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 - ' Thus fur the scor-a road. Sav benn with out...
' Thus fur the scor-a road. Sav benn with out any very preaisa eadltions, aad eon. pansona bars been tmiieui. tu . rciuta. la ordct to bring about a deflnit flsed ebampiooslJp reoorxl -t detensua the. amateur baring mo iunss tn-Tri1. " ere! it as a shot, i'orest arul 6tmm nsa undertaken tle eonUu f formal championship match. This is at tha iciii miuert of Mr. Walter w inana. whose potutlua at uk neau 01 vie "' of i-"ngiiii revolver ihowft is well known. lie will contribute cm u em-bl m of the championship one of hia own artistic piece of sculpture done in bronze, and the conditions will bv mad as open M possible and an opportunity made for all to ahoot In what proiairMa tc le a match of mora than ordinary lraport-anee. in M Innter had been shooting prai- rle doss, on whioh there waa a bounty of n wnu oar head. In making hla morn ing round be would pile up the doe he bad killed in one place, go on to anomer place and make another pile, and m on antil he waa ready to return, when be would skin each dog and take the. akin to earn p. A rattler .was, eonceaieu neath one heap of dogs, and as the hunt er waa pulling out a dog the snake bit him on the arm twice, lie at once hastened toward camp, a mile distant, baying tv niuJv taJren tba nrecauuoa vj uinu his handkerchief above the place bitten t as Ha baad. (Tea j est. 1. TIM Em UUBf d. let's kill all tha lawyer.. tlieury VI.. it. C. a. i. 13 BiP eb - Ch-cka and iku- ten tie ia tha veins tiroteorlon - to of actions hlfheak King." (Henry rot afraid." ptia. MlJift IJieaav. . . i QxB b should sttadv to prv'er a peaea, if Iroly churchmen taaa dviijzht la broils I" Henry VI., pt 1. 8. 1. 1 BOt WS ra tna reared. lroilus and St 1. 3. 1. Crass. 1.3. ! Q K--S 14 B KB Ik It Ills HIUDW - Lr aner mm pleasure iuia me days' araee thou bera Qiieen appear In per- he'st found, the world on tiers in court r shall not be ransom (Winter's Tale. 8. S. fur thy life. ilieary l s. - a.. 18 k ks ia k t-J Art ino. so conn- dent t WlLhia what f pare ho pest thou D'T eurat A1Ts WelL 8. ia Kt-Qa Ueahraw ne I the Knight's In SdnilraMo fooling. (TwcliUt MChU -. a. . 17 K KM New let as on. um Jntn our powers, ana TOUll Let as survey the vantage ! of . the uud." (mcaara a. S. ie QRr-Ksa " Thou great defender or Luis Capitol." (Titus Androa-leu. 1. 2. 17 P KR4 - I alU lead forth my snldiera to the plain. iBleaara 111. a. v- and around his arm. and twisting it ma mwibla with hia riiie rod. was quite sick oeioro iro iwuw tiisvt ne waa oraiiFea w rem timM. In lila tent lie always aep a cure for snake bites in a demijohn. On r..p iuim in iiia lire m reaiiv ma mad xnniM Tor rettlnr arunK. ana. atsrtd In earnest. ' When be felt the medieine beginning to work strongly on him Kn innaraed the bandars on hia arm. allowing the blood from hia arm to circulate -to hia body, and having the effect of at once sobering him up. letting h ffnnri work sTO on. lie again resorted a hia imiionn. ana uua tune ktuuii it ap till he was gloriously drank. Shortly afterward his partner, returning. iakMi .a loud far si doctor, oat no. lie said. - I am all right" In a few days th nr. nnr went aown. uu vawukuw a little sickness at ms stomocn av umca be was aa well aa ever. Asked if the bite of the snake wss painful, be de scribed it as the stinging of a hornet. only a nonarea umes worse. Mr. J. L. Adams' pointer dog Frank lin among ' the recent additions 10 Hm kennel of TUankenbaker db Garr. at Thi.v-rt.h and CheHtnnt