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 - ComniunleatioDs and exchanges for this...
ComniunleatioDs and exchanges for this department should be addressed te the Chens editor. . The Louisville Chess Club meets at looms C13 and 614 Commerce Building, Fourth and Main. Rooms open at all hours. All chess players welcomed. Problem No. 72. First prise in tourney of Uie Manchester Hates. By Lieut. A. Norllr Black (11). mm mm a: 9W A White (10). White to play and mate In three moves. Preblcns No, 73. By 8. Loyd. Ose af the ten two-movers two-movers two-movers offered for a solving contest at the recent meeting of the New York Association. ... to, Vi KKtsq gas gu3 QKts t7 k Kaq 1 KBs i KBi XJii XB (White. 5; Black. 6.) White ta play aud mate ia two moves. ' Solntioas, PROBLEM NO. 70. ' ' (. 1-Ktr-B 1-Ktr-B 1-Ktr-B 1-Ktr-B 1-Ktr-B 1 KxK(a) : a QiP (ch) a Vovea : ! ' 3 Mte accordingly. (at If 1 "rtKl iB6); . Q-B2, Q-B2, Q-B2, ete. If 1 PxKt (K6); 3. QxKO, etc. U P-KtA P-KtA P-KtA or P-B6, P-B6, P-B6, Q-&i Q-&i Q-&i or Kt3 (eh), etc. Solved by A. 3. C. W. H. aJlerton. Louis. Tttle; A. fr 1.. KliuibetktaWA; 1L C Fouls, Lanes Wile, Inl. ; c. S. Jacobs. Ilea Moines, loa; Chess Club, Ilanliusburg, Ind. Chess In Iadiaaa. Played In the championship tourney of the lciiana Obe-4 Obe-4 Obe-4 AvsociaUoii. between 11 r. C. O. Jaek.-n, Jaek.-n, Jaek.-n, of Xokouio, and Mr. II. C Jirown, of Ajwlereon. CENTEU GAMBIT. WMte (Mr. Jackson). 1-1-K 1-1-K 1-1-K 1-1-K 1-1-K 5 I Qi aQxP Q-K3 Q-K3 Q-K3 V 11 , 6 II k:J 7 Kt yitf 8 Kilt O Castles. 10 l;xKt 11 Ktlt3 12 1 KK3 III 11U 14 Q KB (ch) 16 y Kilj Illack (Mr. Brown). 1 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 2 111" 3 Kt-JB3 Kt-JB3 Kt-JB3 4i y;i mi 6 Kt-ia Kt-ia Kt-ia -B -B K-J K-J K-J . 7 Castles. 8 atK mi ' J Kt KK13 JO HxR 11-P-KB4 11-P-KB4 11-P-KB4 11-P-KB4 11-P-KB4 (b) ia-IxP ia-IxP ia-IxP (e) ia PxKt 14 K It q 15 1-KKW 1-KKW 1-KKW (d) Waite announces mate la seven te). XOTKS. (a) Poor play. It Kta (ch) or Kt-B3 Kt-B3 Kt-B3 are the rorrect moves. (b) White has alrea-ly alrea-ly alrea-ly a Arte orTenslve position, and this move opens the way tor a wiuwng atutck. (e) livkt wjuld have been much better. An open ruoVi tile la such a position is ua-usually ua-usually ua-usually decisive. (ill r KU3 would have prolonged the fight, but mark's game was hopeless. (e) By 1. RV ch). Kxll; 17. Q-B7 Q-B7 Q-B7 (ch), K-H K-H K-H si; ia. It U S4 (cb), etc. Tschigaria la New Orleaas. The following pretty game was played eurtng ono of Mr. Tachigorln'a sltuultaneous sea ires, bcore acd ncte frota the Timear Ucmocrat. FItENCH DtrENSB. WnIt(Mr. Tsthiscnn)l:l k (Mr. Lnbatt) 1 -f-K4 -f-K4 -f-K4 -f-K4 l-l'-H l-l'-H l-l'-H l-l'-H l-l'-H 3 J P Q 4 S P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 3 P K b 3-P 3-P 3-P y B 4 4 K Ktr-B Ktr-B Ktr-B 3 4 g Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 3 5 PxP (a) !i hip e u j a b-K b-K b-K Kt k a 7 Q Kt B 3 7 It ; 2 b 8 Cistlea " 8 Kt Kt 3 . . . ft 11 Kt (c) 9 B P B 10- 10- P-Q P-Q P-Q K 3 JO a-B a-B a-B 2 U-B-K114 U-B-K114 U-B-K114 U-B-K114 U-B-K114 U-lwKKt. U-lwKKt. U-lwKKt. 