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 - 1 8 1 S : frao-tion Uoi-ored, year--, year--,...
1 8 1 S : frao-tion Uoi-ored, year--, year--, year--, Shelby- cup- CommunlcaUons and exchanges for this department should be addrewied to the chess editur. .. Tbo Louu?vlUa Chess Club meets at Rooms fila and 614 Commerce "Building, Fourth and Main. Booms open at aU hours. AH chess plsyers welcomed. - Problem No. 114. Fourth prize in tourney of the Hackney Mercury. BY A. P. 6ILVF41A. Black (7). Is .J. nm pits As4&(J MiMU White USt.- USt.- r. Whits to play and mate In two moves, f Problem No. 113. First prize In tourney of the Bristol Mercury. BY A. tnn. Black (10). . m mi fc.4 i lit s WSA W"f? ft :- at MfA aW- aW- . W :A " M L-l L-l L-l i iM fNtNC MfW i-tVWA i-tVWA i-tVWA 'y v. White fi). White to play and mate in three moves. Solutions. PBOBLF-M PBOBLF-M PBOBLF-M No. IIO. 1 Q K R 8. feolved by Marcus Kohn, W. n. Kllerton, Leuisville; Beu 8. Drako, Lexington; B. Ok C, Klizabethtown. l'llOBLEM No. 111. 1-KbrU 1-KbrU 1-KbrU Kt 80.. tx lvcd by Marcus Kohn, Louisville; Ben ftt Urako, Lexington; li. C. L., Elizabeth-town. Elizabeth-town. Elizabeth-town. Laskcr Defeated Again. One more of Kew York's cracks has succeeded in winning a game from Sir. Lacker, Dr. Slmomon this time being tbe lacky man. The second round of the series of mate hoi was flnUhcd F'riday, October 28, Mr. LaMher having on that day defeated J. W. Baird, and having defeated Isaacson the day before.- before.- On fcaturday. night Mr. Laskcr played simultaneously against twenty opponents, waning 15. losing 2 and drawing 3. Messrs. MtSun-ian MtSun-ian MtSun-ian aud HarWiorne were the whiners. On Monoay tho third and final round of tbe matches be?an. ilaj. 11 an ham made a Kaliant tight, but was compelled to succumb. succumb. Ou Tuesday Ur. Suuoiisou. .cored bis victory, which is given below. KUY LOl'EZ. White (Tr. Slmonson), Black (fr. Laskcr). 1 P K 4 1 P K 4 3 Kt K B 3 2-Kt 2-Kt 2-Kt Q B 3 it K Kt 5 a Kt H 3 4 P Q 4 4 KtxK V 5 CisUo 3 Kt Q 3 ,ttBxht 6-4 6-4 6-4 PaU Z - AIM, ! ''rA fi h 5 -sfci -sfci &MM 1toJSA tyWS WSS j -',; -',; A. I i V.M-Mi V.M-Mi V.M-Mi W.j s,.,4& VtirJi feari fe-aJ fe-aJ fe-aJ M 7 rxp S Q.Q (eh) 0 Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 3 10 B B 4 . 11 Q B Q sq (ch) 12 r-h.t r-h.t r-h.t K sq (a) 13 B i 3 14 Kt a 3 15 1' Ii 4 itt b a 17 BxP 1-4-Jv 1-4-Jv 1-4-Jv 1-4-Jv 1-4-Jv Kt K 4 10 It Q 2 CO P K K 3 K K Q sq 2 KxK 1:3 K it SO. J4 H-Kt H-Kt H-Kt 3 (C) 85 Kt K 3 7 Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 4 8 KxQ P-K P-K P-K It 3 10 B K 3 11 K B sq 12 P K Kt 4 13 P Kt 3 14 P B 4 15 P B 5 10 PiP 17 K Kt 2 (b) 18 K B 3 - 19 B K 3 SO Q B Q S4 . 2t Hxil 22 R K Kt sq 33 Kt B -3 -3 24 Kt Kt 3 (d) 25 K Kt 3 il K K B sq . 27 P Q II 4 2K K H a SB R Q sq 50 Bxlt 31 B B 3 32 P Kt 4 (e) 3 PxK P 34 KtxKt 35 It Kt 8 3tS P Kt 5 37 11 Q 4 38 B it 3 (Ch) 39 B B sq I) 40 K Q a 41 BxKt ' 4-J 4-J 4-J K K 3 43 P H 3 44 B Kt 2 45 H B sq 40 PxK P 47 P U 3 4 P B 4 (ch) 49 K B 2 bo K Kt 3 51 K.P 52 B Kt 2 63 KxB 64 K B 3 55 KlP 56 K K 3 57 K Q 4 58 K Q 3 M K 4 3 OO K B sq 61 K Kt sq 62 K B 2 U3 K Kt sq 64 K B sq 65 K Kt l (g) so K u sq its Kt B a . 