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JEFFERSON CITY POST-TRIBUNE WHEEL 1 by | k n o w n , j to recite ] year I figure j minute. | there arc hold necessary thc highways. necessary, is to make i j Oh, How My Lena Can Cook! accident': ' .hem. j that i docs j 5n j ^^ j^J break change more rapidly A t h a u thc e f u l driv(H . t ]C than anything of carefully is thc in any us can sec of thc not see our a motor man make it" reaches the i js t n c n whcn wc overtaking art. The | do it waits around thc warning and When the man who there is accident. Coordination tennis I auto- j timing is the who knows obey mind, is road and in agree his you j the road j do you DEATH ENDS FEUD WITH CIVILIZATION him tecausc trained j Papers GREATNESS -would have one in the say a good WELL-SEASONED MRS. J.: I wept oceans of over this dinner. MR. j.: it does tast-e salty, --Answers. During 1929 the California fields produced barrels of oil. nearly 200,000,000 Paul Von grand that makes war-time Von the advice of Germans. remark: I have duty, and I duty for the TJi Hie steep mountainside to the lo nely spot where lie the fallen Icad- 'ers of their clan toiled friends and enemies alike of "Big- Robert" Anderson, Anderson, lie hart died in prison aft er three years of exile from his Icoplc in Anderson's Cove, N. C., a nil here you see the funeral party bearing the casket lo the grave. T here they heard the minister read "Big Robert's death-bed mcs sage of peace and progress. ASHEVILLE, N. C., March.--The , sons went out and won other wo- consideration white /lag has been hoisted over Anderson's Cove, finally allowing civilization to come into this last stronghold of the clansmen of the North Carolina hills. For four generations the people of this isolated region were a law unto themselves, and outsiders were barred. But "Big Robert" Anderson Anderson is dead now, and his last official official act as leader of thc clan was any to direct his people to turn from was aband-| their lawless ways and accept the ' and I gave np myself of the or Girarcleau Mis- BEAUTY of rackets upon this thc least plastic surgeon of devices noses, ears old and unsatisfactory commission has of manufacturers thc gullible be effective of any of tiic nose, or, changes by changing or bony struc- "the lend-I S higli-.sound- bunk, ac- thc rcare- helping hand long offered by thc state. ·Tilts order, in fact, was the only one "Big Robert" ever issued. He had become hereditary chieftain of the Cove folk by slaying his Uncle Alonzo in a quarrel over a hound dog. He was arrested for murder and given a sentence of 20 years. He died of pneumonia iri a prison camp. Dead Giant But the Andersons are clannish, even in death. "Big Robert'' was buried on the mountain top where his kinspcople lie. The pallbearers, working in relays, carried the dead giant--he weighed 350 pounds--up the steep pathway, over the very spot where Alonzo had been killed three years before, to a grave almost almost beside t h a t of his uncle. Alonzo'.s children, who had sworn men; men heard his daughters sing the mountain '^songs and stayed to cast their lots with the clan. Against thc Law Even through three and four generations, generations, as the colony grew, there remained some of the bitterness of Bill Anderson's self-enforced exile This sullen resentment manifestec itself in outright and often desperate desperate lawlessness. Their haven became became a place to be dreaded anc shunned. The Anderson chieftains remained remained supreme, maintaining their power power by sheer strength and true ain along their rifle sights. Even vio lent deaths brought no interference from outside authorities, for no re ports were made of them until sqmehow, officers heard that Alon zo, head of the clan, had been kill cd by his nephew, "Big Robert; They raided the cove and sent hin to prison. There he died. So the "blood taint" of the An dcrsons is forgotten now, and law and order and progress have com to Anderson's Cove. Folks there arc going to build their first school, anc are wondering who they can gc to teach it Why, there's even talk of electing a mayor. ©i93O i^'NEA vengeance on "Big Robert," mourn- f r c t prospsc- ! Ulc Anderson's competitors." j t i o n - cd with lhe rest at the funeral and listened intently while the minis- i ter read thc exiled leader's death- I bed message of peace . Even peo- ] i pic from "over beyond" were allow- j ! ed to attend thc