Warrington Meeting House (Charles & Margaret Walker-Underwood)

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Warrington Meeting House
(Charles & Margaret Walker-Underwood) - SOTEK AND t UK It IKS. Historical,...
SOTEK AND t UK It IKS. Historical, Biograptiieul and CieneK logical. XLIIL HOTTEXSTE1X. I. Jacob Ilottcnstein was born ,Febru - .aty 15, l(j97. in Ksl in jren.fi Germany. He came to America with - Ms - , family after 1740, witling in Maxatawny township, Berks county, Pa. lie died March 23, 1753. Jacob Hottenstein m. Dorothea Rener, in Germany. Their children were: i. Jacob Jr.. in. and settled in Richmond townr - hip, Berks county. He left issue: 1. Catharine; ni. Abraham Biehl. 2. Maria; m. Abraham Deyster. 3. Blondine; m. Caspar Merkel. 4. Susanna; m. Samuel Ely. ii. William ; resided in Citmru township, m. and left besides four daughters, issue: 1. Samuel. 2. William, Jr. 3. Hciut. ' , - 4. Solomon. 5. David. iii. David; resided on the homestead farm. His children were. 1. Jacob. 2. David (M. D) 3. Daniel. 4. Catharine; m. Jacob Grim. 5. Dorothea. - "iv. Henry; studied medicine, and died at Lancaster. - f From the foregoing data, our Ohio correspondent can make further research. YOUNG. ' William Young is mentioned in the .list of taxables of the township of L - urgan , Franklin, county, then.au part of Cumberland, in year 1753. From the record of Cumberland county, letters of administration were granted March 6, 1753, to John Davis and Elizabeth Young on the estate of William Young, deceased. In the release of John. Young and wife Elizabeth, of Southampton township. Franklin county. Pemra., to William Young, of the township, county and State aforesaid "of the right, title and Aitereet of a, certain tract of land lying and being situate in Tne TownMuip aiorewiiu, cwu.iuiig iou acres, which is the same tract, that was j agreed for by my late father, Wjllia - m i Young, with Biehard Peters , Esq., j ZTZZZZZ SJiTsS ,.wt4 c , Young, parties or eldest son to the. said JWilliam Young, deceased, bearing date June 6, 1761." The above release is dated 'August 10. 1804. From, the release and deeds are found names of six. children of William Young. Sr William,' 'John, Eliza . - , m - a r j t r i. t w n "r" - ;V,T'; or " ! jremphill) unknown (married Darnel Slay - ; maker) and an unknown daughter. From time, to fame it is shown in the Frank in county deeds that W ill.am and John , Young bought m the shai - e of their sis - j ters. The plantation was stuated m Lur - g.m township, Iranklm wimty, John Young was a private m Col William Irvine regiment (Sixth Penn a battalion) - , - j : 4 a i lu v - svomMOUary vva1 - , "! - tlio nmnaTiv i - - riTTiTi in nrted bv Csint - i the third company commanded by Gapt. Abraham Smith, and. mustered, into service in January, 1776. 'Andrew Hemphill served as a private in the First battalion, Cumberland county militiain 1777. John McConnell was captain in the Cumberland coun ty battalion in 1776. Queries 1. Who were the parents of William Young. Sr.? . 