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 - fe- Kail-rood be In be bead-quarter political...
fe- Kail-rood be In be bead-quarter political crowd. A Council quorum can Lo found thero at almost any time and too tax levy ia discussed at length. Fcurth strveit, from Market to Walnut, Walnut, is given up to shoppers, matinee-goers matinee-goers matinee-goers and dudes. All classes of society are found here, from the ttjilslily-dressed ttjilslily-dressed ttjilslily-dressed bello to the njslnly-cofctuuied njslnly-cofctuuied njslnly-cofctuuied and rouged denizen of Green street. In the crush an expensive luiporte 1 dress is ruined in the attempt to get into a store to buy a handkerchief, ihis section of the towu affords a study, especially on Tuesday and Thursday nlternoons, when the Harris Harris and liijou Theater crowds are out in forc. The intersection of Fourth and Walnut Walnut streets has been dubbed tbo church comer." ThU comes from the fact that there are two placesof worship there, and not tltat religion is disciis.t. Leaning acuinst tho iron fence around the first t. hristian church at almost any hour a bunch of t heat real peoplo can bo seen. M'jMciau also seek this corner, and on Sundays it Is the resort fir tbo dudes, as the Portland and Jae II ill cars instead instead of running in Fourth street, transfer transfer thero en that day. After the theater tlie eiders can bo seen on this corner looking looking for young ladies without escorts. And so it is with nearly every corner in the (own. Not one io not the loung-ing-place loung-ing-place loung-ing-place loung-ing-place loung-ing-place Icr some particular clat or sot of people, and it affords a pleasant study to -watch -watch the loungers at the various 6reet lntf sections. -' -' OmnmunleatioDs aa4 oschanges for this department should be addressed te tae chess editor. i Tha Lootartlle Chts CluS meets at roonfs 613 sod aid Commerce Building, Fourth and Mill a. Ilooms open at all hours. All Chans players welcomed. ? Problem No. 65. By Iltrmum KeklanUd. 6ulmltte4 at a recent sobing content ot U e German Chess Association, and kolvcd by Ilerr SchaSop in forty minutes. (Hack (11). nki Lil fei LcJli mm m m m m m mt i ra m m m m mm White tlO) White to iftay and mate In three moves. For mrbrorrct solution, three newspaper cbeas coluutus, HelntieMs. PROBLEM XO. 53. Author's solution. 1 It KB 4. Second solution. 1 KtxKt (eh). Solved by J. F. Cross, Manfred. A. J. C-W. C-W. C-W. It. Kllerton. LoulsvtKe; D. C. TU. ElUabeiatowa ; M. X. V.. CUlng Sun, Ind. ; J. V. L. Parte. Kr The Jadd'Showaltcr Coateit. t'p to Thuradiv the score In this match stood: Judd 3. fchowalter 1. drawn S. with the seveotn game vntlnhJied. Uelow are given the third and fourth games. Third game, plaved December. 10. 1891 FKKNCii DEFENSE. rute (Mr. Judd black (Mr. hhowalter). 