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THE ffEW YORK THIEg. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 2G. - 1913. QUILT OF Ml, THRILL Misleading Lady," Last Night at the ' Fulton-Theatre. Fulton-Theatre. MUCH AMUSEMENT a Variety of Entertainment, Much of Which is of Previously Encountered. LADT. A Play in Three Charles Ooddard and Paul the Fulton Theatre. l-ewl l-ewl l-ewl 8. Stone William H. Bama Robert Cain Albert Backett bea John Cumberland Everett Butterfield Frank Sylvester Albert Beckett Henry Tbompeon Oaorae Abbott Robert Graves, Jr. f. . . I ne BuJ Caanell Alice 2f'"on Gladys -VVIlaon -VVIlaon Jane Qolnn Frances Bavaae crazy quilt was unrolled Theatre last night and part of two hours bad g-suplng g-suplng g-suplng with surprise or would happen next. of drama will serve so for want of a better-term better-term Misleading Lady" may be play. With thla dif -That -That cubic art Is whereas no one any difficulty In grasp this play contains. Just the state of mind. made its composition that's another matter al a lunatic in it. that he is Napoleon no end of amusement, touching- touching- a really pathetic In which he thinks a harmless and citizen into a Marshal Is then marched back while hla sympathetic the Marseillaise, to keep delusion. Is only one Incident begins with an arraign aex that la sure to create develops melodrama, by fits and starts. one thing to the next the "THAIS" GIVEN IN ENGLISH. Massenet's Opera Performed at the Century Opera House. A thatsael. .... . . ........... . . . .Louis Kretdlar Nfciaa ..Oustal Benrraan Paletnoo. .......... ...... ....Alfred Kaufman Man Servant......... Hugh Bcbuaaler Thais Lois Ewall MyrtaJa. .,..,....,.,.... Florenrw Conahlan Crobyle ....Othella Hoffman Aiblna.. Cord Hla I .at ham Conductor Alfred Bsendrwi. Massenet's Thais was added to the repertory of the . Century Opera, Company Company last evening, when Its first performance performance was given in English. .The audience waa about aa large as those that have witnessed most of the Cen tury performances. It Is a noteworthy fact that the opening of the larger bouse on Broadway haa as yet had little effect effect upon the numbers who . visit the Century Opera. Thais.", since Mr. Hammerstaln first Introduced it to this public half a dozen years ago, haa retained a certain popularity, though It Is. not one of his most brilliantly "Inspired works for the lyric stage. It has a few taking passages passages which please the public, the re doubtable " Meditation " being. of course, the chief. But there are extensive extensive strata of dullness and of slow sol emnity in the opera, when the action proceeds with the utmost deliberation or halts entirely. The doings of the early Christians on the Banks of the Nile are sometimes a little slow for modern taste In dramatic representation. On the other hand, the scenes of gayety In Alexandria offer contrast and relief. The part that Miss Mary Garden had In making " Thais " popular is not lightly to be disregarded in considering the place of the opera in mw repertory; nor tne assistance rendered rendered her by such artists as Messrs. Renaud and Dal mores. All of whom have been prominent . In performances of the opera heretofore heard In New York. There waa Intelligent striving on the part of the singers who carried the burden burden of the musical drama last evening. Mr. Kriedler as Athanael was deserving of much credit for his sincere and skillful skillful Impersonation, -as -as well aa for excellent excellent singing. There were ibo excellences excellences In Miss Ewell's Thais. The later part of It was better than the unregen-erate unregen-erate unregen-erate portion, and yet if she did not wholly succeed in this it was not for lack of an anxious imitation of Miss Garden's manner, poses, gestures, and even, what was more serious, some of her vocal mannerisms. Mr. Bergman met reasonable expectations, not too high, as Nlcias. Mr. Szendrei worked hard to get good results from the orchestra, orchestra, which showed training, and certain Instrumental solo effects were well played. Among these the violin solo. In the "-Meditation "-Meditation "-Meditation ',' did not hold a high place, though this interlude waa repeated repeated at the demand of the audience, as has