Six. Paul Christman's still around, but the choice, is Nebraska. Foi-dham-St. Mary's: The Gaels haven t got -Slip Madigan any more and it's open to doubt that they have a first-class team this year either. At any rate, Fordham Harvard-Dartmouth: No football bargain either way. Out of the hat, Harvard. Columbia Over Syracuse Columbia-Syracuse: Probably very close but Columbia has the goods and rates this vote New York University-Georgelown: The long Georgetown winning streak will go some time but not in this one unless all evidence tails. Georgetown. Princetown-Rutgers: A renewal the oldest football rivalry in S P O R T S R O U N D U P the country and anybody's ball game to boot. The coin falls, and says Rutgers. Yale-Navy: Navy to continue unbeaten, untied. Tempie-Penn State: A flier on Temple. . .Army-Lafayette: Very close on paper. Timidly, Lafayette. Northwestern-Indiana: De Coiv revont's a doubtful starter but still, Northwestern. Minnesota-Iowa: No reason to look beyond Minnesota'. Purdue- Wisconsin: Purdue's had two weeks rest and gets the nod. Michigan State-Santa Clara: Eeme,. meenie . . Michigan State ' , Georgia Tech-Auburn: Taking Georgia Tech but wouldn't bet a dime on it. Easy for Tennessee Tennessee-Florida: Should be easy for -Tennessee. Louisiana State-Vanderbilt: L S. U., but the Tigers had better concenlrate on Ihe business at hand and forget the date with Tennessee a week hence. North Carolina State-Mississippi State: Taking Mississippi State. Arkansas - Mississippi; Ditto Mississippi. Wake Forest - Duke: Double trouble. Duke's not been overly impressive and Wake, Fofest is tough. Still, Duke. William Mary-Virginia: Virginia. Stringing along Iowa State-Oklahoma: Taking Oklahoma. Kansas State-Kansas: State rates the nod. ( U. C. L. A.-Oregon State: UCLA has no luck and State has no punch..U. C. L. A. , Washington - California: Washington seems to gain momentum as the season progresses and is the choice in this one. Georgia-Kentucky: Why bring this up.' In a dizzy whirl, Kentuc- Also: Duquesne over Manhattan; West Virginia over George Washington; Washington State over Oregon; Denver over Utah; Colorado over Wyoming; Utah State over Idaho; Colorado State over New Mexico; Holy Cross over Brown; Texas Tech over Marquette, Davidson over Furman; Virgin- l a . M i m a r v niro.- T:,,u ! ,,,° . ; Wash- _ EDDIE BRIETZ NEW YORK, Oct. 25--(AP) _ ^f t0 J r , Johnsto " of Southern ethodist, sure goes for the 92- yard s t u f f . . . H e kicked thai dis- lance against Pitt, and galloped Tu S l ° SCOre a S ainst Authe next week...Will some smart fellow kindly tell us how ir. L the country's sports editors can rate that Minnesota team so low? .. .Horton Smith, the golfer, is visiting his old stamping grounds at Springfield Mo., and will stick around long enough to vote. Today's Guess Star Paul Menton, Baltimore Evening Sun: "Syracuse to upset Columbia is my feed box special! this week ... The orangemen have shown they can run when not over-powered ... Columbia doesn't have the man power of Northwestern or Cornell . Besides, the pressure has been on the Lions for three weeks " Weslyan: ih' R T e n- 9 ran ,g e . who hasn I. seen m ' Play at home since Paging Riplcy. Odd took-AIikes Bill Piscione, the Villanova guard 1S a d e a d ' ringer for Ben Blue, the movie - comedian. So when the Villanova team xvent to San Antonio to play Baylor, Bill was manhandled by autograph hounds e v e n - more than he was m the football, game. Late Broadway Odds Tulane - North Carolina, even TM ne V U ,- a L.A.-Oregon State" mtto. Michigan t ll-5 over Penn ' Texas 8-0. over Rice. Cornell 6-5 over Ohio State. Mississippi U. :-! over Arkansas. Minnesota 2-1 over Iowa. Stanford - Southern California, even. (No prices quoted, on Notre Dame-Illinois). Navy 9-5 over Yale. Northwestern 5-2 over Indiana. Georgia Tech 2-1 over Auburn. (Can't see that one). Holy Cross 4-1 over Brown. Texas Aggies 3-1 over Baylor. Nebraska 7-5 over Missouri. Washington 2-1 over California. Kentucky 7-5 over Georgia Purdue 8-5 over Wisconsin. Columbia 9-5 over Syracuse. Injuries Make Tilt Battle of Bandages; Rohrig Not to Start for Nebraska; Steuber Out 4u r- '. 