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Holda- The Legend of Chris Kringle - so THE SUNDAY INTER OCEAN, DECJDMMK 15, 1893....
so THE SUNDAY INTER OCEAN, DECJDMMK 15, 1893. Too call those things recommendations? 1 do, 4 I would give mora for what I can tell abou boy by suing any eye ten mJno't Itan all tb letters be can bring B. IN HOLDA'S WOOD. How Father Christmas Was Born Ger man Legend of Kriss Kringte. By Eatkrr Slaajlefaa. I. Young Christopher grcaily '.iV.tei with hi heme. He vat aa Imaginative lad entirely oat of tone with bit turroucdlcgt. H lived la little wooden cottage, curiously carved, that gave blm tome delight when the shadows-of shadows-of shadows-of sight deepened aid drew dark N.S. a ittt : nr "-tar "-tar "-tar taw V W fc , w . - - . " 1 -VX -VX Vv, a 1 "V N. a ' j 1 ' . i '. - 9 w "M & t S3 r in X S i ', ti comb! eowel axd c tbi wixd riKm OSXCS WITS TBI MOW." forma and shapes under the loog roof which aloped nearly to tb ground. It waa not pleasant to return from a land of dream to tbe bard facta of life and to -lait -lait and wear tbe long, green wlllow-wanda wlllow-wanda wlllow-wanda Into baskets at bla nncle'a command and to bear tbe scolding tongue of bla aunt busy with ber household duties. Tet tbe always bad time for flinging a abarp word r blow at Krlaa. aa be waa called, and be. taking them with Indifference, criticised ber silently. At aucb time, aw tab tbe broom would fly past bis ear. or a coarse, red band would ruffle roughly bis balr and a atrldent vole demand: "What are you doing with your wool-gathering wool-gathering wool-gathering wits?" And Kriaa would be told to mind bla work, or lo tbe next world be would Bad bimself in tbe cbolce company f thieves and murderers. How could be lore ber when sbe was so different to tbe gentle ladles In tbe far-away far-away far-away dream T Finally be determined that be would run away and seek a life fcr bimself; but tbe day sever came until be bad completed bla s'.fted la through tbe dark forked branches of the cedars and tbe silvery fronda of tbe firs. Tbe wind tang and danced, tbe trees beat and swayed, and down came the whirling anow, dr.ipplcg to swiftly and gently, and lodging w!:h care upon tbe Cake beneatb aa If It feared to burden that with Its feathery weight. "We are dreaalcg you beautifully, darlings." darlings." Krlat beard tbe snowflakes say to tbe cedar, "for Queen Holda'a revels. Vou we Lare rctlcg In ermine, and you shall bare white' velvet; you shall ahlmmer In satin from top to tbe lowest brancb, and wben tbe soon god tees you be will smile and you will sparkle la bis glance like diamond. Ob, bow funny you will look wltb a powdered wig." Tbe wind spirit blew a blast upon bla silver silver trumpet, resulting In a great lull cf snow falling. Krlt stood rt 111 wondering what would oc cur next, wben a young tree about b! own belgbt. vain of ber beauty and patronizing la ber manner, taid. "8it by me. Kris." and be obeyed, atlll walcbiog and listening to tbe voices of tbe mysterious spirits of tbe winter night, wblcb bad gradually become visible, busily preparing for tbe celebration of their Christmas feast. IV. Strange to say. be was not cold, though rett ing on tbe velvety snow; nor was be borne- borne- Ick. A gay procession entertained him. Is suing out of tbe black bollow of a great oak. that glittered in Its armor of ice. First came tte children of tbe winter wind, all fierce-eyed fierce-eyed fierce-eyed and abarp of feature, dressed in tunics of white and gray and flowing mantles. Tben followed tbe anow children in their glisten ing garments of white and flower-tbaped flower-tbaped flower-tbaped crystal crystal crowns; and after them Holda herself. queen of earth and woods, queen of snow and of Chrittmastide. How lovely sbe was In ber gown of emerald velvet wltb a big bunch of snowdrops at her breast, and a crown of oak leave like a Dryad. Her flaxen hair was bound wltb a strand of pearls, ber eyes were blue as summer river, ber lips red as pome granates, ber arms and neck w hite as tbe fall ing flakes, that, touching her. turned Into showers of creamy rose. From tbe other side of tbe forest tbe moon god sped lightly to ber and, kitting ber on tbe lips, led ber to the dance. When Queen Holda called Christopher he scrambled to bis feet and kneeled before ber. V. Why have you come hither? sheatked. A be was speechless tbe trees and snow-flakes snow-flakes snow-flakes said la their soft chorus: "The wind brought him, and we bade blm Join tbe Joy of Cbrlstmastlde and cried 'Come! Come! Comer " Unlets you com selfishly.' tbe atked. "what have you