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 - J so fashionable with the ladies, I would...
J so fashionable with the ladies, I would rather have a patient of mine ride twenty miles on a bicycle than, live mi lea on the eaateat eauuer." In its membership of forty-rfx forty-rfx forty-rfx the Louisville Cycle Club has a representative of ail the professions and ooa or two sciences. Tbere are now in the club two physicians, two artist, one newspaper newspaper man, one lawyer, oue electrician, business men, bookkeepers, etc Probably Probably no. other bicycle club in the country double tlie size of this can boast of such a representative membership. In the L, A. W. Handbook Mr. L B. Potter, Chairman of the Highway Improvement Committee, says: "The common road, while in a general way the property of all the people, is in a more immediate and direct sense the larmer's highway, and the intelligent farmer, therefore, nm well as tlie immediate immediate tradosnian with whom be- be- deals in his local market, must receive tlie arguments and facts which appeal for better roads. The farmer and tradesmen tradesmen will read and approve arguments grounded In sense and jusuaea ty experience. experience. Mr. Walter A. Meeks. sine of the most popular wheelmen in Louisville, a member of. the Independent Cycle Club, ia open for congratulations. He was a member of the graduating class of the Louisville College of Pharmacy, and received the higliest average of his ehisa. Be either ranked first or received honorable honorable mention in every branch of study. It wmld be claiming too much to sav that cycling was responsible for thia, but Mr. Meeks himself admits that his wheel had much to do with it. When wearied in mind over some liard problem, he would close his books, take hia bicyclo bicyclo and go for a spin ia tlie fresh air. and would return refreshed In body and brain, ready to tackle and solve anything. anything. The ideal bicycle track, which Louisville Louisville wheelmen have had in their mind's eye for more than a year, ia almost a certainty. Work will begin thia week, and before the middle of AprU Louisville Louisville risers and those interested in toe sport may point with pleasure to tlie finest and fastest six-lap six-lap six-lap track in the United States. It will be located in tlie iSireworks Amphitlieater of the Auditorium, Auditorium, easy of acec, and ts to cost l,80O. Mr. Daniel Quilp, who, in hia inmost heart, wants to akim along airily on a bicycle himself, will build the track, furuiahing aiaeen ticket to all wheelmen who may desire them at a very low price just enough, in fact to give him fair Interest on the actual investment. . The foundation of the track ia to be of slate, with a top dree-ing, dree-ing, dree-ing, four or five inchea deep, of limeatone screenings; the whole to be rolled until solid with ft six-ten six-ten six-ten steam roller. Sir. Phil Allison, of G, M. Allison S. Co. who is one of the most enthusiastic track advocatre in the city, reports that the first twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five tickets have already been spoken for, and that tlie indication are that the full one hundred will be taken before the first of April. While the track ia not a club affair, still the two clubs of the city tlie Lwuisville Cycle and the Indepemlenta have agreed to pull together to make it a success. The track insures ft successful meet of Kentucky Division L. A. AV in Juno next. " z Communication, exebangss, etc.. Intended Intended fur this department should be addressed addressed to tlie Cbens Editor. Contributions ot games, problems aud news will be Utaak-lully Utaak-lully Utaak-lully toceived. , . - The LcniavUls Chess Club meets at S27 Tblnt street, second floor. Hoars of play, flatly, from 4 to 7 p. m. strangers ara Invttea .to call. - - ' ; Problem He (Composed for the CourloisTournal by P. O. Keeney, Kewport. Ky4 ' BLACK 5K Tf i .a c 1 - .. - ' ... Swii i X -r -r 1 ... w ill ri.v , .White to play and mate In ftwo moves. Problem No. 8. Tills problem was lncorroUy diagramed last week and appeared as an lmpc4btlitr, The klacs should be transposed. Ue white king being on Q B 6 and the black king on li . , ,. . - : ftolatioav PROBLEM NO. . J Kt-iLliS.. Kt-iLliS.. Kt-iLliS.. Solved by B. C. tiM Olasgow, Ky. ; Tmeie Ky.; B. II. city. PB0BJLEM NO. T. : 1 B KB3. . J PB3. , . a fUP. a KXK. . ; 4-4 4-4 4-4 alatea, - - 1 P-R3. P-R3. P-R3. 