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COLONEL W. A. HEMPHILL FALLS IN SUDDEN DEATH Fatal a! 11 O'Clict 1st , asasBSBsV HON. UMLT.TABf » A, ft Ifr^i, PHTTTf Distinguished Citizen of Georgia and Atlanta Who Died Last Bight at Hie Home In Thia City. CQL. HEMPHILL'S CAREER ONE OF MARKED SUCCESS / > OLOSEL WILLIAM A. HEMP I HILL was one of the hardest >* - *workers in that band of patriotic cltlsena who built Atlanta up from a ruined and hopeless village at the close of the - war to the splendid city tha Is tofiay. For thirty - five years he was one of the central figures in the financial life ef Uie city. - He was ..peHodeUi intrx In many enterprises that have contrib uted greatly to her growth and prog and his energy and business ability ried all of them to success. Colonel Hemphill was born in At May i, 1841 He grew up under the shade of the trees on the campua of the state university, from which be graduated in ISJL Leaving college as a boy of 19, be immediately volunteered for service in the confederate army and went to the front with the regiment In which he served with conspicuous gallantry throughout «fg Tour years' struggle. At Gettysburg he received a severe wound in the head, but In a short time he Was completely tain In the ranks. the close of the war Colonel Hemp - eturned to Athena, bifT Tftk&n he re moved to Atlanta.' He and J. H. Ander established The Constitution, Colo nel Hemphill being made business manager. From the time of the establish. of the paper Its history and that of Colonel Hemphill are linked indis - solubly. was as business manager, of The t Colonel Hemphill first displayed his unusual, busfheee ability. The unsettled state of affairs that existed at the time the paper was est ab ounding up of a great daily in the south a seemingly impossible tank. Many obstacles beset the path paper and it was in ovbr - ie that Colonel Hemphill brought his latent powers into play and proved himself a verltaSle financial ge ms A wester man would have despaired of ever bringing the enterprise to a tuc but Colonel Hemphill, having en into it, - determined to make The power In the Journalistic r well he succeeded needs fibt to he told today. He threw himself work and soon proved that he MOB FORCES A CONFESSION. Two Outlaws Strong Up at Codell, Oklahoma, by CItiaens. Codell. Okla. August 17.— A r»ob of sveral hundred men took Levi Reed and Bud Win go. outlaws captured recently In a raid on 'the Casey - Cravens gang. the county Jail "here hate last night and strung them up to trees to force them II the whereabouts of their leaders to give Information regarding their «. They finally gave the desired Information, and the mob returned them Jail, disappearing, apparently to get rest of the gang. Reed was so badly strangled, that he was revived with diffl - BODY Well OT MBS. TUMAN FOUND. Known Couple at Muscatine, Iowa, Killed Iowa, August 17 — n>e de y of Mrs. Jesse Tutsan was tonight . W» yards away from her near here, and her hoahend, no. and with mortal wounds, was the floor In the house, which weeks made Ms home with f wno^oT, stances. His patient Industry, far - seeing enterprise and shrewd financial management were - not long in bearing fruit, and l"« w«™ oi a row years ne eaw TBI Constitution take Its 'position as the leading tfewspaper of the southern states . vTbsn the success of The Constitution Was a fact. Colonel Hemphill began to devote, a portion of his energies to otter Stltutlon until h paper In December, 1901. Colonel BempbtU's great ability as a manager having been so clearly shown by the success of The Constitution under his direction, he was called upon to join tn many projects of great moment to the city. He Was a leading spirit In the organisation of the great expositions which did so much In building up the city. He was mayor of the city during 1881 and 1892. having served on the alder manic board previous to his election as mayor. He also served ss president of the board of education and did most effective work for the. city's schools He was at one time president of the Capital City bank, was connected with the Atlanta Loan and. Trust Company and with a number of other prominent financial Institutions. At the time of his death he waa superintendent of Trinity Sunday school, which position he had held for a long term of years. He was at one time also president of the Young Men's Library Association and of the city Young Men's Christian Association. Colonel Hemphill had been among the chief contributors to a number of the leading charitable