brought to us? Tbe birds give their voices, tbe flowers their perfume, tbe trees their shelter, tbe wind his music. the snow children their service, tbe seasons their beauties and tbeir bounties, and I to grsnt all wishes. - What do you bring to the Christmas revels?" Christopher bung his bead. He fell to her feet, and, kissing ber dress with emotion, exclaimed: exclaimed: "I have brought nothing but myself. myself. Do with me as yon will." "So be it." replied Holda. "you shall give yourself. Tou snail be ooe of tbe greatest spirits of tbe hallowed seaaon." The queen of Cbrlttmattlde clapped her hands and bade tbe revels begin. Wben all tbe enjoyment was at Its belgbt Queen Holda clapped ber white banda and four and twenty wltb maldena bowed before ber. and then, facing the strange multitude, promised to Awaking at tbe merry peals of laughter and Jollity, Christopher a food amased. Queen Holda explained it. "Father Cbritt- Cbritt- bii," sbe said, "you bar slept a hundred years In my enchanted wood. You came Into my forest a hard and selfish youth. Tou have acea our revels and our gifta each to each, and you gave yourself to us. While you s'ept my anow children. robed you. and now I send you aa my representative subject out Into tbe world, where I cannot go, for I must ver dwell within tbe limit and haunts of Elfland. Tou aball travel far and wide at the happy teaion of tbe year. Tour wishing trees shall never fail w ben you carry Christmas Christmas greetings to the children with tbe mesas mesas It of 'Peace on earth, good will to men.' " SANTA CLAUS SHOPPING. The New and Beautiful Toys He la Bringing for Christmas. Dy Olive F. Gaahy. 'When Santa Claut goes shopping for bit populous family tbla Chriatmas, be will And a number of new toys added to tbe long list of old favorites. First' and foremost a genuine trolley car trldges, are a novelty, and the firearms for tbe small boy are now made with as handsome and convenient appointment and attachment attachment as those for his fatber'a and his uncle'a use. In the way of small toys, costing $1 or more, cunning little men on bicycles are something new. Tbe bicycles, only a few inches high, are perfect In shape and mechanism. mechanism. The wheels have rubber tires, and, wben tbe motive power la wound up, tbe man In the saddle works bla pedals and grips bis handle bar with vim and tenacity. These amusing toys are shown in all sizes and at all price. Swimming frogs, green, goggle-eyed, goggle-eyed, goggle-eyed, and squatty, Juat like their lire prototypes, are a unique addition to the list of small toy Tbey hava a long rubber pipe and bulb at tached, which make It possible for them to swim entirely across a sheet of water; and this reminds me that the boats fashioned so aa to be run by electricity are enough to make any boy with nautical knowledge covet the ownership of one. Steam yacht they are, trig and ahapely, from stem to stern, and perfect perfect In every detail, both Inside and out. Some are fully forty Inches long, and tbe tiny dolls, dressed as sailor lads and- and- lassies. would, look well promenading on the decks. Games have blossomed out In variety wttn the coming of Christmas. s sans !s LV LECTKIC TOYS. 0" rfc WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VISION WAS THE WISHING TREE. l.'teentb birthday, which was uncelebrated. It was- was- upon a Christmas eve that he decided to break away. Hit aunt bad been unusually ill-tempered ill-tempered ill-tempered and as hit mlad waa aure tbe proper time bad arrived" for hla atep into tbe world not even tbe cold of approaching sight' ditcouraged him. II. Kriaa waa not altogether free of blame.. for he had been a discordant note In the household. household. He was neither cheerful nor amiable, nor unselfish, but tben b bad never been abowa tbe way toward a loving and grateful grateful disposition. He bad become sullen and hardened1 through no fault of bia own and he cared for nothing now but to fled If possible, possible, happiness for bimielf and to realize the vltlona of beauty that bad so often grown ta his mind, apparently without seed. As be crept stealthily Into tbe street tbe twilight was throwing her gray draperies around the little German village with Its manes of low red roof and Us square minster tower, where glared tbe clock thai always teemed to. keep Its big red eye on every child in every boute. Down the dVterted road he patted, on and p the hill, where be turned to bid farewell t the only home he bad ever known, and hetook hla way Into the dark forest that seemed to call blm Into Its depths. How many voketwere there sweet