4 ; 2 RxP. . . S ikXK. - O-U O-U O-U Kates. - Golved tor Ifareus Kohn. R. H. Z etty; J. 1. Petersburg, ivjr. ; U. C. U. Ulas-go'jr, Ulas-go'jr, Ulas-go'jr, Ky. , . BtelaitTsehlcorift. Below Is the run date 1 EVANS White (Ts.-hijtorlii). (Ts.-hijtorlii). (Ts.-hijtorlii). 1 P K 4 - Kt K B 3 a li a a 4 U Kt 4 6 P M 83 6 Castle 7 V-Q V-Q V-Q 4 8 h K Kt B o i-vj i-vj i-vj a 10 Q K 4 11 it J u 3 1-J 1-J 1-J B K 3 i: Kt U 4 14 P-Q P-Q P-Q a lSKf Q Et ; ' lB-OxB lB-OxB lB-OxB P . 17 H 11 mn 15 B R 3 1-J 1-J 1-J K Q H so it n 4 21 Kt Q S '-22KtH '-22KtH A 1 Kt B ft S4 KtxB Waits to move. of tlie games tip to GAMBIT. li lark (StelnlUL . 1 p H. 4 a Kt-u Kt-u Kt-u a a a li b 4 HxKi p . - 6 B a 4 . . ft Q H 3 7 Kt K B a -Q-i -Q-i -Q-i -Q-i 3 9 hit O sq ' 10 K Kt a 11- 11- r q b a 19 B B 2 " 1 1 0 K. B H 14 MSP It Q B Kt sa 1C Kt K 3 17 Kt Kts4 15 P B 4 19 Kt K B3 c-ii c-ii c-ii b a CI B-U B-U B-U 3 ' - , S5 Kt-vt Kt-vt Kt-vt t 21trK KtS -lit -lit QvKt , . Two Kalghts' Defease. White (StolalU). r Itlack (TscMgorln) 1 P K4 1 P K4 2 K K t B3 g DKt B3 3 B B4 a-KtB3 a-KtB3 a-KtB3 ft PxP 6 OKt B.4 T PxP - T PxP a B Kg - S P KR3 ?i?fl 10- 10- astl.-s astl.-s astl.-s . 13 KKt Ktaa J?--; J?--; J?--; J?--; i4-pQB3 i4-pQB3 i4-pQB3 ilZiC: 15 P 0 is pi?i ' Ia b Kta - i p bs e j-pxp j-pxp j-pxp - c"-pxp c"-pxp c"-pxp Ka-Vr-KU Ka-Vr-KU Ka-Vr-KU Ka-Vr-KU Ka-Vr-KU . v Toaoov. Chess la New York. Plsyed In the second round of the Hew York state Tournament. February S3, 1801. Score and do ten from Alhanv JcurnsL i 1C1L1AX llKFKXoK. White (A. B. Uodsassk BUck IE. Delmart. 1 P K4 1 p JR4 8-Kt-KM 8-Kt-KM 8-Kt-KM 8-Kt-KM 8-Kt-KM S-Kt-$3U3 S-Kt-$3U3 S-Kt-$3U3 S-Kt-$3U3 S-Kt-$3U3 3 P-04 P-04 P-04 3 PxP 4 KtxP 4 P KKt3 - 5 KtxKS . , 6 KtPxKt J-C J-C J-C J . r p Kr,3 T-IJB4 T-IJB4 T-IJB4 . .' T-P T-P T-P K3 . 8 Castles 8 B KKta 3 P-QKt3 P-QKt3 P-QKt3 9 Kt K? 10- 10- B k:i 10-Casiles 10-Casiles 10-Casiles 11- 11- BxKP eh - This combination would have been well enouga lutd tbe QKt been out; at 1 la It oses. " 11 PxB 13 fSQ 12 KlQ , 13 BxKt ' " .' V 13 H 03 ' ' B R3 was tbe "best move, but even tlicn bis gsme woukl have been cramped by P B4, 16 P B3, PxP; lo B KjJ, Qd, etc. 14 P KB4I 15-p 15-p 15-p ona , . i&-pxp i&-pxp i&-pxp i io-r-Ob io-r-Ob io-r-Ob io-r-Ob io-r-Ob io k Q6 ' 17 W K3 -Even -Even now B E3, followed by B K12, seems stronger. 17-B-Kt3 17-B-Kt3 17-B-Kt3 17-B-Kt3 17-B-Kt3 19 K B . lfe f QRt ! P QR4 10 B QK'J K K. . SO R Kt 81 K B3 1:1 H KB 2 J P WKU ti PaP - - S3 R-Ktil R-Ktil R-Ktil , U3-B U3-B U3-B US . i - 24 R Kta . Ui P KtOl S5Kt Q3 2 V B Q4 1' B4 ' ' a U Krt Black ts pressing tle attack charmingly. C KK QSt k C7-BXK C7-BXK C7-BXK , 8 ElB 2fi RxK as Km - ju&e These exchanges leave black twe pawns t head and an imprernablo potation, so k h: no b Sl-P-OUS Sl-P-OUS Sl-P-OUS Sl-P-OUS Sl-P-OUS 81 K Kt4 Si B Kta . -J -J P-Ql4 P-Ql4 P-Ql4 ;a B Kt a: K J;a 34-K-Kt3 34-K-Kt3 34-K-Kt3 34-K-Kt3 34-K-Kt3 S4-K S4-K S4-K KJ ; Hi It QU 85-K 85-K 85-K Q3 Much better than 5. 30 ji R i) 3wp Kt7 - 37 U QKt . 87 R-Ktlch. R-Ktlch. R-Ktlch. K K4 - IS" P H . . 3D U J4 , 3 B B3 mat Kates. Ten hew rnetnbera Joined the Baltimore Club during Gunsbenc's viKtu nr. E. w. Keener, of Newport, tbe well-, well-, well-, known writer and problemist bss started a chess column In the fcsturday edition of the Covlngina Commouweall. A problem from Kcnnr VasqiteE's new book: Ptac tbe men for playtntr. Wtillo same moves as white." f . . f Tho Baltimore News says that the Xofc tlnjrhstn. Kng.. Xluardian, never publishes soiuiions on me crouna iiutt li.oro are "ii oooumermont to lazy solvers aud an injustice injustice to urtiiprMrs. The match between Messrs. Blackburno and Golmayo was courhuled last WedneMlav by a -vletorv -vletorv for fshwhbiirne. (icore: iUack-bura iUack-bura iUack-bura 3. Oolmaya 3, Drawn 8.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 08 Mar 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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