2. Who was the wife of William Young, Sr.? H. E. K. Detroit, Mich. TOMBSTONE IWSCRIPTIOXR Wurrlngrton Friends Meeting: House, J York C'oiity, Penna. ! Kear the village of Wellsville, York county, is located the historic old building, railed the ."Warrington Meeting House." The stone structure is surrounded by a beautiful grove Oi na tive trees, a nd is one of the landmarks in the early settlement of the county. A history of this historic spot cannot be given in this connection, but it is hoped Mr. Myers, who . so kindly furnished . "Notes and Queries"' with, the transcript from the stones in the graveyard cloee by, will giye us a sketch in the near future. ' John McCelellan, d. Aug. 30, 1871; aged 75y. 7m. Id. Eleanor McClellan, wf. of Jolin, d. Feb. 13, 1882; aged 70y. 4m. 2d. Rebecca. McClellan,. b. Sept . 13, 1799; d. Dec. 10, 1870. James McClellan, d. May, 1S02; aged about 23y. Eydia Walker, wf. of John and dau. of John and Margaret Marsh d. 12mo. 19, 1864; aged 85y. 1m. 29d. John Walker, d. 4mo. 2, 1854; aged 7Sy. 7m. 22d. Sarah Hutton, wf. of Benjamin, d. Feb. 10, 1859; aged 70y. 30d. Benjamin Hutton, d. April 24, 1864; aged 74v. 11m. Id. Martha. Dcnison, d. Oct. 16, - 1856. Eli.alyeth Wall, wf. of Jacob, d. llmo. 1. 1878; agcd83y4m. 13d. David, Burk holder, d. Feb. 19, 1858; aged 63y. 8m. 23d. Sarah Ann E. Moore, d. Feb. 3, 1S50; aged 65y. William Wall, d. June 1, 1839; aged 78y. 5m. 5d. Marv Wall, wf. of William, d. J,an. 30, 1845. Hannah Underwood, d. lmo. 24, 1831; aged near 70y. Jacob Comfort, d. Oct. 30, 1836; aged 61y. 3m. Id. Elizaleth Comfort, wf. of Jacob, d. March 16. 1863; aged 83y. 7m. 9d. Elizabeth Comfort, b. July 1, 1778; d. March 11, 1854. Jane Dcnison. d. May 10; 1840. Anna Marv Comfort, b. Oct. 25, 1765; d. Dec. 25, 1832. Samuel John, d. July 9, 1872: in 73d year. Ann Ak - ock, d. Smo. 20, 1802; aged 62y. Mary Alcock, d. 9mo. 22, 1802; aged 38y. Robert Gray, d. 6mo. 30, 1796; aged 64y. Samuel Keller, d. July 23, 1869; aged 77y. Isaac Grav, b. Feb. 15, 1792; d. Sept. 19, I860". Eliza Cadwallader, wf. of David, d. June 22, 1876: aged 71y. 9m. 22d. William Cadwallader, d. April 1868, in 871 h year. Sarah Cadwallader, wf. of William, d. llmo. 11, 1839; aged 52y. 7m. 13d. B. C. d. 1802. J. C, d. 1801. R. W., d. 1781. . A. W.. d. 1817. Jacob McMillan, d. lmo. 1, 1S33; aged 55y. 5m. Ruth McMillan, wf. of Jacob, d. 3mo 1829, agetl 59y. lm. 0d. 1, Joseph McMillan. - d. 1826. R. M . , d. 1833. (?) Thomas MeMiHan. d. '1831. 1 - John .McMillan d. lOmo 17 1791. J. M. Jane McMillan, wf. of John. Her grave was dug lOmo. 14. 17821 d 1782. ' J. M. S. M Sarah McMillan, dan. of John and Jai:e, b. 3 mo. :. 1760.. d 178 Db.M.. Sr. Delwrah McMillan, wf.'of William, and dau. of lleniv and Lvdia (Fell) Holland. 1. d. 9 mo. 4, 1797. J. M., d. lliuo., 1791. Db. M. Deborah McMiHan, dau. of William and Deborah. Her grave was dug 12 mo. 10, 1782., d. 12 mo., 1782. S. M. Samuel McMiHan, son of William and Deborah, b. 2mo. 26, 1770J, d. 4mo. 10. 1777. T. M. Thomas McMillan, who came to Pennsylvania in 1738 from Ballynaeree, County Antrim, Province of Ul&ter, Ireland, with wife Deborah and children, d. 9mo., 1753. D.'M. Deborah McMillan, wf. of Thomas and dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth Marsh, d. 9mo. 22, 1764. Db. M. Deborah Mc - Mullan,' dau. of William and Deborah, b. 9mo. 13, J 1764, d. llmo. 24. 