streeta. This j , . it dog has never run in a ueiu umu, uu will be entered this falL Be ia regarded a very promising aog. eek how wo may peel- udlre tba foe. (Hen ry VI., pt i. s. a. 4J till 18 11 JJ II wo have en- " btiU holy or m- t ranee, and that we hallowed, whs of Snd the watca nut that f Is not sis urate weak. I'll by a sign protertloa to the five notlee to our klni f (Henry Y1-, pt l. s. a. "Cr Havoe,' ana , let ullD tae doss at war. (Julius Caesar, a. l. S0-Kt-Kt3 - sivery " r should be the father of some aaera." (Henry IY, pt i. 1. 1. 21 PB . ' This aay mow enemies are put to death, and I m .better stale in e'er I was. (KVchard. lli. a. a. i 88-R-K3 " uus ya m u assurane auuuio sure." ihtacbetfc. a. ! lO R R3 " Blow wind I come wrack I at leaxt we'U die with harness on our bock." I Mac beta. D, 5. SO RxS Come, therefore, let us y while we may ay ; U Warwick takes us we are sura to- dleVWHenry VL, pt 3. 4. a. 1 O K2 " Victorious Talbot I pardon my abuse; I Bud thou art not less than tame hath bruited." (Henry VL, pt i. -a. a. 83 Resigns. " Your hands than mine are quicker lor a fray : any lees are longer, though, to run away '(Mid. Klghl'S uream. a. a. Notes. l-Tl now confidently asserted that the book of Lha Klxth Americaa Consraas wUl bo Issued to subsenber siana time during the present month. At a recent meeting, the Kew Orleans Chess. Oiooker and Whist Club refused t etiiance the membersiup of . iJ. ana raisea the annual dues frooa Wia to svu. ilr. Blaekburna Is Dbvylnc a Biatrh of Ave enmes up with tonor Vaequea. the Mexi can champion. . The score stood at last ac counts. 1 lackburne 2. Vasquea L. The City af London Chess Club 0tfeated the eoml-lned team of the UnlverslUea of Cambrtdite by a to 1 and two draws. THE SKIRT-DANCE CRAZE. Communications. - exchanges, ate- In tended a.r this department should bo. ad dressed to the Chess Editor. Contributions of nines, problems and news wiu Da taann fully received. - The T-ouisvnie Chess Club meets at 2T Third street, second floor. Hours of play. dally, from 4 to 7 p. m. Strangers are Invited to ealL . Problem Ifo. 10. . By James Stent, London, England. BLACK OW. ap- at- fj fu13 f.'i. site -, p mm " Look a here. Tommy Dibbs. Von're a deuce of a drnrumist. yoa are! You're a drowndin all o Billy Smith's fine notes on the comb: I can do no Span ish danoo when I don't ketch tha niel- Jemyi" . . i t . A HEAVY BLOrr. (Puck.) WHITE 113). White to nlay and mate In two moves. Tha above problem was entered la the touraev of she London Kvenina News and rust. Out of 136 solvers, thirty-one do- dared It impossible. ' rrok.ri 11. White (6) K at Q RO; Q at KKtS; R . . al-1 V- ,w d VI . niu DD. I ava . -4 r ' i a ' lijaca (41 a aa uuo ausu:ru w&w. and y niv. White to pjsy ana mat in tares move By T. I. llrock. In Ualtimora Mews. Theable Jfatca. Btnce oar last report the following moves have been tnaue : EVANS GAMBIT. Tschlgorln. eteinlts. S5 ItiKt j vr is-j lie IlxKt LPxl SJ7 IlxP - ; TWO KNIUHTS' UUUIISla fiteinlta. . TscblgoHa, 26 O K6 (ch) Eft K RS Ui liiVi - - B lij . Chess and Shakespeare. , The following curiosity is from the Mon treal Uasette. It is a correspondence game. khvJiMiwan-aii auoLauons. Diaveu ue- tween Mr. J. WC bbaw and Mr. T. L. Koblns: H V IJ Iff I.. Whlba (Mr. SUavi. ;Uck (Mr. Uoblnsl. 1 F IV i . Alice (nobbing) Oh, what can be more cruel and heartrending than the dis appointment a young girl suffers when BOO Hl U. l nww &a uumva uj. that her cherished idol has but feet z elnvf Kitty (eonsounriy) It Is terrible, my dear: and Mr. Notman's fee were the bijrjre part or iitm, too. of of I all impiove-uents the 1 P-K 4 ' I do the wrong. and lrst bestn trt brawr (Rich. IIL. Act 1. bcone 8. S Kt K 11 8 Till no own woo Knight, by day or nlKuL, Or any kind of BicL" iMerry Wives. 