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Ada Mabel's divorce proceedings in the newspaper - t!HE TIMES, TrUESDAYT MABOH "24, l89 - - ad U,...
t!HE TIMES, TrUESDAYT MABOH "24, l89 - - ad U, gravtly injured la hit credit aad reputation aad la hi profetaioa aforaaald, and baa been lurpandtd from hi military dutia. Tha plaintiff claim 3,000 damagac against each oeteadABt rot tbe al aad art .uttered by aim or ber. Tha defendant admitted cararranha 1 and S. but did ot admit tha reet, and ' to tha alteraatir they aay that if they or aay ef them bar need word imputing so u piaiBiin was aa naa caeatea a baccarat, wa same war true in ubstaaee and la fact." Tha plaintiff plaintiff had applied to tha Matter at Cham ben for particular particular of tha acta of cheating alleged, aad he had mad tha order : bat Mr. Jostle Deamaa bad set it aside, considering that, aa the charge stated by tha plaintiff were spec i no at to time and place and alio la character, it waa naneeeaaary for tha defeadaata to eater Into mora detail than to aay that tbey were true (especially a the plaintiff had also administered interrogatoriea to each of the defendants), only ba put them under an undertaking to enter into no further coarse at uie wiai. i ue ciainiin appealed. Mr. Gill appearel on his part in support of hit p - plicatiou.and urged that ba was entitled to" minute" particular ef tbe aetaof cheating intended to be alleged against bim at the trial. He was entitled to know beforehand what ba waa to ba charged with. MR. Jrsricx Grahtbam. Yob yourself act out tba charge made peei6e charge aa to what occurred on two occasions specified, and the defendant aay these specific charge are true. What more particulars eaa yoa require?) Particulars of tbe precise act charged just aa in an indictment for cheating or obtaining obtaining money by falsa pretence. It i not stated what were the acta of eheatlnf which are ehareed. 1Mb. Jcstick Grantham. Ye ; it ii alleged that be altered tha stakes, putting on a smaller stun ii aa appeared to loae and a larger turn II appeared to win. aud that he freouerrtlv withdrew a nortion of tbe ttake when the game waa against him. It is not stated which eharcea are made br - eaeh of the defendants. IMr. Jcstick GmsTniM.H i stated what one of them charged, and then it is stated at to other that they alleged ha repeated the tame practices." practices." It it not stated bow often it waa done. It it said that it was done frequently or " systematically." systematically." (Mr. Jcbtick Catk. That means aeveral timet, so often that it could not have been accidental. It is not specifically ttated what ia charred. IMr. JrsriCK Catk. Yoa state that tbey. charred your client with acta of cheating at card on two tpecifie occasions, and they y it waa true. There can be no mistake aa to what they mean to lay. MR. Jcrncx GRAXTH AM, It - it plain that they mean to aay what you complain oi mem lor saying teat Is, what Air. Arthur Stanley Wilson aaid be taw. that It. that the plaintiff frequently withdrew a portion of hi stake. The olaintin is eotitled to creater nartienliritv and detail. (Mr. Jcstici Ca. How can tbey give more particulars tnao tbey bare given by saying tbat he did frequently what tbey describe f How eould they describe it otherwise than by aaying he added to or withdrew from hi (take f It i not stated who wai cheated. (Mb. Justice Cavx. It would be tbe person against whom ha was playing, or pcrhapt the ' bank."! It it not stated to what amount the stakes were altered, whether 100 or 1. IMr. JcaTICE Gram Til AM. Could the amount be material ? Do yon suggest tbat cheating to a (mall amount would not be cheating t They do not (uffleiently describe i the alleged act - of cheating. (Mr. Jcstice Cave. Dumciemiy to at to auow you what tba nature o( tba charge is.) Sir Charles Russell (with Mr. Ascraith. O.C.. and Sir. Arthur Russell) appeared on behalf of tbe de fendants, and said there wat no doubt whatever about tha rabjeet. Baa admitted Immoral Intimacy with jut neiore ner mamage, aad tali aad taeir lamiliarl' led him to auapect that tha intiaaarr had been ressnx after act marriage. Ba had a farther conversation wim ner, ana oa taa evening or taa