rites. So in the i "Big: Robert" was buried '· feud with civilisa- ! of language.' JMarricd a "Furriner" Thc clan was founded long ago j ^ by Kit Anderson and Jane Russell. \ most I ^'». of Purest mountain stock, had pcint Thc credulous! chosen a wife well, but not wisely. Those despite her beauty and utter and greed, devotion to this rugged man of the a greater part schemes. AVISfOXSIX Wisconsin of Texas the Texas legis- hills, there were sinister whisperings whisperings about her origin. Jane was dark-eyed and swarthy; she was a ; "furriner from out beyond." , j Thus ostracized, Bill Andrescn ' put his worldly goods and his wo- ' man into a wagon, hitched up his four mules and started out to establish establish a new world for himself. NCE. UPON \TIME_ adopting a people of that] They entered thc mountain-walled no goads pro-! cove and settled down, far removed As a sub-1 frcm the whispered scorn of his of broth- states, wouldn't for the Texas, ,._ ,, northern j like thei'r faiher7"daughters"with own people. Children canic to them there-sons there-sons who were lithe and strong Arr. .Ha Earhart, fire, woman 'to fly across the At: intic, served In the dispensary dispensary of a Canadian Canadian hospital, in t h ; World War. S^.e was placed there, she says, because she was one of the few them j limpid eyes arid-alluring voices like i V" 1 ! 0 . wo ? ld not worth double I Jan; Russell. Isolation had been City j an obsession with Anderson, but [love broke down all -barriers. His t r i n k the sup,' cf medicinal BEGIN HEKJE TODAY Hc!nii*c lie wjints to SEYMOUR crtOSflY, for .sinister reasons, connected lil.s profession. DETCTIVB IVIE nUA'DKE accept* DICiv limiKELKX'S Invention to n vrcck-cnil nt the millionaire Berkcleys' home. Crosl, nofial celebrity of York. Is engaj-cil to IJEKKEMJY. who is not In ivlth h i m . Her father In oiipoKcil to the marriage, mother Is determined npon Dinner Is nn uniilcnnant Glxl, ti,ij 15-year-old daughter, freely criticizes her family Inndce. A f t e r dinner- Crosby Mm. Jlerkclcy vrfh n large t perfume. Tvhicli Glgi from her mother, dashing from guest to gnest. I l i c m a l l . Inccnucd, Berkel e y slnns Gisl'.i face, and nuts from the room, soon by 1)1 Civ HE11KELEY. On to telephone police headquarter* frrr f u l l i n f o r m a t Dundee sees .Dick Ilcrkcley iiijr his n l t c n t i o r i UOFIIS MATTHEWS. Iady ivho i.i forced 10 agree to him Inter. At 10:45 Clortnda abruptly nps(nlr«. imI the parly Iircnks Sir. Berkeley, however, Mrs. licrkcley for a In the library. NOW GO OX WITH THE CHAPTER V HPHE room to which been assigned -was on the floor ot the Berkeley Berkeley, ushering him into his arrival that Friday had explained: "Nobody hut the servants up here. I chose my quarters privacy. Sorry, but you'll use my bath, old man. Is really -what Mother" 'den,' but the couch is Mother wanted you to have the lordly guest chambers second floor, but I thought might enjoy a little bachelor and quiet. The ballroom's east, extending the length house; otherwise there's clear across the front hut [ doD't think you'll mind servants. They turn in fairly all except old Wickett, thc and use thc backstairs." Now. as Dundee plodded wearily up the winding staircase, his mind was a ot half-formed foreboding of knew not what, snatches of conversation, distorted queer, mad evening. A reaching its crescendo In terrible moment when Mrs. broad palm had left its Gigi's cheek. Funny, brazen, dent little Gigi: But she deserved that! His hand, slipping along marble balustrade, suddenly countered something soft ing and warm. Startled, he down as little brown fingers about his. "Gigi!" ho whispered, over to stare at the forlorn figure la incongruously gay jamas, .crouching against head. "I've been waiting for come up," she whispered, catching on a sob. "Dick's his room, and I wanted to pet me and tell me little beast I am. I couldn't she confessed miserably. Dundee rounded the and, protected from the anyone below by the high balustrade, crouched beside cuddling the twisting littie hands against his dinner * » » 4t\7"OU do smell sicky-sweet!" giggled faintly. "Did think I was terrible, wasting bie'a perfume l i k e that? wasn't! l was juct -" She Mr the confidence a b r u sve.r; began on a new tack, x

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  1. Jefferson City Post-Tribune,
  2. 04 Apr 1930, Fri,
  3. Page 9

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