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 - : ? boarrtinr- a a some-Urn-, in in ap-...
: ? boarrtinr- a a some-Urn-, in in ap- re-jqse, or tt- be bun- to or peo-. peo-. i-tion i-tion ure-hred ure-hred ure-hred American is to keep him wait ing, for the remon that foroi-d foroi-d foroi-d inaction fret the man to a lather, as standing in arne-'S arne-'S arne-'S frets a half-broken half-broken half-broken horse. He com' across a tl.oapand little pecul arith of speech, manner and thought matters of nerve and st4suach developed by ever lasting friction and tber ar? all lust the least little bit in the world lawlesa, no mw.jltan the restless clicking together of liorn in a herd ot restl-ns restl-ns restl-ns cattle, but certainly no lew. They are all good-good good-good good-good for those who wait. On the other hand, to consider the matter more bun? nlv, ther are thousands of delightful men and women going to piece for tlie pitiful reason that if they do not keep up with the procession they " are left." And they are leftin clothes that have no back to them, among mounds of smllax. Ann young men, chance met in the streets, talk to you about tlieir nerves, which are things no young man should know anything about; and the friends of your friends go down with nervous nrcstration. and the people overhead in the trains talk about their nerves and the nerves of their relatives; and tlie little children must needs have their nerves attended to ere their milk teeth are shed, snd the middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged women and the middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged men have got them, too, and the old men lose the dignity of their age in an indecent restlessness, restlessness, and the advertisements in the fiapers go to show that, this sweeping ist is no lie. . Atop of the fret and tlie stampede the tingling self-consciousness self-consciousness self-consciousness of a new people makes tiiem kiko a sort of perverted pride in the futile racket that wnda un tlie death rate a child's delight in the blare wiu tim aum oi xno march or progren. IS it no - uisnncuy American? It is. and it is noC If the cities were all America, as tney pretend, pretend, fifty years would see the march of progress brought to a standstill, as a locomotive is B U.p pea, oy ueawu uwr-in uwr-in uwr-in its. Down in the meauow tne mowing ma chine has checked, and the horw are slia king themselves. The l.t of the sun- sun- liL-l.t. liL-l.t. liL-l.t. Wvm the ton of JHonaunocK. anil our miles away Mam street lumio her elec tric lamps, it is ixina mint, in ..mii M-veet M-veet M-veet ' and the folks from Putney, from Jfcurlooro', rrom Viiuuoru, ana even n-w n-w n-w Fane will drive in tlieir well-tilled well-tilled well-tilled v;tgona to hear mus e and look at the ex-Prosi-dent. ex-Prosi-dent. ex-Prosi-dent. ex-Prosi-dent. ex-Prosi-dent. Over the shoulder of the nieado-.y nieado-.y nieado-.y two men come up eiy slowly, their hats off, anil their nrms swinging kioseiy a