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 - shows great form. He has signified bis...
shows great form. He has signified bis intentiuu of going in for the middleweight medal next year. lie will also practice wrestling, at which he ia very good. Offut and Bullitt will probably come together again next year. Oftut la dismantled with tho result of his last match and is anxious to meet Bullitt again, Brandcls, Goodwin and Norton are going in fur running regularly. During the past week the track has been 'alive with sprinters and the hall-totters liave kept tlie ball hot. Another week of flno weatiier and the gymnasium will be deserted for tlio track. FOR THE WHEELMEN. Nous of Interest to Msa Who Ride Blcrelea. It la estimated that there are now 250,000 wheelmen in the United States. This estimate does t Include HV riders, but grown men. Of this number, nearly 30,000 are members of the league of American Wheelmen, while lt least 100,000 are members of local clubs. Such a body of men can net help but be a power politically, if properly managed. Whether or not it would be advisable for wheelmen to go into politics is another question, liecently, In Philadelphia, the cyclist? took a band in electing men to run tiie city, and they caused consternation among tlie professional politicians. They first learned the records of candidates fur Aldermen, and then published these records to the world. Next, they got good meu to run for the office in thirteen wards, and they suc ceeded in electing eight of the thirteen. Tn iLouipville there are about 1,500 wheelmen, and if they should decide to take a hand in politics, tltey Would certainly bo a power. Mr. Ia J. Berger, editor of The Bearings, write aa fol lows on this subject: - We believe the L. A. W. should enter the field of general politics, Systematically guiding the Totes of its (own numbers will not only gain tremendous uowcr. but will instruct tlie gejKTsl public in a new direction, gradually wipe out rotten machine politics and create an interest among the people. which as a matter of fact does nut practically exist -lieir own government. 1 be pe pie think a lot about it. but Iher dou't vote intelligently. It ia easier to elect lionet Alut-rmen, btreet Commissioners Mayors, liood Supervisors, State enators and governors than to deal with dishonest meu elected through eare-ltwsneas. It is absolutely easy, in most cities and State-, for .the cyclists' vote to control eiocuous. Tlie Independent Cyclers have moved from tlio Macauk-y building to the north east corner of Third and Walnut, over ueymers. If the weather ia pleasant this morning the Louisville Cycle Club will lake a run to Jacob lsrk. Dinner will be had at the WiUard Hotel, and in the afternoon members of the club will attend the base-ball game. Capt. A. J. Lamb's wheel was stolen one day last week. The thief tried to sell the wheel to CJ ailie Noelling, and kiter to Euby &, Castle. Mr. Kubv recog nized tlie wheel and compelled the thief to give lt up. Track tickets for the year 1392-113 are now to he had at the Auditorium ticket-office, 422 Fouith avenue. The price is the same as last year. The track is to oe put in perfect condition. The Louisville Cycle Club road race. May 30, and the Prince Welle race, June 24, will be the birgest things in wheeling circles in Louisville this ye Valuable prizes wilt do onered in taoj race. Tom JefTeris made a flying trip to the center of the State last week. The wheel fever ia catching in that section. Mr. W. W. Watt to attending a meeting of the National Kacing Board in New lor it. tie will be home Wednesday. ' Communications and exchanges for this department shoula bs addressed to Ue chess editor. The loulivllle Chess Clua meets at rooms 613 sod 014 Commerce Bulldlna. Fourth and Main. Rooms open at an hours. All cheat players welcomed. Problem No. T4. First prise In tourney of the Hackney Mercury. (By Godfrey I loath cote.) Black (5). ETOT3 ft-a La? tuUx i,Le& I m n i t?M Ei H i Lz k.i L-Jjr White f7L JlTUte to play and mate in two moves. elatlaas. PKOI LEM NO. 71. 