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Giordano3 - Rites for 4 In Killings Tomorrow (Continued...
Rites for 4 In Killings Tomorrow (Continued from Pige One) house was gutted about 80 pet The house is located in a fashionable fashionable section o[ the town in a development of houses in tht 525.000 to 540,000 class that wa; started three years ago. Th( Giordanos had been living there for about two years after moving from Bridgeport. It was reported Mr. Giordano paid about ?. for his home. Plan for Treatment Husband Arrested In Beating of Wife Nestor Fucntes, 26, of Father Panik Village was arrested last night on a warrant charging by assault. rested by Detective Culemon McOonough of the Bridgeport police and held i n lieu of $100 bond pending a r- r- raignment in Circuit Court. Detective McDonough made the arrest on a warrant charg ing Fuentcs his wife, M: in the Role In Is Re-examined The 50-ye 50-ye 50-ye -r-'.rt -r-'.rt -r-'.rt -r-'.rt ambulance and worker reportedly was' to have started psychiatric treatment in I a couple of weeks. It was learned learned that he had contacted a psychiatrist in Westport and was to meet with him soon. A friend of the family said it was not believed that Giordano had undergone any psychiatric treatment previously. According to police Mrs. Giordano Giordano ran to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Van Dyken, of S8 Jog Hill road, Trumbull. The front door and front porch of the Van Dyken home was spattered with blood. The Van Dykens telephoned po lice and two police cars were sent scene. Police said Mrs. Giorda them her husband had stabbed her with a kitchen knife and had chased her around the house u til she fled. The woman said her husband "went berserk," police said. Sees Smoke Patrolman Anthony Urbanow sky started across the street tc the Giordano house when he saw- saw- smoke and shouted back to havi someone call the Fire depart ment. Engines from hoth Nichols and Trumbull responded to the fire alarm along with about 30 volunteer volunteer firelighters including First Selectman Clarence, F, Heimann, a volunteer fireman. . Backs RFK Plea in Jolt To Johnson (Continued from Page One) million federal election paign subsidy would give ;d to larantcc id to eir Rabbi ,Ve ni u which agree it deepest ork • lid Fire Chief John Schwa firemen entered the house through the garage. He said the children and their father were in niuht clothes.- clothes.- although the clothing on the children had been burned away.. The kitchen and hall were in flames when iiremen arrived and the house was filled with heavy smoke Chief Schwarz said. He said his men had to use oxygen masks to get into the house. and a smoke ejector was used to clear the dwelling of smoke... It took about 30[ minutes ; to bring trie: fire under control, he said. Firemen-found Firemen-found Firemen-found a five-gallon five-gallon five-gallon tin can containing kerosene in the kitchen, the chief said. Firemen remained at. the scene until after 6 a.m.- a.m.- Police said there were blood stains in the garage, apparently those ot Mrs. vjioroanu. Fire Marsha! Adzirha said thi children's clothing and the til can have been sent tu the slate laboratory in Hartford for ex aminatirin to .determine wneiner there was "propellant" on the children-*' children-*' children-*' Llolhmr. and wr.cthr-. wr.cthr-. wr.cthr-. the "oilbase'd propellant' in the can was kerosene. Police-officials Police-officials Police-officials said they had nn tinnht. it was kerosene and that the children had been tional political leaders control c amounts of money. d this "could lead to on of our local political parties and their demonation: Washington. Me saia ine most the Democrats had in the paign was SS million when his brother, John F. Ken edy, was elected president. "Could Take Everything Over-1 Over-1 Over-1 Declaring "no one has ever een anything like" the S30 mit-ion mit-ion mit-ion contemplated for each of he two parties next year, Ken nedy told backers of the Long plan, You could take Long argued that the pi designed to make it possible for a 'poor man to run for high political political office and to free successful candidates from any obligation althy contributors. said repeal advocates t to leave the parties at the y of : the wealthy of this country." "Grandiose Scale" ■ i Long cited as an example of what he called the "grandiose scale., of. campaign expendi- expendi- Ijrcs" iii iii-_TiH iii-_TiH iii-_TiH yc'drs the 57. f- f- million he said was spent in New .York to elect Mayor. John V. Lindsay in 1965 and Gov. Nel-son Nel-son Nel-son 'A... Rockefeller In 1966. "To those of you who argue that $30 million for each presi dential candidate is excessive," he