Ad for Mrs. Winslow's Syrup, 1865

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Ad for Mrs. Winslow's Syrup, 1865 - enjor- the no vivacious ia f to anti-Lillious...
enjor- the no vivacious ia f to anti-Lillious so . to un for of in-vigorant es-espe recent-released to as spear--ing or of a of be of by the the Kfln.i.-t of on of t MBS. WINSLO W, Aa experienced Nurse and Female Physisian pre sents to the attention oi mothers, her : SOOTHING SYRUP FOE CHILDREN TEETHEV6, which greatly facintatei the process of teething by softening the gums, reducing all inSamations, will allay A LL PAIN and spasmodic action, and is Sure to Regulate the Bowels Depend opon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves, ana ... Relief & Health to yoaKInfants, We have put up and sold this article for over SO vears. and CAN HAY IN CONFIDENCE and TRUTH of it what we have never been sble to say of anv other medi-ine NEVER HAH IT FAILED IN A SINGLE INSTANCE TO EFFECT A CURE, when timely used. Never did we know an instance of dissatisfaction by any one who used it. ' On the contrary, all are delighted with its operations, and speak in terms of commendation of its magical etlects and medical virtues. We spesk in this matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW," after SO years experience, : AND FLEDGE OUR REPUTATION FOR THE FULFILMENT OF WHAT WE HERE DECLARE, In almost everr instance where the infant is suffering from pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen minutes after the syrup is ad- uiiuisierea. t i . : '. ii . V ' Full directions for using will accompany each bottle. None genuine unless the fac simile ot CURTIS k PERKINS, New York, is on theout- siae wrapper. , Sold by Druggiststhroughout the world. . ..!, Price, only 35 cents a Bottle. The Florence Nightengale of the Kurserj. The following is an extract from a letter writ ten by the Rev. Z. C. Weiser to the German 1U-formtd Metenger, at Chambersburg, Pa : There is a woman in the public eye whose name had all along been associated, in our mind, with the "Yankee," ' Quack," and "Humbug.'' But it is so no longer, Bnd we desiee to wrest her name from all such suspicious association in all other minds. Whatever notions we may have of nuumuijr ueiicacy nna propriety, wo wii wjiuu that woman alone i tne Nurse the good Nurse ihebtrt Nurse. Whether we shall have Female Physicians or not, is a question which most be decided by time and principle, and not as a mat ter of taste. Pride, nreiudic. caprice and cue rom mavas well oehave themselves, for if there m roallrawaat, there will also beasupply if there be a " calling," there will De a eomtmg. Nature and human societv are always sell-supply, ing, and though Art and Fashion may hinder, they cannot prevent. Mrs. Winslow does not want to treat you Oen-tltmen I Nor d,ee she prescribe a regimen for your wives; but modestly appears as a messen-gej of health and happiness to your Infants in the cradle. Is toere anything improper in that? A Nurse of " 3i. vears"" experience can boldly say what is or is not good for a babe, and ought to be listened to. God speed her on humble but bsppy mission. She is the most successful physician and most effectutl benefactressourh tie one ever enjoyed her doting parents rot exepeted. Just open the door ior fer,; ana jnre. v msiow will prove the American Florence Nightingale ol the Nurscrv. Of this we are so sure, that we will tench our " Susy" to say "A Blessing on Mrs. Winslow" for nelping her to survive and esckpe griping, colicking and teething siege. We confirm every word set forth in the Pbobpsc-tus. , It performs precisely what it professes to perform, every part of it nothing leas. Away your "Cordial." -'Paregoric," Drjps," "Laudanum," and everv other "Narcotic," oy whieh the babe is drugged into stupidity, and rendered dull and idiotic for life. . We have never seen Mrs. Winslow know her only through the preparation of her " Soothing Syrup for Children Teething-" If we had the power, we would mnke her, as she is, a physical savior to the Infant Ra:e. Rest, Ileal tli, and Comfort to Mother and Child. MRS. WINSLO W'S SOOTHING SYRUP, for Children Teething, softens the gums, reduoeg inflamation, allays all pain, and cures wind colic. Perfectly safe in all cases. We would say to ev ery mother who has a suffering Child : Do not let your prejudice,' uor the prejud ces of others, stand between you and your suffering child and the relief that will be sure yes, absolutely sure follow the use of this medicine if timely used. lon A l"all to , Procure Mrs. WINSLO W'S SOOTHING SIRUP, for Children Teething. It has been nsed for SO years with never-failing safety and success by millions of mothers for their children. It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bowels, and gives rest, health, and comfort to mother and child. Office, No. 43 Dey street. New York. Io not let your prejudice siand between your suffering child and the relief that will be absolutely sure to follow the use of MRS; WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP. It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, rgu-lates the bowels, softens the gums, gives rest to the mother and health to the child. - Office, 43 Dey street, Nw York. . - The following is an extract from a letter written by the Rev. J. S. Holme, pastor of the Pierre pont street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., to the Journal and 2It$urtger, Cincinnati, O., and speaks Tolumes in favor of the world-renowned medicine, MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP FOR CHILDREN TEETHING : r ' ; "We see an advertisement in your colums o MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP. Now, we never said a word in favor of patent medicine before in our life, but we feel compelled to say to your readers that this is no humbug tr have tried it, anil tnotv it will do all it claims. It is probably one of the most successful medicines of the day, because it is one of the best. And those of your readers who have babies can' do better than lay inasnpply. - - v ' The great popularitv of Mrs. Winslow?s Sooth ing 8ymp, for children teething, has induced unprincipled persons to put up articles to be used f ji or we same purpose, in advertising which they haTenot only copied our advertisements and no-tMs fron the press, but have copied certificates and letters from clergymen and others, ; "affiiiug other -names to our genuine certificates Beware of imitators. ' ap!5-dAwly - to swindled hidden and but including . and ., in has Santiago the of and the the f on . on his and the says no coin traitors. od and the were oats Who An Will Ladv In tne 60c; a i be Davenport. smd

Clipped from
  1. Quad-City Times,
  2. 03 Nov 1865, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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