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 - stal- 2:173-4, Wilkea- HUmblo- H:tmbla-...
stal- 2:173-4, Wilkea- HUmblo- H:tmbla- 8:2:13-4. 8:2:13-4. 8:2:13-4. and CeriL 2:28 3-4) 3-4) 3-4) by Man- Man- roe Chief, eei.ond dam nntraced, has be n purcliar-el purcliar-el purcliar-el of Jamee E. Clay, itarchmont Stock Farm, Pari. Ky, by J. W. Bailey, of Dallu, lex. rtice,. f a.uoo. Local Pool ft'alea. Tools sold at the Turf Eicuanga -last -last night on to-morrow' to-morrow' to-morrow' races aa loltiwa: AT aCTTEMiUmJ. First Race Five-eighths Five-eighths Five-eighths of a mils; sell ing: Mousoon, 112, io; King ltnzem. 107, ea; irregular, iu., ea, muvk, 51 Thler. U, ior, fti ; Belle 1.. 104, t ; Hello of Phoenix, 104. tRi ; xraiia J, lua. S2; Mart. 103, 2; Laurenska, 00, 3, Jackpot, 07, 2; l'an HanUle, 117. 3. SecorH liace tive anu one-nair one-nair one-nair unungi. seUlns ; for two-Tear-old two-Tear-old two-Tear-old two-Tear-old two-Tear-old : Moliamnitd, 10. act: Lelirh. ltW. a : Tom E-itson E-itson E-itson tEfcctncal grKlins), 106, 6 ; Vespasian, 104, $10; Helen, KU, 0 ; Jmun; Laiubiy, ini, 43 ; Spot, 02. 3. Tulra Kuce riveignuiD 01 a nu e , . ii.n, . tot beaten horses: TatUer, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, lO; Ohtur 1U 112. tf ; Peralto, 107, 5; Ciiarky WU-mh, WU-mh, WU-mh, 107. $2 ; taugganL H7, 2 , Power, 1W7, 10; Jamebtown, 107, 2; tiuibbler, 102, 2; Extra, 102, 5; liarBiont, 00, 2; Masle, 90, SIO. ..... lourtu Knee rour ana onoraut iiiriunjra. enlling : Foxtord. HO, 5 : Wge, 1 2 ; Luray, lo. o ; Manner, iui, w , neujnmiii, 106, 3 ; Early Bkorn. 105, 15 ; Mayor B iou. iks ; ueiauiPT, 100, ca, uuu y age. 100. 2 ; Mary M., 97. J. nun li are una ana vnreo-iouruia vnreo-iouruia vnreo-iouruia nmra , hamlk-ap hamlk-ap hamlk-ap over seven hurdles : Luke. ISO, o ; fccins. 1M, aiu, auHincB, iv. The untes liO Hell. fs. Sixth Hace even-et?ritha even-et?ritha even-et?ritha of a mile ; sett ing: UUitwvt, 142. 10; fet John. 13d, 5; Oray Kack, 130. Ce ; Macau!rr, 114. t:,; Mia Bess. Ill, as; Khotovec, 108, S3; Joe Courtney, 132 ; Common Sn!e, 130 ; Vex ation gelding, U3 ; i-iLoutown, i-iLoutown, i-iLoutown, izo aeiu, 90. !1, Communications and exchanges for this department should . ha addreesod to the ehess editor. The Louisville Chess Club meets at Rooms 613 and 614 Commerce Huildlng, fourth and Main. Rooms open at all hours. AU chess players welcomed. Problem No. 120. First prUa In tourney of the Pittsburgh Dispatch. By A. F. MacKenzle. Black (9). PA rv4 1 iJO A IfeaJ I 11 Waito (10). White to phy and mate la three moves. Soiatioas. PROULEM NO. 118. 1 R-KBO. R-KBO. R-KBO. Solved by Ben lrake, Lexington; W. fderwn. -ouMvuie -ouMvuie ; Xi. v. L-., L-., L-., ilixaheui- ilixaheui- H town. Lasker la Brooklya. - The following game was the second played v. u mi. mwact auu jar. a, a,. l.acailiar, ocure aw note iroia j jsaibuura Aewa: ' uxrmii fiimtiT i White (Mr. Blackmar.) Black (Mr. Lveker 1 1' K4 l--K4 l--K4 l--K4 l--K4 5- 5- Kt KB3 - S Kt B3 3 F-Q4 F-Q4 F-Q4 1-xP 1-xP 1-xP 4 KtxP ' 4 H B4 6 Kt-Jt3 Kt-Jt3 Kt-Jt3 i Karely adopted, but a move of ome merit. a u no 6 B KtS P QB4 may be tried, and wa prefer V mi ue oaat move. tV-Q tV-Q tV-Q R5 7Oistlea ' T Kt B3 a Ktr-B3 Ktr-B3 Ktr-B3 8 P KU4 Steiniu coiMlder It Mvcks duty to cap- cap- uio mv vr vu ww yroviua nave.. 9-4-QJ 9-4-QJ 9-4-QJ 9-4-QJ 9-4-QJ Jtiiely played. - a-Kt-KKtS a-Kt-KKtS a-Kt-KKtS a-Kt-KKtS a-Kt-KKtS 10 Q-B4 Q-B4 Q-B4 lO-PKKt lO-PKKt lO-PKKt 11 Q Kt3 11 QQ 12 PxQ 13 P M3 13 Kt OS 13 Kt k3 His best resou'ree, but Black should loss a eiear pawn oj la. mub 14 KtxB I 14 BFxKt li li oa A dumb sort ! la better. 