institutions of the city, and in these be always displayed the dee peal Interest. His liberality end generosity were among his notable traits of character. His devotion to Atlanta, her interests end her people la well shown In the manner In which he contributed tn these .institutions bis time, labor and MDE 10 CHURCH mil! THOUGH HOT FEEUNG WELL >eath It Wail Known Who Was From I pent to Affairs of Church and State, Will Be Universally COlonel William A. HaaopbtiJ died ane> denly at hie residence at U o'clock IMS night from angina pectoris. Death was absolutely unexpected. White Colonel Hemphill had been la declining health for some three months past, his On Saturday Colonel Hemphill spent some bears In the office of hlg brother. Robert A. Hemphill, end It was then for the first time that be spoke sf feeling badly. He complained Of a severs pate' and said that He thought it would be. best for him to see a doctor. This he did and in a few hours was apparently all right On yesterday he drove to TMnRy church, but was not feeling sufficiently strong to attend the Sunday school services and sent word to the children that be would be with thenaafon the following Slbbeth. Returning home, he took dinner with, his family and - was in a cheerful mood. At night he ate a light repast and sat up for some hours afterwards, feeding and' talking to bis wife and children. At 11 o'clock, while standing in has room, he was seised with the fatal atrofce. When assistance came the band of death had already, touched his brew. • • A Shock to tha City. Colonel Hemphill's death came as a great shock to his' friends last night., who were quick to, learn of It. in spite of the lateness of the hour. Many cells dug the house to offer the sympathy to the grief - stricken family. \ In his death Atlanta Is deprived <* ena or ner orst - known *nd ttqst public spirited eitisena - a men whe had carved out his fortune by the sheer fore*. of hla Indlnritsbie energy and splendid ability. He was s fine type of the industry, enterprise end activity which, has batlded Atlanta Into a city ef metropolitan pro portions from the most meager end un promising of beginnings. This public splritedness was one of his chief char - tacterlstlcs and there was nothing . be would not do to help in the upbuilding of the city. Many times be sacrificed Ms and talents when there was no hope of personal return In order to lend his aid ymt struggling enterprise or plan would bring Atlanta's name to the was one of the board of directors e late Cotton state* and International exposition, and took a vital interest .tr» that movement which marked a renala - e in the Interest which the first eot. exposition had created in the north More recently he was the president of tile Southern Interstate Fair Association, and m largely due to hia splendid execu tive ability that the last fair waa luck a cess. He took the greatest Interest la every detail. T. H. Martin, who wag st that time secretary, said of him: never knew a man Who could be so absolutely depended on to attend a meet ing, no matter how trivial. He Is punctu. itself. If mors men were like bun SUMMARY OF THE NEWS FORECAST. Fair Monday and Tuesday with ris Ing temperature; fresh east winds. LOCAL Colonel W. A. Hemphill dies rudde nly from angina pectoris at hie home on Peach tree street. Council will take up today question of cutting off free water and Win have GEORGIA I Southern portion of Georgia Is visited by electrical storm and one man is killed st Waynesboro, many houses blown down and struck by Hghtning and cotton is whipped from balls and ruined. Extensive preparations are under way for big street fatf in Macon, which VIM be the greatest ever held there. Good dividend is declared by the directors of the Central of Georgia, and Deputy Sheriff Dunn, of Marietta, shoots negro' prisoner, who attacked hla with a heavy stick. | Alleged slayer of Dr. FasseU in Irwin county Is totally wounded by deputy sheriff in Appling. SOUTHERN Jier^a'nd 'tb* asaTur^has aasw 1 the return of the postmsste postmaster general. DOMESTIC conference opens say' > having a merry war In Wesb - i phase that It ! ^frrotbers^w k«i*d and the ether fatally wounded, are she victims at Creasy between the United States and China Is FOREIGN i DeWet, Botha and Delarey meet King Ida The sank of Persia dismayed by his first at ma nder of Use Kmpress to Stow down. The t i Leo at hie Saturday reception ttfleaen the royal yacht aassrsffgzmr. mutiny on taeadSjBSSSSSSSSSSSSSBMgy

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