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Championship Chess - Chairipionship Chess By BLAKE STLVENS Texas...
Chairipionship Chess By BLAKE STLVENS Texas Slate Champion From the second round of'Wood- pusher's | Tournament, here is a gftme in uluch White tries to force Black into the French Defense via the Queen's"Pawn'Game. While J c w r l ) !'- I N-Q1IJ » N% r-Kni(c) Nil' 1 n-iii 0-K'«O O-0-0M KxNM r i Q M 15 Q Q1CJ) 10 N K ' 11 l a c k S t e v e n s N-KIts I'-.11 If a l l - l f H M Q N - O i i d ) N T *!S' r - K U S N - K C C O N-N3 1 Q I I K i O.-U (U1 I K l l t l K l l - N l .N-f»1 N-IIJ, 28 N»S (a) To stop 3 P-K-I. (b) If 3 . . P K3, I P K4 the French Defense .by trans[Kisition. (c) Determined (o force P-K4. (0) The only other way to play it is t B N3, 5 P M, Pxl, fi BxN K P \ P , 7 P \ I , B N 5 with jiressurc on = White's center. How ever, in this line 4 ... U-N3; 5 N-R3!? threatening G N-B2 or G N-B4 leads to uiiusuiil positions. (e) 7 . . . QN-Q2 may be best here. (f) Not 8Q-Q2??,N.xB. (g) 9 P QBIi, 10 0 0 0 , Q B 2 threatens H . . . Q-B5ch and 11 . . . NxP. In winning Ihe pawn back immediately, Black hoped lo misplace the Whi'.e King Rook. (b) U P-KN'I Is safer. (i) The; position now demands aggressiveness. U PQ5', PxP, 14 QN5. (j) \Vlnte has wasted time, but realizes trading queens reduces «his attacking chances to zero (k) 17 R Rl is necessary Black can force off the queens (1) While resigned shortly The Vihole opening system should be studied especially by tho^e who like to play against the French Defense. The Russian . N a t i o n a Championship is no\v in progress, and Tahl is defending his crovn How- ex er, he haii maoe a rather Mart with V/ 2 point'; out of 7, los ing lo Youlchman Bronstem has 5 out of 8 Boris Spassky has S',47'/ z and is leading the field Geller, Kercs. Korchnoi, Nehzmetdi- nov, are' a m o n g the pi. yers participating Bobby Fischer of the U.S.A. defeated his title last month. Tahl has his work cut out, but we predict he will come through again. Problem 1*1 WL- lif ' £,' While to Play and Win

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 22 Feb 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 73

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