eta aba dictated and icaad three forma of crwif aaslon. Tba ana of tbeta waa la theaa term i 1 will aolemnly awear to job, aenert ceott nan, taai i win own to you before Mr. Kay tbat roar suspicion with regard to Mr. Kay are true, aad that I have committed adultery wiia aim. - ana aecooa ran una t i win solemnly wear to yoa that 1 know tbat t doped yoa into marriage with ma knowing that I waa ia so doing commuting a great wiezeonee in ua iigat or God. aad doing yoa such a wrong that God alone can repair. I do also swear that yoa hire never deserved the (lightest wrong at my hands." The third mentioned taa name or nve men wita wnom aba said aba bad immoral relations before her marriage. Tha rati tiooer atated tbat he wrote theaa confessions at bit wife' dictation, aad that be aad aba occupied the tamo apartment on the nirlt of the flth of November. after they were written and signed S that on the 7th aa and toe went irora tnelr longtngt together to tba shop, where aba tigned - another confeaaion as to adultery with Kay. whieh waa witnessed bv his (petitioner) brother. This eonfeaiion contained aa avowal that tbe had doped tbe petitioner into ue mirriige, and ta Ber representations before tea marriage wa woeiuiiv deceiving bim. Oa tba evening of the 7th ahe accompanied and bad an interview with that gentleman, and after it told witness that aha had acknowledged to Mr. Gibson the truth and tbe voluntary character of ber confessions. Alter tbe visit to llr. Gibson he and hit wife returned to their lodging". Ha went to bed, and tbe next morniog be found 'that the waa in tba time apartment. On the 8th be accompanied her in a cab to a railway station, and sent in ber name a telegram telegram to ber mother at Gravetend, to whom ahe went by train. On the 7th Kay w'aa accused by bim ef adultery with the respondent. Kay went on hi knee aad asked forgiveness, but almost immediately afterwards afterwards denied tbe accusation. The petitioner waa (everely eroaa - examined. He denied that he bad entered into an arrangement with the respondent for getting bi divorce, and that be bad coerced her into writing tba confessions, or writing to her father, or writing to a gentleman connected with the company wno owned toe anop in uxiora - ireet. A letter from tbe respondent to the cetitioner'i latber and irom ber to the gentleman referred to were pot in evidence. Both document were of a very offensive character. In them the respondent spoke of nerteii in very deprecatory terms, and o( tbe petitioner ia extremely Battering phraseology. ' One rail ace in the letter to tbe father taid : " l our tut - pieiont with regard to my past life were only true, and yoa only warned him of what would coma to pan anouia ne oe trappea into marrying me. Tbe pen tinner menu aa a Christian young maa ' were dilated on in tba other letter. It spoke of tha pity it wmi aad occurred, and contained tbl paeaage : in ousineaa win continue to tnrire after ail naa been settled and we have obtained a divorce, which wa hope will be tattled before Christmas. It will be quite private, to that it will not affect the business in any way." gueationed about this letter the petitioner petitioner swore tbat It waa not written a a consequence of any arrangement between the respondent and him; Mr. Gibson cave evidence that tbe respondent, on the evening of tha 7th of November, handed him her confessions, lie wa lurprued at tbem, and questioned consistently with good tense and justice, and it waa that if the charge in tha libel wa general, as tbat tbe plaintiff was a cheat vr bad cheated. or even mat oa aad cneated at cards, tbe defend ant, if he desired to justify, must point hi charge either in hi plea or by particulars, to thow what it wat, to snow tne occasion, and tbe nature oi tbe kind of cheating which ii imputed. But if tha charge itself in tba libel was speoific, as In this case, that on two tpecifie occasion at a certain house the plaintiff. at a certain game and in a certain way. had cheated at cards, aad had done so on those oceaaiona often or frequently, that waa sufficient ; for what more could be stated ? And there waa the lea occasion for anv particulars in iaia case, aa ice piamua naa eamiaiB' tered