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CHESS BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTEtNATIONAl GXANOMASTf t AaMfoea lalt.rt t. Chan Editor, i ,-io. An,.!., SS, WW. tULMANN SCORES IN HASTINGS TOL'KNEY Undefeated in nine round of! the annual International Chess Tournament at Hastings, Kng Wolfgang Uhlmann of Leipzig East Germany, stored 8-1 to Win first prize, according to a report from the New York, 'fmies. The 21-year-old German, making his first appearance in En land, played a draw on the opening day and drew again in the final round in which he played only 18 moves against Ge'za Fuster of Canada, a Hun gurisn refugee. i The additional half point was all that Uhlmann needed for victory. In between the draws h r.m off a string of seven consecutive wins. The brevity of the Uhlmann-Fuster game was caused in part by an exceptionally long siege the Canadian bad in an adjourned game with Jtlro Itadoicic of, Yugoslavia. This wound up in favot of Fuster after 138 moves and 18 hours of play. , Second prize was taken bv Lajos Portisch, champion of Hungary, w ho finished with 7-2. He did not lose a game, win ring five and drawing four. In third place with ti-3 was Erno Gereben of Switzerland, followed by Klaus Darga, Wet Germany, 5'i-3''j, and Andreas JJuckstein of Austria, 5-1. Other scores were: Robert G. Wade, New Zealand, 4-5: Peter H. Clarke, England, 4-5; Foster, 3-fi; Radoicic, lii-TVi. and Leon-aid W. Burden, England, I S. The tournament was sponsored by the Hastings and St. Leonards Chess Club of Hastings. Following are decisive games from the event: jr. ii list TIMES PROBLEM 30U By J. Htrtnt BLACK ! ,9 3 E a:: WHITE 1 White matei In two. TIMES PROBLEM 3034 By P. Vattrescv BLACK 11 3 t J' ;xji a utt 1 Uhlmann Est Germany 1-P-Q J P-QBi 3-N-KB3 4 P-QS 5N-P3 t P-K4 7-P-KS I BP QUEEN'S GAMBIT Wade Uhlmann New East Zealand Germany Black 'White PQ4- PxN PxP P084 N-KB3 P-K3 PxP POS N-B3 10-0- K2ch I1-B-B4 lMt-Qch 13-B-N5ch K-OxQch 15-NxNch le-RxP DUTCH DEFENSE Daroa Radoicic ! Darga W Germany W. Germany Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Wiite BtacK wnrro 1PQA4 P-KB4;14-PxP JN-KE3 N-KB3!l5-PxP 3PKN1 P-K3MK3-04 4B-N2 B-K?il7-N-K5 10-0 0 0 18-P-KR4 N-B3 P-Q3 19-RB4 7P-04 O K 20-RxRch P-M3 P -0R4 2t-B-05cr) B NJ O R4 ??-NQ7 10 RK N-R3 23-NxN 1I-PK4 UNxN PxN;2S-0 07 13 RxP P-K4 24-B-Q4 WHITE I White mates in three. The odd echoed mates bv the rooks are the feature in lioillt. When Black' knight moves in ;io;",4, he releases not one, but two queens. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 302?: B-N4 SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 303ft: B-KB1 Threat. 2 Q-KB Sen; It QR-K3, 2 N-K7ch; If KR-K3. 