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 - ani Kentucky in June and July, since tier has...
ani Kentucky in June and July, since tier has been practically no spring fport. , , Some fine fishint it reported when the water is right at Dv puty. Ind. A party of Louiiv.lle anglers is preparlog to go titers when tlie weat'ier oponw It on- on- fia s of . Charles W.Ikee, Clurles Me-Nel!. Me-Nel!. Me-Nel!. J. S. K-rr. K-rr. K-rr. John Powler. John KenwirK, r.u Lrr, james aioeu ana Leonard llubcr. Jacob Korb waa out fiabtng the ether day for the first tin in h.s life and was ao acJi slited that he is now a thor ough ausler and wan s to go all the time.' .Mr. &uti is soina to Jlu tho fcyencucay FUh and Game Protective Aanooiatioa at its next meeting. . . . . 'Warren MJis, while seining at the foot of tlie canal TliUKday afternoon, caught twelve handsome goggle-eyes. goggle-eyes. goggle-eyes. 1 Tlie squirrel season, when it opens. Juno I, will see many hunter slmuld.-r slmuld.-r slmuld.-r their guns and take to the woods. Muny -uirci-la -uirci-la -uirci-la -uirci-la are btmir killed now uudor lne wrung iuipi-eieiwu iuipi-eieiwu iuipi-eieiwu that there, is no law prutoouug them. - : I James Smith was lishing at the forks nf Floyd's Fork one plcanant dity last week and had evuUk-ut evuUk-ut evuUk-ut luek. lie laud ed tweuiy-Si-veu tweuiy-Si-veu tweuiy-Si-veu tweuiy-Si-veu tweuiy-Si-veu luuidsume hues.' . ' - The' members ef tiie flab and Game ! ITotecUve Association are on tue anxious teat, and are prayibg daily that the Uay MU bi.l will nut nieet in the ISeuato the sauia lau as did Uie bpalding bill. vjk hn"imiri! waa a.opud Ui tue lluuao on Mouday by a uaudwuM maj-rity maj-rity maj-rity ot au tu 14. il . tlie iHi. ixnviuua a kit Mlu ,ny erturt is male to enforce it, Uie club will aicun take up uie - tuaiier oi uockiug with uah all tue suvwms of the state. -. -. The following eoortsmen from George Uiwn have joiued Uio Boiutuoay i'iati aud iaui'.' Prutecuve AssxciaHiuu : Sib U. Long, ! 'jftiodea U lltuutas. O'-orjo O'-orjo O'-orjo t. irowii i. i. Warnock, 1. C. Boil, iloory Cray, Julin T. i-warr. i-warr. i-warr. A. Li. liurkley. J. T. aiu iJair, L ii iiociair, Junius vv. Jolinaun, i. 11. Kuttoer and John laws; j. tL f.j.nkss ff V-atar. V-atar. V-atar. aaa.n assirl J kl n Ll V i Lsav M(UltW4S VI ftvt. w U aaaaa rvMH "" S . f Oreat CroeMOg. A4 axe membaft oi the Oeorgewwn club. . "lttrk Oorliam recently returned from W Incite ter and tells a sUrv tliat is wurtu iiriuirtiig Up betore Uie ftiachester lulling lulling Cluli lie frays that at tlie lurita-thitt lurita-thitt lurita-thitt of friend be weut out to witness