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 - Ceiniiiiin.c Jtlon and evhntoies for VAs...
Ceiniiiiin.c Jtlon and evhntoies for VAs depnrtnieiit should be addressed to the cless editor. The LouUvlJlo Clwss Club meets In rs.iiis (iia and r.14 rommcrcc Hnlldtng, sixth fljor. Hours of play, 4 to 7 p. m. he-s he-s he-s players vLsiting lu the city wlU. bo welcome. Problem So. 37. Flrt prire two mover 4n olevcnth tourney tourney of the Hrisiol Men-ury. Men-ury. Men-ury. liy Godfrey lletttl.roie. ULACK (7). m ,4 m m,M ! trk -m.- -m.- -m.- 10 fcf$&?h pi WHITE (U). White to play and uite lu two moves. Solution . PROULF.M NO. H5. This is a three-mover. three-mover. three-mover. Instead of a t worm worm vt-r. vt-r. vt-r. ,s puhlshed. 1-K-Q 1-K-Q 1-K-Q 1-K-Q 1-K-Q 5 1-R-li 1-R-li 1-R-li 1-R-li 1-R-li 4 ii it,, - I If 3 IJ-Ull IJ-Ull IJ-Ull 3. mate. tai if 1 Kt Q o; i -K-Kt -K-Kt -K-Kt -K-Kt 5, any - It mates, (h) 11 1 B-Q B-Q B-Q 5 lclt)7 t heis at Ike ew VorK .Keeling. Tlie following award, d the prize for the r,,,r brilliant gun.,: j.Uyt-d j.Uyt-d j.Uyt-d Mt tht " tl,e Xew V"rk Ablation. A i US" !T""e 1",1 w ''m Uio Albany tveinng Joutnal. WHi-ru- WHi-ru- WHi-ru- WHi-ru- l"-ii l"-ii l"-ii il-.rK.SSE. il-.rK.SSE. il-.rK.SSE. HI K. lil.A) 'K V' ?" E.- E.- hurlinf ame. Mr. J. v. Youna. 1 1--K 1--K 1--K 1--K 4 1 i'-K i'-K i'-K 3 i-l" i-l" i-l" g 4 -ll-y -ll-y -ll-y -ll-y 3 4- 4- 1 HI' 5 li Kt 5 i-P-Q i-P-Q i-P-Q i-P-Q i-P-Q 4 a-Pxp a-Pxp a-Pxp 4-Kt-KU 4-Kt-KU 4-Kt-KU 4-Kt-KU 4-Kt-KU 3 of :'uck w ui out 0-I:-K 0-I:-K 0-I:-K 0-I:-K 0-I:-K a 7 Castles. --yKt --yKt --yKt 3 ii-Kt ii-Kt ii-Kt a lO-P-KK lO-P-KK lO-P-KK lO-P-KK lO-P-KK a 6-n-Q 6-n-Q 6-n-Q 6-n-Q 6-n-Q 3 T-Kt-KU T-Kt-KU T-Kt-KU T-Kt-KU 3 - P 11 3 yKt y 3 10 VJ-11 VJ-11 VJ-11 -2 -2 11- 11- P-KK P-KK P-KK 4 The beginning of a very clever plan. . . 11-U-Q 11-U-Q 11-U-Q 11-U-Q 11-U-Q .1 If Ixlt ; 12-PxP, 12-PxP, 12-PxP, KU-K KU-K KU-K sq and white tliates lir tl,n niocs. And il li P Kt 3 13 lixl', etc. IS-CasUes IS-CasUes IS-CasUes 10R) li-l'-K li-l'-K li-l'-K li-l'-K li-l'-K 4 13 1: K 4 'Veil i lived, as It secures to white tho control of the center and ulagonal Ulca black threatened lo gain. 13 II.XB 1-Ktx( 1-Ktx( 1-Ktx( U-imi U-imi U-imi 15-PP 15-PP 15-PP 15 -KlxKt -KlxKt Ki-W-Kt Ki-W-Kt Ki-W-Kt Ki-W-Kt Ki-W-Kt l'i-P-Ko l'i-P-Ko l'i-P-Ko l'i-P-Ko l'i-P-Ko An evident mi. take; K-K K-K K-K s. as Mr. do ls-y-r ls-y-r ls-y-r ls-y-r ls-y-r points out was his only more. Hut we think While's plan was sound and that bo roiil.l have won hy 17 Ii K 7, for Mark ruiia.t reply Willi I aP nor P Kt 3; For Kxample. 