2 N-Bch; If Q KJ, J N-K7cn, It R-K7, 2 B-N2cn. HOLVKIIS' LIST J ive points K. Aks, .M. Clmtori-ati, C. Koster, P. Celtncr, J. Ooita, (J. Kaufman. N. J. Lomus, M. .Morris, K. K. Pouter, S. himcoe. MaJ. Wade;H. Triwush, T. Waters. Two points New1 W. S. Aaron, J. C. Beaver. tali-Zealand fiu-nia High School Chess Club; P. JSjiiK. Casslaty, C. Cresswell. A. Duerk-K -02 1 sell, D. Gibson, CI. T. Hambaugh, M. Q.R4 Jimenez, N". Lesser, i J. Lucas, M. N 05IJ. Lucas, N. Navarro, J. Roper, W. OxS i R Tudor. R. U Turley, R. Van Voot K,ll. Otin iioiht N. H. Graf. M. H. Mckuhans, A. K. Payne. . A surprising number of solvers tried 1 RxR ill 3030. The only re- Radoicic ply is NB4. PxN Resigns BiackrOn the agenda will be the Resigns SAMA SIOXICA TOUIINEVS The invitational tournament for masters and experts at the Santa Monica Kay Chess Club CO . o-N3,ollicers and plans for the com-SUng year. 0-K2 QR EAST SIDE OPEX CHESS 0-K2I The East Side Open Tourna- V ment attracted 04 entrants to OB the City Terrace Chess CJub 0875 City Terrace Dr. Six rounds will be played Wednes days, with Ben hakmri direct lug the tournament. Following are the first-round started last week with a strong: results: fiflld Of 22 participants. Eight Kakiml 1. Nicholson 0: Carpenter round., will be. contested onK- AN ednesday evenings, Using the'fi0n 1, Haeer 0; Young 1. Boldenger SyVisS SVSteill. Ui: Ziala 1. Smith 0: Schiff 1, H. " i 1- ir t. ' Kreed 0; Kirn 1, Toiebren 0: Rader Tournament director Herbert! j. schaehter o: I Freed 1. Kiauss o; T. Abel announcea tnat the hrst' Madrigal 1. Miles o; uewitt i. Men prize will be $100 and a trophy. The other prizes will be 00. $30 and $20. The upset of the first round vas the victory of J. Jaffray over California open champion living Rivise. Following are the details: W'ranirell 0. Martin 1: Aliiittren 1. Mchaelsoa 0: Price 0, l,eiber 1: Palmer 1. Coon 0; l,oera 0, Sale 1: Dr. Weinhaum t, Kempner 0: Forrest 0. Berfbach 1: Kerllenevich 0. Haijfht 1; Jones 0. Henderson 1; Joffers 0, Lcssing 1; Jaffray 1, Ri-vi.'e 0. Two rounds of the Class B tournament were completed. Crissinger, Mintz, S. Sturges and Wentcher are tied for the lead with 2-0 scores. Following are the results: ROUND ONE BanhaRel fl. 8. Sturees 1; ( l issinger 1, Anderson 0: Mlntz t, DeBriac 0; turner 0, G. S inges 1; Carter 0, Wentcher 1; Collins vs. ttovey postponed. ROUND TWO S. Sturges 1, Hov-ev 0: Wentcher 1. Collins 0: G. Stur-ses 0. Carter 1; DeBviac '4. Lerner Anderson 0, Minu, 1; Banhagel 6, CrissinKer 1. The club meets Mondays and Wednesdays at the clubhouse In Lincoln Park, 7lh & Wilshire In Santa Monica. Starting in February the club also will be oten on Fridays. Chess instruction will be given to children at. 3:30 p.m. on Friday and in th evening a weekly rapid transit tournament