15 (J3 lfl J QB3 16 K H M 17 HxKt 17 PxB 18 ' QR3 19 Kt Kt3 19 KE K SO. 1( iiVJ 20 Kt-Qt Kt-Qt Kt-Qt 0-astles 0-astles 0-astles 21 QR Q q El Kt K4j 82 Kr-Kil Kr-Kil Kr-Kil 2 H B"J 23 K KB aa Whfte's two last moves are quite meaning less. P ii is strong i mnieoTeo. S341-4U S341-4U S341-4U P QB1 would wtn ln the exchange, but Black's plan Is more atroc. at 24 lUBsqht-iasa. lUBsqht-iasa. lUBsqht-iasa. 5M OR-S OR-S OR-S iq SSIH4 . . 85 PxP en pas 26 KtxP : Black mates In two Mr. Steiaita as a Jagcler. Joseph N. BabsoB, ebefs Htor Mr. the Montreal Herald, ha soma of klr. Sleluiu's of been comparing ia ths fcoo of the Sixth American Chess Congress. WSUt the foliowinir n.nurk.u. tuuii.. KINXi'b GAJLB1T DELXIXiaO. White Blarlr. 1 P K4 1 I K4 S-P-klH S-P-klH S-P-klH S-P-klH S-P-klH S-B-tilJ S-B-tilJ S-B-tilJ S-B-tilJ S-B-tilJ a-i.t-K.B3 a-i.t-K.B3 a-i.t-K.B3 a-i.t-K.B3 a-i.t-K.B3 a P u3 ivfc viu3 4-Jlvt-B3 4-Jlvt-B3 4-Jlvt-B3 4-Jlvt-B3 4-Jlvt-B3 (a) (at Mr. Si r in ! fx fftmm.r.ia An i(a m- m- ln mote "b," game No. 5, In Hie Ixwik ol the S.xth Amei lean Conf resn a followt : Aot a. good move, aa it, give an opportunity opportunity for a strong reply ; 4 KKt U3 is rr;Iei-able." rr;Iei-able." rr;Iei-able." Now, please turn to game Ko. JO, same book, and aee: Black l Mr. Mar- Mar- uuei p ay - - i-yu3, i-yu3, i-yu3, and Mr. Stein. lt lr his note on the move lavs: "4 Qkt Bli wan now th onlv inwt inv Again, (raoie So. 200, where Black plays 4 KKt B3. Mr. Steiniu uv: "Thf loses a Pawn without sufficient attack for It. Ouca the above line ot decl.ning the gambit has been adopted, It seems d.lkcult at thia juncture to lin.1 a satlbfactory de-tense: de-tense: de-tense: 4 QKt B3 is objectionable on account of 5 li Kt3. and agulnet 4 " "-w "-w "-w nuiiv may proceea wiw o t kiu, auvanuio. - - a.1 y't w Played by Mr. itanhain In tha Kbt tlis tame opponent, seems, therefore, therefore, lilack's bet piay at tbla. Juncture. vu in, move - - jvlu, played In game No. 211, there Is a note which says: ' " " KKt B3 Is preferable.4 We must confess that wa wpra mum. what surprised to find no many conflicting ciiibuwiui irvur ina nmg autnonry npan thia otus novo. and If an atiutente u( obena ran (an any definite Information iroiu mem as to wnicb la Black's best move at this Juncture be miut have a very Chess News. T!ie Baltimore Nn rnmmi).. i,w. total score in America a SUd won. 15 lok and 15 drawn. uis Kirai .-oorui .-oorui .-oorui vs. boutn of England match. i win wise piare at mrmingham, January 28, and there will be 100 phiyers on a side. The Phllidor Chess dub. nt kw Vni celebrated Its evententh birthday December a. air. riuup Kioaaraion piayea seventeen simultaneous frames, winning thirteen, loditg The local stub h hail aa a vljila,. m. era! days this week lilr. Howard, ut Bie- Bie- inehara. Mr. Uoward Is a mod rha piayar. as well a aa accomplished gentleman, gentleman, and bis tussles with tit local cham- cham- Itous nave caused much Interest. By the jr, am nas naa a lime wis beat of It, so far. It has been dehnitelv ai.i that. xi. howul:er and Mr. lsher will pin, a match at the meeting Of tha Indiana AseiaiJoii at igansport this week. ThU will be weleome news to chess-player chess-player chess-player all over the country, and the match will be the most Interesting event cf the winter. Tha r. . iv uav, du insen itmmcq. ine .meet ing negins to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow and continues all week. KINDERGARTEN WORX GROWING. Eacoaragins; Facta Bros ant Oat By the Saperiateadeat's Reports at the Free Kindergartea Assoctatioa JMeetiag. The Kindofgarten work under the care ot the Free Kindeigarten Association is prcgiessing favorably. At the meetinn last week te Superintendent, Miss Anna ti Bryan, presented the following report for the month of November : " The num ber ot visitors to the Kindergartens thia month givea evidence of the continued great interest m our wcrk. There have been nearly 450 visitors; doubtleea a Imger uuuiter than moat institutions have in six months, and yet we need to reach many more, especially business and prcfeional men. 