1-E-K 6. Solved by F. T. W W. H. Ellerton, Lonls-Tlllo; H. C. Fouts, Laneivllle, Ind. ; B. C L., Kllzahethtown Chem Club, HanUDsburg, Ind. ; C buoiner Jacob, lJta Homes, la. The Diooklra Tearaameat. The following fine game was Blared in the second round of toe championship Uhum nament of the Brooklyn Chess Club. Boors and notes from the Baldmoro Newat EVASa GAMUT. White (Xr. Pollock) Urk (Mr. fiouwelas) 1 P-K 4 1-P-K 4 ' SJ Kt KB 8 S Ktr-QIi 8 8 B-B 4 8 B B 4 4 f-QKt 4 4 BXP 6 P fa 3 6 II U 4 e-caues e P a s 7 P U 4 : 7 I'xP 8 PxP 8-B-KI 8 -kr-B 8 O Kt B 3 (a 10 H-K b 10 PxP fb) 11 15 K 8 Bl-Kt-QM 4 ' 12 R K sq 19-KUO i; t-R 4 (Ch) ' 13 P B 8 14-UxlU 14 B K l-RxP 10-RxB (ch) (c) 17-Kt-K 5 1ft KK sq lKtxKt 1C O Q ie PxK d) 17 Q B sq IS Kt 0 4 (e) lO-Ll'xKt 20-J-fc: 5 (ch) vo KQ sq .White mates In two. (a) A radical error in the Evans when the center pawns fas ieen exchaiiRea. rue knight should not be deployed unral meas-urai have been taken, either by Kt R 4 or II Ct 5, to prevent the cooperation of White's K Kt and B against the K B P. b If P Q 4. 11-PxKt, PxB. 12 R R sq eh.. K-B Bq. 13 B B S ch., K Kt q. 14 P Q 6, with a powerful attack. (e) The sserlflce of the exchange Is Recess ry to prevent BUek msn Castling Q R. Had the latter plated would have been uwleas. (d) Clearly, If QxR. 17-B-K sq follow . (e) Fatal. Black overlooked (he enrt-Ing mate. Tne game could- hardly be Saved however, for if B B 8 1to prevent 19 Kt Kt 6) n.lgnt eooUhue l-KtxQ li P; and ii P 4 K 3 etUter 10 KtxP or Kt J B 4. Cacss Callings. Lukf leads In the Im1on totrrmunest, with a 1-2 out of 3. Ouiutierg Is swood, with 1 1-. ( It to said that Mr. 6iowalter will stop In Bait more on his way to New York auu give exhibitions. Mr. Tsehlgonn gave a 1multn.uero exhibition at the Brooklyn Chess Club Wednesday evening. The result has not been learned. . A team matra was ptoyed Monday between the Brooklyn Y. M. '. A. end tlie Newark Chess C'iubs. Nesark won by 6 1- to 6 l i Arranrsroerrrs are being made for a match between Prof. O. B. Tbeisa, one of the ftKmpert local pluyera, and Mr. B. W. McRery, tlie Krankfort champion. The DACch will probably be for the Krt winner of tea games, half to be p laved here and half in Frankfort, TS daw baa (MM been deoided oa. THE WOMAN CF IT. (Puck.) Fedro Dls Is de greet countra. Do lands liberty. De place to maka de moo. An' eveia-tlnga free! Officer HcSweency Take oop thot great big boondle, Or Ol'U take your hay then lolfe This Is a land where lvery niua Has got t' pertect his woifo. Isabella O, Fedro I P-dro I dou't swear; It maka me cry to seel Wkcna we got past de corner. You giva de tings to me. Mrs. sfoSweenoy It does me proud to bear yes say Tea tuk the poor curl's tsrui But, Dinny dear, yes always had A aoind, considerate hear-r-rt. 8ADDLE-H0R&EMEN TOMEET. Aaaaal Basiaess to Be Traataclsd, at the Loeitville Hotel Tnesdar. The National Saddle Ilorte Itreedera Association will hold Its annual meeting mesuay morning at 11 o'clock at the Louisville Hotel. CoL Castleman la President and CoL L W. Nail ia Secretary. At tlfe meetina the entruy. will be closed for the firt volume of the Kegiiner. i wui do a Handsomely bound book containing 1,000 entries made up to date. Aa Exeitleg Rasaway. A horse attached to a wagon belonging to the Old Reliable Steam Laundry became frightened at Third and Green street yesterday at noon and ran away. At Fourth and Market streets two wagons were bar"? damaged and a buggy belonging to the St. bernsrd Coal Com pany was torn to pieces. The horse was knocked down and several people on xourth street narrowly escaped peing run over. South-, in-i open-' . ;

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 03 Apr 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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