'most Cl '"cial-game in the first half of the present Big Six football schedule -- tomorrow's clash between Missouri and Nebraska--has developed into a battle of bandages. From Columbia firs t came word that Bob Steuber, the 200- pound magician who plays end for the Tigers and-leads the conference in scoring, was out with a knee injury. That was folloxyed by Coach Biff Jones .announcement thai Herman Rohrig, the most famous of Ihe Husker.backfield artists, would not start in the game the Nebraskans want to win more than any other on their 1940 schedule. Out of Kansas Tilt Rohrig suffered a bruised shoulder 10 days ago. He was kept out of the Kansas romp a week ago and early this week he raced through signal drills with the Huskers. Later it was discoverecf his shoulder hadn't healed.and that st most he would see only limited service against the Tigers who hold two straight triumphs over Nebraska and dealt t h e Huskers their only defeat of last year. In Rohrig's place in the No. 1 backfield, Jones will use Harp Hopp with Dale Bradley taking Hopp's place on the No. 2 squad. Another first team change was at tackle where big Royal Kahler moved up and Clarence Muskin dropped to Ihe second line. Jones' probable starting team and the weights is: Ends: Fred Preston, 191- and Ray Prochaska, 198. Tackles: Forrest Behm, 220, and Reyal Kahler, 220. Guards: Warren Alison, 188, and Ed Schwartzkopf, 175. Center: Bob Burruss, 188 Quarterback: Roy Pelsch,' 175. Halfbacks: Harry Hopp, 198, and:Waller Lulher, 180. Fullback: Vike Francis 201 Another On Tap ' At the^end of Ihe first quarter, Jones, if he follows his usual system will substitute a new team -That probably will line up like this: , The Pennsylvania Panic ROLLED E5 rdffc AH open FieLD..,;^ A GOOD 7ACKLIH \ ANGLE ' R m r f H " ' Burdette Wertman, 190. Center: Fred Meier, 190 190 U3rterbaCk: Geor Se Knight, Halfbacks: Dale Bradley 170 and Allen Zikmund 179 Fullback: Wayne Blue, 205 i he Jones system calls for the number one lineup to return at rf si ^' ot t h e second h a l f , but o/ter that he has been substituting man by man rather than by units. With Sleuber hurt, Jack Lister will Play left end. , Other Mis- soun starters are Paul Christman, Kerry Nolowitz, Jim Starmer and Bill Cunningham in the backfield; Don Ducliek at center; Bob Wakeman and Jack Today's Sport Parade- Even 'Old Man' Yost Is Excited O v e r Penn-Michigan Classic BY HENRY McLEMORE ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 25-(UP)--The most a u t h o r i t a t i v e tip-off I can give you on how Saturday's game between Mich- Jgan and Pennsylvania has aroused this countryside is to tell you that it even has Fielding H. Yost excited. .The '.'old m a n " i s a s excited as a freshman and it wouldn't be surprising to see him show up at the stadium with a new racoon coat, a ' f e a t h e r in his h a t , and a ' d e t e r m i n a t i o n to join the cheerleaders and show the customers how the victory march really should be sung. This is amazing, as welt as a tribute to the magnitude of the game, because Mr. Fielding H. has been around football a long time, and has seen m a n y a "crucial" conflict come and go. it was 51 years ago, back in J88.9, that Michigan s beloved athletic director saw his first kick-off of a college game. Played In 1806 "That was between West Virginia and--now, let me see. Well, anyway it was a good game," he THE ON told me last night. "As Jor Pennsylvania, it's an old friend. 1 v e been looking at teams from there a long time. I played against Pennsylvania, loo. Know when? In 1890. Way back in 1806. Heaven only knows how m a n y football games Mr. Fielding H. has seen since that time. Freshmen have come and gone at Pennsylvania 11 times since then. There have been wars and revolutions and stretches of happiness since the young Yost walked out against the Quakers from P h i l a d e l p h i a . AOW, tomorrow, another team of youngsters from t h a t school is meeting a team that Mr. Ficld- Jtig H. loves even more t h a n he did the one he played for at Lafayette. And he is n e r v o us, Jumpy, excited, and eager for the whistle. ' "This should be a great fool- ball game," he said. "The best m the country, and maybe the best of this year or many years. The setting is perfect. An Ivy league leader, undefeated and untied, m e e t i n g a big ten leader, also without a