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lizze  downes - woll- ."LIZZIE DO WNE." V I i The Mistress of a...
woll- ."LIZZIE DO WNE." V I i The Mistress of a Country Abort xion nistaDiisnment. The Adventuress Held to Answer Before the Uip43r Courts. Mr. "Dr." Lixzie Downe, of whose arrest In St. Louie and luoarceration at Ninth-street Ninth-street Ninth-street Station. Station. house w bave given an account, wa arraigned arraigned in the Vol Ice Court yetterday morning, charged with obtaining good under false pretenses pretenses from W, P. Otte, ot thi city, to tbe amount of $108, She waived aa examination. In tear, looking bitterly disheartened and broken down at lair, after her long and ncceful career in crime. Judge Merchant beld ber over to the Court ot Common Plea In $1.00, and th vat takon below, where the Hated her case ton reporter, reporter, tbu: "I did not buy the good for myielf. 'I came her to meet my busbsnd, who travsl for a Mr. Terple, a book dealer on rourth street. I wts here two days, and th first day I met that patty, Mr. Wales and his wife. They, told in that I might ty with them for a while, at tLoy needed some one to help tliem to fix up, a they were going to housekeeping In partnership with Mr. Klugs-bury, Klugs-bury, Klugs-bury, who bad agreed to buy the carpets if tbey, Wale and wire, would furnish the furniture. They told me I could ty there nntil my hnsband would come back. I was then sent to order the earpet. Mr. Klncsbnrr ssld b would pay for them.. I did not say, as that man said I did, that would pay on delivery. After awhile Mr. Kingsbury Kingsbury said that Mr. W ales bad refused to go In partnership with him to furnish th houss, bet that th oarpot wa no loss; that h would use It Iu UU Louis. When thcy brought the bill I told them to bring it again, for Kingsbnry wat out then. It wat he wbo ihipptd the goods to St. Louis, not uie. I think it's a shame tbey won't give me n henring. What will they do with nier Where can I get a lawyer! I've got property at home, and would pay any thing to get free." Several account of thi womaa't career have boen published, but we have seen none to full and interetting as that In the St. Louis Evening Dispatch of Wednotday, from srblcb we extract the following; "She first lived on Olive street nnder tho name ofMiohler, then removed to Pilth street, opposite opposite the Southern Hotel, and from there to ill .Nortn sixtn, when she changed nor name to Downe. "Durlni Fair week. 1871. a Mr. C C. Nowbsld. wbo had visited her professionally, mystenounly disappeared, sua it was at once reported tnatsne nad been murdered. a trace or the crime could be found, end the matter ursdusllv died out of the public mind, but one of the detectives states that from his knowledge or tue womsn. be feol Justlded In stating uuuesltatingly aud emphat ically, tnai sirs, uown is ner niuraeres. "About a year aa-o aa-o aa-o tne present husband or th Poctrcss wis arrested by Detective Stile for hooting ber former husband. He wa taken down into th country lor trial, gtv bona ad lumped hi baU. About that time Uie woman lert tue city, Two weeks airo last Monday the adventuress caned upon Atiami, wansur a. i.e., inonauapoiis, wnere sue oruoreu saw wortn oi csrpcts, rugs and ourtaint, and the vacant house dodge was aiain viiyed in a novel manner, but successful ly. one remained in the house six day while th carpets were being made, and when completed uie woraman iniormed ner tnat nis order were not to lay them before receiving payment. Noth. Ing abashed, she replied that she was Just about leaving: for the store with tbat obloct in view. and on reluming would give him the receipt. She was absent to long that the man darted tor the store to ascertain the cause, aud as he came out be slipped in and started th goods off In a wagon while no wa away, iu matter wa Place.) in tne nanus or tne indisnanoiia poiMe. and tne urarman wnocaneo tnegooiis was rounti. and irora nun tne name or tne party to wnoin they were consigned was learned. While In In. dianapolti the woman went by tbe name of Mrs. ur, J. waio. ieiectivM xreacy anuiiiie men went to work on tne caso. and ancortained that the bo i os from Cincinnati a well as Indianapo lis were at tue same ireigni depot, and addressed to the same party. Tbuy watched the depot ttoajiiy ronixdayi, ana on sionuay tneir pa. tience was rewarded bv tne appearance of cnller who presented bills of lading, paid th Charges and toos tno goons to roonn at in norm Sixth street, which Mrs. Down bad recently re- re- renica. one toid tneuriver to uring tucin into the bouse, and wa at once arrested and taken to ' tbe Pour Court. Daniel Coddington, the man who presented the way-bills, way-bills, way-bills, is connected with some commis sion nouse on Mum street, ana denied any Knowl edge of the manner in which the goods had bees obtained. II states, though, that bo ha known Mrs. Down a long time, aud that he met her that morning when abe sked him to tnninct this business for her. On Tuesday morning Detective Detective Treacy and Armstrong visited Kinimswick, aviation on the Iron Mountain Hod, about twenty twenty miles from tbo city, in search of some ol tbe stolen property. At this place the Dortres has a beautiful mansion worth about $10,000, and fitted up a a hospital. Here It Is that lailic In trouble are tskeu when any thing Is to be mule by it, and wbon thoy do not recover are not azsla board of, but ruyslcrioutly disappear. At this tdenceslrs. Dsn Coddington, the wire of uie gentleman wbo nail caned lor tne goous, was found. In Mrs. Downe' room, at the house on Slxtii tret, a satchel was fouod containing a ut of Instrument used by tbe prolusioual abor-UouUl." abor-UouUl." abor-UouUl." a

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 06 Feb 1874, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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