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x-pnditiires a . -j -j rvtttiniunlrKtlfina. ncboisei. ete in. tended A.r this department should bo ad dressed to tlie Cbess Editor. Contributions e games, rrobleois and news will be thank-tuUjr thank-tuUjr thank-tuUjr iccctxcd. Tho I-tolsvUle I-tolsvUle I-tolsvUle Cliess Club meets at 227 Third sti-eet, sti-eet, sti-eet, second floor. Hours of pi J. dully, ft-om ft-om ft-om 4 to T p. m. Strangers are tiiv'.ted to sail. Corresponrnce. J p T ' rvterHburs. Yoa send no solu tion, but tt opi-ctun opi-ctun opi-ctun to t-e t-e t-e tlx I'. It is rather weak, but shows lmprovenvnt. Try a3ln. . A. '1; IloriM cava. 11 uxy ; u a. m.. Kate.. V Problem Ko. 17. ;" (New York r.ccnJor.) ItLACK ). in j v. it tt 'XI At m - ALbUJ ' f't p. y-yisjessy y-yisjessy y-yisjessy t-a t-a t-a 1HUA, 'f. W1IITK White to play and mate In two moves. Solatioas. " ; rBOBLEM SO. 14. 1 i K B oq. - -Solved -Solved by J. F. Ttllcy. IVteniburg, Ky. I'UObLFM SO. 15. 1 Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q B S 1 Kt moves 2 'lakes Kt a Kt mutes. ; ' ": la Metaorlaia. Capt.' George II. Mackenile, the celebra ted master, died in New Yctk, April 14, of .consumption. He had been la failing health for tJ.ine sears, but Ids death was a surprise as re bad been ImproMng lately liIiad Just made his preparations to call for Europe, where he Intended to challenge tlie wluuer of . tho Gunsberg r.lackbura hatch.. - ' Ueorcs Henry Markcnxle wis born la ROHS-slurct. ROHS-slurct. ROHS-slurct. KlithmO,. March S4. 1837. Whcu nineteen be enlisted tu the BrllL-di BrllL-di BrllL-di army and served tlx years In India. In 18S:J he entered the lndon tournament, where be met Andercaen. The latter gave him pawn and move, and he won both games, lit 103 he came to America and enlisted In the Union atmy. In 146S ho settled In Xew York. Fi'.-ra Fi'.-ra Fi'.-ra that on I U career was aa almost unbroken seiles of vtetorles. lie beat ndchhebn In two matches, one In I81M by live wuis and one diuw. oid one In lso7 by aeven win and two draw. He tc.k nrat riire in the second American Concrca. tnweland. 1STO. fcrnt Drlae In tha tlilni Aaiedran Congrcs. t'tilcuKu. Ie74. la the Irts Internal uiiuil tiHiniuaieut of 1878 he tied with lilrd for tirxt prire. lie tU-k tU-k tU-k lirs prise m the nftb Amertran Congrewi. New Yora, I88O, In the Vienna InternaUonal tournament ot 1HM3 be got fourth prise, oud ki the Frankfort International fc.urna- fc.urna- lueut he crowned his victoria by taking the lirt prise In a contest of tweutr-one tweutr-one tweutr-one com petitors. Including nearly every cbes-p!ayer cbes-p!ayer cbes-p!ayer of note In the 'rhl, btetnits excepted. .Us final context was the iaurbeter tourna ment last fall, vhere he dlvkled third and loiirta uruet wita laro. The following beautiful game wa played tn tlie last round ot the Manchester tour nament, in September, isuo. When Cant. Ilarkenzle's fccl'le state of healt'i and the strain he hal Leen under duruig the tour-mtment tour-mtment tour-mtment are considered, his play li remark. vie. QCF.EN-S QCF.EN-S QCF.EN-S FI AN CHETTO. While (Mackenleh BUrk (Owen). 1 l K4 1 1' QKI3 2 1 Qt 2 It KU1 3 11 3 P K 4 ! Klt3 Kt QU3 6 H Q4 O P Kl Kt 113 7 Kl KB J 7 l'-KUl l'-KUl l'-KUl A very weak more, which seriously eUs- eUs- orsaiuzea nia tuns a wins. S It k.KU WUl to promptly takes advantage of the error. . Kt K3 ' 0 It Bfl O K-KKt K-KKt K-KKt sq 10- 10- Q OJ 10 KKt M4. 