so often been the case before. The scenery, it was announced, was borrowed from the Boston Opera House, as the Metropolitan Opera House has never produced " Thais " and had none to lend. But it did not do much credit to the Boston Opera House, either in design or . in color, and much of it seemed rather crude. W. Y.FIHLEY, HEAD OF SOUTHERN, DEAD Railway President Succumbs to Sudden Attack of Apoplexy -: -: in Washington Home. v GENIUS AS TRAFFIC MAN Improved Agricultural Conditions In South and Built Up Road's Earnings Earnings Succeeded Spencer in 1906. pecil to TJks Ve Tor rimes. WASHINGTON. Nor. 25. William Wilson Finley. for the last seven years President of the Southern Railway Company, Company, died suddenly at his- his- home here early this afternoon. He had recently returned with his family from his country country home at Warrenton, Va., and reopened reopened hla town bouse in the capital. He was apparently In good health, and was about to leave for his office this forenoon when he waa seized with an attack of apoplexy and hemorrhage of the brain. Death occurred before physicians physicians could reach his bedside. So sudden sudden was the seisure that it was several hours before any one thought to notify the headquarters of the Southern Rail way, Mr. Finley was Just past 00 years of age, having been born on Sv-pU Sv-pU Sv-pU 2. 1853, at Pass Christian. Miss. He . entered railway service when he was 20 as stenographer with the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern and Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans. He was for three years a stenographer In the Vice President's office, nine months the re celvefa secretary, one year secretary to the agent for the Trustees, four years chief clerk in the general freight de-partwent, de-partwent, de-partwent, and three years Assistant General Freight Agent. In 1883 be be came Assistant General Freight Agent for the Texas & Pacific Division of the Missouri Pacific and In 1888 General Freight Agent of that road. Mr. Finley became Third Vice Presi dent of the Southern In 1005 and Second Vice President a year later, becoming President a few months later; follow ins the tragic death of Samuel Spencer, who was killed on one of his own trains. He also was made President of the Alabama Alabama Great Southern, the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, Georgia boutnern & Florida. Mobile & Ohio, Northern Alabama Railroad, Southern RUSSIAN SYMPHONY Aitschuler Gives "Prae-ludium for' First - The Russian Symphony Its first subscription son at Aeolian Hall last audience waa of good sis. Aitschuler played Symphony No. 6. the " beginning f the programme. followed by the same " Ophelia," from the "Hamlet." and then " Value Romantique" .Praeiudium." the latter night for the first time Warner was the soloist violin concerto, and the with Rimaky-Korsakoff's Rimaky-Korsakoff's Rimaky-Korsakoff's Caprice. The audience applauded end of the third movement symphony, and - In the vale and the ' each encored. If any to that supplied by bis needed to establiah that not yet a competent symphony orchestra concerts, night The performance concerto was not enlightening the part of the orchestra They were not playing the end came, Mr. In -an -an attempt to follow unaccented beau while was on the accented one. Spanish Caprice,- Caprice,- which the well enough, seemed about nothing. . 'THE SUSPECT" A One-Act One-Act One-Act Play by Acted at 44th Street "The Suspect" a by George Baxter, is features of tha b'll' at the Street Music Hall this Is being presented by Brady. The scene Is office of a New York Tim Casey, a reformed brought before the charge of bank robbcrv. ceiving the "third currea ana led to a cell. aiierwara a woman Inspector and aska his finding a man who saved from a burning building. Of course, the supposed robber is the man she is as the fire took place at bank was robbed, the with a reward of child's parents. Casey played by William Arey does a fine bit of Inspector. Gladys Morris woman, and Chatles Bock Sergeant. NOTED ASTRONOMER Sir Robert S. Ball Was Cambridge Observatory By Marconi Tranaatlaatio Tele-graph ta The New LONDON, Nov. 5. Stawell . Ball, the here to-day. to-day. to-day. He waa

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