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By GEORGE KOLTANOWSKI International Chess Master PROBLEM NO. 176 r"9 r"? m pi i T Xit, fWKW rjT"'- 9"'",'?,t radar- Hend- White to play and mate in two moves. Solution to Problem No. 175 is: 1.N-R6. Gossip from Holland (The following was taken from the Australian Chess World, so ably edited by C. J. S. Purdy.) Writing in a Dutch paper, Don ner speaks of the impossibility of making much personal contact with Bobby Fischer during the interzonal. He begrudged even the time off for meals, and after a last hurried bite would rush off to his room to analyze or to prepare an opening. Donner adds, "But I do not see much possibility of his further advance." That is absurd. When you get natural genius allied to an infinite capacity for working at the chosen art, you get an Alet hine or a Fischer. Natural Genius When you get only the natural genius, or high talent, you get a Pomar. There is a chance that Fischer may undermine his health but we don't think Donner meant that. To prophesy that Fischer will become world champion would be silly but to prophesy (by implication) that he won't is even sillier. It would appear that- Fischer's chief obstacle is likely to be Tal, who is not only a genius but seems a very robust character, and is only seven years older. In the same article, Donner refers to Tal as "such a polar-bear (Dutch expression for a floor-pacer) that one can no longer speak of polar bears in referring to him he plunges forward with his shoulders hunched, for all the world like a tiger about to spring. Barden, in "Chess," adds to this picture describing Tal marching aggressively round the hall (at Munich) stopping for a few seconds at each board to grin before marching in. And a German caricaturist draws Tal applying a knife and fork to his opponent's pieces and gobbling them up with enormous gusto. From the Munich Olympics: Whiti: Larry Evans, USA Black: K. V. Grivainis, South Africa LATVIAN GAMBIT 1. P-K4 P-K4;18Q-N4 N-B4 2. N-KB3 P-KB4' 19.0-0 00-0 3. PxP(a P-K5 20.N-N3 K-N! 4 N-Q4(b) Q-B3 21P-QR4(f) B-Q3 5Q-R5ch P-N3;22.N-R3 R-Rl 6PxP PxP23.N-N5 R-R5 7.Q-Q5 N K2 24.Q B3 N2-R3 S.QxP R-R5i25.NxB PxN 9.P-KN4 P-Q4 26.B-Q2 N-N5 10. Q-O3 RxNP!27.KR-Kl NxRP 11. P-QB3 QN-B328.QxQP RxRch 12 B-K2 N-K4i29.RxR R-Rl 13Q-K3 R-K5(OI30.NxN PxN 14Q-N3 B-N5j31.R-K2 Q-R3?(Q) 15. P-KB4 BxB(d)i32.R-K7 Q-N3ch 16. NxB . N-B2(e)!33.K-B2 Resigns 17. P-Q3 R-K3 (a) Also NxP is considered good here, (b) 4.N-K5 is best, (c) 13. P-B4 wins immediately, (d) Misses an easy win with 15.Q-QR3. (e) 16.N-B4 still gave winning chances, (f) Here Evans offered a draw. Black turned the offer down, (g) With 31.Q-N3ch. 32.R-N2, N-N5 or 32.Q-N2, Q-B2; Black might have had some drawing chances. Fresno Leads In Agriculture FRESNO (UPD Fresno County bid today to retain its position as leading agricultural producer in the nation with an estimated 1958

Clipped from
  1. The Press Democrat,
  2. 19 Apr 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 46

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