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Ait-lot Or-baas lia-praved mar-kit te ; te w. Ot Inc. at at gene as ew the poor Weat-eta so laod-erately la kram nrm held aa d rluo-Uun Treat lXt3; frwa gen of - on k, Communlsxtions aad sixhssgss fog tkls departttieat ahouid ba arlrl rrl m tan rati The Loubivtlle Cheat Cluk foorns 813 end kit Oomeierce Buildlna. Fourth and Mala. Rooms opra at ail hours, Ul cheat kmyert weiconted. Problrm No. 06. Fln prUe la tourney of the Globe. By A. r. Mxctanxle. " Black (91. fit, John. mm mm m mm m m n & w mtwi rCski fe65 l m m m m m fi m ki fit?? -ri wr tj-'-i nltlU to White tl. piay aud mate in two moves. mate la 409 :at-0a LikiO; pet-leg 4 pscko re. aeaiatioBs. PB0BLFJ N. 93. Kolved by W. It. niertbn. Loubtvlllo; Mr. T. 11. Hood. Cyeaiilona: B. C. U. FiliaabotkbKra; C II. b uoy, Haniiiwa, Otuw. rtr- lent. In Problem No. 94, puhlUtiod laat week; the white Et on Ka euoukl be on iliiil. A atetnl tvilltant. Tbe ful lowing game was played between lilt boreno llLtkiieha, Irtnre Dadix:-, of Wlnsrriia, and l.-de rkuitten. bcotw and uutcw Uvui the Xew York Incuue. iAXVlO (1AJIUIT. White (M. de fcnultcii). lOi.ik tPrince Dailsn). 1 l-K4 1-P-K4 e 1 Kit a-ii'xp KKt it3 3-iF KKtt 4 li 114 4i Kt6 6 Kt Hi b iQ It6 ch.) 'r-K-BBJ. &-w' KtO I.V) 7 KJvt ilil 7-fO-i4 e rv-W4 ICl Kt ua 9-ri' q;j ie qj iikfb ;ts 11 KtxPlcb) (b ll-Ut Q IV Atari id W-KKt Ua lit Qtll ia K Kt Ml- (d) 14- kt ii. 1. (et It- I' -bat Ui Ij-hh nxr u ItV-iiig 16 IxK 17-U-K3 f 17-P-K9 (Q) (ch) Is Id . 1 Ktxl' (ch) lb K K3 19 QxB icr.l JO K-qi (1! aik-Q07 (ch 1 kxk-t ill R k. sq. tchl tsi tv vi and Black atutouncsU tbrte tnote (J) NOTEa. ia It Is aa e.iatnaae.1 coadlbVm hi this opei i tag tout Waits suOierts hinuaalf to aa surly ciuiiiter attack from which it is la-tMMled to cnmiate with a etroos erutoc. alboit wDiootimas a P behind. Tlie tine here miopied Is nut euuimendaule. One of the beat Waua of prueeeure I Vvt im, ute mventioe ot Ue into llerr acuulbef. of Vaenna. lU eOect ts baaed est the follow, log main euuU oust ken : 7 Uxf. 7 Qxsi: 8 AlxU. V v4 ; U-Sjt, at EiQ. wia-amg at toast tae eubarige. lU Wbite has done wed wo far. and par. haps ha could alio safely make Ibe leen-mt rapture, though KttKBP would Lave chtared Ilia game aoooer. FBtdty Judgment. It waa of mack greater imsorvnore to dxapeaek the adweran attackiag pawns oa tbe kmc a aadn, whtch. be euukt have done by returniag witk kt Qo. d) Threatening BxKt, fuDowed ultimately by P K.17 ch. (et 14. Kt sq is one or nice t sxronseea renuuroee In different situs clot a arUlng ia this opening, as well aa In tbe bishop's gambit. It would have worked -weB here, snd IT Black answered 14-KxKt. then 16 OxB. 16 PxP eh: 1 K B aa, 16 Q EUi: 17 RxP. 17 KtxP; It) EBxP, It) QxB; 19 Qxk't, etc. f) A lovely move and the leader of still Bner attacking tactic. ' (p An uncoiiunouly brilliant sacrifice of tbe queen. (hi Tautamonnt to eunender, -wberean there was good fight left after 17 B KIM, 17 P ouesu ch; 1 E IE. Id PxP; 18 KtxP, 19 QxR; ik P K5, with strong erav ter pawns nad aa attack asalnit the ex-poeud king la compantlin tor tbe ! at Ilk exrbAOge. (11 -M ExKt, SO 15 K il rh: SI B K. tl RiB ck;-J3 K-O.5. vrwUd have delayed mass, bat of cwine rumld not avert defeat. Ot Whieb t etrected by 23 K K4 eh; 23 KxP, 33 QxOP eh : it It Q 5. 4 QxB Biate. Tbe creaier part of the game and the termination are Played la excellent style by Black. News aad taetvain. The seventh con tress of the Geanaa r9.aa Ajumtatlan betion at Droalnn. July JS. In tbe International tonrnaroent theen were oishteen entnea. 'P to mi writing tdx TouBds have Been played. Makovna leads with A 14. The avrards la problem venmev No. 5 ef raw ta. John Of. li-i Uvobe enwe bean wo. a F. Mackensie eeme first, aocood. fUta, and tdnth prises. Cbaa. S. Jacobs gets third prlao, and Jno, o. rugg tuui. A ohnis club hat been organised at Cxaenovia. N. Y. i It a

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 24 Jul 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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