then- then- sides. Ihey no bob ntrrry, uiey have not hurried, and they never will hurrv. for tliy are of the country nan w- w- er of tlie dt--h dt--h dt--h dt--h and blood of the ever bankrupt cities. Tlieir children may yet lie i a.le summer boarders, as the board ers eityJired weU may toko over tfli;ir farms, xroin tne pioufn to uie pavement pavement goes man, bub to tlie plough he returns at lust. lr!nir in imner?" " Ye-cp." Ye-cp." Ye-cp." very slowly across the wash of tne uncu gratw. - Sht. that eorn-crlb eorn-crlb eorn-crlb wants painting." Do that when we get around to U." ' They go off through the diisk, without farewell or snluufion, stentHly a their own steersT And ehere are a few millions of tliem unhandy men to cross in tlieir wayrs set, silent, uiairect in siwecn, ana us impenetrable as that thT ila-tem ila-tem ila-tem farmer who is the hedroc!; ot another land- land- They do n t appear in the ::ity papers, they are not much heard of in one street, ana tney ten very uwie in the outsi'ler s estimate of America. And Uiy are the Arneriean. ' KITDYAKD KU LIXO. Communications and sxohangvs for this departmeat should be addressed to th chess editor. Tho Louisville Cheas Club meets st Rooms 6la and 61t Commerce Building, Fourth and Mate. Booms open at aU hours. Ad chess puyers welcomed. rrealeas Wo 119. Flrt prize tn tourney of the London acnoouna(er. By P. H. Williams. ' Black (8). B rni r"' 9nm 5 While (71 - White to play and mate in two moves. - Solatioas. PROBLEM No. 117. 1 Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B a. Solved by Marcus Kohn, W. H. Ellrrton, LOUsvuie; u. C. lizabethtown, Ky Liverpool T. Glasgow. Tho tollowlng fine gamo was played In a rec'fit corrtSiKxiacuc match beiwccii tlk? slovo clubs, ahich was won by Liverpool by I 1-2 1-2 1-2 t 1-3. 1-3. 1-3. The excellent notes are by U-.e U-.e U-.e Liverpool CommuUje. score Irym the New Orleans Tues-ieniocriit Tues-ieniocriit Tues-ieniocriit : QL'ERX'S PAWX OPENING. Wh.! (UvcrpoolJ. ' Bhsrk lUlitsgow) 2 1 y U 3 bit - Q B a 4- 4- Kl-K Kl-K Kl-K B 3 5- 5- P4 P 0-B 0-B 0-B K. Kt 5 7- 7- F K a 8 HxKt R 11 S1 (c) iwbq a 11 .'a;lt.-s .'a;lt.-s .'a;lt.-s 12 Q B 2 (J) i: h. ti-Q ti-Q ti-Q mi 14 v Kt a u lo 11-Kt 11-Kt 11-Kt si (g 1K-Ii 1K-Ii 1K-Ii 1 17 H K B .4 th) I y pxh m 1-Ktxy 1-Ktxy 1-Ktxy P ik) -1 -1 V Q 7 22 .-'4 .-'4 .-'4 -4 -4 2-1 2-1 2-1 Bx a K VI 3 2: Iixlt 21 HxK P 27 II it 3 (p) 2H U-Q U-Q U-Q 3 20 llxi: :.'0 B B 4 31 K-B K-B K-B 2 :i2 K K 3 fUl K K 4 : H K K 4 (r) 35 P-K P-K P-K Kt 4 :! P k; k 37 PxP 3-F-Q 3-F-Q 3-F-Q 3-F-Q 3-F-Q n 3 ao B K 2 40 fKt 4 (ch) 1 Kt K B a 2 p k a a py 4 (b) 4- 4- P-Q P-Q P-Q Kt 3 5 I'XP U-B U-B U-B K 2 7-1 7-1 7-1 y Kt 3 fi-Bxil fi-Bxil fi-Bxil j is K 3 lOr-Kt lOr-Kt lOr-Kt y 3 " 11 t astirs : 12- 12- 1' Kt 3 (e) 1 Kt B 3 1CQK 2 17 l.xlvt lK.t sit 5 (J) i: i;.Ut (I) 20 -Kixp -Kixp k m -l -l Q M Kt 0 im) 22-yxy 22-yxy 22-yxy , 2a y li (J q 24 KxR 2-V-K-Q 2-V-K-Q 2-V-K-Q 2-V-K-Q 2-V-K-Q 2-V-K-Q 2-V-K-Q t n) flKy f (o 27 Kt Q 4 21 l'.Ml 20 KtP tq) an Kt K a ;u K B sq 32 K K 3 33 P Q It 3 :i4 P K H 3 3.V-Kt 3.V-Kt 3.V-Kt B a Sr PxP 37 Kt K 3 :WKl Kt 2 (t) 3f K-K K-K K-K 3 aorK B 4 (ch) nuitch with Calcutta, the first of Uio kmc ever pfciyed. hi 1 si. M . . I m AnnMAi-. AnnMAi-. AnnMAi-. Ih. IT 1 TTl n 111 11 M JUL I 'l, mil CI W lVi p. " -. -. 