will be held, open to members of the U.S. Chess Federation. The. following game is from the invitational tournament: ils O: Swctt 1. Oi?enason 0: Ponce i, Soto '-j; Hillman i, Enriques 0; L. Barrett 1, u. uarns u. RAPID TRANSIT T0URNE1 Leslie Simon, scoring 12V44S, won the regular Tuesday evening rapid transit tournament at the Herman Sterner Chess Club. 108 N Formosa Ave. Robert Hamman finished second with 10-3, followed by Harry Boroehow, OIs-Shj, and Robert Rupeiks, 0-4. CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES The table of the U.S. Chess Championship Tournament below shows the solidity of Bobby-Fischer's triumph, He was the only player not to lose a game outright and he scored victories against his top three opponents. Following are. some hard-fought battles from the event: i 'ruy LOPEZ SICILIAN DEFENSE A'moren MichaplsonjAlrnciren Michaelson RkO R-K5 White 1-P-K4 J N-KBI 3- P-04 4- NxP 5NOBT B OB4 7-0-O IBK3 0-P-OR4 10- P-R3 11- B-Nl U P B4 :i-qn 14.PB5 1S-Q-QJ 14-P-N4 17N-05 I'-BxB 10 R-B7 50-P-N5 JI-PxN . 2?-PB6 SJ-QR-K9 Black i White P-OB4 1 24-OxO N-CB3 25-P-N3 PxP 26-B-R7 NB3IJ7-R-B) P-03I28-P-B4 P K3 29-R-N B-K2 30-P-N4 P OR3 3I PxB 0-0 32-RxP . O B2I33-KR-QN3 B-0234-PxP NxN3S-RxQP BB3t3-R-Q7 P-K4i37-RxPch K-R 38-R 03 N-Q73'-P04 BxN,40PO7 QR-B Ul-R-Qo .- N-N3i4JR K7 Nx8;43-R-0 P-KN3I44-R-K B-QI45-P-87 Q-BSi4VK-R Fischer Bisouler Fischer White Black While 1-P-K4 N-OB3 44-NxN S-N-KB3 P-K4 45-N-R2 3- 8-N5 P-QR3 44-B-03 4- B-R4 N-B3 47-NxN 5- 0 0 B-K2 4(-QxB o-R K P-ON4 49-R-KB 7-B M3 0-0 50-P-R5 a-P-B3 P-Q3 51-0-B3 9-P-KR3 N-QR4 57-RxO 10-B-B2 P-B4i53-RxNP U-P 04 Q-BJ54-R-N4 12- QN-QJ BPxP 55-PxP 13- PxP B Q2 56-P-R4 14- N-B KR-B 57-PxP 15N-K3 N-B3I5I-P-N 14-P-R3 P-OR4 59-KB2 17-P-05 N O 60-K-K3 H-B-Q2 p.R5!6l-RxP 19 B-N4 B B;62 R-KR4 20-B-Q1 , N-N2i63-RxPch 31-Q-K2 ON3I64RR2 22- N-02 N-B4j65-K-Q3 23- K-R7 P-N3 64-K-B4 24 OR S 25- B-N 26- 0-B3 27- P-KN3 2S-K-N2 39R-8 S-R4130-O-KI p :Nr3!-N-B3 ! 34-B-K 5;pj35-B-KBl o ol3o-P-R4 b.di'37-R.B3 grpS-N-B Dxpi39-Nll)-Q3 K.R2I40-B-K3 Kxp.41-QKB K-N4 ' 42-0-K2 I i KING'S INOIAN DEFENSE .Bo Sherwin ReshevskyiSherwIn Reshevslty p.KtiWhte Black White p.K7 l-P-04 N-KB3! J0P-O R-NSch, J-P-QB1 P-KN3.2I-BB2 Resigns H-flH B-N2 , 22-k-w 7-R-K2ch 68-K-Q5 9-K-B N-B4 P-N3 B-R3 R-B2 B-N4 PR4.70-P-N4 K-N2 71-K-05 77-R-B2cn 73- K-B4 74- K-B3 75R02 76RxP 77- R-0I 78- K-N3 79- K-R4 BO2'80R-O2 B R3 81-P-NJ N-B3'82-RxR BkR'83KR5 N N5 84 K-R6 85-K-Nt -K-R7 PR5 R-R N-R4 PxP B-B5 Q-N O-QB B-N5 N-N4 I QxRil Bisouler Black PxN e-Bs 0-05 BxN OxB R-KB R-KR QxOch PxP R-QN P-B4 K-B3 R-QR KxP P-K5 K-K4 KxP RON RxP K-K3 K-K4 R-Noch RxKNP K-B4 R-Q6ch P-Q4 P-Q5 R-Q8 K-N5 PO RONS K-B5 K-K5 R-B8ch K-K4 K-K3 R-B2 R-02 KxR K-B? K-N K-B Resigns 1XGLEWOOD TOCRXEY8 'The Inglewood Chess