'I a theni we need to direct mere earnest. Intelligent eilort to fhjw them that the free Kindergarten ia of ccuoniio value to every toix-payer, toix-payer, toix-payer, and that all inWliigcnt, far-seeing far-seeing far-seeing met bhoiikt lalLv to its aid and. support. bl'. ay do not know the actual practical value of our work to the community, and one visit to tlte iwindergartea it woith everything to 115 and to them Id reach the intelligence U tlte wires way of securini; tinancial aid. The DMuey without the intelligent apprecia tion is worth little, beeau such aid. Is not latUna. The work of the clatoea and the Kindergarten has been mora gratifying thia fall than ever before. Iha spirit of earnest, faithful work waa never better. In reeponee to an urgent appeal from Carrnlltun to eome and irive a talk on Kindergarten, I went la.t Monday and spent, a day. The tilk waa greatly ap-prvciated, ap-prvciated, ap-prvciated, end several young women are tfcPMderfig cotuuig to enter tno reoiu arv fclas. Several Principala presented reports. Miaa (Jtileate tMXnonia. 01 tlte looacco r-x- r-x- r-x- r-x- change, reported a decided increase In tlio average attendance. The children had a Joyous Thanksgiving. Tliey were given Iruit and clothing, lhe latter waa sen bv the Flovd-otreet Flovd-otreet Flovd-otreet school and by the "Parent kindergarten." During the deveioonient of the Thanksgiving idea, one day a mother, whose bueband had been sentencea to the penitentiary, caiue to the Kindergarten. Aa aha waa going away aha said: "Thia place ia more li ka heaven than any place I know of. .There are fifty-tour fifty-tour fifty-tour children en- en- roilea ; xofxy-tax xofxy-tax xofxy-tax annu. 11 vui xni-dergarten xni-dergarten xni-dergarten wero larger, many mora children would attend. Miaa Tinie Burton reported thai tha Sunbeam Kindergarten Had ninety eight children and eighty vixitors to at tend on Thanksgiving day. The numner of visitors rvorted was 110: number tf ehUdren enrolled, 100; average attendance, attendance, eighty to eighty-five. eighty-five. eighty-five. Mise lrtM4r roDorted for Knox Colored Kin ilw'kaeea: "Thankaaivina. as the cli Max of our fall work, was delightful nd profitable. Each child brought aome thing for tha orphans, and a .largo baakci was tilled with fruit, vegetables and eatablos and sent to the Colored OrDhsnV Home. A ffood. aubstanUal lunch filled to tha brim thir cop ot loy. Each child carried home a little basket -of -of his own manufacture, con tain in c a bnnch of grapes as a thinks- thinks- giving for mother. Number of visitors 'daring h month: Vhitd, wen-try; wen-try; wen-try; colored. Hfteen; average attendance, about thirty-five; thirty-five; thirty-five; forty-five forty-five forty-five enrolled. Tha tenth lecture of the Pofy techno eonrse on, popular aclentlflo subjects will be dellveratt to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow night by Dr. Howe, Tre subject win he " InstcU and SpUers,n I and tha lecture will be lllustrateo. by a largo number of atereoptiooa views.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 11 Dec 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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