27 V 3 28 Kt K 4 2. K B M ltxlt 31 K IC 3 3 2 B B 4 ::' I XB 4 34 Kt B 4 -HxKt -HxKt : 3U P-Jv P-Jv P-Jv Si 37 B Kt ft 38 B U 6 30 B Kt a 40 P K 5 41 1 11 8 42 Kill a:i P Kt 4 44 P H 7 4o-rB 4o-rB 4o-rB U 0 4 P H 3 . 47 IIP 41 R 4 4H VxV (eh) SO B Q a 51 B B 4 52 11 K 5 53 BxB 54 K Q 3 ij KxP B 5 CO KxP 57 K Kt 6 &H P K 5 5'.) P M 4 0t P H 5 1 KXP 62 P B 63- 63- K-Kt K-Kt K-Kt 5 tV4 K B 5 5K-4J 5K-4J 5K-4J O IK! K (J 7 67 P B T US P B 8 Ot) (h) 87 K K 3 68 Bosiirns KOTE1S BY MB. LASKKR. (a) A very good manoeuvre, in order to push the K. B P. , - (b) Here B Q B 4 was preferable. In reply to Q Kt K 4, B K 3 should loUow. (- (- It, tliroateus KtxKt P. (d) Tho Kt ought to have gone bark to B 4. where he was placed to great advantage. advantage. . el A blunder, which loes a pawn for rtothng. Kither P K B 4 or KtxK P, followed by Kt Q 6, was the right couttn-nation. couttn-nation. couttn-nation. ... ifi Thta move throw away h's chance for a draw, which black eould have secured .v U Kt 2. After this, move while na murh t!v9 superior game. (Kt Now, black plays for a stale mate. If white plays P-B P-B P-B 7 ch, black anwers K it ai iirt tho fftuna ia drawn. (h) of course, not a queou on account of stale mate. CENTRE COLLEGE WINS. Another Foot-Ball Foot-Ball Foot-Ball Victory Added to an Unbroken List. Danville, Ky, Nov. 5. (Special.) The Center College foot-hall foot-hall foot-hall eleven added another victory to 'an unbroken list, this afternoon, when they defeated the University of Cincinnati team by score of twelve to four. Tbe game was an exciting one, being stubbornly fouglrt from the start. It was witnessed by the laigest crowd ever on the ground. There were no scores made in the first half of the game, and after a ten-min ten-min ten-min ute rest the men went at it again. Cincinnati Cincinnati scored a touch-down touch-down touch-down on a fum ble, but failed to luck tho goal. Van Winkle then mado a great run for cen ter, and 13crry Made a good luck. This performance was repeated when Swango, after a desperate struggle, mauo anotner touch-down. touch-down. touch-down. Robinson, tho captain of the' Cinein-nntia. Cinein-nntia. Cinein-nntia. li:nl his left arm dislocated at the 'elbow, and. was replaced by Wood ward. The winners play the Athletic Association team at Louisville next Sab. uiday. The teams- teams- lined up as follows: Centre College. Position. - CincinnaU. Williaiiia........Ceiitm-ruh Williaiiia........Ceiitm-ruh Williaiiia........Ceiitm-ruh Chambers. Volitott. , ...Kiht Ruaru. ...taiea. ...Left Kuard......lriftln. ... hiffht taokla.... Hotolerboff. ,...leitta:k!o......Kirsey. , . . . RiB nt end. . . 7. . -Capfe -Capfe Robinson . l-rtMl l-rtMl l-rtMl HoWm. Bovr Hedl'iird. .. Cook Vatican.... Vanwinki. . Capt Berry Ooarter hack...Iucuard. Hudson Kittht half-back. half-back. half-back. Iwrence. . Hanlm ....lft half-back.. half-back.. half-back.. Isbara. Saango Full bck......,Lau;beim. Iltfree Foley : Empire Horace Cochrane: Cochrane: Time-keeper Time-keeper Time-keeper Levy ; Manugur of Ciu-eiijnati-W. Ciu-eiijnati-W. Ciu-eiijnati-W. Ciu-eiijnati-W. Ciu-eiijnati-W. S. Mattux.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 06 Nov 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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