interrogatories to each of the defendant. Mr. Gill, in reply, insisted that the plaintiff waa entitled to particular, and referred to the case of ' ine yoeen v. La&oucnere " (if uox Criminal Cases), where Mr. Laboucbere had charged one Lambrt with having cheated at cards. (Mft. JDSTICS uujTuiM, - ine cnarget are tpeeiueu by yourself ; the defence it that they are true, and it it to be. con fined to those charge. Still, we are entitled to par ticular, imr. jctTiCE uraktham. Vbat mora eaa you cave t The Court dismissed the appeal, and bald tha Judge right in refusing the application. Mr. Jcstice Cave taid the plaintiff applied for particular of all the act of cheating at baccarat aiiegea oy taa various oeienaanu ; out be could not ce bow it would at all aait tbe plaintiff in shaping hit case at the. trial. If one defendant ahould tay that be saw what is altered three times - and another four timet, kc, how could that assist tha plaintiff ? it cuuiu do possioiy give mm tne si l invest assistance. Then aa to particulars of the occasions when it was alleged to have been done, tbey were already given tha evening cf the 8th and 9th of September last ana tne piainiin couia not want more tban tbat. The charge being specific, it wa sufficient for the defendants to say that they were true in substance and in fact that it, those tpecifie cbarget. It might be that tha form of pleading waa not technically correct that, it the defendant bad aaid the words imputed, they were true ; but that wat not objected to, and the application wis for particulars, and they were not wanted. Mr. Jcstick Uraxtuam taid be was of the same opinion, and thought the plaintiff had no right to com' plain. He had complained of certain tpecifie state menu, and the defendant said they were true in fact. ue couia not sea now c was prejudiced. Appeal dismissed. There were also applications against certain newt - papers for the publication of newt ttated to be false respecting the progress of this action. The matter not being concluded, we reserve our report. Sittingt in Bankruptcy, btfore Mr. BtoiST&XR Bkocoham.) is re abrahams, An adjourned tittinir for public examination waa held, under the bankruotev ot Laxarua Abrahams, a wnoietaie lurrier, carrying on business in Great rreacott - street, naitecaapci. Mr. Grey appeared at Asaistant Official Receiver ; Mr. F. C. Will it for tho trustee ; and Mr. R. Raphael for the debtor. Tbe failure occurred in Auirust last, and tha rlaktnr nat recently been convicted and sentenced to 12 month'' imprisonment a a fraudulent bankrunt. Hia statement of affair ahow liabilities amounting to 14,911, of which 13,G05 are unsecured, with atseu 1,162. The debtor waa brought up in custody, and tion of bis property, and other matter, ur. UEOISTRAU iiRouGUAM allowed him to pa. IX RE LANOTOK. Jhit case wat reported in Tkt Timet of RatnMav His HONOUR now varied tha order whieh ha by declaring that the suspension of the ditebarge for nx month proceeded on the ground of the insufficient bookkeeping only, and not on the ground of misconduct misconduct mentioned in the Official Receiver' report. Mr. Hough appeared at Official Receiver ; and Mr, Sidney Woolf, Q.C., for the bankrupt. (Bcfort Mr. Registrar Giitard.) IN RE DUNCAN. An order was made annulling tha adfndieatinn nf bankruptcy made against Mr. Leslie Frascr Duncan, formerly the editor of tha Matrimonial Wevt. Mr. II. Brouzbam appeared as Official Receiver Mr. Muir Mackenzie for Miss Knowle. the petition ing creditor ; and Mr. Sidney Woolf, Q.C., for the debtor. PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTYDIVISION. Before Mr. Justice Jecme and a Special Jury.) HALL T. HALL AND EAT. This was a tuit bv Robert Scott Hall for tbe disaoln. tion of hit marriage with Ada Mabel Hall, whose maiden name wat, Thomas, on the ground of her adulterr with John Kav. asainst whom he damages. Tbe respondent and tha co - respondent pleaded a uruiai oi ue cuarge against mem, ana tbe respondent auto pieaueu cooaoDauon.' M. I.J...i.l f 1 II. IT 1 . - "w - ' - ', " uuu appeared ior tbe petitioner ; Mr. Lee Kolerti and Mr. K. Symont for tbe respondent ; and Mr. Le Riche for the co - respondent.respondent. respondent.respondent. The