blemish on its record. And each has a wonderful backfield man." Harmon One of Best Did Mr. Fielding H. really consider Tommy Harmon a wonderful back? As a man who has seen .them all for more than 50 years, did he class the Wolverine ace -as one of the game's greats? "He is one of the finest football TO KEENBIID 15 of Major Undefeated Squads Booked to Win Saturday NEW YORK, Oct. 25--(UP)-Fifteen of the 22 major umlofcat- ocl, untied football loams in the United Suites are favored to maintain their perfect records (his week-end, while one is sure to drop from (he ranks, two others seem likely to falter and four have about a 50-51) chance oC surviving. The No. 1 game of the nation, Michigan vs Pennsylvania at Aim Arbor, sends two perfect record elevens into battle and one is bound to drop out, unless the outcome is a lie, and both lose their positions in the select circle. The two who seem most likely to 1 alter arc Detroit University and fiutgers. Detroit tackles a lough Villanova eleven, and Rutgers goes against Princeton in the 3 Gin game of the oldest football rivalry m America. They gave birth to the game in 18(59 and Rutgers has little chance to annex its third win in the long scries. Cornell, currently r al e d the No 1 team m the nation and the East's hope for national honors Pennsylvania State, Lafayette and Stanford are the quartet given no better than an even chance. Actually Cornell is slightly favored over Ohio State, b u t the Buckeyes have taken two straight lickings and a lot of football men feel that completes their share for the year ilie pickers arc divided and most of them rate the game a toss-up Pern. State, with wins over B u u k n e U , West Virginia and LQ- high, gets its first major test against Temple; Lafayette may surprise and bat the Army, which has shown v i r t u a l l y nothing this year m beating Williams only by one point, but the cadets are concede an even chance; Stanford only period record eleven left on the Pacific coast, has to crack Southern California and no one has done that yet, although the ^rojans have been held to pair of . The clubs still sporting unblemished records and favored to maintain them are Ford ham over SI M a r y s ; Boston College over St" Ansolm's; Columbia over Syracuse; Navy over Yale; F r a n k l i n and Marshall . over Gettysburg Georgetown over NYU; Notre Dame over Illinois; Northwestern over I n d i a n a ; Minnesota over low;i; Tennessee over Florida; Mississippi over Arkansas; Texas Aggies over Baylor and Texas ov FIGHTS CLEMSON WINS 5TH STRAIGHT CONTEST, COLUMBIA, S. C., Oct. 25 (UP)--Only four games remained today between Clemsou and an unbeaten, untied football sea. son. Clomson overpowered South Carolina's Gamecocks, 21-13 yesterday to register their fifth straight victory before 23,000 itj municipal stadium. WHERE THERE'S SMOKE, THERE'S -- A SMOKER MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP)~It was an alibi the court hadn't heard before. Nevertheless L. C. G r a y e r had to pay a $5 fine for smoking on a city bus. "H was the cigar smoking -- I wasn't," Grayer said. "[ was holding it in my hand. I t h o u g I d knocked the fire off. But it started smoking again." Judge Bill Batoman reasoned lhat cigars just don't smoke by themselves. ,,--... llor.scs Shipiied BELFAST, Ireland, Oct. 25 -( U P ) -- M a h m o u d , winner 193G English derby, and four other unnamed thoroughbreds are e n r o u t e ' - f r o m Belfast York, it was revealed today. Mahmoud wns recently sold by t the Aga Khan to C. V. Whitney for L20.000 (about $80,000.) DISTRIBUTOR: Peter Hauptmann Tobacco Co. n lini.... not heavy i U UIQ Associated Crcssp New Haven, Conii.--JuJie Ko- Bon, J34-54 New H a v e n , knocked out Frnnkie Wallace, 138 Cleveland (5). Walci-bury, Conn. -- Ernest Robinson, 145, Jamaica N Y outpointed Pete Kolo'ff '-Ho' Rockville Center N Y (8) ' , J a ,n 1pa ' p l a --Tommy Gome/., J 3 , i a m p n , outpointed Maynard DnmcJs, 185, Washington, U. C., SPORT MIRROR (By Ihs Associated Press) Today a year ago--It was announced o f f i c i a l l y t h a t the Cinc i n n a t i Reds played to 1,133,026 f a n s at home games d u r i n g the Made to" high-light" that Kentucky Bourbon flavorf NOW 4 YEARS OLD

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