1766. Ruth Walker, d. 1772; aged 72y. Beniamin Walker, d. Dec. 31, 1801; aged 77y. Jarman! Walker, d. Smo. 31, 1782. - Phcbe Walker, d. lmo. 31, 1782. D. Me., 95y. Charles Underwood, d. Oct. 6, I860, in Slst year. Margaret Underwood, wf. of Charles, d. April 8, 1895, in 84th year. Rebecca McMillan, wf of George and dau. of Benjamin and Susanna (Dunn) Cutler, d. llmo. 24, 1766. George McMillan son of George and Ann (Hiushaw) McMillan, d. 5mo. 24, 1846; aged 83y. Jane McMillan second wf. of George ' and dau. of Jacob and (Me - Clellan) Laird, d. Sept. 1, 1862; aged 70y. Iro. lOd. George McMillan son of Thomas and Deborah - (Marsh) McMillan, b. 4mo. 2, 1732, d. 7mo. 11, 1795. J. Cook Jesse Cook, m of Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, d. 1799. W. Cook William Cook, son of Jesse and Marv (Wierman) Cook, d. 1793. J. Packer, d. 178S. Mary Cook wf. of Henry and dau. of William and Marv Wav, b. 7mo. 16, 1767, d. 3 mo. 16, 1836. Henry Cook sou of Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, b. 2 mo. 29. 1768, d. 4mo. 13, 1835. Mary Cook dau. of Henry and Mary (Way) Cook d. 1 mo. 13, 1832, 33rt TMr. sidnev Cook nee Evans wf. of Isaac, d. March. 12, 1821; aged 51y. 9m. 21d. Ann Jones d. 1830. jehu Jones, d . 1831. A. Cook Ann Cook, dau. of Peter and r?h C5 b: 10 " 20, j4 . lcr Sia.ve was duor 2mo. 12. ; 1784, d. 1784. ' Jfet. t. i'eter took, son of Peter and Elinor (Norman) Cook, b. lOmo. 4, . 1700, at Xorthwich. Cheshire, England - . fame with, parents in Pennsylvania in j 113, d. 4mo. 28. 1,79. iook ipamn t oot. wr. ot Peter, and j ,lau - of P1' aml (Glover) (:Up - b 4nJ0 n(JG d f) mo - j 1783 ; llannah c. lUnmvh Cook, wf. of Samuel and dau of wiliam ar)fl chwah ( Rob. rts) Fisher .; b. Smo. 30 1741, d. , - . - Rq js g (Wk rSarail cyok da. of jesse and ! Mary (Wierman) Cook , d. 1800. : Jesf!0 Cook son of Peter and Sarah fGiI. j pin) Cook, b. 9mo. 15, 1744, d. 8mo. . ' " i is, isis. I Mary Cook wf. of Jesse and dau. of .Henry and Priscilla (Pope) Wierman, i 'b. lOnio. 19, 1746. d. 12mo. 1, 1824. Mary Iiecd, wf of Zachariah and dau. of ! Jesse ancUMaiy (Wierman) Cook, d Dec. 19, 1849; agetl 75 v. Iydia G. Walker, b. June 11, 1796; d. June 22, 1869. Dr. Joseph J. - Hay ward. d. Sept. 19, 1853; aged 76y. 6m. 19d. Sally llayward, M - f.wof Dr. Joseph Hay - wa - rd, d. Jan. 19, 1873: aged 72y. 10m. Israel Cook son of Samuel and and Ruth (Mode) Cook, b. 8mo. 27, 1774, d. Smo. 14, 1780. . Samuel Cook on of Peter and Sarah (Gilpin) Cook, b. lOmo. 15, 1738, d. 8mo. 10, 1800. Ruth Coo:kwf. of Samuel and dau. of Alexander and Rebecca (Allen) Mode, b. 10 mo. 21, 1747, d. 4 mo. 5, 1789. W. N. William Nevitt, b. 1719, in Ireland ; came from Moat, Leinster Province, Ireland, to Warrington, York county, Pa., in 1751, d. 8mo. 15, 1800. H. N. Hannah Nevitt, wf. of William,' and dau. of Peter and Sarah. (Gilpin) Cook, b. 4mo. 27, 1736; d. in spring vt JS06. Joseph Griffith son of William and loanna (Craig) Griffith, d. 7 mo. o, 1854, aged S5y. 9mo Rebeca Griffith wf. of Joseph aiul tlau. of Samuel and Ruth (Mode) Cook. Catharine Bentz. wf. of Michael, d. June 1, 1827, aged 52 v. Mordecai Pugh. d.'l802. James Griffith son of Abraham and Margaret. (Cadwallader) Griffith, d. Feb. IS, 1892. aged 83y. 9mo. 13d. Mary Griffith, wf. of James, d. Jan 30, 18M, aged 3v. .m. 12d. Deborah Griffith dau. of 'William and Joanna (Craig) Griffith, b. 9 mo. 21, j SI,oos - .Jt makes tigmt or new sltocs feel 1772; d. 2mo. 20. 1845. ' ' easy; gives constant relief to corns and J. Mc. Joanna McMillan, dau. of William j bunions. It's the greatest comfort dis - and Marv Craig, d. 4mo. 27, 1794. Sho overy of the age. Cures swollen feet, married first William Griffith and sec - ! Misters and callous spots. Allen's Foot - ond John McMillan. Elizabeth, Griffith nee Ong. 1st wf. of Abraham Griffith, d. Dec. 9, 1S05, a"ed about 55 v. Abraham Griffith son of William and ! first wife Esther (?) Grilh, d. j June 21, 1841, agetl 9oy. Smo. 20d. i Margaret Griffith f second wf. of Abra - tfisvm, and dau. of James and Mary (Davis) Cadwallader, d. Nov. 7, 1859, i agetl 86y. llmo. 29d. ; Margaret Ross, d. Feb. 14, 1870, aged j 7y - I Margaret Ross, wf. of James, b. Feb. 9, ; 1793; d. Nov. 2, 1881. j James Ross, b. Apr. 24, 1791; d. Nov. j 7, 1867. John Ross, d. Aug. 19, 1802. John Ross. d. 1799. Susan Keller, wf. of Samuel, b. July 19 1797: d. Apr. 16, 1851. Elizabeth Kuhn, d. Apr. 15, 1871, aged j 82y. Hannah Cook. wf. of John and dau. of Abel and Ann (Vale) Walker, d. Mar. 3, 1S63. aged 77y. lOmo. 21d. John Cook son of Jesse and Mary ( Wierman) Cook, d. July 23, 1864, aged 82y. Smo. 24d. Solomon Underwood, b. Jan. 27, 1783; d. Oct, 10, 1846. aged 63y. Smo. 20d. Ann Underwood. Avf. of Solomon; d. Sept. 5, 1861, aged 71j 6mo. 27d. John Edmumlson, d. Feb. 3, 1784. ' Louisa. Cook son. d. 1830. E. C. H. C. Sarah Vale. dau. of William and Ann, b. Smo. 12, 1789; d. Smo. 4, 1862. Peter Vale, d. Smo. 14, 1834, aged 44y. 27d. Mary Walker, wf. of Asahel, b. Dec 5, 1787; d. Apr. 18. 1827. '. Asahel Walker, b. Sept. 6, 1786; d. Oct. 14. 1877. M. Walker, d. 1852. P. W., d. 1S37. Alice Vale, d. 3nio. 1818 aged 28r. Ann G. Vale, d. 3mo. 1822, aged 24y. EIL - ha. Vale, d. 5nio. 27, 1855, in 67th year. R. V. Robert Vale, d. 81110. 17, 1799, aed 83y. Ann Vale, wf. of William, d. 4ino. 5, 1816. aged about 61y. William Vale, d. 4mo. 5, 1838. .:ed about 84y. Ann Hussey, wf. of Jediah, d. 12mo. 6, 1819, aged 33y. 7 mo. 6d. Jediah Htnaey, d. 9mo. 10, 1828, aged 51y. Amu. lftd. H. Wierman, d. Aug. 5, 1802. Etihu Underwood, d. lOmo. 26, 1803, aged 57y. Lydia B. Underwood, wf. of Amos, d. July 30, I860, aged 77y. 9mo. 19d. Amos Underwood, b. 1786; d. Feb. 4, 1868. John Nisbet, d. 1801. Mary Nisbet, d, 1767. William Eo?5, d. 1777. Jane Bos?., d. 1801. Alexander Ross, d. Mar. 15. 1S16, age - l 59y. Jmio. 15d. Margaret Ross. wf. of Alexander, d. July 23, 1829, aged 63v. 7mo. 7d. Jane Ross, d. Dec:. 3, 181S, aged Sly. 6mo." 15d. James Ross, d. Mav 14. 