circumstances of the ease were extrannlintn Up to the period at which tbe tuit wat commenced all tne parties to it were employed in a hosiery (bop in Oxford - street, which is a branch of an tl.lihn,...t having iU headquarters in tbe City. The petitioner was manager of tbe ahop and the respondent and tha co - respondentrespondent respondentrespondent were aas is tints. In the summer or tha autumn of 1890 a to tbe precise time there wis a contradiction contradiction between the husband and wife the petitioner proposed proposed to the respondent. It was admitted on both tide that aha then or before told him that the bad been teduced ; aad that, notwithstanding tbii, be .arranged a marriage, with her. It waa also admitted that, from the time of their engagement down to that of their marriage, there were immoral relatione between them. About a month before the marriage he took her down to Tiverton, where hi father is in business, and (ought to obtain the consent of tba latter to tbe marriage, bnt the father urged him to break it off. The Mit,n.. stated in evidence that it was proposed to the respondent respondent that it ahould be broken off, but sbe threatened to commit auiciue rawer tumu ua ifc NJOUia be. tin October 7. 1890. tbe were married ia Hole Trinit Church. Marylcbone, and, in a few day after, started on a trip to tha Channel Island. On their return they occupied lodgings in Albany - street, and . attended tbe bus i neat in Oxford - street throughout the day ; but their cohabitation lasted for oaly a very abort period. Tbey separated on the 8th of November, tha petitioner's solicitor having by that time received iaatractioai to proceed for a divorce. Tbe petitioner' account of bow this came to past waa remarkable. Ma aaid that aa ha and tba respondent were at church on a Sunday be observed ber praying for a longer period than nanal when tha Sevanta, Commandment had been read out, This caused him to question her oa ber Ufa previously to their marriage, and the made statements aad admissions which led bim to believe that sbe bad been telling him a pack of lies. It bad occurred to him that her manner with Kav waa mora familiar than tbat of tba wife of a manager ought to ba with one of bit aattttsni. aad .this Induced aim to quest! oa hat aa the law on the subject, whieh had long been settled , her a to whether they uad been made by her volon tarily. Sbe aaured him that tbey had been' Tbe respondent went into tbe box and denied tha adultery charged in the petition. Sbe admitted having aigned the confessions, but swore that sbe bad been worried into doing to. and that tbey were not true, Tbe co - respondent also denied on oath tbat he ever had been immorally intimate with the respondent either before or after her marriage. He further swore tbat ba did not, on tbe th of November, confess and beg pardon for adnltarv with her. Ha did hc Mnlim nn that occasion, but he did so under the impression tbat tha charge made against bim by tbe petitioner was that of having reported that tha respondent wa raceiafc a month after her marriage. A he had in dulged in some chaff on that subject be begged pardon. Adultery had not beea mentioned when he begged pardon. Three' of the five other persons mentioned by the respondent ia one of her confessions a having committed committed adultery with her went into tbe witness - box and denied the aecusation. Mr. Lea Robert argued that all the olreunutaaeea of the case showed tbat the confessions of the respondent respondent were forced ones, extorted by worry because ot the desire of the Hall family to get rid of her. He contended tbat previously to tbe marriage she had concealed nothing from tba petitioner except the eireumstance that ahe wa herself an illegitimate child. He aaid that tbe two other persons whom the respondent wucu wurrivu naracu h utiu naa immoral relations with ber could not be found ; but the evidence of three out of tba five ought to satisfy the jury tbat tha respondent mutt nave been labouring under a temporary temporary hallucination when makinc her confessions. In conclusion, he urged that even 'tuppoiing the respondent had committed adultery which he asked the jury to disbelieve there