George Storz Robbery 14FEB, 1908

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George Storz Robbery
" WEEKLY ESTABLISHED «6D. THIEVES WORK IN DAYLIGHT Two Clotting Store Robbers in the county Jail, Eosenberg & Co , W. II. Alexander and George Storz Victims of a Clever Game. Rosenberg & Co., W. H. Alexander and George Storz were the victims ot a liold piece-nf robbery Thursday aftoi 110OJ1. Tlie discovery was made In tlie nick ot time, tor the robbers were planning to yet away on the afternoon southbound train and in another hour would undoubtedly have made their escape with tlio plunder. About 1 o'clock two strangers walked into the tailoring establishment of Cicorge Storz. One ot the men went linek to tlie rear whore Mr. Storz was busy at a sewing machine. The other man rcniuiiicd in front whore the goods are displayed. The former naked Mr. Storz to sew a biitlon on his garments. Mr. Storz did so and the stranger handed him ten cents for his trouble. The stranger inquired about some rabbits Mr. Storz had in the yard. The latter said they wore nelgiun luires and look the stranger out to see them. This was the opportunity the mnn in the front part of liie shop had been waiting for. Seizing .KQven bolts of the choices cloth In iho sbpii he put them In a suit ease he was carrying and departed. Soon after returning from tlie yard the first stranger thanked Mr. Storz politely' end walked out. A few minutes later Mr. Storz had occasion lo go to the front portion ot the shop and ho immediately missed the bolt of cloth from which lie was milking a suit- Realising Unit he had been duped, Mr. Storn rushed dawn tlie street in search 'of an officer. Not finding one, lie telephoned to the sheriff's office. Dainty Sheriff R. W. Woods responded nnd coming up town met Mr. Storz at tlio postoffico. They went into the Julian hotel, where they found Under- Slicrift R. M. Drown. Mr. Storz told his story and gave a description of the men. Undcr-Sheriff Brown remembered having seen men answering the description a short time previous. The trio started lor tho depot. When ttiey ncarcd the West Valley Lumber Company's yard they saw two strangers coming up town, whom Under,Sheriff Brown recognized as the men he bad seen earlier In the day. "Are those your' men?" said Mr. Brown to Mr. Storz. "Yes," replied the latter. One of tho men, recognizing Mr. Storz, stepped behind tlie billboard at tlio corner. The other was stopped by Uiidor-Slieriff Brown, and Deputy Sheriff Woods went behind the bill- Iioard and brought the second man out. The strangers did not have their suit cases with them, so tho officers concluded they had taken them to the •depot. They took the men to the depot and Mr. Weaver admitted them to •tho baggage room. Their suit cases were sitting on a trunk. The officers told them to open tho cases. They did so, and both cases were empty. Mr. Weaver told the officers that the trunk also belonged to the strangers. llndor-Shcrilf Brown demanded tho keys ot tho trunk, but the strangers denied ownership of the trunk. Both wore searched, but no trunk keys were found on tiiem. "Very well; we will return to town nnd I will get a search warrant for the trunk," said Mr. Brown. The trio started back. They had not gone far before one of the strangers asked per- consented. They started back to tho depot again and Mr. Brown rcmcm- l>cred baying seen one of the-men drop something out of his hand which at mission to Inlk with Mr. Storz. It was granted., and the stranger said: "If we restore the goods will you let us go?" Mr. Storz, thinking that they had taken only one bolt of cloth,and being very anxious to recover that particular bolt, tlmo he thought was nothing more than a scrap of paper. It proved, Jiov- ever, to bo the missing trunk key. which tho prisoner had cleverly concealed In his hand while being search•ed. Mr. Brown picked up tho key and handing it to the stranger requested him to open his trunk. The latter did so, and yon can Imagine Mr. Store's surprise when lu stead of one bolt (seven bolts belonging to him were pulled out. "You don't want to let this man go," said Mr. Brown. "Well, I guess not," replied Mr. SU>r/, who was furious with rage. Ho added, "I intended to let him go, but that made me mad when I saw that lie had taken so much of my gooda." The stranger was then taken to the county jail and Mr. Storz went before Justice Lamiiton and swore to a complaint charging them with grand larceny. Tlio officers returned to the depot to make, a more thorough search through the trunk. They found a lot ot now clothing In the trunk. The men had torn tho t(ig£" from all the garments save one, which they overlooked. It bore the mark of Rosenberg & Co. Tlio articles were taken to the sheriff's office and A. A. Powers, manager of the store, was notified, lie identified one overcoat, one full suit, two coats, two vests and one pair of trousers as belonging to his stock. Two other overcoats were identified us belonging to W. H. Alexander's stock. Tho robbery was a great surprise to Mr. Powers and Mr. Alexander, neither of whom bad discovered their loss. The manner of operating in these storns was similar. They visited the Rosenberg stoic shortly after the noon hour and when everybody save Bert Clover and Max Newman had gone to luncli. The latter was In the rear of the store and Bert was In front when tb« strangers entered. One ot the men asked for a drink of watej and while Bert escorted him to the rear of the store tho otllor man filled inn suit case with clothing. About IB minutes to- 1 o'clock _the men. entered Alexander''!. Mr. Alexander had just stepped out mid nobody was In the store except Irvy Suavely. One of the men asked to see some shoes. The shoe department its in the rear of the store, and while Mr. Suavely was showing the shoes the younger man of the two strangers dumped two overcoats into bis suit case. The officers also found a number of sl|k handkerchiefs and mufflers In the trunk, which have not been identified, but they were undoubtedly stolen property. Among the prisoners' personal effects were found an opium outfit, several bottles ot laudanum, morphine, etc., indicating that the men are "hophoads" and dope fiends. They were also prepared to do other stunts of a criminal nature, for among their effects were found loaded dice, marked, cards, etc-. The men appeared before Justice Lampion,, and were held to answer to the superior court In the sum ot $1000 each. The men gave their names as G. H. and R. I. Dunce. They engaged H. L. Huston to represent them as attorney. The man who gives his name as f!. H. Dupec is a Jew and about 40 years of age. The other, who says his name is R. I. Dupee, Is an Irishman, and about 27 years of age. Neither attempts to explain happens that two men of different nationalities bear the same name. They claim to hail from Seattle, but the older man has a San Francisco marriage license which shows he married a Los Angeles woman only a few months ago. The young man Is trying to shoulder most"" of the responsibility for their crimes, and saya if anybody Is to be punished he la tho man that ought to bear tho burden. Both are willing to plead guilty, but it Is uncertain when their examination will bo held. This afternoon Sheriff Montgomery had photographs ot the two men taken and will forward them to San Francisco to the chief of police. He is of the opinion that they have been OPL. atlng in this state before and that the peace officers of San Francisco will bo able lo identity them. THE JUMPING OFF PLACE. 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  1. Woodland Daily Democrat,
  2. 14 Feb 1908, Fri,
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  • George Storz Robbery 14FEB, 1908

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