1 fl--K fl--K fl--K 1 T R It 7, now if P-Kt P-Kt P-Kt 3: 1H- 1H- Q K-U. K-U. K-U. K- K- It ; 1-QQ 1-QQ 1-QQ i. If 17-PxP; 17-PxP; 17-PxP; Ks-(J Ks-(J Ks-(J i;-l. i;-l. i;-l. p-K p-K p-K U 3: lu-J- lu-J- lu-J- lu-J- 4 a ch., K It; io - P li i and mates next move. if Kb; in P.P, KtxP; ill I; II 4 : 1! P Kt t; or ( II c. Kould win at 0:1. e.) 1! K-K K-K K-K rh.. K-K K-K K-K ; KxK ch., QMt : ii KtxKt. liKt: i yxli !,.. K-11; K-11; K-11; i3 -Qxll -Qxll P mil lits. Any otutr move aid White can Irt-.iii! Irt-.iii! Irt-.iii! almoin vartatlou hv 0 It R f-Jlowtd f-Jlowtd f-Jlowtd by 1-xP. 1-xP. 1-xP. ' 17 (i Q 5 tch.l 17 K II 2 Is P-Kl P-Kl P-Kl tl In 1. 3 1! PxK ch. l!t-K l!t-K l!t-K II If yxP: iO R R o ch.) wins Uic Q. 2 -JJli -JJli tch.l Whito should plaved K R 8 rh , K K 2: il -xR, -xR, forcing' mate at once. ii K P 21 R R 8 21 Q-K Q-K Q-K 2 2i Q -Kt -Kt 8 (Ch.) i"- i"- - K B 3 23 PxP ch. 2:t KtxP i4 - Uxlt ch. 24 IWIt i.--KtJiKt i.--KtJiKt i.--KtJiKt i.--KtJiKt 2-V-PxKt 2-V-PxKt 2-V-PxKt 2-V-PxKt 2-V-PxKt JO g-11 g-11 g-11 M (ch.l 2C, -QxQ, -QxQ, 27-Uxg 27-Uxg 27-Uxg (cu.l Resigns. A Beitutii'ul Uliudfold Game. The New Orleans Ti'.ie-,-Democrat, Ti'.ie-,-Democrat, Ti'.ie-,-Democrat, Ti'.ie-,-Democrat, Ti'.ie-,-Democrat, In 14 niemoiial article on llie late Louis lai' r1es the follonliiK bcailtifui i one of ten si" .ne, hl. li'Jie; pii' .aiicous blinufol)! st i;ie' UiV4u, London, KVAN3 OA.MEJT. White, Herr L. I-anlten. I-anlten. I-anlten. 1 P to K 4 2 K Kt to Ii 3 3 Ii 10 li 4 4 1' to Q Kt 4 5 P to H 3 6 P to Q 4 7 Castles -It -It to Kt 3 10 V to 4 5 (b) Black. Capt, u. li. Macke,tie. 1 P to U 4 2 Q Kt to B 8 3 li to U 4 4 IiKt P 6 to H 4 0 PxP 7 P to Q 3 8 It to Kt 3 -Kl -Kl lo H 3 (a) 10-Kt 10-Kt 10-Kt to K 2 JI-Kt JI-Kt JI-Kt to Kt 3 (0) lJItX Kt 5 R 3 id) . 1ft 1 to y 5 17-llxKt 17-llxKt 17-llxKt 10 to Q 3 10 P lo K & CO Kt to K S 21 -t'xP -t'xP Hi 22 QP(k) 2'w-y 2'w-y 2'w-y to 11 m 24 Ca&llea. U-Jit U-Jit U-Jit tob 3 2-P 2-P 2-P to K 5 13- 13- B to K .11 14- 14- It to K I 15- 15- QxU 10 B to Kt 3 M J7 UHtuQI 1H QxM to D 4 I 20 P to II 2t-P 2t-P 2t-P to Q 6l 22 RxJ P Si VI lo H Tl 24 y to KT 2i KKt aad wins (h Korea. (a) 0 Kt to R 4. in aeeordaDc with th recocnUed or " normal defense Is preferabie. (b Not 10 V to K 5. which would bo answered with 10 IIP: II B to S 8. B to K 8. with the better rune. c) Ho should nsve casue while be baa the opportunltf.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 06 Sep 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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