wat condonation ot that marital offence on the 6th and 7th of November. Mr. LeRiche reminded tba jury that the confessions confessions of tha respondent not made in tbe co - rctpond - ent's presence were no evidence against him. The only evidence against him wat that of the petitioner aa to tue nagging oi pardon, and tbat was disposed OI bv the eo - resuondent a exnlanation. The iurv found that the respondent anrl tha an. respondent had committed adultery, and that there bad been no condonation. Tbe bearing of tbe ease occupied two days, aad did not couciwie tin nearly o tuis evening. COUNTY OF LONDON SESSIONS The March adjourned general sessions for the trial of cases arising 'north of the Thames were opened today today at the Beasiona - house. Clerkrnwell. before Sir 1. H. Edlin, Q.C., Chairman, Mr. Warry, Q.C., atd other justices.. (Btftrt Bir P. n. Edlin, Q.C.) Georoe Herbert, 63, described as a dealer, was found uuxlly of having stolen a purse containing 32s. on tbe afternoon ef February 28 from tbe pocket of a lady as she was coming out of the Prioce's - ball, Piccadilly. Mr. Eardley Wilmot waa for the prosecu tion, mere was anoiner indictment against the prisoner for having attempted to steal a purse from another lady on the same oecaaioa, but this was not tried. A second count in the first indictment charged the prisoner with having been before convicted of leiony. ims allegation be denied. A police - constable,constable, constable,constable, a detective, and a warder from Peotonville positively identified him as a man who waa convicted at tbis Court in July, 1887. under the name of Taylor, of stealing purses from ladies coming out of tha Prince'a - hall.:and was sentenced to 15 months' bard labour. The constable who had Taylor in custody ana ciacunea mm at too time aaid tbat be bad two little black moles on the back of bis neck and a scar over his right eyo ; his height was Sft. 4in. The Prisoner was now taken to tbe cells by two warders, but they were unable to find any trace of the moles, and his height was Sft. 21in. There was. however, a slight scar over his right eye. The jury found that tba prisoner wa the man so convicted. The prisoner, after this verdict was given, atated that at the time at which the alleged conviction occurred he was undergoing a sentence of three months' hard labour for a misdemeanour at Birmingham. The learned Chairman said ha had no doubt tbat the jury were right, but he would bare further inquiries made, and postponed sentence. Georoe Jones, 26, pleaded ' Guilty" to aa indictment for having broken and entered the dwellingdwelling dwellingdwelling - bouse of Wallace Smith, bootmaker, in King - street, Hammersmith. From tbe evidence given at the police - court, it appeared tbat on the evening of Sunday, March 1, a young man who was alone in tha prosecutor's bouse beard a noise, - and, going upstairs, he found tha prisoner in one of tha bed rooms . Tha prisoner struggled, but he succeeded in detaining him until a constable came and took bim into custody. Tbe prisoner then acknowledged that be bad burst open tbe door of tbe house. A list of previous convictions, convictions, including two sentences of penal servitude, waa proved against the prisoner. Mr Lawless, who appeared for him, said he waa instructed that during the cine months since his liberation from orison he had been trying to gain an honest' living. Tbe prisoner was sentenced to five years' penal servitude. LAW NOTICES, March 24. HOUSE OP LORDS. Knrsnmi K, mora unmll wd t luni anui uur ui uiur re - vsa. rrREME COURT OF JtTDICATTTRlf mrttT OS APPFAT. ArrilL OoCST II. In tba Lord Cfolrf Jualka'a Court Bafnra ixirm jesncaa uxplzv. bowcx. ami Kav, at 10 X : ror Judt - i - anC - Aas v. Keabam. Appeal Motions, el put from tn lore IhrLwria. Original MoUon. Darrnrrt UmiL . n rtj armlb - . tion by plaintiff lor lean to appeal in forma pauperis la person. Ai - eraJs from Um (.lunor - ry Divuioa (Separate lab - rlueuuirr ListL MwJmU v. Michel! (Divorcer - Thornton v. I'nioa Diaouunt Company Company of London R A. Caan. deoeaaed (Srmlngtoa v. C - doV K J3, 24 Tie c ViJ, a rt, and rs aa action, xouaf v. BoHj AM; v. AblT(IiloroeL avrraiL lout t - ao stoinc men comT