11 I KK4 " 11 Kt Kt - 19 P KK3 ..- ..- 13 kt 1 . : t . . 13 R R S4 14 KtxB H ; .? 14 KxKt - - " ' 15 1-KU4. 1-KU4. 1-KU4. i I 15-Q-QU- 15-Q-QU- 15-Q-QU- 15-Q-QU- 15-Q-QU- 15-Q-QU- i V , lo-l-HA lo-l-HA lo-l-HA lo-l-HA lo-l-HA 16-P-KK14 16-P-KK14 16-P-KK14 16-P-KK14 16-P-KK14 17 V KB , 17-IIP 17-IIP 17-IIP - ! 3xP - 18 P B4 19lKtS ' ' IB QKL4 50 ItxRt . ' VO-FxB VO-FxB VO-FxB 51 PxEP' ' SI Kl K3 . ' fj QxP -. -. S3 RsP S3 K Kk StX S3 B B SO. , Waits, tbiealened. br-Kl7 br-Kl7 br-Kl7 (ch. 4-Q 4-Q 4-Q Kt4 , , 4 RxB, , h FxK ( U 'io-K 'io-K 'io-K JCsn tlKl QJ It t t ti Ixl f 7 4xr: 'J7 q Q.1 Of coure U 7 Kua: 28 E-Kts E-Kts E-Kts mate. :k Q-K3 Q-K3 Q-K3 , , C Q--K7 Q--K7 Q--K7 Q--K7 , . . 00 k ' ' 'll OxEP UO-Q UO-Q UO-Q Qi : , . , kesg. a . . . Fi.r If 36 O-KS O-KS O-KS tcfci: 31 RQ sq. ni Qxv: a-' a-' a-' n kui tc'i). kt 11 sq; 33 .Notes. - The follnwlu rofftlnn U clvrn as an etulnsti the bo-move bo-move bo-move rus White. K at K Wi: hit Jit (J-l (J-l (J-l aut KK.4. ittac-K. ittac-K. ittac-K. K at K U 'J ; 1' it K It 5. Wlilto to play aiKl mate In seveiitji-nve seveiitji-nve seveiitji-nve niovea. Ti:e aercnu t a-ii a-ii a-ii m:.( h between tie St. Paul ami MiinieHHlis tlubs vu played A p hi 4, and n-xulted n-xulted n-xulted In a victory fur St. Paul by 8 1-2. 1-2. 1-2. tu 3.1-3. 3.1-3. 3.1-3. , The snnunl ciedton of the New Orleans Cliet. Cherker and Wrl4 Club took place Apt 11 O. tHtmucI Malloril win elected 1'renl-. 1'renl-. 1'renl-. dent: AUaln Kiirt Vle lTtt-lilciit lTtt-lilciit lTtt-lilciit ; Chat. liuek. fcccMid U-e U-e U-e ircsuieiit. 'li!-. 'li!-. 'li!-. K. P.oerl . Trainer: II. T. t-kurl. t-kurl. t-kurl. V. E. Fxlrlnc-ton. Fxlrlnc-ton. Fxlrlnc-ton. l:u-. l:u-. l:u-. fretiniWt ami lir. W. Wuuucrlich. Uovcndng ConimUles. SEVILLE BY MOONLIQHT. (?ramls S. Saltns.l The blue and lifnio;-cu lifnio;-cu lifnio;-cu uUliiht tlls Cpon OlrnWa'a roseate tower. tXwn -n -n tlie-rkar- tlie-rkar- tlie-rkar- tlie-rkar- atto.trllw-lKllm, atto.trllw-lKllm, atto.trllw-lKllm, ' e'llcnt and rluiube:ou aa the hour. The air a accnt of orange hides. The alatneda biixn.t with talm ; Where like a tbrca- tbrca- ot rtler rliucs Tiie lluiptU Uus4jlqut ir'a talm. The grand rathcdiul pniya and dreama lu niooulit "li.let, crave and still; And every aoh-mii aoh-mii aoh-mii p rtal teem With nieiuiules of Moorfeh skill. Near, on the plaea,--white plaea,--white plaea,--white plaea,--white with stars. Toe luJi-leut luJi-leut luJi-leut sium Hirl tepouc; Around them nr.istt of pil!a. i;lends with the fragrance 'Wthe ros. A vart gttaiio Tolt-rs Tolt-rs Tolt-rs . by : wuiiin hi sash tiie anifo meeps yet; Bright as tiie bisiie of his ee bparkles tls. twisted clgatette. A whir of fan half sUIIh a laitph, ! Tlie vclxt flash, of orbs divine J Be veal fslr manola who quatf The goHen, rich Moaula wlue: 1 While all the merry groups an.ttad, I Living to leve vnd to furget. Hing aoiue mad biter banal of aoursd. Timed by the dieting casunet. Within the steep 'a'nd tiarrow lanes, Ttre In the aott awl shifting Khadc. Float un a aong tlie lovea. tiie pslua, The languor of the serenade 1 And till the warm.' sweei night hath flown. Dtienas doze, and gallant hope; While from quaint I alcoolen of stone 'jangles the tell tale . silken rope. . Hark! tunMigh the tevoiing gloom I bear The cautious tiead of aien that luik; An oath of auger borks the ear, I see Use glitter of, a dirk. Waiting abova move snllned feet. . Two eyes read passion In two eyes; -There, -There, In d.lUl;s ra lure saieet,' ' Beauty and. 3 outh. .taste Patadlse. Tls o'crt I did not rare to wall 1 And feel tbe crlmnon rain of blood : The elssh of tteel,'fhe groans of hsle .Were kjng smce sllcnoed by the flood. Of aong snd taugl.ter tlear and lot:d. Front gypMle gay who. haiwl In hand, A weird Brotewie. and brawHni eiowd. lXiiiced a !ellrtous - saraband. Until the moon 'becan to" wane. And with Ita ''suite of tlieuiny' stars Sunk Into liotiitepae! acitn - Behind the' gloom of Aka-.ars. Aka-.ars. Aka-.ars. . . A MIDLANO LANDSCAPE. But Mercian livers, raltn and deep, ' Ihjwn leve'.s w.'ilto MU t lover stoaL Ot on the ancient ni Ill-dam Ill-dam Ill-dam sl?ep Above tuc sillier' l.uny mlwd. While, impeiturtalfle and al3W, Among the flowers tlie barg? g-x g-x g-x Who delved the Immemorial rofil ' , Where all the homing s wul lows meet I Witt willow-wort willow-wort willow-wort Its margin sowed .,; AM led through ml tea of mcalow t-weet t-weet t-weet Who clotlied with Psht and aomber tide Whereja the auoaered hUes ride t j ' Fair are the plains to memory fair Tbe wide boiUon c:car onj large, The breesy spare, tbe ample sir. The wind-swept wind-swept wind-swept seJg J, ' the willowed mat Re, ' Where Avon feels a doubtful way Among the meadows sweet wltj hay, , And fair it wts at set of sun, i Our keel upon that ghtMiy flaor, " To hear, w here other sound was nous, Tho lifting of the rhlbmle oar . , A holr Mlciure neir and far, , ' And In the south a trembling star. " : . . ; THE MAZE. ! Mlnlm tTM-,lfm-fV tTM-,lfm-fV tTM-,lfm-fV tTM-,lfm-fV tTM-,lfm-fV t ' ' f Her nature Is so Ilka a maxe. . . With lovely windings out ant In, That he mut deftly tiircsd I's ways Who would her fullest f4Vors win. Ah, that the kindly gcd of love,! " Who knows thlM mare's every part. Won 1-1 1-1 1-1 grant tit me the rUw thcteof. And show ate how to reach -her -her heart I Chained to the Reck. Prometheus was chained to' tbe rock while wultures cnawed hU entrails, t-o t-o t-o are many people chained to the rock of prejudice while all manner of vlolettt mclicinca lnllict Injury Injury uikmi the sensitive lining of the stomach and lutcfctlnc. Tliey . are apparently Immovable Immovable In the belief that to experience benefit they muxt keep dosing with drastJo menlrtne. I'cleiui the action of th.c-wt th.c-wt th.c-wt Is owerful sad excsjalve, they il l flA Tbey would dUtrutt a remedy of gcntKt ae-tion. ae-tion. ae-tion. however eiiectlve. -1 -1 It is not bv such purblind extretuUts as the-e the-e the-e that the acknowledged acknowledged merits of, Jlostel tor's ktomsch IM tor are recosnizsd. That ben lea rcgubt-tor rcgubt-tor rcgubt-tor ot the otcmach. the bowels and the tkl-tievs tkl-tievs tkl-tievs anneals t the rstiotatl not only ap-tcal. ap-tcal. ap-tcal. but 1 awarded a fiat vabution. Constipation, Constipation, liver eomptiint, dTMepsia and kidney tcwiblex yiekt to Kr action, to aUo ao malaria and rheumatism.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 19 Apr 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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