1820, aged 26v. 2mo. 14d. Margaret Ros, wf. of William, d. Mav 23, 1827, aged 32y. 3m o. 28d. William Ross, d. July 20, 1863, aged 74y. 2 mo. 25d. Elizabeth Ross. wf. of William, d. Mav 22, 1872. aged 80y. Smo. 24d. Mary M. Hamian, wf. of F. Uarman, and "mother of fourteen, children," d. Jan. 6, 1826. aged 70y. Abraham Harm an, b. Feb. 18, 1787; d. Jan. 4, 1869. Samuel Cook son of Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, d. 7mo. 2, 1857, in 85tih year. Jane Cook wf. of Samuel Cook, and dau. of James and Marv (Maulsbv) Hicks, b. 2mo. 15, 1771: d. lmo. 28, 1849. Her first husband was Warner. Robert Erwin, d. 1808. S. E.. d. 1818. D. F., d. lmo. 11, 1826. S. V., d. 1833. Garret Van Arsdelen, d. 1S00. . R. Bradley, d. 1789. William Squibb, Jr.. d. Dec. 20, 1831, aged 46y. llmo. 6d. William Squibb, d. Jan. 5, 1S26, aged 72y. lmo. 29d. Jane Squibb, d.. 1800. John Suibb, d. 1800. Rebecca Gratz, d. Apr. 30. 1834, in 30th vear. 1805, aged 32y. 7mo. 19d. . John )3ell, oldest son of Ebenezer and Rebecca Bell, d. Feb. 27, 1864, aged 77y. lmo. 14d. Ann Bell, wf. of John, d. Jan.. 17, 1S67, aged ily. 8jno. 4d. Ebenezer Bell, d. Aug. 31, 1S34. J Tt d. 179:5. J. B.,.d. 1792. J. B.. d. 1802. R. M., d. 1822. James Glass, d. 1S02. aged 28r. Daniel Glass, d. 1802. aged 13v. Margaret Glass, d. 1S04, aged 22y. P. L., d. 1822, Peter Cleaver, d. 2mo. S, 1795, aged 64y. mo Cleaver, d. Smo. 29, 1798,. aged 71y. Vrh Cleaver, d. 1 81 8. John Cleaver, d. 5mo. 3. 1823, in 63,1 ' Susan Cleaver, d. 7mo. 11, 1823, in 60th vear. D. Cookson," d. Smo. 17, 1831. Sarah John. wf. of Samuel, d. Mar. 17, ... ' l;i7, aged about 37y. Eli Copkon, son of Daniel, d. Smio. 5, I860,' aged about 66y. John Marsll, d. 3mo. 10, 1804, aged 80y. M. M. J. M John Everitt, b. 2mo. 3, 1771; d. 2mo. 25, 1855. . Robert Vale, d. Aug. 19, 1823, aged 37y. lmo. 12d. Benjamin Underwood, tl. 1803. D. Vale, d. 7mo. 26, 1804, aged 40(?)y. Mary Squibb, wf. of George, d. June 25, 1866. aged 67y. 2mo. ; George Squibb, d. June 18, 1866; aged 71y. lmo. 5d. "The murdered family." Elijah Underwood, d. 1804. Rebe?ca Everitt, d. 4rao. 14, 1858, in 81st year. William Nekson, d. Dec. 3, 1849, aged 68v. 11 N., d. 1823. Sarah Nelson, wf. of William, d. Aug. 18, 1880. aged 81 y. 5mo. Abraham Wells, d. Apr. S, 1851, aged 77y. Hannah Welk, wf. of Abraham, d. June 19, 1847, aged 68y. Willing Griest, d. 1833, aged 60y. lOmo. 5d. Ann Grieiifc wf. of Willing, and da.ii. of Gorge and Ann (Ilinsha w) MoMUIan, D. mo. tl, 1766J, d. 2mo. 23, 1850. Mary Griest, wf. of Solomon, d. llmo. 23, 1879, aged 80 v. 21 d Samuel McElwee, d. May 15, 1872, aged 79y. 3d. Joanna McElwee, d. Sept. 24, 61o, aged 75y. 7 mo. 2d. William Ramsey, d. June 8, 1884, aged 85y. 4mo. 18d. ALBERT COOK MYERS. Philadelphia. LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot - Ef,c a powder to be shaken inter the ase 'f a ce"1 'ure ror ingrowing nans, sweating, hot, aching feet. At all drujr - gists and shoe stores, 25c. Trial package FREE bv mail. Address, Allen S. Olm - sted' Ix Roy. X - Y. New4 York keeps a. flock of sheep i rw. - l TWt - or,,.Wc in 1 t i 1 u j.... les m m LITTLE BUT SEARCHING. 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