or justice - chancery Dmsioy. CHlkt - aav COURT IL Befora Ua. Jt mt t Koith. at 10 3D Further OoBtideraUnD, Arer v. Rlacklock. Hart ferard. Adtouroml aommonsr, Dr - aenn v. Carl of Levan Ba Barum - UDOO - Htrmhcr and District Water Company aad Coaipaaias Acts Daaa v. Bttrttld w hitrbrad f. Ktarva. ixbu CniBCKixoa' Corar. Bcfora Ms. Junes BTratrjia, WyiU v. tiaher. Com for Trial, without witaasMa, aad Adjourned Adjourned Si - maxmses, Barnard v. Stockton Ka C J. I' - aeon and btliers and Vendor and Purchaser Act, 1474 Thompson v.Tnomtaon. Owarttoa of UonrMiaa. Ra II beard. Al)ounMd Sammaaaaa. Clay . Corklins. part 4 mid v. uartwrt waraartoa v. Btrparaa stuas v. craaaauawp. tuiaraav ItoriT UL IWm aia. Jnavtca Honca. at 10 Vj : - . for Trial, with wiiarsar. Bianiafloa v. UU1. part har4 Ra Walker ITd1v v. WilWi. Padda . PadderCoU . Col Cowranira fWrnriio - cr) Acts, Its? ta ISO. At tba Inns of Court UotaL tiocola t - tao - Srl'l. W.C. Bator tk Omau Es - rxiva'a, at 11 30 : ft Cawaral aerrta Cu - iinatlx Btaras (Ltautad) (Snt meet! of crrdilorsj. At 130 Re Baas tan ssseHag at aaa - tritaloriaal Tlx a rat Matin, af nJla, ta tha rWaaitlaa Paefba OortMretiea la aMoiaUa (or ta marww ivedaaadayt, at II. ait. Xtw - eoart, Uawla's4aa, aad tb aaa - tte w aimtrirmlaviss a ta tasaa aay, at I JO, at uVlcs at Com HSS. Qt'rXJTS BTXCH LITTSTOX. Ocmw Stir itorr Vtl Ttvtmi.iM a i. tVewv ltaft Ha. Ha. JraTTCa Cava aad Ma Ji - wrica Qaaa - raAat. at 10 30 1 I u in ttouoa too tn itu aui - ctawat euwrt u .JjTJ'i'J i.J!f?rv - T" wta act a aay Cbart stttsftsr encs r Jrisu - Ttt Cosaty af teadna sammaai a (or Court T. ara aat lauiiiiad t sura i (Wadeaadav! a lOja. eaa BAKIRUTTCr - AS tba Oawrt, li J. Itntilasais at 11 - T. aaslta. aa IL P. bo w. wia, as u W. Tbocaaa, as 11 J - W. a Tvmpat, at 11 33 ar, as u ju j. av wiuiataa. at u - . warn, at u f. l. Adjawraad Pablm f tamtnailoas. - a (ttarar. at IX - U Warden, at 11 XL BrfaaS, Bnra. ilmr - r. I. Bj Wl jw ITOBS a 11. lo patltia a 11 XUad lara patlllima at li mMjm irai rnvas autlaa - CL. A. Cab, at 12. Oa BaattrBatey KjSJil il'J BUn'c wxScm . PriTat Bitlin. . f aSn) Or Cusm TImm aa M m Ii allm, a araditora te - day at Raaarauui baudrnsa, rortnral mm, Liaeoln'a, taa. Won tb OrncisL RrcaivtM At 13. IWramt. Lia - Adlooraad FliH MaetiacaA. Weninanald. at U W. vumaraam. as s . rim Meur J. rowiar, at i - RObATt. mVOKCE. AU ALiMlRALTT DIVISIO - W. lO'oaut. ad Aoaiaatrv Uorar IL cWara Ka. Jrtnra Jrcwa. la Chamber, at 10 15 .' - ProtaM. Dt'oeor. aJ oaa. ! Court, still) : - Prbt Kotiosa "h - dcaad - L Onma. daaimsd - T. etbott. rlawasid ii" I'm i wait v. tmvaraoy u. t - ina - vaoy. ryaav 1 IL C Hrtiaa, liiraaaad O. 5. Bartrr. daoaaaad - T. & CarmU. deoaaard. btvora Motmaa. - .Baroa v. Bar m and "JM - Wood wood Ul - aumoerr. Koar aad rthrttoB - Frrnchs and Lyacb8etuacid v.boSaid aod Cowpar f2V - Caaly - ,Cr - "wtrani v. Bertram aod rtUrny - MowO v. MoIL Aapli - r" aa umxrm sal Aoannua. vraifea v. jvaim aad Admiralty. Motie. - Tb Eitaa. 1 imitatio of laabalry. LOED MATOR - s COCRT. Ctntnaau Al 13 33 t U,".'" ? Riviartoa (Liautad) T. jooaa - Ual v. Dtrkiaaaa - - oc - eonrr Kerrrmaa v. Fiiirn Marks v. Palmr and Wton.lUmludl v.EUiott. A Beoad Coart U1 ba bald at 2 ta v . wia caaaaa aaoupusca ei ta ta aaeva Ust, viranoa Imn - n... ik. . w ,i u .m , ,v - iC. ' , . .r" u a cioaad mm rrkiay, atarca n, Tuaaday, Itircb 31, boto days tncltuira POLICE. At Westminster, the hearing of tha tummonsas at tba instance of the Cbalsea Vestrr for a elosint - order tmder tha Housing of tbe Working Claaaea Act of last year, in respect of insanitary small prooertv in Wick ham - place ami Oakam - street, Chelsea, the freeholder oi which (s Earl Cadogan, was proceeded with before air. Lie Kutien, air, Femberton. the solicitor to the Vestry and also td his lorrlahin. lnnurin, in mtinnrt oi uie cumpiainta. air. ueogbegao, barrister, re pre seating Mr. Halihan, the sub - lessee of the property. in whose interest the case had been adjourned, said be eould not resist tbe contention of his friend that a leaseholder for a less period than 21 years was not entitled to be heard. Mr. Halahan bad 18 years of his term unexpired, and it was a most grievous hard - hip