1 Queen' litinililt. fl I am 4k. nnp HI u-r u-r u-r ' i a weak sp.t In this opening, and seizUig aila open nl i. (el ThU creiiterf s weakness on the black 1 IPs side, which become very apparent later on. (fl P K4 at till point would have given a good rnme. g) White had counted upon wacK-s wacK-s wacK-s rcmpi romnellcd to d,.f-iid d,.f-iid d,.f-iid the QP. and no weskeul their position. But if now 13 KtxP, Kl i B4: 1 PJtKt. BxKr. with the lietier grune.i (hi Woah. 'giving Ulark the stronger pame.i HI The UP eonlil abtt have tiken here. but If 1 A It PxP. Kl KIB: 19 R-K R-K R-K q.. 01 hut If ! BPjP. Kt Kt5; 10 P-K4, P-K4, P-K4, Q-l Q-l Q-l Kta ete.. milt If Itlai-k Itlai-k Itlai-k DlaV ilil then 21 R B l.. KtxRP: 22 PxKt. Q ( KM oli.: 23 K It SO... QxBP (cb.l ; 24 K Kt Q-KW Q-KW Q-KW 'vch.: 25 K K sq.. fxi-,. fxi-,. fxi-,. and Black hns a strong attack with per-! per-! per-! pet'iaj checit alwavn tn r.sna. (11 Threatening l" j isa. (k) The only resource. (II If now Qrt5. thin 20Kt-SB8 20Kt-SB8 20Kt-SB8 (ch.). fhrHnff an exrhanm of Kta. c (ml Te Liverpool plsvers expected hers etQ KRS, fnrrlng Whfte to exchange for two RiN the cont!iitlon being proti, ablr st follows: 21Q KR3 ; 22 P Kfa, Q H4; 2.1 H K4. QB Q sq., aptt White 1 obliged to bike th9 It. (nl Olvlng np the QBP to take up a nmo position en Q7, ' o Really lnrrlor to 2tr K it sq., wnica would have erund a draw. t (PI Chancing the SRpert of the game, be cause If now 2TKrxP: 29--P 29--P 29--P 29--P ll.V. Kt PSt 20 P Bn. Kt-Q4; Kt-Q4; Kt-Q4; ho R R.'l. with a wim ning position, ir -jf -jf r-Kt r-Kt r-Kt s.-i s.-i s.-i ; iat n 1 Kt-n Kt-n Kt-n i. ; 31 P-Kt4. P-Kt4. P-Kt4. with much Uw pei ter game. (qj From this point the snpenorlty ft-. ft-. ft-. & W t- t- In m mmm At ,ht rli,mrt.r lurtrsted. the B having great freedom movement, while the Kt Is comnamtlvelt mtricted. Another element of strength Id White game consists in having two tint moved P on each side of the board, erialilln' them la almost all variations to pun move. rl To fores a nassn?e for the K to til TlPs. . (s Ttlark mlcht have waited the exchange; or PS with Sdvsntace. ( 3S"Kt Kt4 (ch.l would hav givi Blsck good chancer of a dmw. (ill If now 43 nxKt. KxB: 44 P-Kt4. P-Kt4. P-Kt4. K-Q3; K-Q3; K-Q3; 45 P-K5, P-K5, P-K5, PxP. etc.. with a drawn game. (v) If 4Tp n. as expected at Liven nool. thm fnllnwlni iuhVa. nnwiii'i limh- limh- shle: 44 P Kt5. Kt OS ; 43 K Q3, Kr- Kr- K2 : 4tf P R5. and wins. I (w) If 52" P 1:7: 63 BxP. KtxR ' 54 Jv KM. Kt-C5 Kt-C5 Kt-C5 : 53 K B6. Kt KH : Cii5- Cii5- P QU I. ami wtns. (xl The Glasgow t-teven t-teven t-teven sav thnt !f at move 4rt the B had gone to 'R3, they wnnll nave resigned, hut our nnalvsls goes tx show mat a iraw won in nave Dcen tne resttu. For lnstiinee. If 4 P R3. K -K2 -K2 ; 47 K r.S. P R3; 4 K KtO, R Q2: 40 KxT, K0-K4; K0-K4; K0-K4; 30 K Kt3. Kl KO. and draws, t - t Laskerln Ballimnre. 