tue doprvtiutiuus of ft Cignig purty. T tie men lurod a 1st of cuiutvJ Uhu tu do ttrt hard work, - In the muruing Uireo I at tela ot txtas were oaugna. Mr. trjr- trjr- bam ftoked tho men why tney aid not onl:ne ttietuse.vea to Wie rod and reel. aud they reuurlted thai that kind of nail ing waa too alow. The Board of Directors of tho Kentucky llali aiui Uawe Protective Aiamcaautm wai this wek IntAruet Keouruiua aeare- aeare- tury 1 t.t sen an to send out notices that tist annual asteaamenta are now due. i -y -y aro duo txoiu and altor the lata of Will H. Day has iust returned from Tedar Lake aud report tiiai Uia waters q re in cimditiuB lur xouik-nt xouik-nt xouik-nt spurt. : -it -it fiAhlug has bvua good aud eroppieft been biuug meiy. New Vork Came and Fish Pre- Pre- WAl,r, harti at wurk durin. A aril I r tfct s .L tt".r ou; tiie bidden oe. of the hull p. iK-r. iK-r. iK-r. Ar-ci-ruittg Ar-ci-ruittg Ar-ci-ruittg Ar-ci-ruittg Ar-ci-ruittg t i the latst re rv .n t',wr havo lifiraved aba ut tl Si wo-th wo-th wo-th of nets. "I. W. Poud, who guards the eounikw bordering- bordering- on Lake Chutn-paiiu Chutn-paiiu Chutn-paiiu ivi:r. tiiat be has captured and distmyed uineleen gill ueta aud six tyke net, valued at t'Hi, that w-re w-re w-re hidden in Laike Chnmnbtin Ivtwtvn lljltuburrh and at Kite's lNitnt - Pmteotor ilarnwu Hiwn. of the Teeth clvrtct. embracing tlie eountios of ODondnga, Madison. Oneida snd Oweeo. reports the capture - and burning of two eej nee, one gill net, one fyke net and twelve trap nets, which hsd len et in Oneida Lake. - Tne value of the nota was f ait). lYoteetnr Oorge BL Schwaxtr. of the Fimrieerith dutriotv including the conn. ti of Monrne. Ontario, Livingston. Or leans, Wyumiug aud Ceneeee. fletroyed ft.iait wor h at nets. Protector Henry C. Carr, of the Twelfth district, imbruing the onuntics of Cayuga, Senesa. Tioga, Tomnkins and Wayne, re ports the devruv tlnn af a lrfge eof-rack eof-rack eof-rack worth $200, two fyke nets valued at $40 and tree fyke Iters vslu-l vslu-l vslu-l at 360. 1 Voter tor IaaO Ken-well. Ken-well. Ken-well. of the Fourth dbitriet, which takes In' Hamilton, .-Waaldiiirton .-Waaldiiirton .-Waaldiiirton snd Wanv-n Wanv-n Wanv-n counties, has capturvxl fonrteon set lines afwl t-arn t-arn t-arn tn VT-tft VT-tft VT-tft h STM. ISllteCtoT Jompb ortJirupt of the Eleventh dia-tri-t, dia-tri-t, dia-tri-t, dia-tri-t, dia-tri-t, captured In one day n LaJtepn-t'e'e LaJtepn-t'e'e LaJtepn-t'e'e aex enV "lfh nrt. Prtee-or Prtee-or Prtee-or Cnas. J?!pon, of the Fifteenth district, captured captured one seine werth $25. Protee-r Protee-r Protee-r John Ilunkin caDtured in Black Lake