ones, too. cellke any he bad ever beard! The wind blew off bla cap by way of a Joke, and. touch-lag touch-lag touch-lag blm with Icy fingers, said: "Com! Come! Come, KrUs! There is wsrmtb In the forest and much Joy. Come!" Tbe pine boughs jammed huskily, yet softly: "Come, Krltt, come! It is true; tbe wind blows. Come! Come!" The wind, not contented, began to whittle and dance, aad push tbe wondering boy along, which was aselets and absurd, for be did not Intend to resist" the many voices charming him into tbe wood with tbeir softly murmured Invitation. III. At Kiiss pstsed Into tbe forest be felt, although, although, be could not tee, tbe mysterious spirit. spirit. Tbe only being be wat acquainted wltb -was -was the moon, of whom be waa afraid; yet ho waa grateful for ber goldea light that bring to every one In Holda'a realm his and ber desire. Bowing low to Holda they took tbeir leave, soon returning. Each one now held a rosy ribbon attached to a silver car, which tbey drew along and upon which stood what appeared to Cbriatopber the moat wotv derful thing he had ever beheld a glittering tree. VI. Intense excitement prevailed. All the trees peered and bent themselves to see wblcb of tbeir acquaintance had been selected by Holda for tbe honor of being tbe wishing tree. What a vision It waa, glittering with stars, and shields, and hearts, and toys of all kinds for tbe snow children. VI L Queen Holda cave to each one cresent rlft from the wishing tree, and tben she said lm- lm- J presslvely: "We have one more gift. Krlsa has given hlmtelf. He Is to go out into tbe world and carry tbe bletaings of our revels." Tben she called ber anow children.- children.- and, speaking to them In ber snow language, w blch none but herself and her Uttle people can understand, understand, or even hear- hear- so low, to soft, so melodious It Is bade them prepare Cbriatopber Cbriatopber for bis long Journey. First they murmured Into his ear until he grew drowsy and fell asleep, and wben he slumbered tbey folded around blm rich red robe and a mantle bordered with ermine, and placing on his bead a .tall peaked cap, bound around it a wreath of holly. They powdered powdered his long hair with scow, tbey fattened a long white beard to bis chin, and above bia tips a gently curling mustache. Cutting a ripe, rosy apple la half, they rubbed Its glow upon his cheeka, and added a roguish twinkle In bla eye and bid laughter In tbe corners of his merry mouth. Tben they called the wind and all tbe other snow children, and they each added a crystal here and an Icicle there, a drift of flakee here and a dash of powder there, and when all the little people of tbe most and flowers and rocks and streams bad assembled tbey took banda and danced. and sung and bailed him "Old Kriia Krlngle, Father Christinas." run by electricity Is a new departure In the war of mechanical toys. Tbe electricity is generated In a small battery which ran be easily connected, with tbe toy. and Is a perfectly perfectly safe and convenient mode of locomo tion. The car tracks run all tbe way round a semi-circular semi-circular semi-circular platform of wood, tbe ground work of which irriltates tbe surface of a paved street. The, overhead wire runs along above tbe track and the trolley attached to the top of tbe car 1 all ready to be adjusted to tbe wire. Santa will have to pay tZZ for tbla toy and mutt tpend It more for tbe trolley car twice aa large made to run back and forth over one ttralgbt line of track. ' In tbe matter of steam cars, the engine Ith the long train of boxes attached can be switched off of tbe main route onto a side track laid In any direction w ithed, tbe change being accompllcbed by a cunning little switch In tbe bands of a skillful swltcbmaater. Some of these new steam toys, such as derrick for" lifting sand and stones, a fire engine. Individual steam engine and those drawing car are arranged so tbey can be run by gas. In the way of mechanical toys a circus having having tbe clown and full complement of char acters and animals In action, ladles In balloon skirts leaping through boopa from tbe backs of spirited ponies, acrobat twirling and gy rating In midair, etc., 1 unique. Of course, rocking horse have been popular popular presents since our grandfathers' time, but not such rocking horse a are sbown tow, as different from tbe painted, woodeny- woodeny- looking creatures of a few years ago aa day is different from night. These horses, some mounted on a platform, with tiny wheels underneath, others rocking In spirited faabion, are Imported from tbe famous toy factories of Germany, and In