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Chess Champ, 15, Offers Advice - TEEN ETIQUETTE Chess By KITTE TUKMELL When...
TEEN ETIQUETTE Chess By KITTE TUKMELL When you're playing chess and other comtemplative games you have to learn to keep all other tTioughts out of your mind. That's a tip from Bobby Fischer, who recently became the youngest player ever to win the L title "International Chess Grand Master." Fifteen years old and a junior at Erasmus Hall High School in' Brooklyn, N.Y., Bobby has been described by the secretary of the Manhattan Chess Club, one of. the largest organizations of its kind in America, as the "most interesting chess personality irt the world." Already United States Champion, Bobby traveled to Yugoslavia to compete in an international tournament". By tying for fifth place, he qualified for the next Challenger's Tournament which, in turn, will decide who will meet the Soviet Union's Mikhail Eotvinnik in 1960 for the world title. .: Eobby, obviously, follows his own Advice. Reporters covering the Yugoslavian tournament noted that in a difficult game he sits for hours bunched over the board.. Al- -though he often plays with speed fnd imagination, according to the experts, in one match he pondered for. an hour and a half before making trteuiove that saved him' from defeat. .. ". YOU'VE GOT to concentrate on the game you're playing not on anything else not even the fame you won or lost yesterday," he declared. "I feel upset if I lose a game I don't like to lose. But I just try to play the next one to win. You can't let one defeat get you. Some players fall apart when defeated, but I know that if I'm still .thinking about the game I lost yesterday, I'm going to lose today's game, too." Bobby is inclined to belittle his new title. All it means, he says, is that "you placed well in international competition." In the old days, he adds, when there were only about five grand masters in the world, the title meant more than it does today, when there are perhaps forty. But others consider it an unusual achievement for one his age. NOWHERE in the world are chess audiences quiet enough for Bobby. Watchers insist, he reports with some bitterness, on applauding at the end of a match, thereby disturbing other players who are Still competing. ""In Europe nearly everyone plays chess but especially in Yugoslavia, where it's almost a national Champ, 15, A ' " , - V - i rs f v! V u i W'3 ... ..;0 -'4 A. I-.'-. 4:j I - i , .I -S - S- ' TIMP: WON'T DRAG for you, competitor or kibitzer, if you are engrossed in game you play well, Recording to Kitte Turmell, teen counselor. To play your best, in games as in sports, you game. They chased me for autographs the way Americans chase a baseball player." Bobby started his chess career at the age of six when his sister showed him the moves. By nine or ten he was playing seriously. Anyone who is really interested can learn the game, he insists. All you need are books On the subject and and inexpensive' chess set. No one who plays seriously uses an expensive or fancy set they're too interested in the game to have to worry about possible damage, he says. Where no chess clubs are available to teen-agers, experts suggest "chess by correspondence." Two of the largest organizations providing this are the Chess Review, at 134 West 72 Street, New York 23, N.Y, and the Correspondents' Chess League of America, 816 South Cecelia Street, Sioux City 6, Iowa. Jack Straley Battell, executive editor of the Chess Review, reports that there are more "first-class teen-age players in the United States today than ever before. Mm V DEAR KITTE TURMELL: 15-Year-OMs Report Dating Problems to Teen Columnist "DEAR KITTE TURMELL: I am a boy 15. I go to a small high school with a little population. In the fall I started liking a girl I'll call May, who to me is the prettiest girl ever and has the nicest personality a girl will ever have, for me. We got along fine except for one thing dating. We could both go out but I had no way of taking her out, because I was under the driver-license age. The only way we went out was double-dating with my friend. He started working night?, so that left him out "May lives 15 miles from me, ' and since I had no way to get to her house without my friend, we agreed to stop dating but remain the best of friends. We broke up a month ago. Last week we talked about our old love at a party and she agreed to give me another chance. "In about three weeks I'M be Offers 1 . r '"lb r. i 1 -T" V t'.-...? ,AiSfeii'-CTrii..i.(i , , must keep your mind on what you are trying to do and put all other thoughts out of mind during competition, she adds. them. So when he asked me to go to the next dance, I told him I was going with the girls. So he asked my 'girl friend. He said 'Hi' at the dance and that's all he said. It seemed that everywhere I went he was there, and my 'girl friend' said he was mad because I was following them. I like Advice V 1 f I I go to her house often. Why is it she acts so distant around school? Do you think she's ashamed of me? Bill." Dear Bill: No, and why should you think so, since she pays attention to you away from school and at her home? Assume she goes to school to learn not play and enjoy all that today's schools offer in scholastic and social activities. You're both too young to take dating so seriously that you isolate yourself from fun with schoolmatesand group-activities after school. "DEAR KITTE: There is a boy at school that I think is very cute. Then one day he told one J I"' i ' f- 1

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 31 May 1959, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 62

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