ael O' -irat -irat chie river one gill and two drag not. 1 1 CtmBiiiaio.Uuus aaft eacbanges for tbla Srpai taieot abouM be Siinraiss te . tbe sasas editur. :; Tbe loulsrtlle Cbsss Club wtsets at rooms 613 and 614 Commeres building. Fourth and Mala. ' Room open at all bours. Alt saeat playera weM-oinea. weM-oinea. weM-oinea. Torreape'i esee. - H. H. V... lfsrthltiwn-naT lfsrthltiwn-naT lfsrthltiwn-naT eonrprted wKfl your request, i Many fwiiaa ror tbe prooiem; it aiiau oe axaininca. t iwb.e 8S. - Srernid prize, eaeavie, tourney ef fee Bristol Mrcury. , , By W. Oleat. t ; (Black 8I. tuXSi fMm tm.-ti tm.-ti tm.-ti . . t,im i mz-stn mz-stn mz-stn DOSO'D S vuLaJ ui- ui- LJ- LJ- L4 U White i8). T4le to pUy aod mate in two moves. K.-mt K.-mt K.-mt Oiia. PROBLEM KO. 83. 1. V KIJ4. solved by iW, H. tlicrton. XaxnsviUe: T. H. llootL ClttMnna: B. C L TJUs, betbtown; U. 6. Jaooin, Da iiuinoa, la. Errlaji. ' In problem No. t. of fcsat Sunday, tlie pawn eo white KES (htt should bs a black onentakJig tea white aod sevea black lb- lb- hwlia. Lia ats Halea. Several sdjournmeots save beea bod In tla la4 week, ow-ug ow-ug ow-ug to lh iBOJapoatoo of bote piayurt, and on.ywo games wars IHafed. Tlie twUtio. gauio, an imf. Ur, i ly aa oraaa on Uie -&U -&U niovo. T:m tiiarieaiiji gauis. May ij, kM Orwwn. boon i Lipacbit.a, i : abowaiier. 1; arawD, . - Sovouo gams, clayed May a. . K17Y XufEX. White CShowJier). 1 P&. 4 . !- !- . US a u Kt 4 1' a 4 -liX.t -liX.t K.I B S V 7 a-tties a-tties a-tties . t fxP 5 j K t . Ill H k 3 11 K It Q aa k 3 13 ICt-Q ICt-Q ICt-Q S . 1 i. i UUck (UpachuU). J l IC 4 - a ki v b a a a 4 it :a , ft bail a ' . . 7 Kt-K. Kt-K. Kt-K. eU i"xi 3 ta) l iT-u iT-u iT-u a is -. -. a , i h k a 14 aotle (K B) 15 Q H 3 . It ij U q 17 U K so. (h)--.. (h)--.. (h)--.. (h)--.. Is tiH sq 10 VH-U VH-U VH-U n (C fiO atxlkl Aq Kt s' j5 8. iS-B iS-B iS-B q . 84 Kt It 3 -ss iws. u 8 is) B B K q a si h a SH Kt B : 9 O U a . 80 u a ft 81 U kt . is kt a ft , ie Ki Q ft .... . " J' Vr- Vr- 1 y at 8 ttf a.txK.1 F Vlt vixll 81--Q 81--Q 81--Q 81--Q B 4 S I' ' K: 24 K Q 3 V Kt II 3 : S-tO-B S-tO-B S-tO-B S-tO-B S-tO-B 8 r9 o a 4 - SO Kt Q S -8l -8l a at a t i i" i m Poaitoo alter WBlte'a 82ml move I niaek Upvhutz (lit. White bnowwltwf (13. 8-J 8-J 8-J Kt k 3 83 KtxP (call (g) 3J i-xlU i-xlU i-xlU m y k a n-ai n-ai n-ai i ai u Kt ft ieb - 3 K a-t a-t a-t a ai l h o (cb . ' 3 , ii a J; vxl (oh 87 K kt 9 as li Q ft -. -. 