8. 1. 3 B-O Kt 5 1 Mure rtauons lor this action, at our more Idture tnall I render you." (Meas. for Mea. 1. 8. -kUKI " murine t the word; It Is a deed in luhlpn.- vjui. Caesar, 5. a. aCastles " Our - easue"s strength win kuigh. Metco u scorn. Mnheth. 6. 6 o l-Q 3 'Tliereoa I pawn mv credit, and win hoD.r." i. Henry VL, lt. 3. 3. 3. 7-RQ P. 4 " Toil your imeoua heart there's no harm done- Tern- 8 KKK13 a Comes at tne and with a Utile pin bora. Ihreugn iu. a- tl waU." tuicaara II. a. - p Ki Direst thou, CaJ-slu. now leap In with m bi'o this an ry Hood V (Julius Cao- var. 1. 3. a Tlilt castle hsta a " flaasant seat." (Macbeth 1. - 11-P-H4 "Near does my rro)ct gatbor ta a 'Away, you toga a rkl tho. not hea thent eaUT (Heory IV.. Part 1. Act Si. I Hcene 4. v -.t Li f: S - " A Knlffhk wetl- snoken. neutand fine; but were I you, he never should b o mine' rrwe Genk of Verona, 1. 3. a Kt-o a " Proud nrelate. tn thy face I sea thy fu- ry. (Henry VI.. part S4. 1. 1. . 4 PsKt " Mercy to thee would ptove Itself a bawd : 'TIS best that thou cUeet quickly. (Mexi lor Mess, 3. 1. 0 11 11 a - " This war. mv furd. tor this way lie tha game.' (Henry VL, part 3. 4. o. u P Q li 3 " Tbore Is mine hon or's lava; encage It to the trial, if thou dare. ittich. II. 4. l. 7 Kt It 3 I Dta In this cart hi world ; where to do nartn is oiten lauda- o'o-"-Maeoeth, 4. 3. -III leave this young man In pawn." (Winter's Tvlo. 8, X PxP "He oes before ma, and stdi dares me l a ; when I come hers be calls, then he Is tone.' Mid Mshrs Dream. 3. a 10 o3 - " Hers cornea the Queen, whose looks betray her anger." e''ry. VL, pt. 3. ii-p rs - ! will slnr, that ussy aaau hear I )0!,iPLEX10H P' iLANTA BEATRICE niuTM Ma.b asMl 1.1"' aipana. strwvestta awsibsirta asial Tast, is stores tke color nasi yovtkvfml sanaeas ta tkve skin, aa4 koopa It pirftct tst stay cllsaata. Pris paat-patd. BOBERT O. SCCLBS, V.OM ) - 191 leaa 8traet, I Baooaxra. Jaa, so, 18SL ) Landtm TbUrf Stuar CV-.- Oendemca Tba forma'.a of Tlanta Beatriea beca sabmittnl to me, I aa fres to asy that It la aa riceumt and perfectly hnnie.ooa. and so frea from anything of a polaonoa. natara that sack a canbiuatioa snlKht ha swsllowed witnost injnry. 1 can aa. mo raaaoa wnj ll aauuiu sot sccomj'I'Sa what you claim for it- mH-voar.i paste zsssssz PASTE" ar Shlrlay Dan) ratlaiaa mstsl stakM ssaMth a tngh, pavaani sklst, attlrwly reanavss Flaab.'Warams (Blacsi Hadls)t a pesltlv ear far Plsapla. tad Krwptlaas. Prlt. StaftO, pwt-paiUl. - OnOcmen Tea hsvlnf fahsaltted th formula of Flesh-Worm Pasta and Pimple UemevertoBM, I eaa eoBSdestioaaly recommend it as beisg a rood combination, and contain Ing only sack rm dies ss will benedt those ranalring it. -v Of tha nomber of toilet articles that have coma before my aotira, and that are Intended for tha a.a aaa aa Planta RaalHca sad Fleah-Worm paste, the sabmlUrd f uraaalaa show yoara to bs the only ona whose compositioiu sre nnita aarauess.' Thee are tha meat twaaarmabla prap-aratinl wg th. ago. Kvwry appUsav-Uami wlU laistev. jreat spies taw. Vmr aala by all Delators la TaUet Aa . Jtaawiae tared amr ay lc:::c:i tcilct cauhi am s Z. 17Ut IT rew TOBS, V.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 15 Mar 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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