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Whltta- em- uiil-itHrv ?ieu- Shep- in- iieu- in- .Min- it, to de- evi- CHAMP10IIS OF CHESS. Mr. SbowalUr PU Im Another Par aid Mjht of Play. las. Two Games Lost la the First Toaraa neat. Three la tho Second and Oae Draws. HE chej exhlKtion, or content, which was commenced in the rooms of tlie Louisville C b r s a Club, Monday afternoon, afternoon, wjs continued yesterday and last Eicht. The tourni .t. iucdv uia. wais wm :.- :.- . menocd Monday IS evenins, in which iir. eno waiter, tne champion ehess- ehess- player of Kentucky, played fourteen games simultaneously, was not com- com- pleted until 3 o dock yesterday morning. In that tournament Mr. Know-alter Know-alter Know-alter lost a came . to Dr. Roberta and to Mr. Dembitz, and drew one with Mr. Watts. Before tlie chess men were pot up yes terday morning, Mr. Showalter badde- badde- feated all tlie other contestants, Mr. .w. D. Keed being the last man to rigA rl; Virll"'. I MB. laOWALTIR AT TBI BOARD. One of the liveliest games played Mur ing the tournament was a beautiful Evans cambet contest between Mr. Showalter and Prof. Theiss. It was verr prettr nd brisk little ftkirmiah, and is interesting from the fact that it illustrates, in a marked degree, the wonderful resources afforded by the Kvans cambit for the attack. White gives up a piece very early in the game, and yet by this sacrifice lie is enabled to harass the adverse Kins witn nts pawn and finally to recover his piece -a-. -a-. -a-. -a-. I wfit-li wfit-li wfit-li usurious interest; lltar. iheus showed afterward that be could have ibtainetl a wetter game by riving up the niece lie had obtained for two pawns. b,ut even then it is questionable whether he .could have won. I he game win Well repay, personal attention on ao-count ao-count ao-count of the novel and ingenious plan of attack adopted by Mr. Showalter. Fol lowinu. is the score of the game in de tail Warra (Showalter). (Black (TheisaV. P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 Kt-gB3 Kt-gB3 Kt-gB3 B B4 BKtP S-B S-B S-B Pl B Kt3 P-V P-V P-V H-KKLi H-KKLi H-KKLi u gi at-rt4 at-rt4 at-rt4 K Fi K4B I'-KM I'-KM I'-KM B Kti K-Bsq K-Bsq K-Bsq U-Ki U-Ki U-Ki VKt Q-B Q-B Q-B Kt m K Kaq Vf B K-Oso K-Oso K-Oso 1 P-K P-K P-K C Kt KB3 5 Bb 4 P-VKrt P-VKrt P-VKrt 6 HUBS S T P-t-P P-t-P P-t-P P-t-P P-t-P 8 Kt QB3 9 taatloa ia w Kt li y Kts li brMch) n q b 15 1-V 1-V 1-V 16 P hfch) 17 Q Kto is vB Id O-KJ O-KJ O-KJ l 1 kti 1 Kt-KR4 Kt-KR4 Kt-KR4 3-4 3-4 3-4 Kt KtS(ch) SI B Kt 2 Kt-hf Kt-hf Kt-hf (riiaocb) aa v-naq v-naq v-naq kei,;u. Among Mr. Showalter's other feata It was published yesterday morning that be had won eleven games and lost nine at the recent tournament in St. Louis, held by the United States. Chess Association. Association. Mr. Showalter won eleven games aud lost none, a remarkable aeetanplish- aeetanplish- ment when it is remembered that the association is made up of representative players from almost every Mate in the Union. In unite of the severe (lay nnd all- all- night strain he had gone through with. Mr. Show-alter Show-alter Show-alter setiiuxl eteailv aud In-oh In-oh In-oh when he went to the chess club yesterday afternoon. A number of gentlemen. including thoho whom he had laajed airainat were awa l ing him. and the tables were laid and the men put in po sition for another tournament. At 4 o'clock the Imttle began with clever i.l a vera engaged against Mr. showalter. The riiammiin lost only twice. Messrs. Frank Roberts and Kolin winning their came. In tlie e.vcnina a large c row 1 gathered, and the mayinu neiran acaia at 8 o'clock. This time Mr. Showalter had to contend with sixteen players. He lost three games and one was a draw. Tlie winners of tlnse three games were lVof. Theiss and Messrs. Ketl and Gain. The draw came was with Mr. Woodruff. Thi afternoon Mr. Showalter will play with his eyes blindfolded and his hack to the players. He will have a number of opponents. 1 'I'll a " 1 I

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 07 Jan 1891, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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