that, as the person most interested, ha had no voice to prevent tbe condemnation of bis property. Mr. Da Iiatsen. Lord Cadoean in a .art. in aar... hi nothing to do with it. Tbe summonses originally were against tha owner, a whieh lr ll.l.h.n ba Iecallv recarded. Mr. Roirhiran th i,ht ih. i,t of Parliament evidently contemplated something mora than the interest of tba person defined aa owner, for 11. mierrca to any parsons aggrieved." The poaition i j noft'e' a a ease in point. Mr. De Rusten said he had already commented on tha anomalies of the Act, aod he wouli abstain from saying any mora on the point. There was sufficient evidence before him to make the orders tbe vestry asked for, and they would be made simply against the owner. Mr. Ueogbegan. Of course Lord Cadogan is the owner in the legal sense as freeholder, but be cannot interfere with the premises during my client's term. Be has no ngut mare. air. remberton. Tbe subsequent count of events must ba left to work ita.lf nt H, fi. ghegan. Quite so , and this will affect a great many leaseholders in London. Tha proceedings then At the TBAMEsPoliee - eourt.Mr.LewIsLvoas.a well known Socialist, applied to Mr. Mead for a summons against the trustees of tha parish of St.George's - in - the East, for refusing to put bi name on the rate - book as trustee tor toe nadical norklng Men Club, in CommercialCommercial CommercialCommercial - road. II had written to tha vaatr aaklnv them to comply with hi request, a the club bad - kk""'". uiuu lueii rtiarcBemaiiTo on tue rate - Dots ; and he had received a renlv from tha tmatce atatinir tbey could not comply witn bi request. Mr. Mead. nay uo you as a ior a summons against tba trustee 7 Are not the overseen the nroner nammi Mr. Irani I have asked the overseers, but the trustees have replied. On another occasion I had ror name on the rate - books as the representative of a club, but for political reasons it waa JaKan oil. 1 tblnk section 4 of the Metropolis Management Act deals with the question. Mr. Mead (having referred to the Act). Unless jurisdiction is given ma by Act of Parliament I cannot do anvtbior. If vou can ahow m, h, I have power to deal with sucbasabjeet I will consider tu matter, atr. Lyons. i - could go to tbe lligb Court and obtain an injunction, but I am only a poor man. I wrote to tha Home Secretary on tba subject, and received a reply stating be eould not advise persons en question of law. I thought, perhaps, you eould write to the Home Secretary and get his opinion on we matter., air. jueaa. .o , l cannot write to tbe Home Secretary for his opinion. Mr. Lvons. The sweaters on the vestry object to me oa political grounas. i win imi ut matter op and see if yoa uro power to ueat wim it, n you nave 1 win call again. wlliam johjc hicsj, 21, and Charles Mild R ALL, 22, were charged with burglariously breaking and entering tbe premises of Herbert E. Wright, pawnbroker, of Jamaica - street, Stepney, and with stealing therefrom a auantitv of iewelrv. value 7. Inspector (Joodall, H Division, watched the case on behalf of the Commissioners of Police. Prosecutor stated tbat about ball - past 2 oa Sunday morning he was awakened by tbe barking of hia dog, which was kept in the passage. He then beard something moving downstairs, lie dressed, and having armed himself with a stoat stick, he got a light and walked into tbe shop. lie taw tbe two prisoners behind the counter, luey bad a drawer open and were looking at some jewelry with tbe aid of lighted matches. He said. ' Holloa 1 There are two of von bera i" and struck Hicks a blow on top of the head with tbe atick, breaking tbe latter. His light then went out. Witness unloosed his dog, which waa a St. Bernard retriever. Tbe latter flew at the prisoners and bit both of them about the legs. Witness got tha assistance assistance of a man who happened to be passing, and a constable followed bim in. The prisoners were then taken to tba station and charged. Witness afterwards found a quantity oi jewelry, which Lai been taken from a drawer, in a comer on tha floor in tha shon. In tha garden ha found a blaek coat and a pair of trousers belonging to him. The' man he called in, named M'Neilf. waa about to pass out when