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cut at want you common l u s e to f ig nt Communist aggression--military, political and economic ev- I weapons. But I believe history may well demonstrate that Washington Merry-Go-Round Point 4 Simple Weapon Against Red Aggression By STANLEY ANDREWS Technical Co-operation Administrator Department of State WASHINGTON--There are many weapons which the free world frighten condi- fective weapon we have in the struggle against Communism is 4 Program. eco- I r U1 , ike mos , t thin P of fundamental greatness, Point 4 is very simple. themselves--by teaching and sharing America's scientific knowledge and technical ; - way. They and upon evidences would L E , I heard give bankers met and federal all, to he as working how work asked to what Perhaps 1942 to a Wednesday Nauth, Jay round 1927 to for the 1877 skills with the peoples of the under- ! underdeveloped areas are waking developed areas of the world. | up to the pPote ntialities o£ life ,-* Point 4 is not a product of our defense defense effort and it is not a substitute substitute for defense, but Point 4 is no less a source of strength for the free world. Some of the countries with which the 20th century. Many of them have recently gained national in. dependence. They are learning hunger, disease and ignorance not be their everlasting heritage. It is in the tradition and the the U. S. is co-operating through ] tory of America that we help the Point 4 program lie directly j Point 4 is the vehicle on which in the path of Soviet expansion In most of these underdevelopec areas the threat of Communism i not a military threat, and it can not be met with military meas res. Guns are no defense against poverty, poverty, ignorance, and unrest. In the underdeveloped areas the only sure defense against the spread of Com mum'sm and other forms of tyran ny is a powerful, concentrated attack attack on disease and hunger anc their evil consequences. Point 4 is our weapon for this attack. attack. People-to-PeopI* Program Point 4 is a new kind of diplom acy. Point 4 diplomats are dungaree dungaree and blue jeans diplomats-- .eachers, health officers, engineers, engineers, farm-demonstration agents who work directly with the people n the villages and on the farms. Point 4 is a people-to-people pro- j g r a m . U. S. technicians working with technicians of other countries are not concerned with political problems. In ths midst of anti-U.S. disturbances Iran, American vacation and Iranian technicians continued to work side by side, trying to do a job that means more food, clean water, lower infant mortality, fewer fewer deaths of mothers in childbirth. Our work with the peoples of the Point 4 countries is very similar, similar, in fact, to your own people-to- people efforts. Drew Pearson--the friendship train, the tide of toys, and the letter-writing campaign between the people of Italian descent descent in the United States and their scientific knowledge, technical inventions inventions and material progress become traveling companions with our ideals, our hopes and aspirations aspirations for achieveing real brotherhood brotherhood among men. Accomplishments of Program What has Point 4 accomplished? More than 1,000 TCA technicians are overseas working with some 20,000 nationals in 35 countries. native "counterparts" of our Point 4 workers are being taught the skills and knowledge of American technicians. For the basic principle principle of Point 4 is to train the peoples of the participating counties so that each country can take its own programs. For example, the Etawah Agricultural Agricultural Project in India is now run entirely by Indians. In Liberia, Liberia, Frank Pinder, an extension agent from Florida, has helped Uberian farmers produce a 1 cash crop by providing 24 cocoa seeds for two cents. Point 4 workers , reduced crop losses in Lebanon by showing the Lebanese citrus farm- weathers modern ways of picking, ship- ,,;,,,, .,,,,! ,,,,,!,,«»,, «._:_ ----- )ing and marketing their crops In Ecuador, C o l u m b other Latin American countrie, health workers have almost e'umi nated the dread tropical disease raws. A new disease-resistant rub er tree has been developed in ^atin America. Malaria is being irought under control in the Near East. Perhaps I should close this guesi :olumn with a prediction on "the hape of things to come." I am willing to predict that the Ameri an people and the peoples of the relatives in Italy which helped j free world will turn more and swing the 1947 Italian elections for I in the years to come to the democracy. I * principle not only as a potenl Point 4 has been called idealistic. | * eapon aga . in . st Communism, but If Point 4 is idealism, it is hard-1 P,f , use technical assistance is the hpsrfprf nraphVai iriBa'iicm Thm-B diplomacy of the future." Even the Russians are imitating Point 4 while their propaganda attacks it. And one more prediction: Buz Sawyer, the famed cartoon- strip character who is helping fight the locust plague in Iran will trap the blonde Russian agent, kill the locusts, and discover uranium in Southern Asia. Governor Kennon May Back Ike BATON ROUGE, La. «t--Demo- cratic Gov. Robert Kennon of Louisiana Louisiana may back Republican nominee nominee Dwight Eisenhower for the presidency. Kennon, who has criticized Gov. Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic presidential candidate, spoke favorably favorably of Eisenhower and the GOP platform at a press conference conference yesterday and added: "I expect to have an announcement announcement this weekend on the national headed, practical idealism. There are sound economic reasons behind Point 4. Rising national income, more productive agriculture, and greater industrial activity make other nations better customers for United States' products and commodities. They create markets for American businessmen and jobs for American workers Beyond self-interest, the motives For Point 4 are embedded deeply in our American democratic tradition. tradition. The peoples of the underdeveloped underdeveloped areas of the world--in Asia, Africa, Africa, the Middle East, Latin Amerca--are Amerca--are awakening after centuries of impotence and subjection to | outside domination. In the 18th cen- | tury they were largely passed over by the industrial revolution and the political revolutions of France and America. Even the most commonplace commonplace measures as we regard our health and sanitation are unknown to millions of them. Hundreds of millions cannot read or write and have never known the use of the ballot. The billion human souls in these I political situation. of if if a n n me galloping.

Clipped from
  1. The Winona Republican-Herald,
  2. 04 Sep 1952, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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