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Chess Problem No. 510 - CHESS PROBLEM No. 510 By A. H- Goulty (Bowdon)....
CHESS PROBLEM No. 510 By A. H- Goulty (Bowdon). . . Black (8), mi mi i m mi . mm mm mm. m White (8) White mates in two moves. SOLUTION No. 50 IDrh.rl: 1 KI-QS (ihreal 2 Q-B6). P-Q5; 2 Ki(Q6 x P. or 1 . . . KxKt; 2 KUP or 1 . . K-Q5: 2KUQ2) I P. A line key and an original idea, witb a change of tet mate after T . . P-Q5 The U.S. championship It is one thing for an underestimated young player to put up a single outstanding performance, quite another for him to repeat it when all his opponents are making an extra effort. Yet Bobby Fischer, aged 15. has done so in retaining the United States championship without loss of a game. Among the also-rans were Reshevsky. who is often regarded as the world's best grandmaster outside Russia, and Benko. who is. like Fischer one of the last eight in the world title eliminating tournament. The result in New York indicates that Fischer ought to put up a- good showing this autumn against Smyslov, Tal. .and company. His best - wins were in long endings, so here is another all-grandmaster game from the tournament. While: Erans. Black; Blsnulcr. PETROFF DEFENCE White 1. P-KJ 2. Kt-KB3 Black P-K4 Kt-KB3 While 15. P x P 16. OiQ? Black Kt-02 Ul KI-B3 3. KtxP II) P-03 17. Q-B4 A. K1-KB3 Kl X P 18. Kl-KIS (121B-Q2 5. F-B4 121 6. Kt-B3 7. P-Oa 8. O-KtS P-04 (3) !9. KI-K4 Kt X Kt B-OBa 4) B-OKL5 P-OB4 20. R X Kt 21. 0-B4 22. KR-KJ 23. B X R 24. O-KlScb 25. OxRP 26. Q-R3 ch 27 B-B6U61 R-Kl O x P (13) R x R Q-K3 (14 B-Kl P-OKI3 (15) Q-K2 Resigns 9. B-Q3 (5) 10. Castles (61 K x Kt C7) 11. PxKi BxP 12. D-Kt2 BxB(8) 13. OR-K1 ch K.BK91 14. OxB PxOP(IO) 1. Currently, 3 P-Q4 Is reaarded as giving belter chances for the initiative. 2. Kaufman's variation, which is now rarely seen. Like all litlle-playet ""peninas. its sting lies in its surprise. 3. Black Is too ambitious. Sounder la 5 . B-K2. 4. After this loss of time. Black's troubles increase. 6 . . Kt X Kt: 7 QP x Kt. P-QB3 would still lead to a harmless position. 5. This quiet development increases the looseness of Black's position. If now 9 . . B-K3: 10 Castles. QP x P; 11 B x P. B x B: 12 O x OB. Kt x Kt; 13 R-Kl ch. fi. Forced, but very strong. 7. White is virtually two tempi ahead, so it is not surprising that other continuations are also inadequate. If 10 . . B X Kt; 11 P X B. Q X BP (Kt X QBP: 12 B-02); 12 O x Q. Kt x Q: 13 R-Kl ch. B-K3: 14 B-Q2. P x IIP; 15 B X Kt. P X B; 16 P-Q5. If 10 ... P x QP: 11 QKt x P. witb great advantage to White. S. If 12 . . B-QKt5; 13 P-OR3 9. The best of a bad Job. If 13 8-K3: 14 P x QP, B-B6: 15 P x 8 i R; 16 Q x P. Castles; 17 O x R B-Kt5: IS Q.K4. with an overwhelming attack. 10. If 14 . . P x BP; 15 B x BP. P x P: 16 Q x QP KI-B3: 17 Q-06 cto. K-Ktl; 18 Kt-Kt5. 1! And now 15 Q i QP: fails to 16 Q-Kt4 ch 12. There , no 'mmediaie combination, so White proceeds to eliminate Black's best defensive piece Since Black s playing virtually a rook down, the rule that exchanges benefit the defender docs not apply here. 13. Black has no option but to grab and hope for the best, for otherwise comes 22 R-QB1 followed by R-B7 14. The only square; tor If 23 0-Q5: 24 Q-K18 ch. B-Kl; 25 B-B6. 15. This loses at once, but Black's position IS very difficult. The best chance is to make a flight for the king by 25 , P-KKt3; after which a plausible line is 26 Q x P. C P: 27 Q-KI4 ch. K-K12; 28 Q.Q4 ch. P-B3: 29 B-Q5. Q-R6; 30 R-Rl, Q-Q3: 31 R-R7 ch. K-BI; 32 Q-K3. P-R4: 33 P-R4. Q-Kt5: 34 B-Kt3. Q-Q3: 35 Q-QB3. Q-K4; 36 Q-B4. and wins. 16 A prcttv finish '27 O X Q: 28 R x B mate. The annual knock-out competition for the Battle of Britain tournament is organised by Mr P M. Shaw, 26 Montrose Road, Wealdstone. Middlesex. Anybody can enter (fee 5s). although games are played in the Greater London area. Last year there were 178 entries Russian championship In the Russian chess championship now in orogress the leaders with 8 rounds to go are Taimanov 7 J out of 11, Spasskv 7 out of 10. Lutikov 7 out of 11, Petrosian 6i out of 9, Tal 61 out of 10. Among the also-rans are Bronstein and Keres. Botvinnik and Smyslov are not com-Deting. Tal. the champion, has lost to two unknowns. Yuchtman and Gufeld. WZOZ VAWA fol 0

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  2. 29 Jan 1959, Thu,
  3. Page 10

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