witness. thinking he waa a burglar, held him and the dog bit bim. Tba dog alto bit tha constable. An entrance bad been effected by tha back way. the door having been forced. Hit dog waa a very healthy animal. Ha waa aorrv to aav all the men wrra harllv hittr - n Pnn. ttable Griffith Evans, whose right arm was in a sling', said when he went into the shop be saw Hicks behind the counter and. caught hold of him. Tbe dog then seized witness by the arm and bit him. Prosecutor pulled tha dog off. The constable was badly bitten, and tbe divisional surgeon dressed tbe wounds of all tbe men. air. Juead remanded tba prisoners. At Lambeth, James Cctbcsu, 27, clerk, was charged, on remand, before Mr. Hopkins, with feloniously cutting and wounding Florence Graee Johnson with intent to do grievous bodily harm. He was also charged with attempting to wound Isabel Frascr Anderson. Mr. Angus Lewis prosecuted on prisoner. Mr. Lewis having briefly opened the case. called Isabel r riser Anderson, who stated that she was 18 years ot age, and lived In White Hart - street. Kensington. On the 7th inst.. whilst walking with a female friend in Kennington - road. the toddenlv felt a Sull at her dress behind and then a sound as if her ress was being torn. Sho looked round, and saw a man. wuo immediately ran away, bbedid not see tbe man s fsce, but he was in appearance like the prisoner. Sbe tnougut tne man bad a.anue in bis right band. She complained to a gentleman who was walking just in front. She afterwards found that her dress waa cut at the lower part of tbe back as if by some sharp instrument Clara Hoyne, aunt of the prisoner, aaid he had lived with her lor a long time. In consequence of bis condition application had been made to tbe parish autuontica sou tue prisoner waa remorea to itewington Infirmary. From there be escaped and was afterwards taken to Peekbam - house Lunatic Asylum. Witness afterwards found a sheath knife in the pocket of the prisoner's overcoat. The knife was produced in Court and appeared to be almost new. The blade was about 6io. long with a very sharp curved point. Tbe witness imormea toe court inat ior two years tba prisoner had been enable to do work. The condition of his mind had been brought about through excessive study. Inspector Race, L Divi sion, said ba was present witn chief Inpee tor Chisholm when tha prisoner was arrested. Whilst in tbe waiting - room of tbe Court the prisoner said, " I could not commit the offence I am charged girls at Clapham about five weeks back, and he is the man yoa want." The evidence of another young lady who bad been stabbed ty the prisoner having been taken. Mr. Hopkins said the prisoner would be com mitted to take bis trial at tbe next sessions. ii nr.. - tftw V, tt.. it - . atelr engaged 'at 21. RicbmonJ - gardens. Romford! road, r ore t - gate, was cnarged; on remand wita unlawfully unlawfully acd feloniously setting fire to that boose, thereby endangering life, on March If. Tba evidenea baa been already reported. Tha superintendent of the West Ham Fire brigade wasnow called.and said that tha fire was of a auspicious nature. Irioner. who made no statement on being formally cautioned, waa committed committed for trial. Louis Herdricx. a pork batcher, of 89. Bidder. street. Canning - town, was charged on a summon with having diseased meat oa his premises on March 14. Mr. Hadley defended, and pleaded guilty. Mr. Bag. galley fined defendant 2 for each ef four pi acta ot meat, and cost JC8 18. in all. Thb Railway Rati Committee. It hat been arranged that tha Joint Committee of tha Lord and Commons, which baa bees appointed to eooeidar the) Rates and Charges Bills of the) various railway companies, companies, shall ait oa aha 9th of April, when tba chair, maa will ba chosen and tha boa meat of tha Coaomit - tee proceeded with. Accordingly, petitions against aay of tha Bills will have to be dr pouted at tba Private Bill Office try Friday, th 3d of anil, five elear days before tha utUag of tha Cotumitta). H tb as tb . ta T tb are for tb ut 91 ua too. part Hon 1 Sir 8;r w -

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 24 Mar 1891, Tue,
  3. Page 14

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