41 11- 11- ll Kt 3 (d) 12-P-Kt 12-P-Kt 12-P-Kt 12-P-Kt 12-P-Kt 6 ia-Ktr-3 ia-Ktr-3 ia-Ktr-3 ia-Ktr-3 ia-Ktr-3 3 la-KtaP la-KtaP la-KtaP 14-Q-K 14-Q-K 14-Q-K 14-Q-K 14-Q-K 2 J4-B-Q J4-B-Q J4-B-Q J4-B-Q J4-B-Q 3 16- 16- K K K 1& P-k P-k P-k B 3 (II 10-Kt-Kt 10-Kt-Kt 10-Kt-Kt 10-Kt-Kt 10-Kt-Kt 8 lo K B i 17- 17- Kt-U Kt-U Kt-U 4 17-1-B 17-1-B 17-1-B 17-1-B 17-1-B 3 lrt Q B-O B-O B-O r-k r-k r-k l-lizKt l-lizKt l-lizKt (O ' J-UxB J-UxB J-UxB 20 P K. K 3 SO-n SO-n SO-n B 21- 21- ixP 1S1 i R K B B 3 21 1 Akt a-PxB a-PxB a-PxB .'-P-R .'-P-R .'-P-R .'-P-R .'-P-R 4 (g) 34- 34- Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B ft RKtl 25 l'xR B!-y.R B!-y.R B!-y.R P (ch) -,;K-I5 -,;K-I5 -,;K-I5 -,;K-I5 2:-BaR 2:-BaR 2:-BaR P 07. oKt 3 ' 27 l'.-Kt l'.-Kt l'.-Kt 4 (eh C8 B C 3 - H J -It -It 8 (chl 29-Q 29-Q 29-Q Kt lt-(J lt-(J lt-(J B 35- 35- K-Jv K-Jv K-Jv 3 8 (Ch) 31K-Kt 31K-Kt 31K-Kt 2 31-gxQ 31-gxQ 31-gxQ (ch) S-2 S-2 S-2 lixU 32 bJUt Reslgus. KOTE3. (a) 6 P to Q B 3, followed by B to Q 3, 1. we believe, proper here. The textniove H unadvisable If onjy as weakening his K V. and. Indeed, is rarely available except in Uie SeinlUtan atlack, where It is specially V&AZXt otBthtQ n ,n the French game ia.much lavored by Mason. c beemtntly speculating on tri-ngUiep-ui. tri-ngUiep-ui. tri-ngUiep-ui. tri-ngUiep-ui. tri-ngUiep-ui. l- l- T wt. extrenielr Imprudeut la View of toe battery unmaked on hi K. Id) Better arpears la ft x P, kt x Pj J3 B to B 4, Kt X Kt (ch) ; 14 Q X Kt, Q to Kt 3; 15 P to Q Kt 4. etc. (e) Best. If, . g., 13 Kt to Kt 3, instead, instead, then. Itt Kt x Kt, etc, (f Tlie P won by this exchange Is dearly bought in the 1 plit of the grave complications complications ant marked weaknesa resulting in his K' quarters. It Is not easy, however, to sugzeiit a ht gtartory line of attatk. let Of mnrss, in one sense. sThiere waiting waiting inove to tempt White Into the losing coup acuiaily made, but Involving a- a- little trap, loo, a- a- it thitsatens 24 P to K 4, wiu-ninir wiu-ninir wiu-ninir the Q I Ihi Auoiher WTTite P falls, and the first player renin In a hopeiesa minority. Cbeas Calliags. ' Tha Stiow.ilter-Upst.buU Stiow.ilter-Upst.buU Stiow.ilter-Upst.buU match H for F750 a sldo, lrcad of MA, aa ataied last week. La-ker La-ker La-ker won tirxt prise In the London tourmtmeiit, with Mason aecond aud Lumaa third. Mr. I'nM-hal I'nM-hal I'nM-hal N. strong, one of the oldest oldest ebess plr.jers In Sew Orleans, and a contemporary contemporary of Mori hy, died March 7. Mr. II. V. Brown, ,of. Anderson, won Hrt priie at ih kokonto meeting of the Indlnua A.