Club lias completed its regular fall tournament. The contestants were divided into three groups Recording to chess strength and u round robin conducted in each group. Alan Troy took first prize in fJroup I, scoring 6-2. Tom Crags, LeRoy Johnson and Ed Wallenhorst tied for second at 5-3. In Group II Norman David-; ron scored a perfect 9-0 to take first honors. Danny Price wns second with 7-2. A father and Ron, Charles lllck Sr. and Jr., tied for first in Croup 111 at The club will hold Its annual organizational meeting on Jan. 11 In the Inglewood Recreational Center on La Hrea Ave. White 1- P-04 2- P-QB4 3- N-QB3 4- P-K4 5- P-B3 0-B-K3 7-0-Q2 -KN-K1 9- N-B 10- BxP 11- B-K7 12- P-ON3 13- N-05 14.B-N6 15-R-QN lo-NxNCtl 17- 0-0 18- BPxP l-PxP Lombardy While 1- P-K4 2- N-KBJ 3- B-NS 4- 8-R4 5- N-B3 6- B-N3 7- NQ5 . 8PQ4 OxP 10-O-O IINxPch IJ-Q B7ch 13- 0P 14- QR 15- RPxN lo-R R5 17-QxP 18 B-K3 P-03 0-0 ON-02 P-B4 P-QR3 PxP N-K4 23- N-03 24- QR-B J5-B-B5 24-Q-K3 27-N-B7 78 R-B4 29-QxN OB2'30-RxR N-B3.3I-B-N4 O Q 32-B-B4 0-02 1 33-OxO PK3i34-N-03 BxN 35-BxRP -P-Q4I36-B-B4 . PxP37-B-Q2 N-K2 1 Resigns RUV LOPEI Sherwin ; Lombardy Black i While P-K4II9-R-BS N-0B3 1 70P-KB3 P-0R3 JI-O-QJ P B4'2? R-0 ' PBN4l23QxN P-N5 PxN B-K2 NxP OxN 24-R-B4 55-RxNP 74R-N6 27-RxRP I 7 Q B7 129-002 KQJO-PXU xB 31 K B? 0 B5 3? P N4 0 K3 33-K-N1 B 63 ! 34-K-62 B-QN2I35-K-N2 N-K? 1 Black O 63 R-0 B-B4 RxP O-O? R-04 ROB B-N7 P-QN4' PxR I OxR P-B4 002 BQ B-B4I R-R 1 P-B7, Sherwin mack B-B3 K-B? N-04 NxB R-KN KK2 K-B2 0 R B-KR5 B-KN4 BxQch 6 B5 R-KR R-Nch R-KR : Drawn UNITED STATES CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP ; I II 1 3 1 4 1 SI 4 1 7 l 10 I II 1 12 I Wl L 1-Bobby Fischer I I 1 1 I 1 I ' 7 I I ' I ' 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 I I I 8' i I 7' i 2SamieTRYshevsky 0 II '. ; 1 ' I 1 ; tTTTl ' 1 1 II 7' 1 I 3' 1 3--Jarw.f7"Srirwlii 01 01 I I II I I 1 I ' j 1 1 7 1 1 I VI I 4'i 4-Arthur B. Blsouier of'7 1 W I I 11 f I ' I I 1 1 1 Vi I 0 ni I "i S -Donald Byrlia I ' 1 1 0 I 0 (' I II HT, j 1 I 1 1 p7V I I 5. "-Larr Evans 1 1 7 01 01 II 0 1 101 11 1 I W 1 1 1 I "H"" 7-Wllllam Lombard -Paul Benko -Rob 10 Charles Kalme 11-Edmar Mfdnis 1J-Raymond Weinslcin I l 01 nb,ifdy 1 ; I 01 '7 Mi I 01 1 I 111 '., I 1 "1 lilt IS I ' 7 1 "1 1 0 1 1 1 1 ' I' 0 I 0 , I 1 I Vi I 1 I fTT I S"i ' Bvrne I ' 7 I ',1 I 0 1 1 I 0 I 0 : 1 1 1 0 ' I ' 7 I I I M I 4 7 0 1 01 '7 1 0 1 1 'i ' 't 1 , p.. 1 I 1 ''1 1 4 7 . I 0 I j I ' 1 I 0 ' ) I 0 " 5 I 0 I 0 : ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 J 1 'i'j 1 ill 01 ii oiVi".iilii M II

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 18 Jan 1959, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 45

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