8 Kt 3 il UXsl Healua. - (at Ur. Retails UOuks tola Kt should bav Cia fc ti aq. lb I T.i prevent IS KtxB P (Ch). Out 8 aa waa aiueh batter. - (c) Tbis retires tht Q mm ftctivo plav. Hit R Q Kt Sd wil not ad, for Haeo KtxB. ett Very bad. After Loll Ma U Wfil be ult the board. lei Tbla enwtea a weakness ea Sis K .Ue. oi which Mr. 6howalter taans advaa- advaa- un in a nna atraca. it FVcant vUt. 6es diagram ot tbla Una Io4(ti." l a ueaunrui conn-nauott conn-nauott conn-nauott ana naamvw. Qghtn gaete. slaved Mav ft. . u . FEENCH DEFKSSR. truta rUpwfcutr). blaek (SLowaitar) I P K 4 1 P K 3 . S l-Q l-Q l-Q 4 8 Ji KI ft (a) 4 PXP V-K V-K V-K Kt B 3 ft--K ft--K ft--K ft--K C (es4 fo) 7 Kl K ft ft-4'XB ft-4'XB ft-4'XB a-P-Q a-P-Q a-P-Q a-P-Q a-P-Q 4 a-Kt-a a-Kt-a a-Kt-a a-Kt-a a-Kt-a b s 4 PxP : ft-B-Q ft-B-Q ft-B-Q ft-B-Q ft-B-Q 8 tv Kt B 8 Cat T n K 8 ; S BxKt l kt a "".- "".- ft ItxKt 10 TaaCsa. 11- 11- P-K P-K P-K B 4 j-jlQ j-jlQ j-jlQ KtS 13 Q-H Q-H Q-H ft 14 11 Kt 8 S v i-rxP i-rxP i-rxP lrt R K S4. 17-Kfr-Q 17-Kfr-Q 17-Kfr-Q 17-Kfr-Q 17-Kfr-Q 2 lot -" 1 B K ft 19 Q B-K B-K B-K S, 50- 50- KI-n KI-n KI-n 8 51 0 Q 8 3-Kt 3-Kt 3-Kt a 4 8-RsKi 8-RsKi 8-RsKi -4-R-K. -4-R-K. -4-R-K. -4-R-K. -4-R-K. -4-R-K. 3 -8V-J -8V-J -8V-J -8V-J Q B 4 -CCBKt -CCBKt 8 87 BR 3 (O - ' SS IV-Kt IV-Kt IV-Kt 8 . S-' S-' S-' B R 8 n BR 10 PxB 11 Jtie. 12 B B 4 13 R K SO, . 14 PB- PB- 8 IV-P1H IV-P1H IV-P1H lft-B lft-B lft-B Kt 8 IT Q KI 4 14 Kl B cn it Kt k a :iwr-x :iwr-x :iwr-x b sc. 1-Q-K 1-Q-K 1-Q-K 1-Q-K 1-Q-K S -3 -3 P K S SO-KtxKt SO-KtxKt SO-KtxKt 4 O K S f n e. eft P Q B 8 C7-Q C7-Q C7-Q K . B SU. en Q it K B aq. r.o R K. an. rv r 1.- 1.- m m SI n It A ' Andb'HB plsyais pet-rstlnf pet-rstlnf pet-rstlnf in ttslr ftwrss. tlis same was oraTi. KOTT-S KOTT-S KOTT-S BT W. sTElKlTi tconoflnsstu. (a) BfJectM s by pTayers ar4 auuuii tue wr uo wuci, 1 v -. -. l ut b.'ra'a n-el n-el n-el eonuuuaUoa sseais ta les4 Is ss even rsme. (b) H bv. pertspa, ftrtrlaabls to pisy kere KU-K3 KU-K3 KU-K3 taTirter tu aroKI tha suauUf sasaU- sasaU- "kP'Thls aW k fbs tnrsotlon f Mr. V.lwatar. was nrU pUyed H In bis aaatoh Id) Ayparenttf rtsar, as tas tootst-a tootst-a tootst-a In at4w ii 1 wvuk. t ut aU real oausr aaa Icon jirovklas asaiaab - . ir Ai-iia Ai-iia Ai-iia 14mt turns " t tf-tenls tf-tenls tf-tenls (nikiik. u lS-StAP, lS-StAP, lS-StAP, FKt: 1BXK. t ip PP. OH B q. Kr r. wlra. 1 37 " 0 would hsTs bea 4aCf-on 4aCf-on 4aCf-on seSmni el sii--ls7. sii--ls7. sii--ls7. sii--ls7. MPj rn-FiP rn-FiP rn-FiP iju), lixa; SO-lxR. SO-lxR. SO-lxR. and abwiW win. RAMBLEB, LIBERTY, CLEVELAND, UNION, WARWICK, ' V " TELEPHONE, HEaA-ISIllTGr-1 HEaA-ISIllTGr-1 M baa Mr. WCliam A. Kubey now baa "W anV VK"ws?J Watch we . His

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 22 May 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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