-ooriaiton,- A.-ooriaiton,- A.-ooriaiton,- A.-ooriaiton,- with Dr. 1'. F. Leech, el Craw ford ville, Hrccixl. The t-'leraph t-'leraph t-'leraph match between the Man-hattau Man-hattau Man-hattau aud .New tork tbess i'ln'js was played talmday, March 19. I'lay began at a p. m. and traded M 3 a. m New York winning by o 1-2 1-2 1-2 to 3 1-2. 1-2. 1-2. A tive-crrnered tive-crrnered tive-crrnered match or- or- tournament will begin lu London (o-nMuroW. (o-nMuroW. (o-nMuroW. Biack-bume. Biack-bume. Biack-bume. .mi beig, Bird, M:son and Lnoker will iKirticipute. There wiU be two rounds. Lnlr-iuco Lnlr-iuco Lnlr-iuco lee, M pouuds. Mr. Tsk.hlgorin gave three simultaneous exhibitions at New Orleans, winning drawing a, and hstng 4. He (ave a blindfold blindfold Beatrice, the result of whuh baa not been IrariM-d. IrariM-d. IrariM-d. He also contested a nu u-ber u-ber u-ber of iaual giuics uguiust strung loctl players. A prominent K.-ntucky K.-ntucky K.-ntucky player wild a lew days ago : -1 -1 n ish we c'Hild have suca mectlnm aa they. had over at Kokomo. Thtre the playerd go expecting to rtay wveral days or a week, even though they do not play. There Is a big attencuute at the mee4 lDfc, Mid the tournaments are very tiuc-eeksful. tiuc-eeksful. tiuc-eeksful. Our players wet, rush through a bustucsH meetlue, part of a tuun-aioriii, tuun-aioriii, tuun-aioriii, and then rush off home tbe saruo day." The Executive Omuiittee shoulil cnUruvur to have a more rucre-stul rucre-stul rucre-stul niectlri next fall, by providing an aurjrilve progininrue and prizes in the tournament. It akte might be a pood plan to hold the r..ecting oa some other day than Thaiucsgilug. WHAT IF THE WORLD LAUCH WITH YOU? (For the C'ouHer-JournaL C'ouHer-JournaL C'ouHer-JournaL Well., what If the worH laugh with you. Ay 1 your inn la.ign ring nnlrue i Wrfi shat make gktd a If art, that Is sad. Or soothe where nonuws wool A son tlmt oMcks the ungcr Is nielo dianHdant far TLin a decp-lelt decp-lelt decp-lelt siph tlmt can only die. And nothing shock nor mar. Bo true t- t- what you 1 Her Iain mean mote tbau we know, Al.d the s'uile tuit Jecm our inward tears tan never lig'itci. woe. -If -If the pulsinz ; brica nvike music ll'-aisl ll'-aisl ll'-aisl but In bcaven'a clinic. Grlel'A beaitbct may ling back tome day With uicauins all soHIhtk- soHIhtk- LOhoTHY ELDER. Colored Teachers' lastitate. '. The ,'Colared Teachers' Institute met yesterday morning o the Central school building. After the usual preliminary exercises Teacher Gibson, of tlie tast- tast- eru Colored School, read an exwUeat

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Mar 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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