said, "I say that, when compared compared to the recent New York experience, this projected sum will be relatively modest." Every , one of .the 33 Republi cans- cans- present voted for repeal: They. were joined-by joined-by joined-by 15. Demo. .. Backing the . against repeal, were 42 Democrats. Led by Dirksen. ■The GOP opposition was directed directed by Minority Leader Everett Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, who told the Senate that, political success is not open' only to the wealthy. "When "I first' ran for borrow $500 a fabric Ihc muniiy else in center stale through said. "The ecumenical task responsibility for During the Rev. general Council "New The "The rapidly longer the which "We the world "This he said, new religious iaid. sicken-avuid When he about vilh r.irri said. "And last-ditch last-ditch last-ditch millii Iron m of an amendment would have cut back the on the subsidy for each party i Iso would have reduced together sues "And to the "we regional The of the ture community "One cal' the not to lated e Webb Rochester, the -religious "getting platitudes church 'Ihe at discussed discussion Cheney, d0 copal „_ Parker retary the George S12.5 Hiitonsv -on -on the four bodie was nerformed yesterday in each taxpayer could designa Bridgeport hospital by Dr. Rus-jon Rus-jon Rus-jon his 1967 income tax return sell Pope and Dr.'Johh Rubblen-, Rubblen-, Rubblen-, for allotment to the campaign-haar. campaign-haar. campaign-haar. financing fund. Thomas Dolan\ of the law firm Plan As Enacted of Coles -and -and O Connell. wno rep- rep- As the plan was enacted la •shoot- •shoot- □ rked for sented Giordano ing" case as well as in a 5300, UUv suit houghl by Mr. Duva. declined declined yesterday lo discuss the cases, or Mr. Giordano. However, he said, he would provide, if requested, requested, information on his discussions discussions with Giordano to the police and lo the coroner. He said Giordano was employed employed by the Mohegan Valley Construction Construction company, of Bridge port, and was considered a "vers reliable worker." Thomas Grccnawalt, president of Ihc construction company Giordano about four "Evidently we didn't know him . . . he was a steady < ployc," he said. ; "The guy a couple of tir didn't make loo much sense. H ramble on about the shooting cidenl. He said, 'three guys lacked me what was I lo di Mr. Grccnawall related. "When we asked him why he had the gun, lie couldn't say." the contraclor said. "Something was wrong, bvil what it was, who knows," he said. "You don't expect Ihis ... you don't expeel any man to go out and do Ihis." he said. Mr. Grccnawalt said he talked to Mr. Giordano Wednesday after noon on Ihe telephone, when thi worker had called to report something ihe matter with a machine. machine. He said at the time he didn't Ihink anything was wrong, hut looking back, il didn't appear th»l Giordano was acting prop- prop- e:lv Besides Mrs. Giordano, survivors survivors of Giordano are three sons. Vmnk R. Giordsno, Jr., and Rcuiiild R, Giordano, bolh of n«^fs\ill«, Fla.; and Vincent P Gtord»no o! Bridgeport; Ihrec i be have been spoke and president Labor |thc Machine uld the ;the shed iign $1 of theii paign ex- ex- nses. Couples filing joint re-rns re-rns re-rns could allot $2. The potential yield would ve been about $100 million a ar since there are 65 million x returns annually, and about million of these are joint re-rns re-rns re-rns filed bv couples. However. Long estimated that only enough boxes would bej checked to make about $25 mil lion available each year. If this proved correct, ihe full $60 million million projected for 1068 would not have been in the fund during Ihe first year's operation. Parlies Could Re Hepaid To meel Ihis contingency, 'the law provided lhat Ihe parties could be reimbursed later from ms flowing into the fund in I960 and subsequent years. ine 5J0-million 5J0-million 5J0-million ceiling lor the ■ o major panics in 1965 was fixed on the basis of Ihe 70 mil- mil- the Johnson- Johnson- Goldwalcr race in 1964. Under the formula in the law. each parly's entitlement was figured this way — the 70 mil lion voles are multiplied by $1 and divided by two, leaving $35 minion. Kui >3 million would hi subtracted as a qualifying fee Irom each party s allotment leaving $30 million. ly ship Father the a brothcrs, Albert Giordano ol New Jersey. Charles Giordano of Col Chester, and Nicholas Giordano of Hartford; Iwo sisters, Mrs. Je Riccio of Windsor and Mrs. Mary Slerpka ol West Hartford; several nieces and nephews 20

Clipped from
  1. The Bridgeport Telegram,
  2. 14 Apr 1967, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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