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It's Your Move By Russ Kime - It's Your Move By RUSS KIME A field of 17...
It's Your Move By RUSS KIME A field of 17 opened play in the Racine Chess Club championship last Monday night at Douglas Park. No draws were recorded in the eight games played, and only Tim Egan's victory over Jack Byrd and Louis Larsen's win from Andy Mike went against the form chart. Two new members, Ronald Jones and William Smin key, were added to the club roster. The results of round 1: 2. Q -Q5ch, K-B4, P-N4ch and white mates in 3 more moves. SICILIAN DEFENSE While—Fischer 1. P-K4 a. Kt-KB3 3. p.q4 4. KtxP B. Kt-OBS B. B-K3 7. B.QB4 a. B-Kt3 9. P-K5 10. BxPch 1. Kt-K« 12. QxQ 13. Q-qa 14. casticsKR Kt-q: Zterke S Oberg I Larsen ...1 Byrcl 0 Lokos .......... 0 KIme ...1 Bmlnkey .......0 Teubner ....... 1 Jones 1 Demsky 1 Somlal ...0 Mlk* 0 Egan 1 QUI .1 Sommert 0 Kuni 1 Mascart 0 bye 15. B-B4 16. q-Ka 17. qxKt 18. Kt-K4 19. Kt-B5 20. P-qB3 31. qR-q SICILIAN DEFENCE Black—Otmsh: N-R White—Zlerka 1. P-K4 2. N-KBJ 3. P-q4 4. NxP 5. N-QBS 8. B-RBS 7. P-KB4 6. Q -Oi 1. N-N3 3 R3 11. B .L._ 12. p-ns 13. PXP 14. P-KBJ 10. p-qB4 p-q3 PXP N-KB3 P-qR3 P-QN4 § -B2 .N2 P.N3 H.N2 BPxP N.B4 18. Q-KJ 18. NXN PxN 17, N -qa N-B4 18, q-Sa BXNP 19, qR -Ra B-K4 20, O-O O-O 21, B-QB4r P-q4l 23. Bxqp 23. PxB 24. K-Rl 25. KxB 28. K.Nl NxN a7.^qxN ^ P-B3 and Black won. BxB B.R7ch N-N6ch ROSENWALD FEATURE GAME Young Bobby Fischer, in winning the Rosenwald tournament for the second straight year, added insult to injury by defeating his chief rival, Resh evsky, with a trap that many "club" strength players would have seen. On only the ninth move Fischer sprung a trap that cost Reshevsky his queen for two minor pieces (the queen is worth at least three minor pieces as a rule), and while the veteran struggled on for some 30 more moves he might have saved himself the trouble. When Reshevsky played 8... N -R4 he unwittingly blocked his queen's escape path, and had to give it up to avoid a forced mate, .9. P-K5, N'-K; 10, p-qB4 Kt-qB3 PxP P-KKt3 B-Kt2 • Kt-B3 Castles! Kt-qR4 Kt-K KxB PxKt Kt-qB3 3xB 3 B Kt BxB R-Kt2 B-B2 R-B3 P-K4 Kt-q Black-Beshaviky R-BS 23. Kt-q7 23, q-KR4 24. Kt-BB 2B. Kt-K4 28. qxKPch 27. q-R3 28. Kt -qa 29. BXB 30. P-qKt4 31. P-Kt5 33. R-qB 33. B-BS 34. P-Kt« 36. R-K 36. BXB 37. P-KtT 38. QXP 39. B-Kt 40. P-KR3 41. BxR 42. q-B8 B-K3 R-KB3 R-BB R-Ba Kt-B3 BxKt B-B4 RR-B Kt-q Kt-B2 P-qR3 B-K5 B-B3 PxR QR-Kt Kt-q R-Ba KRxP BxB Resigns Y JUNIOR TOURNAMENT Defending champion Larry Sommers now shares the lead with Mike Steveoff at 3 points n 3 rounds. Rick Petersen has 214. and bracketed at the 2 point mark are D. Wigman, D. Brack, J. Vallner, B. Burdick, S. Zierke, J. Albright, T. Zierke, D. Farina, J. Smith, and R. Gatti. Tournament director Herman Zierke announced that six additional entries brought the field to 44 players, surpassing last year's record attendance. Results of round 3: a. zierke 'A R. Petersen ..,,1 T. Wlngreea .. .0 M. Btevott 1 L. Sommer 1 T. Taskonls .... Va W. Anderson ...0 D, Vermey 0 T. Zierke 1 J. Thompsen ... Mr I. Smith 0 LI, LaSure Vi a. Buchnkllan ,.1 T. Pott J. Albright .... Va L. ailnes 0 D. Brack i J. Vallnor o B. Burdick ...0 P. Bunck <A D. Wlgraan ...i^ T. Part I M. MoQraw . .,0 P. BodI <i B. Cam 1 J. Evors Va B, Palermo ...0 B, Andersen ., '/^ U. S.-Yenezuela Travel by Air Increases 18% CARACAS —• Passenger air travel between the U. S, and Venezuela increased by 18,2 per cent in the first half of 1958, totaling 47,863 people. The, traffic nccpunted for 40 .4 per cent of all air travel between the U. S. and Latin BxPch, kxB; 11. N -K6, KxN??;" American countries. ..

Clipped from
  1. The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin,
  2. 08 Feb 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 34

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