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prairie view 2 - MASS MEDIA ARTS dept. at Hampton Institute...
MASS MEDIA ARTS dept. at Hampton Institute Institute goes through the paces of television production. The small screen attracts many Prairie View in effort to help rural ghetto by manpower project . PRAIRIE VIEW - Prairie View A&M college is recognized recognized in its efforts to help the community; this time their aim is the rural ghetto. An "Experimental and Demonstration Manpower Manpower Project" began at P.V. in 1967. Thc objective of the project is to design, develop, and evaluate a program of occupational training for rural rural under - employed and unemployed unemployed persons. In addition to job skill, training, the program includes includes Fundamental studies, Communication Skills, Cultural Cultural Orientation and Occupational Occupational Education. The program program which is funded by the United States Department of Labor will soon become the Prairie View Rural Manpower Manpower Sk:lls Center. Praire View A&M college is equipped for the Manpower Manpower Project by its geographical geographical location, its facilit'es and its, established community community relationships to meet the contractual objectives of recruitment recruitment of the rural disadvantaged disadvantaged persons, the conduct conduct of the training, and gaining the cooperat'on of various community agencies in thc overall program in Southeast Texas. The Manpower Manpower Project comes under the supervision of the - Industrial Industrial Industrial Education dept. at PTV. Several easy steps lead into into the Manpower program. The Manpower Field Workers Workers or Outreach Workers go out into ' the rural areas to make the initial contact with rural residents and inform them of the program at P.V. Some of these contacts are made through county judges and the neighborhood centers. centers. Recruiting is from a twelve county area. . Before a recruit is selected selected for the Manpower Project there is individual and family family counseling. The recruit is tested carefully to see if he can fit into a training program program and then he" is counseled counseled and tested to see what training he seeks; and most importantly, does he meet the guidelines set up by Senior moves ahead Y " 4 u.T MAMIE BOWDRE Iff 1 : students who look forward to a career in the mass media. r the Department cf Labor. "We do, not . discriminate against anyone," states Billy Howard, director of the' Man - , power Project at P.V., "but they must meet the guidelines guidelines before we can recruit them." After a recruit is selected to enter the vocat onal training training program, the local office of Texas Employment Commission Commission is contacted and they sign him ui. More extensive extensive c o unseling takes place. Billy Howard feels. "We are working w;th the attitude of the trainee mostly." mostly." Training is available" in these occupational areas: Hotel and Restaurant Cooking, Cooking, Meat Cutting, Automotive Automotive Mechanics. Farm Mechanics, Mechanics, Dry Cleaning and Pressing, Nurse's Aid. Clerk Typing, Computer Programming, Stenography, Key Punch Operation, and Landscape Gardening. The vocational training time per - y iod vane's with each occupation. occupation. During the training, each trainee receives a stipend. This helps to support the family until the training period is finished. This Experimental Experimental and Demonstration Demonstration Manpower Project is approved for Veteran's Benefits. Benefits. Consequently, all veteran veteran trainees are eligible to receive GI benefits in addition addition to the stipend. A trainee is trained for a specific vocation then he is sent back to his hometown to begin work. The Manpower Manpower Project does not wish to separate the - trainee from his family. Bus s transportation is provided daily by - Manpower Manpower for the rural commuters commuters from their hometown to Prairie View, i This - way the trainee returns home to h;s family each evening and he remains part of his family throughout his training. Jean Lavalais, a senior counselor with Manpower, finds that certain characteristics characteristics are prevalent in their rural trainees. "They are usually highly sensitive and ALBANY, Ga. Mamie Bowdre. a senior psychology major at Albany (Ga.) State college, has been awarded an assistantshiip to pursue graduate studies at Western Illinois University. A nat;ve of Augusta, Ga., Miss Bowdre has been granted granted an assistantship for the 1971 - 72 academic, year of more than $2,600 including the waiving of all tuition and registration fees. Miss Bowdre is a member of the psychology club, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, and Alpha Sigma Sigma Psi. "It is a real honor to be . chosen for this opportunity opportunity to do graduate work in psychology at Western Illinois," she said when questioned questioned about her acceptance of the academic offer. "I only hope I can justify my department's faith in recommending recommending me for this honor." The daughter of Mrs. Jessie Jessie M. Bowdre of B - 30 Sharon Sharon rd., Augusta, Miss Bowdre Bowdre graduated from T.W. Josey high school in Augusta. slow to be motivated." quotes M ss Lavalais. However, just becoming a part of the college college atmosphere seems to serve as a stimulus. Otuslde lecturers are also brought in to stimulate trainees. There are more 'women in this Manpower vocational training training program. M;ss Lavalais explains, "There are more women than men in the rural areas, also men are hard to find, and then they are harder harder to convince to join the program." The Experimental & Demonstration Demonstration Manpower Project has had very positive results. results. The project is a source of satisfaction for Samuel Collins, Dean of P.V.'s School of Industrial Education Education and Technology. The School of Industrial i Education Education benefits from the program program because trainees are advancing in technical areas. "We see a student come in and leave with skills that help them to secure employment," employment," praises Dean Collins. He states, "Trainees1 are helped in terms of their livelihood livelihood because they can now make higher salaries." J FIRST BLACK PAGE IN appointed by State Representative Reed. He began his .duties to right honorable G. Sage of the house of representatives; Is there a 1Q. for i Is it really ture that black children are not mentally equal to white children? It is true that black adults are not mentally equal to white adults? Opnron on these two questions questions has been strong ever since moralists began to question the institution of slavery hundreds of years ago. European slavers, striving to justify their iniquituous trafficking in human bondage, bondage, argued that blacks we're mentally inferior to whites and that therefore whites were within their rights when they enslaved black humans. Thc same argument has bern passed down through many generations apd ias been enshrined (among other other places) in the halls of

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  1. The Pittsburgh Courier,
  2. 04 Sep 1971, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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