1 Mr. Lasker began hit engagement at the Baltimore Chess Club last Tuesday evening, evening, by plnylng twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four simultaneous games, of which he won twnniy-threo. twnniy-threo. twnniy-threo. Mi. J. Tuecbsel won his game. On Wednesday Mr. Lasker played acalnst Dr. W. H. S. Pollocli, both being blindfolded. .Mr. Laskct won after two hours' plsy. " Following ii the game. - BUY LOPEZ. I wrote (UuXer). . 1 P Kt -KKt -KKt B3 j t a b-Sj b-Sj b-Sj of 1 is 111 41 PXP en Das fthi 41 KxP 42 P R 4 42 Kt K 3 43 P Kt 4 (U) 43 Kt B 2 (v) 44 P K J 44-PxP 44-PxP 44-PxP 43 PxP 4.' P-B4 P-B4 P-B4 4.J-BK 4.J-BK 4.J-BK 2 4l-lt-K 4l-lt-K 4l-lt-K 4l-lt-K 4l-lt-K 3 47 It B 4 (ch) 47 K Q 3 4-K 4-K 4-K B 5 44 Kt Q 4 . 40-K-Kt 40-K-Kt 40-K-Kt 40-K-Kt 40-K-Kt 6 . 4i Kt K 6 50 B K 3 BO P B 5 51 KxP 61-P-B 61-P-B 61-P-B 61-P-B 61-P-B 8 52 B Q 3 02-Kt-Kt5Ch) 02-Kt-Kt5Ch) 02-Kt-Kt5Ch) 02-Kt-Kt5Ch) 02-Kt-Kt5Ch) (W) 33 K Kt 5 63 Kt K 4 34 B K 4 54 K-B K-B K-B 4 53 P Q B 6 63 lloslgns. (X) XOTK3. (a) This opening ' was adopted with success success by the Liverpool Club lu thulr cable i3 3 B K15 4 UxKt 5 P Q4 fl PxP 7 KxQ 8 K K3 B K3 10 -P -P KR3 11 OKt Qi 12 KB Qq 13 P-KKU P-KKU P-KKU 14 KtxP 13 P-KB3 P-KB3 P-KB3 KtKt Bq 17 RrtP ia KtxKt 1 K H2 20 K KM 21 Kt-KU Kt-KU Kt-KU 22 KtltS 2:i KPXH 24 K KhNtt. 23 H Q2 Jrt BxR 27 n 113 2 K Kta 2 Bx 30 R KRsq 31 H-R7 H-R7 H-R7 32 RxP 3:1 K Kt3 34 P B 33 PxP :n p H7 37 H Kta 38 K XR ten) 33 P qiieens 4 Q Kt4 (ch) 41 Q C1 (chl 42 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 (ch) Black fPnlliK-ki fPnlliK-ki fPnlliK-ki . n . - . 'A i I IV 2 QKt r3 3 P QH3 4 QPxIl 5 U KK15 -JxQ -JxQ (ch) 7 B QB4 Castles. 8 B K3 Hn4 11 - P 113 12 PxP " 3 B Ksq 14 Kt- Kt- B3 1 5 P KK4 IH PxP 17 Kt Q2 is BxKt 19 QU-rtsg QU-rtsg QU-rtsg 2l U Q3 21 K 112 S2 BxKt 23 K R7 (ch) 4 RxP 23 BxR 2ft R02 27 n-B4 n-B4 n-B4 (ch) 28 H Q5 2 xji.. :itspOKI4 31 P U4 :t2 P 113 :t P KtS 34 P lt :i5 PxP :tfH Qrq 37 P 117 34 K K12 3U P qmens 40 K K3 41 K K 43 Vssigns. Chess News. -It -It is reported tliat Ihe nrft'rti Chsil Association 1 suoui to Dress up. 1 j s. Alaptn and Dr. Max Lance see play- play- In 15 s mat-b mat-b mat-b to tet the funinilness of in'a opeiliug 11 K4. P K4; 2 K Dr. Lam;e does not think It (rood. 1 a r?" IllTVI VI I ihitationsi- ihitationsi- HOOZ GLOVES JLM MTAMfMD FOSTER'S PATENTS, OJt UCESED UNDER FOSTER'S PATENTS. mb wars or 4&! Mng-er Mng-er Mng-er (tieanine), $35, Domrttic, (35. New Home, $35. White. $35. Household. $35. H. k Yi. .No. 9. $35. Imnrored Son thorn. 113V Mahdard. $45. Aatomatle, $45. . Fes cor bigb-srm bigb-srm bigb-srm machins, with an attach swnta, f la. Any uaebibs you wast front ti to $.0 Was thaa aa oUior houaa. HaDml. ste. Keatuita. R. C. WHAYNEJ fiCO FOUlilU JlTLMC.

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  2. 04 Dec 1892, Sun,
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