1- 1- P-K P-K P-K 4 2- 2- P U 3- 3- Kt KB 3 4- 4- 11 Q 3 5- 5- H-kl H-kl H-kl & (ch) e-KPiP e-KPiP e-KPiP 7 Kt B 3 S titles O 1'xM 10 HxKt(eh) 11 PxP 12 W K (Ml 13 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 Q-Q3 - 14 Kt KtS 15 Kt B 3 10 P QB4 17-Q 17-Q 17-Q K4 IS M B 4 10-QxKt 10-QxKt 10-QxKt SO-K-K SO-K-K SO-K-K SO-K-K SO-K-K 5 1 Cl-QR Cl-QR Cl-QR QBsfl Ci-KR Ci-KR Ci-KR Kso. KxR 84-tJ-BT 84-tJ-BT 84-tJ-BT 84-tJ-BT 84-tJ-BT 2.' QxliP So K-K K-K K-K so. 27-Ktr-K 27-Ktr-K 27-Ktr-K 27-Ktr-K 27-Ktr-K a P Q 5 SO Kt B 3 ao-PxP ao-PxP ao-PxP ai h B sq -R -R u n R3 Q Kt 7 3-t- 3-t- 3-t- 3-t- H KB SO. a'r-QiP a'r-QiP a'r-QiP s-r-u s-r-u s-r-u s-r-u s-r-u 4 3 B Kt 3 4- 4- P-JB P-JB P-JB 4 a-Kt-U3 a-Kt-U3 a-Kt-U3 a-Kt-U3 a-Kt-U3 -QxP -QxP 7- 7- Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 3 8- 8- HxKt -PxP -PxP lO PxB U-4slJes U-4slJes U-4slJes lS-Kt-Q3 lS-Kt-Q3 lS-Kt-Q3 lS-Kt-Q3 lS-Kt-Q3 13- 13- It Qq 14- 14- Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B l 15-Kt-Kt3 15-Kt-Kt3 15-Kt-Kt3 15-Kt-Kt3 15-Kt-Kt3 lO-Qy-KKd lO-Qy-KKd lO-Qy-KKd lO-Qy-KKd lO-Qy-KKd 17 K-OKtse K-OKtse K-OKtse 15- 15- KtxB . 19 B R 3 t!0-Q-Kt3 t!0-Q-Kt3 t!0-Q-Kt3 t!0-Q-Kt3 t!0-Q-Kt3 !!1-U-Kt !!1-U-Kt !!1-U-Kt !!1-U-Kt !!1-U-Kt 8 23-IlxR 23-IlxR 23-IlxR q q n j C4 It KB K S5-Q-R S5-Q-R S5-Q-R S5-Q-R S5-Q-R 6 j 20- 20- QXRP 1 S7-B S7-B S7-B Bsq j 2H-Q 2H-Q 2H-Q n 4 K HxP :tOH-Kt :tOH-Kt :tOH-Kt 5 31 P KB 3 j 32 R-QBig R-QBig R-QBig 3 Q H 6 34-3-KB! 34-3-KB! 34-3-KB! 34-3-KB! 34-3-KB! S-xKt S-xKt S-xKt .".U R K t d :i7 KxlIP IW Q Kt 4 (ch) t Relgas. :v-pxu :v-pxu :v-pxu a-p a-p a-p q an P-Q7 P-Q7 P-Q7 so K u a Fouith game.' Played Det ember 11. POXZIANA. mite fMr. Eh jwalteil Black (Mr. Judd) r ik .- .- r iv 3- 3- P-QB3 P-QB3 P-QB3 I 8-K(-l) 8-K(-l) 8-K(-l) 8-K(-l) 8-K(-l) 3 4- 4- P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 , , 4-KUKP 4-KUKP 4-KUKP 6-P-Q3 6-P-Q3 6-P-Q3 6-P-Q3 6-P-Q3 ! a Kt Kt Sd 3 -KV-U4 -KV-U4 -KV-U4 -KV-U4 T-KlxP T-KlxP T-KlxP T-KtxB T-KtxB T-KtxB (vhl a-KtxKt a-KtxKt a-KtxKt 1 a-tvqj a-tvqj a-tvqj ' ' -Catlei. -Catlei. : 0-B-K 0-B-K 0-B-K 0-B-K 0-B-K 3 , 10- 10- Q-Ha Q-Ha Q-Ha ' 10-tstles. 10-tstles. 10-tstles. - 11- 11- Kt J 2 11-Kt 11-Kt 11-Kt Q3 - . 12- 12- K-KKl K-KKl K-KKl . ' U-R-Kiq U-R-Kiq U-R-Kiq U-R-Kiq U-R-Kiq lUKt-K lUKt-K lUKt-K 4 1 Ll-Kt-K Ll-Kt-K Ll-Kt-K Ll-Kt-K Ll-Kt-K 4 11-KtxKt 11-KtxKt 11-KtxKt 14-PxKt 14-PxKt 14-PxKt l--ktKt3 l--ktKt3 l--ktKt3 l--ktKt3 - 13--Ilfa 13--Ilfa 13--Ilfa 13--Ilfa l-P-f4 l-P-f4 l-P-f4 l-P-f4 l-P-f4 1(VQ Q3 17-It-Q 17-It-Q 17-It-Q 17-It-Q 17-It-Q 17-Q-KKt3 17-Q-KKt3 17-Q-KKt3 17-Q-KKt3 17-Q-KKt3 IP QB-BSO, QB-BSO, QB-BSO, 1ft P QKt 3 13- 13- 1-Kt4 1-Kt4 1-Kt4 T0-P-KB4 T0-P-KB4 T0-P-KB4 T0-P-KB4 T0-P-KB4 COP-B COP-B COP-B 3 80-P-B 80-P-B 80-P-B 80-P-B 80-P-B 5 tfl-Kt-n tfl-Kt-n tfl-Kt-n tfl-Kt-n tfl-Kt-n sl Cl-R-Ktsq Cl-R-Ktsq Cl-R-Ktsq Cl-R-Ktsq Cl-R-Ktsq nj-Q-QUS nj-Q-QUS nj-Q-QUS nj-Q-QUS nj-Q-QUS C3-PXP