shape, posture, and expression tbey are almost almost perfect. Tbe bide la real horse'a hide, tbe hoof are like horse's hoofs, and there la a lifelike spirited air In the pose of the body, tbe curve of tbe neck, tbe thin, pink-lined pink-lined pink-lined nostril and bitted mouth. Some of these beauties are hitched to charming little wagonettes, deg carts, and fancy traps, tbe harnessing being as band-acme band-acme band-acme a tbe bortes; but a certain dappled-array dappled-array dappled-array pony, not mere than a foot and a few Inches high. Is so rennded and deep-cheated deep-cheated deep-cheated and altogether In proportion that one envies the lucky boy who Is to own blm. Apropos of unique equipages, a cart piled high with hay and drawn by two lifelike oxen, yoked together, will remind the little ones of their country holidays. The high blp bones of tbe bestts and their strong shoulders and necks are exact copies of real oxen hoofs, hide, and horns all correspond. One unique toy shows a company of little white-coated white-coated white-coated Spits dogs .playing in a.band. tbe central dog, bigger than the others, acting as bandmaster. As the music plays, the dogs' heads and forepaws move la unison, while they perform on their various Instruments, and tbe bandmaster makes chara-.-terittle chara-.-terittle chara-.-terittle chara-.-terittle chara-.-terittle "Napoleon." "King's Quoits." "Cat Mouse." "Hide and Seek." "Mansion of Happiness," are all new Importation that bid fair to be popular. "Napoleon" will delight th boy or the girl who loves history and pique the Interest of those who need to have their memories re- re- steep Incline, such as Is shown In the Illustrations,' Illustrations,' up which a small Brownie climb at will 'with lightning rapidity, carrying ths bricks, or mortar, or whatever else he may need, at the moment. All these, and many more toys, has Santa to choose from, but a genuine bicycle can be had, for a boy or a girl, strong, durable, and graceful-shaped, graceful-shaped, graceful-shaped, for as low a price as $15; and. If this means of locomotion locomotion does not suit, there Is the daintiest of goat carts, of patrol wagons, of every description, description, of conveyance, In which a boy may take a friend to ride with perfect aafety and comfort. comfort. The season of 1893 Is a gala one In the way of toys. In town, land, George Fiction). 7. Iowa , COMPLICATIONS. A Puzzle Department 'for Young Old Enigmas, Conundrums, and Oddities. and (Readers are Invited to aid In our "Complications" "Complications" by tbe contribution of good, original original charadea. enigmas, rebuaea, etc. Com- Com- tnunlcationa for this department should be addressed to E. It Chad bourn, Ivewlston, Me.) So. 8,014. Trwuape-altlow Trwuape-altlow Trwuape-altlow Howaoara TO NOV U S HOMO, tin Competition.) Upward splashing! Bnow that glittered coldly white. Bathed in moonbeams all th night. Melts beneath tbe aunthine bright, I'pward aplashina;, Spurting, dashing. As in aplte; Making all who tempt It aucb a woeful sight. Upward splashlna! So we come to understand How thia earth of oars is planned "Three parts water, one part land." I'pward splashing. Rudely lashing, Temoera bland: Some folks mutter words that need a reprimand. Darkly atreamlna! 'Mid the bubble and the squeak. Voices TWO that softly speak. By ONE movement raise a shriek. Itarkly streaming. Pools are aeemlng Mad to wreak Vengeance of down-trodden down-trodden down-trodden maasea, weak. - wild, though M. C. S. Springfield, 111. K. 8,015 eetltatlm. tin Competition.) I've sung the cavaliers of old. " Tbe it-sends it-sends it-sends of romance, I've sung the maidens any and bold. The pleasures of the dance; I've sung of love of every kind. And LAST that lovers do. And now I sigh and long to find A subject strictly new. I've praised the gowns my lady wore, Her eyes, ber lipa, ber hand; I've penned a hundred "pomes" or more To maids of other landa; I've raved of moonlight on the aea, Tbe heaven' tender blue; Nov. this Is what is troubling me A subject strictly new. This world Is Just tbe aelf-aame aelf-aame aelf-aame ONE It was in olden time; There's nothing new beneatb the sun To give a man a rhyme. So what's the use to fume and fret? No earthly good 'twill do; I'll doubtless never live to get A subject strictly new! ROMERO. Independence, Mo. X. K.UIU- K.UIU- Olamwwd. fin Competition.) L A letter. Z. A combining form signifying The Hla And Far Then This Alas, Then, He Where Nor The And, He Wben We pales-Hut Oh. Te The Leeaburg, As lie Ho Rock Across which 6. A . Short Arkansas. not st all Down A Servian 1818-1X78. 