May Yohe- The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)- March 22, 1902 May Yohe.

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May Yohe- The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)- March 22, 1902 May Yohe. - . Caatala Streak Hoaered.. , Special Oiapatch...
. Caatala Streak Hoaered.. , Special Oiapatch to The Inter Ocean. - WASHINGTON. D. C, March 21. Among the candidates for brevet commissions on account of service in the Spanish war wbose - nominations were sent to the Senate yester-day 4 Captain. Putnam Bradlee, Strong, for- - merry Assistant Adjutant General, United Elates volunteers.: The brevet of Lieutenant Colonel. Is recommended "for distinguished gallantry In action at Guiguinto bridge, Lu ton, Philippine islands, March 27, 1899, to rank from that date. -."- : ' ... . Captain Strong was the corespondent in the divorce obtained today by Lord Francis Hope ot England from his wife, who was formerly May' Yohe, the actress. ... Captain Strong ret 'signed his' Commission at the time of .hia leaving San Francisco for Japan with Lady Hope last.falL.-. . . ... Mr,"S'H', '8traeTe?"Caeerv'T - From a plain burlesque actres's'ijf; less than ordinary ability to r the position of wife of a lord of " the British realm, with , possibilities of becoming a Duchess, has been the meteoric career of May Yohe. until yesterday the Lady Francis Hope. .The daughter -of a later-day Narragansett Indian, and "a-Pennsylvania hyj birth. May Yohe has, wlthlns at comparatively brief pace of c years, done , not one ' but many things "Jeard round ,the world.' Her 'ntt '. merous indiscretions In her ' early -career were long 'food for gossip among 'people ot her own profession in her native iandv Her appearance in London in 1887 served only to widen this undesirable field. Then followed her secret marriage to Lord Francis Hope, brother and heir of the Duke ot Newcastle, and her retirement from the stage. . This alone would have been notoriety enough for one person of less am- bltlou. -While the world slumbered with the idea that May had at last settled down tt proved but a lull before the storm. She suddenly appeared . In America, and her subsequent elopement with Captain Strong from San Francisco last July, again set . tongues to wagging. ; She. Is now in Yokahama with the man of her choice, where their lavish expenditures have set the Orient agog. : v V . : "" . Whether actress or lady. May Yohe always showed herself capable of taking care ot herself. TJesplte her eccentricities and her limited ability as an actress she has always been success wherever she appeared on tbe stage. She was always extravagant, but she always succeeded In getting enough money to meet her demands. Lord Hope went Into bankruptcy, with liabilities ef $3,000,000 on her account,' and rumor has it that Captain Strong has more than spent bis Independent for tune in keeping pace with the brilliant woman in the far East. Che has the reputation of being generous to a fault. Impulsive j to the point ot indiscretion, and versatile when emergency demanded. ' Withdraws from the Stave. . Her versatility and adaptability were never better Illustrated than when, in August, 1893, London was astounded by the announcement tf her secret marriage to Lord Hope. .May withdrew from tbe stage and took her new station In life with ail tbe dignity of a born - lady of the realm. Her own personal conduct was, for the time being seemingly, above reproach: the" stage was forgotten, and finally tt was announced that she bad ambitions to become tbe "slum angel'' of London. Nevertheless, beneath this cover of seeming austerity, was a tale yet to be unfolded. May's ' companionship was a cottly luxury both be-- fore and' after her marriage, and when her husband wax finally forced into bankruptcy there were found In her accounts the following Interesting Items: Kit in and drlnktns... ....'...."...... ."....$296,000 Hacklns the "Lyric and other theaters...... Hfi.OUO Bettins and stiribilnc 860.000 lioner cpvat on benali of other people...... SSO.0O0 Cort ot raisins- mowr ...i... KO.OOO Uvln expemliture. .................. ...... 3U0.OUO : When the wolf began to hover around the outskirts of the Hope domain the versatile and resourceful Msy turned once mere to the stage for the honey to go with the bread. Her. 'husband's '"family: had fought her at every turn of. the lane. - Hope was compelled to sell his famous art collection, containing pictures from the brush of many of the leading old masters.: The famous Hope diamond was only saved by tbe Interference ot tbe Duke of Newcastle; - ' ' -. -Hope and his wife came to New York last spring, and ..shortly after . their arrival quarreled violently. He returned to England in a huff. - Then May's second romance of gigantic proportions began. , . - - Caaiala Strea Appears. " : ,' There appeared on the scene about this time Captain Putnam Bradlee Strong, a retired officer of the United States army, and a son ot a former maydr ot New York. Captain Strong served on the staff ot General

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  • May Yohe- The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)- March 22, 1902 May Yohe.

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