C3-PXP C3-PXP tn pxi c:--Kt c:--Kt c:--Kt c:--Kt 4t !M-P-al !M-P-al !M-P-al !M-P-al !M-P-al - 84-0-Jse 84-0-Jse 84-0-Jse 84-0-Jse 84-0-Jse - SV-HxP SV-HxP SV-HxP !?.jjb 4 eh 27 QxR 28 Q-H Q-H Q-H 6 2 H K I1 SS-QxB SS-QxB SS-QxB it k K 3 li'V ua-B-K ua-B-K ua-B-K ua-B-K ua-B-K tq, Itcxtgn. The Great Chess Match. TscUgoria is already In Havana, and Stcln-Its Stcln-Its Stcln-Its was to have sailed yesterday. The match will beglit soon after his arrival. Twcblgorin Is In fine tiim, and it is thought he vul glv the champion the Inrdesl Ktrupcle be hat had for rears, if rtelnits tries any of his novelties' we will probably bavs Uie novelty novelty of a pew workvt okampkeu MICHAEL ITAXOVITCH TSCHKJORIM. ine tu rsicraDurg iucm Club u ar- ar- ranirlng for a return mateb to be played In M. Petetburg, regardlca ot liow tlds muteh remit. TsftOccilB' blase, hare alreadv been mads up. -tieinits -tieinits tavor Uie pncct. The Lrsiugtea Meetlag. Ths following game was played at the meeting of ths Ki-uUasy Ki-uUasy Ki-uUasy Stale Chess Aito- Aito- datusi. St LexlugUav November SO. between Mr. J. U Locan. ot Lexmgton, and Mr. ft. W. McBcry, of Frankfort : IRUEUVLtR. White M r. Login). Hhva (Mr. MrRerr). 1 Kt Kua 1 Kt Qua -I -I Q S-1M11 S-1M11 S-1M11 3 P K 3 8 Kt H 3 4 P-QH P-QH P-QH 4 P-Ka P-Ka P-Ka 6 Kt QH 3 4 B Kii P QKt3 ' e tltl TBy3 T-PyB8(a) T-PyB8(a) T-PyB8(a) 1" Jll 3 (0) ft B- B- Q -1 -1 o-a-Q o-a-Q o-a-Q o-a-Q o-a-Q a u-I'-kki u-I'-kki u-I'-kki u-I'-kki u-I'-kki a 10 CaMlc ' JO Kt K mil 1-I'sP 1-I'sP 1-I'sP 11 PxP j-kUP j-kUP j-kUP 12 it a . . 13- 13- P-KR P-KR P-KR 3 ; l'tr-Q-H l'tr-Q-H l'tr-Q-H l'tr-Q-H l'tr-Q-H m ' 14- 14- Kt-kB4 Kt-kB4 Kt-kB4 ; 14-kt-KKtS 14-kt-KKtS 14-kt-KKtS 14-kt-KKtS 14-kt-KKtS 11-P-K 11-P-K 11-P-K 11-P-K 11-P-K 4 1-Kt-K3 1-Kt-K3 1-Kt-K3 1-Kt-K3 1-Kt-K3 ie-Kt-KS ie-Kt-KS ie-Kt-KS ie-Kt-KS ie-Kt-KS la-KtxQp la-KtxQp la-KtxQp c 17-Kt(KixKt 17-Kt(KixKt 17-Kt(KixKt 17-KUKt 17-KUKt 17-KUKt ' 8 KtxKt 18 H KRP la-PxIt la-PxIt la-PxIt ' 19OxP . KO-P-KB4 KO-P-KB4 KO-P-KB4 KO-P-KB4 KO-P-KB4 SO-U-Kt SO-U-Kt SO-U-Kt SO-U-Kt SO-U-Kt (chltdl 21 K R taM 21 Q-R6(ch Q-R6(ch Q-R6(ch ES K Ktq r, SS-O SS-O SS-O Kt (ch) C3-Q-Kia C3-Q-Kia C3-Q-Kia C3-Q-Kia C3-Q-Kia -. -. ; t'3-B t'3-B t'3-B 24 KtS . S4 H-IU H-IU H-IU 85 K Rut V5-HKt V5-HKt V5-HKt S JR Aisq i Vrt QxKtP C7-KXB C7-KXB C7-KXB , 87 P-OB4 P-OB4 P-OB4 SIS R KB 3 ( Q K 3 i P U5 SO-Q-K3 SO-Q-K3 SO-Q-K3 SO-Q-K3 SO-Q-K3 30- 30- P B O 1 HOQ K 3 31 O-KlS O-KlS O-KlS 31 K R sq (0 82-tJ-R 82-tJ-R 82-tJ-R 82-tJ-R 82-tJ-R 32-B 32-B 32-B KKt m 33-R 33-R 33-R R3 a3-QxR(ch) a3-QxR(ch) a3-QxR(ch) 34 QxO S4 35-lliP 35-lliP 35-lliP 35-QR 35-QR 35-QR J1 8H-Q 8H-Q 8H-Q K3 ! V-P V-P V-P KK4 37ik a rrr p kr a BA- BA- V- V- K a US-QU US-QU US-QU K. Sd 30 Q R 3 30 K R 3 SO O 115 40 K m a 41-P-K 41-P-K 41-P-K 41-P-K 41-P-K 7 41-P-Kt 41-P-Kt 41-P-Kt 41-P-Kt 41-P-Kt S 4 Q Q 3 Ke-Sgns Ke-Sgns Ke-Sgns I?OTrS. (sl Lom ot rime, at least. Itil Mtam five. id Im bctlunlnc of a bold, but unsound attack. , (d) Toe hiwty B B 4 wa tetter, for If Pill dm, bv neroetiMl check. e) lie suouia nave piayeu once. (0 Fotred. White threatened Q R 6. win- win- LI- LI- . 