1818-1X78. 1818-1X78. 7. A kind motner Tracts of 1L Sat (Standard). Lynn, Xo. With Stood 'At first," but now Tou are a From "Tcu are. I wot." "TWO l ve more Let's go. To opera. I . ' Ton msy tbe Ton may so Dut yon truth When I She it was in And we love If tbe teach "Mrs. one A true while That she ; Waterman. The Ia Because And No They The Xo. The A paradox But I will (The As In its While Add bis Tou tben And feel The Heart THE NEW WEIGHTED HORSE. ' freshed on historical Incidents pertaining to that period. "Cat and Mouse" la a game of another sort, and shows lifelike "mittens" teasing her victim. A unique game Is "The- "The- American Hurdle xxw vrsic box Axr ladder. gestures. Another music box emphasizes the movements of a clown, a personage for all tbe wcrld like tbe painted-faced, painted-faced, painted-faced, white-garbed white-garbed white-garbed creature In tbe circus, and bla gesture aad contortions are equally as comical. Santa Santa would have tovpay for a b!g clown musle box. and $20 for a small one. -Goes, -Goes, with convenient, self-leading self-leading self-leading car- car- Race." Four or five horses are dispatched over a field with high-barred high-barred high-barred fences, and the horse that clears all of these hurdles-la hurdles-la hurdles-la declared, declared, winner of tbe game. The horses go along with wonderful precision and rapidity, rising to the emergency at each obstruction, and tbe field Is like a piece of real turf. Brownie blocks are shown for the first time this year, the set of picture accompanying them ahowlng those little busy bodies in all i manner of quaint attitudes and occupied In all ' sorts of ways. The Santa Claus block are new, too, and tbe fortunate poasessors can build the reindeer, horns and all, the trumpets, trumpets, and even the toy In the chariot, for themselves. A novelty is a set of blocks called the picture-maker, picture-maker, picture-maker, picture-maker, the Individual section of the figures being made with rubber stamps, which leave tbeir impress cn the white ground. Tbe Brownies' ladder can be bad a long. thrice. J. Peninsula of Eastern Asia. 4. PlmDle pistils, or two or more of the simple pistils of wnicn a compound one is composed (Worcester) 6. A rosaceous herb. . Tbe Virginia snake-root. snake-root. snake-root. i. Altered again. -g. -g. city of Hungary. . Pro- Pro- cicaicu. iu. au eyena. it. A letter. NALLE. - Bloomlngton. 111. - Xe. 8,17. Tersalwal Anwcxatloa. TO NOVCS HOMO. (In Competition.) Only, little pair of shoes. In a garret hid away. Where the tiny feet that wore them Had so often romped In play. Here, beneath these dim old rafters. Was the playground of her choice. Her domain of garnered treasures. All ber wealth of pretty toys; And her merry, childish laughter. Rippling ever soft and low, - - Filled "ONE" home with Joyous music, la tbe days of long ago. Clustering curls and golden glory, - Eyes of heaven's deepest blue. Little feet that TWO toTneet us. Lips that matched the roses' hue. Fairer than all words rsn picture, And the angels loved her so That they bore away our darling. In the tearful long ago. From hosannaa of the seraphs. And the songs of cherubim. Round tbe "THREE" throne of the Father Comes an echo, faintly dim, ' Of a voice that I remember, And my heart ahall ever know; Echoing that rippling laughter. Of the tar-off tar-off tar-off long ago. Only a little pair of shoes. Covered now with dust and grime. But they tell of angel footsteps. rar oeyona tne realms ol time. Romero bis Brat "8,j(. r -netful, -netful, have and do It Tbe next puzzler. A ir ne nas Or. If bis loses. .50? One. S.599 Pet. ,4- ,4- P P ' ' . 8.595-Wear, 8.595-Wear, 8.696 .597 V O . $.598 Con-done. 8,509 8.800 , L K I 8,001 A MAX He. 1 NT -V -V Bedford. Ind. Xo. eVIlM. Cariallaaeat. In Competition.) umy a rtiiM.u, rag doll. A dollie of gingham and sawdust. Queer thing a treasure to call-Only call-Only call-Only a PRIMAL rag doll-Yet. doll-Yet. doll-Yet. LAST love It better than all. Her tori of which it was the oddest; Only a PRIMAL rag doll. A dollie of gingham and aawdust- aawdust- ... L' ALLEGRO. Pittsburg. Pa. Xo. cUlltt. Sqaare. " (In Competition.) ' ' 1. A boltbead. 2. A short air. S. A circle of sportsmen. 4. Highest point of Jura Mountains Caa't When years ago, velvety as any present time anatomy is gator, and dent It. Wood Is for Incurables one of the tion, from He rn't forme ilast declarer "hat prisoned in happiest out. Wood was years ago, hard that means of him, and almshouse. He first six years I to limber up,

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