11.- 11.- i J FUNERAL8 OF THE DAY. elrma Services Over the Late Thessas J. iieaaaad Other WelLKnewa reeple Yeiterdar. The funeral -service -service ever the body of Mr. Thomas J. Kean, the local Freight- Freight- Agent of tho Louisville and Nashville railroad, who died Friday, were held yesterday afteraoon, at 3 o'clock, at the home of Lis sister, 1 230 West Broad way. Nearly all the attacliet of Mr. Hean'a office and the members ot Do- Do- Molav tommauilerv were present beei'les flJcers of the road and friends of the fnmily. The Bev. lr. tveaver, of Hie Cliestnnt-strcet Cliestnnt-strcet Cliestnnt-strcet liaotist church, iin-ached iin-ached iin-ached the funeral sermon. . The body wiU re main at tno bouse unul this morning wlien it will be taken on a special train, at o clock, to Vxeorgetown for burial. Tbo funeral of Mrs. Lucy CI Bush took I lace yesterday morning, at 11 o'clock. from St. Iaul's Episcopal church. Tho services were conducted by Dr. IVrkina. The ball-bearers ball-bearers ball-bearers were: Jouett Meoefee, 11 tf I litlUnlin UAitlt. 1..MM Jnlin 1. Jaoob, Curran 1 ope and lulward HalJ sey. i he ounai was la ive xiiu. The body of -Conductor -Conductor A. F, Jones, who was killod In the wreck oa tho Louisville and Nsshville road Friday, was sent to hit boarding-house, boarding-house, boarding-house, 1213 twelfth street, yesterday morn in. This morning, at 2:35 o'clock, it will be sent to his home, at Canaan. Conn., for burial. Ills wife was In this eity with him, and will go with tne remains. Mrs. Elira ' J. Gilmore'a funeral will take place to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the house, 1822 West Jef ferson street. ; , t The funeral of John Weir), who died Thursday night at Say re and Market streets, will take place this morntne, ai tr o'clock, from St. Anthony's churcli.- churcli.- X Sack Order Iitaed. Chicago, Dec. 18. In regard to the report report from Nebraska that tho telegraph operators on the Fvemont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley haw. been directed te abandon tlw Order of Bailway Telegraph ers under nenaltv Of Iwlna dlsmlaed from the pervloo. General Manager Newman, of, the Chicago rtnd Northwestern, which controls controls the KlUhorn, Mtld ;to-Uv: ;to-Uv: ;to-Uv: There te na truth In it. n foilndltion for it. No such oidT has been Issued. We getj alon very well, not only wltn tlie tele-KrapTters tele-KrapTters tele-KrapTters erranbratioa, but evcty ether

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 20 Dec 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 24

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